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llseldon replied to the thread Journalist Murdered in David on the Panama forum:
panamajames initially posted:
The Chiriqui community and the Catholic Church today deplored the killing of journalist Ramón "Monchi" Cano, that occurred the morning of Tuesday April 1st at his residence. He was born in 1933 and was an institution on Chiriqui Radio on his talk show. The Bishop of Chiriqui, Monsignor José Luis Lacunza, demanded that the national police and the public prosecutor's Office do what they can do to stop such violence in the future. Sanchez Deidamia, University teacher and leader of the civil society said "We must take to the streets to show these criminals that we will not allow more of this type of violence" It was a robbery in his home, as two banditos shot him in the head, leaving him seriously wounded on the floor. The official of the national police in Chiriqui, Julio Lasso, confirmed that the assailants took the victim’s portfolio. According to the official, the subjects visited the residence of the journalist, who refused entry to the thieves and he was shot. Even President Ricardo Martinelli had reported on his Twitter account that "Ramon Cano, broadcaster, was in the Regional Hospital in Chiriqui and needed blood type A positive." The killings are on the rise in Chiriqui. January 2014 until today, there have been 16 murders, against 27 counted in the year 2013.
llseldon replied 17 minutes ago with:
What is the latest on "Wild Bill" & his girl friend? American in the David area doing time for shooting a Panama approaching him with a machete who was trying to break into a neighbors house?
panamajames replied 8 hours ago with:
Here is some more information from different folks.......Some duplication........In Panama, only legal residents may own and/or carry guns, as opposed to visitors and tourists. Therefore a foreigner can apply for gun ownership once he or she has satisfied immigration requirements and obtained legal residence. Since Panama has neither an army nor the equivalent of the N.R.A., gun ownership rules differ sensibly from U.S. regulations. To begin with there are no gun fairs... you can only purchase a gun from a handful of authorized dealers, and the choices are very limited - not to mention prices are about double what you would expect to pay. Unless you prefer to place a special order, which is going to delay the process by a number of months, you can purchase a gun under five minutes, the time it takes to process your credit card. This is however where the similarity ends... The gun(s) shall remain in the store's custody until you secure a permit - which in practice can easily take six to nine months. And this is where the fun begins: you'll have to provide a urine sample on the spot (to check for drug use) and later blood samples (to keep your DNA on file) not to mention fingerprints. Also you'll need to visit a psychiatrist to undergo a psychological evaluation. In the meantime, the store will ship the gun to the police, which will perform ballistic tests and keep all records on file, together with your full ID and address. The permit is valid for 5 years and must be showed prior to purchasing ammunition. In theory, you could purchase a gun outside the country and import it to Panama. The thought crossed my mind, as I possessed a concealed weapon permit in Florida and was fond of my Sig Sauer handgun. However, after thoroughly researching the matter on gun forums, I concluded that this would have been an excessively complicated and expensive option, and that it would have further delayed the already lengthy permit application process Permanent residents and citizens can own guns in Panama but the requirements are stringent -- criminal background checks, blood tests, psychiatric tests -- and it takes a long time to get a permit -- anywhere from 3 or 4 months to a year. t is possible for Panamanians and foreigners with a permanent residency status to own a gun in Panama. There are two types of gun permits. 1. Tenencia which is the right to own a gun. o These permits are valid for 10 years and can apply for up to 10 weapons 2. Porte which is the right to carry a gun. (A concealed weapon permit.) o These permits are valid for a period of 4 years and can apply to 10 weapons; however only up to 2 weapons can be carried at any given time. In order to obtain either of the gun permits you must fulfill the following requirements: • notarized copy of your cedula • satisfactory psychological exam • satisfactory drug testing (anti doping) • certificate from shooting/gun safety course from an authorized provider • DNA sample which will be kept on record by Forensic Medicine of the Public Ministry. • all registered guns must have ballistic tests conducted by the DIJ (police) which are kept on file.
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llseldon replied to the thread More robberies in Coronado on the Panama forum on April 21, 2014:
panamaguy initially posted:
I contribute to this site from time to time and today I am writing about the major increase in the crime rate in the beaches area.I write with first hand knowledge.Last evening my wife and I were robbed in our home inside Coronado the gated community.The crime rate is basically out of control here. The government come out and make presentations about what they are doing but it is all for show.We were asleep in our bedroom and these thieves cut through the chain link fencing which surrounds our yard and obviously then cased our home while we are inside asleep.They found the one sliding door which has very secure metal bar doors that close over the glass doors and used something to reach inside and pull out items on the counter in our kitchen.As well they managed to get my wifes purse and camera gear and then by later following their trail they sat in our buhio and went through her purse and took only money leaving all cards.My new running shoes were found with the laces out of them as the person trying them on had much bigger feet so left them behind.Our yard is very well lite all night and the house next door has full time guards but that did not bother the thief or thieves. My point is now they are not afraid as they know the police are going to do absolutely nothing even if they caught them,just a waste of time.Do not think they will ever come to help you in time of need as they will not.Most of our expat friends have now pretty much all been robbed as well.Some at gun point.People need to be aware Panama is not a safe place and you are on your own when it comes to lines of defence.While I do not support owning a gun I do think people need to be very aware and have some type of defence mechanism available at a moments notice. The truth about the massive rise in crime is not getting out to the public at large. We drove very good friends to the airport yesterday heading back to Canada after being violently robbed twice.If you are considering moving to Panama and living here you must also have a plan set ahead of time to defend you property and loved ones.Luckily for us we were not confronted by these thieves.Now we know some thief knows the lay out of our home and yard.This is not what we planned for our early retirement.The truth needs to get out there so people are truly aware. Have a number you can call for assistance such as friends who will come to your aid.Dont bother with the so called police.Be prepared.We thought we wer with all the heavy gauge metal cage type covers over all our doors and windows but....18 robberies in the last two weeks in Coronado area.No arrests.Even people walking on the beach robbed for their phone....pepper spray..stun gun...tazers what ever but carry it and have it in your home. We hear alarms go off all the time but who goes to see why they are ringing one.Do your homework people and really carefully consider where you may be looking to live as we are now.
