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klscota replied to the thread Visa options with a misdemeanor on record on the Panama forum on April 23, 2014:
klscota initially posted:
Hi out there, I have an old "wet reckless" misdemeanor on my record. The few lawyers I've contacted who have responded about residency in Panama say they can't help me. The only other option I see is to continue on a tourist visa and then the continuous need to leave the country every 3 months. Does anyone know if there is some way to get an exception or whatever? If so, do you have a lawyer you could recommend? Thanks
klscota replied on April 23, 2014 with:
HI Boquete Girl, I am also on the track to relocate to Boquete. Any chance you would tell me which lawyer you used? Thanks, Kathleen
volcan357 replied on April 23, 2014 with:
I can understand why they would make felony records available to foreign countries but not misdemeanors. It doesn't make sense to me. Actually misdemeanor records should stay with the state and local governments. I think what is happening is that bills get passed without even the congressmen who pass them knowing what they include. We have a bunch of incompetent idiots in the US congress. They do a very poor job. The result is a piecemeal system that is dysfunctional in many respects.
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property in PanamaThe temperatures range between 68ºF to 80ºF with abundant vegetation and great views of Panama City which is only an hour away, (25 km/16 mi).
panamajames replied to the thread Canadians coming to Panama-Let's Meet on the Panama forum on April 23, 2014:
guyver initially posted:
Hi Folks, We are coming to Panama for a couple weeks on a recon visit. If we like it, the plan would be to move down there and rent by the end of the year. We would really like to meet up with people while there to ask our million questions. We are doing a lot of moving around while there but I am torn between the love of the ocean and the comfortable temps in the highlands. Our schedule is as follows: Monday, April 27 thru Wednesday April 30 -Farallon (Decameron) Thursday May 1 thru Saturday May 3 - Las Tablas Sunday, May 4 thru Monday May 5 - Boca Chica Tuesday, May 6 thru Thursday, May 8 -Boquete Friday, May 9 -El Valle Please let us know if you are willing or able to meet with us during any of these stops. We would gladly buy you a beer and a burger to hear the benefits of the area. Thanks, Guy & Sherry
panamajames replied on April 23, 2014 with:
Most of us Canadians went to Costa Rica before coming to Panama. Costa Rica really knows how to promote a country. But then when you get to Costa Rica, people start to tell you about Panama, and you begin to realize that Costa Rica is not what you think, but Panama is the real thing.......
JonCates replied on April 23, 2014 with:
Did u visit CRica??
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panamajames replied to the thread African-American Expats on the Panama forum on April 23, 2014:
woodvilledude initially posted:
I am interested in learning more about the ethnic minority experience in Panama, African-American in particular. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
panamajames replied on April 23, 2014 with:
I am an ethnic minority in Panama and let me tell you about my experiences. I was never an ethnic minority in my life before my retirement. When I look around I see only a few colored faces that look similar to mine. People treat me very pleasantly when I smile and I try to do that often. I am happy every day when I get to meet people of a different race and/or color. They also appear to be happy to meet me. I am hoping that the color thing is dying out with the elder generation. I know they try to keep it alive in some parts of the United States. Panama, does not seem to be a problem although there is a class structure. But it's like Downton Abbey. We all get along. The browns, the reds, the yellows, the blacks, the whites, all seem to not discriminate. I am happy to see that. I do see that people of the same language tend to hang together and sit at the same tables. And also those of the same culture tend to sit at the same tables. Many parties I attend, have quite a mixture of people from all walks of life in Panama and it warms my heart to meet them all. Panama is quite a mixing pot...........
snyderman replied on April 23, 2014 with:
You need to come down here for 2 weeks and wander around.I see is Heinz 57 here,a mix of black,asian,panamanian.Does not seem to be any barriers.
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Panama2017 replied to the thread Expat Community on the Panama forum on April 23, 2014:
Misty22 initially posted:
Hi all, I am planning on moving to Panama by the end of the year and am looking at Pedasi, El Valle, Boquete and possibly David. I'm on my own, and will be leaving behind all my girlfriends-which is the most painful part of this- and wondering what the expat. community may be like in each of these areas....just to get an idea as far as how easy it is to connect, social clubs, etc. Any insights from those living in these areas would be greatly appreciated.
