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margaretparis posted housesitting on the Panama forum on November 24, 2014:
forgot to put in my e-mail
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margaretparis posted housesitting on the Panama forum on November 24, 2014:
looking to relocate to panama would like to have opportunity to just be there. So if you need someone to care for your pets or just want someone in your home, I am not only footloose and ready, but honest, no drugs etc. Happy to answer any questions or address concerns.
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twostrokes replied to the thread planning 1st trip, looking for General Info on the Panama forum on November 24, 2014:
twostrokes initially posted:
Will be visiting 01/05/15 until 01/19/15. 1. Arriving at 10pm. What is a reasonable (cheap) but decent hotel you would recommend in PC for a few days? 2. Can one drive on an American Drivers License? 3. Insurance requirements? 4. Is driving more like USA, Europe, or Mexico/Philippines? so I know what I am getting in to. I have done a fair amount of driving outside USA in Mexico and the Philippines. 5. Besides Boquete, what are other places you can visit on a low/medium budget. This is also a scouting trip for possible move. Just Fed up with the USA right now. So, it is move back to the Philippines where my wife is from and I lived for a total of 15 years spread out over the mid 60's to the mid 90's. Loved 90% of the time I was living there, hated the other 10%. Don't care for big cities, so PC would be out of the question. Hopefully I will find something that will make me want to come back. We are heading to Santa Cruz, Bolivia when we depart Panama for another 3 weeks there. Any help would be appreciated, or any questions I can answer to provide more info to help you will be provided upon request. Also FYI, we are both in our 60's and have slowed wayyyy down as far as lifestyle goes. Thanks in advance.
twostrokes replied 1 hour ago with:
OK, Thanks for the list of hotels. Out of that I should be able to find something suitable in my price range. So, now I have most likely got the transport from airport to hotel located, the hotel located and ready to look around in PC before heading out to the country. Anyone willing to make suggestions for in and around PC for things to do/see?
twostrokes replied 1 hour ago with:
That's some good info, Thank you, Jim
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jmjatlanta posted Lawyer Recommendation Friendly Nations Visa on the Panama forum on November 24, 2014:
I am looking for a reputable lawyer to help with the process of getting my residency through the "Friendly Nations" visa. I am looking for recommendations from people with personal experience. More information for those that are curious: My wife and I have plans of moving to the David area. My requirements are: 1) Reputable - that's why I am asking here instead of picking the first result from Google. 2) In Panama City - I want someone that knows where to send me for my "close-up" 3) Knowledgeable - I don't care that they've done 1000s of pensionado visas. I do not qualify for that one. I want someone familiar with presidential decree 343. 4) Reasonable - I will pay up for someone with experience. But I do not want to have all my pockets emptied for something I could have had done for half the cost. Thank you for your consideration.
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llseldon replied to the thread Things to see & do in Panama on the Panama forum on November 24, 2014:
llseldon initially posted:
Things to see & do: Panamá City area: Old Panama (Panamá Viejo) destroyed by the Pirate Capt Morgan. New old town: Casco Viejo: city build after the destruction of Panamá Viejo by Capt Morgan. This is the combined “barrios” of San Felipe, Santa Ana & El Chorrillo. Central Avenue is a closed street-walking shopping area, Ave B is the Asian shopping street with bargain shops. “Sale se Puedes” is a side street close by vendor with shops in the middle of the street, warning “Sale se Puedes” translates to “get out if you can”, good bargains and I’ve never personally known of anyone not to get out, but “¿quien sabes?” Amador Causeway: Shopping/clubs/yacht facility including Mi Ranchito Restaurant on first island on the right, best view, prices & view. Balboa (Amador) Yacht Club located just before the causeway (Amador) by the TGI Friday/Town & Country Inn. See Balboa: Shopping at the Artisan Center back side of the YMCA building in the old gym for gifts & souvenirs. Azuero Peninsula: including Las Tablas, Pedasi & the beaches in this area. This area is a 5-6 hour drive west of Panama City. Best B&B Casita Margarita email website Beaches-west of Panama City: 1-2 hour drive, beaches include Chame, Gorgona, Coronado, San Carlos, Rio Mar, Santa Clara & Farallon. The PanAm highway “dips” down along the coast in this area & the beaches in this area stretch for about 40-50 kilometers. Hotel Coronado: Gaviota Hotel, Coronado Coronado phone 240-4526, Panama phone 224-9056 Also the DeCameron & Breezes all-inclusive resorts are located on these beaches.Rio Mar Surf & Skate Camp, Owned by canal tug captain Alan Barnes, Email: Web info: Phones: 345-4010 or Cell 6675-2526 Canopy Tower Bird Watching Sanctuary: Gamboa Road, between Summit Gardens & one-way bridge to Gamboa: David, Boquette, El Volcan & Chiriqui Province: This area is a 6 - 61/2 hour drive west of Panama City. Very popular for the higher elevation & cooler temperatures located north of David. El Valle: Volcanic area 1½ hour drive west of Panama City, week end flee markets, mud bathes, Zoo & a number of excellent B&Bs. Also a number of great B&Bs. Butterfly house, see El Valle info, see Miraflores Locks tourist center: museum, viewing area of the locks operation & restaurant. See: Summit Gardens Zoo & Gardens just past the “Y” to Gamboa on Gamboa Road. See Taboga Island: Located just south of the Pacific entrance to the canal, about a 35 minute launch ride to the island. See Eco/Nature/Birds/Fish Sites: Barro Colorado Island: Gatun Lake, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, see: Canopy Tower Bird watching: near Gamboa, see: Eco Tours: El Valle Butterfly House: Embera Village, see: Gamboa Rain Forrest Resort: see: Gamboa Ivan’s B&B: Birding Lodge (Bird Watching), see: Panama Railroad, Though not eco itself, you will see a lot by riding the train. see: Playa Venao: Azuero Peninsular, El Sitio beach & surf resort, see: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Ancon, see: Taboga Island: Located just south of the Pacific entrance to the canal, about a 35 minute launch ride to the island from the Amador causeway. See: & Tranquilo Bay Eco Lodge : Bocas del Toro, see: Tropic Star Lodge, Piñas Bay, World class Marlin fishing: Whale Watching:
llseldon replied 6 hours ago with:
Too bad this doesn't come out in the format I posted??