llseldon replied 19 minutes ago with:
They go right over the top of walls with broken glass, razor wire, etc. Old doctor friend of my family lived in Patailla from when it was just a residential neighborhood (he's now passed away), we visited him in the '90s & he told us he could not keep anything on his back porch because "they" would come over the wall & steal it.
panamajames replied on April 20, 2014 with:
It is always good, in no matter what country you live in, to look carefully at your home security, preferably before the break in occurs. I had break-ins in North America. I should have learned from the first one. Examine your property from the point of view of a bandito. Of all the homes in the neighborhood, which ones look like they are the easiest or best to rob. Well lit, neighborhood watch signs, fences, brick walls, locked gates, property viewing cameras, alarms, dogs, geese, boat horns, wasp, bear, or pepper spray, signs with a picture of a gun that says in Spanish, "We Shoot first and ask questions later", razor wire, machine gun turrets, bear traps, ak47's, whatever you need to keep the bad guys, uninterested in your place.............
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cactusguy replied to the thread water wells on the Panama forum on April 21, 2014:
douglitas47 initially posted:
Hi. I've been reading about Panama for a while now. would like info on water wells. anybody know depth to water in your area? does anybody do rainwater collection? from what I've read water seems to be a problem in many areas of Panama.
cactusguy replied 8 hours ago with:
Paid.$700.00 for 1100gal. Water tank. Will harvest off my roofs. Filter water coming in then out before pumping into the house. Will keep city water al so for$50.00 per year. Most wells Isee are hand dug. Mine is 35 ft deep. Water seems to stay between 14&24 ft.. this Iwill keep on a hand crank system.
panamajames replied on April 20, 2014 with:
Most people with water wells, only use the water for irrigation purposes. It's expensive to dig a well here. If you want to purchase a cleaning plant for potable water, it's also expensive. I have friends here in Boquete who harvest or collect water. They have a massive sistern on their property and all of their eaves troughs feed into it. We get 100 inches of rain every year and if you don't harvest it, you will run out in March, April and/or May. The rest of the year, no problems. All the water you could wish for, and more. My friend is selling her house, by the way, and moving back to the US. Misses family......absolutely gorgeous house......
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charlottelady posted POLL - Best TRAVEL INSURANCE for health on the Panama forum on April 21, 2014:
What is does the 30 day insurance program in Panama provide? What kind of travel insurance for health do you recommend? How much does a hospital room cost per day? What other add-ons might I want to consider?
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panamajames replied to the thread PROOF ONWARD PASSAGE on the Panama forum on April 21, 2014:
charlottelady initially posted:
Has anyone been asked for an onward ticket when landing in PC? Like to know since I have a one- way and am going overland afterwards. Heard all kinds of things. Is anyone an authority on this matter? What are the rules if any?
panamajames replied 7 hours ago with:
Well I do hope that you get to Boquete, Allison, as I love to meet the new folks who have made the great choice to move to my country of choice for retirement. I bought a very cheap two way return ticket to Panama and never used the return part. It was a Sun Wing tour ticket which was cheaper than most one way tickets.......I couldn't find anyone with my exact name, to sell my return ticket to........Call or write when you get to Boquete and I should be around in August.........
lapapuja replied on April 20, 2014 with:
The last time I flew to Panama it was on a one way ticket and I was asked to get a return ticket to the U.S. Since I have a residente permanente visa they must just do this automatically without checking stamps in the passport.