Panama2017 replied on April 23, 2014 with:
After a particularly abusive winter this year in the U.S. Midwest, we just bought a condo in Panama City. We love heat and prefer summer over fall temps. While we were visiting PC one of the expats organized a dinner party for us so that we could meet other expats. The dinner party was wonderfully informative and fun. One couple even brought their high school age kids because they knew that we had our college kids with us, and wanted them to have some peers to talk to also. If this is indicative of the type of people we will be able to hang out with when we move to PC then I am more than happy with our choice.
panamajames replied on April 23, 2014 with:
I would definitely agree with lapapuja on that subject. Panama City if you like the heat and activities and Boquete if you like the cool and activities........
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jscissell replied to the thread Panama's Health Ins. on the Panama forum on April 23, 2014:
jscissell initially posted:
We will be moving to Panama soon and need know the cost and coverage for health insurance that covers private hospitals. What are the names of the different Ins. Companies?
jscissell replied on April 23, 2014 with:
If you are interested here is some info on health insurance in Panama:
panamajames replied on April 22, 2014 with:
If you want, I can provide you with some quotes from various insurance companies, just to give you an idea........
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volcan357 replied to the thread Cerro Azul on the Panama forum on April 23, 2014:
borntotravel initially posted:
Any one live in this area. We are coming to Panama for a second visit in December looking to retire in 2015 Would love know your thoughts . We are a very active Canadian couple
volcan357 replied on April 23, 2014 with:
The Cerrro Azul development project is owned and run by Melo which an old and respected company in Panama. I looked it over at one point but it wouldn't be my personal choice as a place to live.
HummerB replied on April 23, 2014 with:
Altos de CA is worth checking out especially if you like nature, cool temperatures, large lots and peace & quiet. It is a secured community - must be listed as a visitor at the gate to enter. It does have a community pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, nature trails, water falls/swimming holes and well maintained common areas. Monthly maintenance fees are reasonable. The road to/from Cerro Azul is good in comparison although travel through some barrios could be considered tough neighborhoods - again, no different than most parts of the country. The local store not only sells basic building materials, but groceries and other household needs. Major shopping is approximately 30 minutes away (El Rey, Do-It Center, Machetazo) and PCity is only another 15 minutes on the Corredor Sur. You could spend that same amount of time in city traffic just to go across town. We have property in Cerro Azul and have no problems - get to know the locals and you will not be disappointed.
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volcan357 replied to the thread WANT TO BUY 4x4 VEHICLE on the Panama forum on April 23, 2014:
gwenmanning initially posted:
Preferably Toyota or Nissan 4x4 automatic . ( x-trail or something similar size) Will consider vehicles 2012 to 2009 - depends on cost and usage. If in excellent condition could consider older vehicles.
volcan357 replied on April 23, 2014 with:
I would not recommend an automatic for Panama. If it ever fails you will have difficulty getting it fixed properly. I would recommend an older Toyota Jeep with a 3B diesel engine. There were several engines put in these jeeps but the 3B is the best one. It is 4 cylinder 3.4 liters and has lots of power. These Toyotas were not only very well built but are very familiar to Panamanian mechanics and the parts are readily available. I have had 7 or 8 different vehicles since I have lived in Panama and I currently drive a 1990 model Toyota jeep. It is the best vehicle I ever owned. When I lived in the US I worked 3 years as a mechanic and have lived 14 years in Panama. The other thing is that it is a bad idea to import a vehicle. They have stopped making these jeeps so you can't get a newer one. If you want a newer vehicle my second choice would be a Nissan Frontier with a double cab. Buy one at least 3 years old before they started to put a turbo on the engines. A turbo means big repair bills further down the road. The Nissan 3.4 liter diesel is very quiet and reliable. Like the Toyota jeep a lot of them have been sold here in Panama so it is easier to get parts. The sheet metal on them is a lot thinner than with the older Toyota jeeps but still they are very good vehicles. It requires patience to find a good used vehicle here in Panama but it is worth the effort.
panamajames replied on April 23, 2014 with:
I have a few here in David/Boquete area. Where are you living now........