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llseldon replied to the thread Taxi Driver's Info on the Panama forum on November 24, 2014:
GlamBabe initially posted:
I have not had a chance to answer everyone individually so let me start by telling everyone that the cab driver I absolutely trust and can count on is David Marquez His # is 6531-3089. He is a fun, cheerful guy that has become a good friend. When you contact rhim tell him Marcia referred you. He is also on Whatsapp and you can contact him that way as well. If you have any questions or want more info just let me know.
llseldon replied 6 hours ago with:
I still recommend Jesus, he speaks English. Think I posted recently $35 for 1 or 2 passengers Albrook/Tocumen + $10 @ additional passenger. The following from my Panama info text: Tour guide & chauffeur service: Jesus played baseball in the U.S. and his English is good. He charges $15 per hour for his service which includes taking you to tourist areas & $25 to & from the airport IF you tell him Lou referred you. Jesus Cell # is 6754-3378, Jesus has a van/taxi/tour service, I met him when he was a security guard (suit) at the Marriott Hotel in Panama City. Jesus does not do email but if you text him a message (011-507-6754-3378 from the U.S.) to call you, he will call you back. He has an international calling plan on his cell phone.
panamajames replied 13 hours ago with:
If you are bringing a pet into Panama, Jose is the man to call as well. That is his main job as he knows the ropes well, but he also does taxi rides, and tours in Panama City, whatever you need, Jose is OK
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pollokeeper replied to the thread English speaking Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses on the Panama forum:
andrewiii initially posted:
Hi, I would like to have the address and phone number of an english speaking congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses near Panama City or anywhere else in the country. My wife and I are investigating retiring in Panama.
pollokeeper replied 7 hours ago with:
You just don't realice how many lonely elderly people let the JW's in so they can talk about the condition of the world. JW's are safe and nice to talk to. Dress nice and are very respectful too.
panamajames replied on November 22, 2014 with:
Then why when the neighbors see a group of them coming down the road, does everyone go out and lock up their gates, alert their neighbors, disappear off the streets. and let their dogs out. I always wondered about that.
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panamajames replied to the thread Chauffeur service from/to Albrook - Tocumen on the Panama forum on November 23, 2014:
llseldon initially posted:
Fee $35 1/2 passenger, $10 for @ additional passengers, contact Jesus Cell # at 6754-3378, tell Jesus Lou referred you for this rate.
panamajames replied on November 23, 2014 with:
You have to look around on blogs and forums where people sell things. Folks are moving back to North America every week, discovering that their dream was not up to their expectations, of the expections of their better half, and are selling everything and moving back. So these cars come up from time to time and the local folks sell them as well. I am not familiar with the Panama City eastern market, but in the West, I keep an eye out when I see something, and write it down. Vehicles change hands quickly so my notes quickly get old. Look for buy and sell places, and supermarkets with community post boards. Our local food store has new listings of places to live and cars for sale, every once in awhile. Are you feeling lucky today? Here is a tip for selling it, after the fact. Start the sale right away after you buy it. Posts everywhere. When people contact you, say that it will go up for sale on a specific day only, the day you leave, and if there is someone excited about it, get a big deposit. When you leave, they are waiting for their car with the balance of your money, and you are heading back home. People leave cars with me all the time to sell, and I can rent them out if people wish, depending on insurance liability. There are Gringos everywhere in Panama to help you. Panamaguy used to do that kind of thing in Coronado, or at least know of people who did. All you have to do is ask in enough places, post everywhere you can, and there is a good chance someone will answer your wishes. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive in Panama. If a Gringo offers bad service, they will get blasted on forums like this, and they won't be in business long. You can trust the long term Gringos who promote in Panama. They value their reputation for providing good services.
lapapuja replied on November 23, 2014 with:
PanamaJames, if you know where to buy a reliable car in Panama at that price let me know.
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panamajames posted Vacation Rental Boquete Jan 20-31 on the Panama forum on November 22, 2014:
12 Days available in Boquete Jan 20 to 31st. Paid for completely and need to leave early and sublet which is allowable. $480 or best offer. Parking, Fridge, Stove, full Kitchen, Queen bed, Internet, Satellite TV, close to downtown.
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cuPanama2015 replied to the thread House & Dog Sitter Needed December on the Panama forum on November 22, 2014:
cuPanama2015 initially posted:
I have some friends who are looking for someone to live in their home in Boquete for free, for the month of December but they will need to care for their new dog. They are leaving for Ecuador and want a presence in their home, and of course someone to feed and care for the dog. E-mail me if interested.............
cuPanama2015 replied on November 22, 2014 with:
Let's chat by e-mail and I can put you in touch with the people. Thanks so much for your inquiry............PJ in Boquete
margaretparis replied on November 22, 2014 with:
am most interested. times flexible as I have my passport. honest, retired. no drugs . I love dogs.Most important, had my own business and I know what it means to do what you contract to do. I am hoping to move to Panama and this would be a perfect opportunity to experience some of the country. thanks
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