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panamaguy replied to the thread Visa options with a misdemeanor on record on the Panama forum on April 20, 2014:
klscota initially posted:
Hi out there, I have an old "wet reckless" misdemeanor on my record. The few lawyers I've contacted who have responded about residency in Panama say they can't help me. The only other option I see is to continue on a tourist visa and then the continuous need to leave the country every 3 months. Does anyone know if there is some way to get an exception or whatever? If so, do you have a lawyer you could recommend? Thanks
panamaguy replied on April 20, 2014 with:
Hi Just so you are clear your tourist visa at present allows you to remain in Panama for 6 months but you are only allowed by law to drive for three months out of those six months which makes no sense but that is the way it is. If you are caught driving beyond the three months they could confiscate your car,fine you and you go home in a taxi.As well all border crossing now are linked to the US so if you have any type of an outstanding warrant even from years ago they will now get you.The minor issue you describe is of course crazy but you can thank your government for keeping records that long and allowing other countries to use that information against you which in my mind is ridiculous after all those years but the people have allowed governments to have this information and with it comes the power over you.This appears to be quite common around the world now as we all get older. Who didn't attend a party or two that were a bit on the wild side when young.It was part of growing up .
volcan357 replied on April 20, 2014 with:
It appears that 1984 has arrived a bit late but is has arrived. If you apply for residency in a foreign country and can't get it because of a misdemeanor charge many years ago then the USA has become a police state. If you were at a rowdy drinking party when you were young you might have a misdemeanor charge against you. If that information is held in a computer and made available 50 years later to a foreign country that is an attack against your personal liberty. I am not a right wing fanatic nor a believer in conspiracy theories but this kind of situation is very good evidence that something is very wrong with our system of government. Lucky for me I got my Panamanian residency and just recently Panamanian citizenship before all this kind of information was entered into the national database. Maybe everybody should vote for Ron Paul when the next presidential election comes up. He is the only one who might be against these kind of things. The rest of them will go with the status quo.
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guyver posted Canadians coming to Panama-Let's Meet on the Panama forum on April 20, 2014:
Hi Folks, We are coming to Panama for a couple weeks on a recon visit. If we like it, the plan would be to move down there and rent by the end of the year. We would really like to meet up with people while there to ask our million questions. We are doing a lot of moving around while there but I am torn between the love of the ocean and the comfortable temps in the highlands. Our schedule is as follows: Monday, April 27 thru Wednesday April 30 -Farallon (Decameron) Thursday May 1 thru Saturday May 3 - Las Tablas Sunday, May 4 thru Monday May 5 - Boca Chica Tuesday, May 6 thru Thursday, May 8 -Boquete Friday, May 9 -El Valle Please let us know if you are willing or able to meet with us during any of these stops. We would gladly buy you a beer and a burger to hear the benefits of the area. Thanks, Guy & Sherry
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jonoyakker replied to the thread checking out panama on the Panama forum on April 20, 2014:
indysaw initially posted:
Hello, Friends and I are coming down soon to visit panama and check out the feel of the country. Are there any retirement communities that we should visit to get an idea of options?
jonoyakker replied on April 20, 2014 with:
When you say "retirement community", I know none of per se... A caution regarding Altos de Maria-property owners are having issues with increases in maintenance fees and being ignored from the developer.
shai33156 replied on April 19, 2014 with:
Location depends on the following parameters: 1) Economics 2) Health 3) Independence 4) Interests Our most favorite community is Altos de Maria, a beautiful planned community in high elevation about 90 minutes from Panama-City. Spectacular settings and plenty of home for long term rental with option to purchase. Altos is isolated, safe and secure. No grocery one must plan well and be REAL independent. a 4x4 SUV is a must. In close second is El-Valle, another mountain community in the valley below Altos de Maria. It is less isolated and has a brand new (city style) supermarket In third place is Coronado, a pacific beach community. In the far north, you will find the cities of David, Chiriqui and Vulcan. Again, it all depends on the 4 factors listed. Good luck Shai Gold
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smythlarryT replied to the thread Homeowners Ins. on the Panama forum on April 19, 2014:
cfletcher initially posted:
We just bought a villa in Playa La Barqueta. We'd like to buy homeowners Insurance but I can't seem to find any online. Does anyone have a good agent or reference on an insurance company?
smythlarryT replied on April 19, 2014 with:
Ducret- -Kevin Bradley excellent service. Speaks English Phonenumber online and in Visitante newspaper
cfletcher replied on April 18, 2014 with:
Thank-You! I had emailed her 2 times in the past 5 days but got no response. I'll try the cell number.
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panamajames replied to the thread Leaving for first Panama visit in a few days! on the Panama forum on April 19, 2014:
juliegooley initially posted:
I am getting packed for our first visit to Panama. We are planning on staying with a friend in Boquete. However, I am a little nervous about being a woman and traveling (with another woman) after hearing about the disappearance of the Dutch girls. I know crime is everywhere, but my guard is up...WAY up. Can anyone provide information about which areas to avoid in Boquete? We will possibly also be visiting Penonome, and Coronado. I have seen instances (while researching about Panama on the internet) of robberies/theft in Coronado. We will be flying into Tocumen and understand we need to get a taxi to the Albrook bus terminal. Any safety concerns at Tocumen or areas/taxis to avoid? I want to enjoy this mini-visit to beautiful Panama as safely as possible. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
panamajames replied on April 19, 2014 with:
I am in Boquete, to be sure. I am taking some beach and surfing holidays in May to Santa Catalina, Bocas, Pedasi, and a few other beaches, but for the most part, I am around.........It's always good to meet new people coming to check out my new country of retirement choice.
juliegooley replied on April 19, 2014 with:
I would love to meet up with you, Panama James. You are in Bouquete, right?
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