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panamajames replied to the thread Missing Dutch Girls on the Panama forum on April 23, 2014:
panamajames initially posted:
MESSAGE FROM THE FAMILIES OF KRIS REMERS AND LISANNE FROON April 19, 2014 Dear Boquete Friends, We, the families of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, most urgently want to insure the search for our missing daughters continues without any delays or interruptions, even though we now have to temporarily return to Holland. Please be advised we plan to return periodically to Boquete and thus have set up detailed arrangements for both public and private sources to continue fully with the search and investigation in our absence. We deeply appreciate the warmth, sympathy and support of the Boquete community. We do fully understand that a lot of people here, are more than willing to help us as we have received many offers of financial and other forms of support. We have not had the opportunity to thank all of you individually but please accept our sincere thanks we are expressing herein. To insure that all the help is fully coordinated and to be sure it all is effectively directed towards the goal of the safe return of our daughters, we are setting up a special local bank account for donations to help keep the search going, paying private investigators, paying the the expenses of conducting searches, posting notices and posters, and to do anything and everything that may be necessary to keep the attention of the media, authorities and the public focused on the case of Kris and Lisanne. In this regard, we are very happy with the ideas and thoughts we have received from you, the local community. However, to be sure that all is done with the families full knowledge and approval, we would like to be advised in advance, so that you as a donor, and/or volunteer can be sure of the family’s approval. In this way we hope to avoid having confusion, conflicts and misunderstandings. It is our desire that all efforts are thus coordinated through a single source to avoid doing things twice, delay, wasted effort and expense. To coordinate these efforts we have requested, Bob Edwards, to be our direct contact in Boquete and the Dutch Ambassador in Panama City, the Honorable Wiebe J. de Boer, for all official contacts. We will be in constant contact with them, including video conferences. We have been assured of full and complete cooperation by Caesar Sherrard of Alto Crimen and the local Police authorities. The Dutch Ambassador has likewise been promised the continuing full cooperation of the Panamanian government by President Martinelli and by the National Police. You can reach Bob Edwards at: and Ambassador Wiebe J. de Boer at As Kris and Lisanne’s families, we will keep in close and constant touch with any and all of the developments in the search and investigation in Boquete. As stated above we will return to Panama periodically and/or as needed to keep the government, public , police and media attention fully focused on the case until our girls are located and returned. Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and support. Yours sincerely.................... Hans Kremers and Roelie Grit, parents of Kris Kremers........................... Peter and Dini Froon, parents of Lisanne Froon
panamajames replied on April 23, 2014 with:
This from NBC News:
panamajames replied on April 23, 2014 with:
Dutch Police Hint at Criminal Activity in Women's Disappearance Two Dutch women who disappeared earlier this month in Panama are unlikely to have gotten lost in the mountainous region, Dutch police said on Tuesday, raising the possibility three weeks into the search that the two may have been the victims of a crime. Kris Kremers, 21, and Lisanne Froon, 22, were hiking near the town of Boquete on April 1 when they were last seen,police said. The area is known to be a popular tourist holiday destination. Panamanian authorities launched a widespread search for the women, but found no sign of the two would-be volunteers. On April 14, officials decided to downscale the massive operation. The women's parents have asked for tips and support via social media. NDK / DUTCH POLICE Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers "After 3 weeks there has been no trace of our daughters and we live daily between hope and fear. These are difficult times for us as you can understand," a message posted Tuesday read. "The search for Kris and Lisanne continues unabated and we hope that you will continue sending your tips and suggestions." Kremers and Froon had traveled on March 15 to Panama, where they first stayed in the town of Bocas del Toro for two weeks before traveling to Boquete, where they intended to volunteer at a school for the remaining four weeks of their trip. Once they got to Boquete, the women were told they would not be able to start their work until the following week -- so they had a week to fill. Dutch police said an inn keeper saw them on April 1, when the women asked him for directions for their hike. Tired, they later returned to the man and asked for help getting back to town. Police said the man advised them to take a taxi, but he said he didn't see whether the women returned to town or went back to the mountain. Dutch police spokesman Bernhard Jens said Tuesday on Dutch media that it was unlikely the women would have returned to their hike.
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gwenmanning posted CANON SCANNER on the Panama forum on April 23, 2014:
Canon CanoScan LiDE 600F scanner 3-way design for upright and horizontal scanning options Numerous features for auto correcting scans of photos and 35mm film 7 easy buttons to quickly copy,scan,e-mail or create multi-page PDF files Advanced double-hinge-lid open 180 degress allowing to scan thick originals Built-in stand holds the scanner vertically, saving desktop space LIKE NEW. The scans are perfect. No blurs or hard to read scans. If you are scanning thick items you can open the lid 180 degrees allowing this. You can even scan in slides. $35
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