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Jazzmann replied to the thread Need info on Panama on the Panama forum on March 31, 2015:
rbeckerchi initially posted:
Hi Everyone: Soes anyone know what the cost of living is in Las Tablas, David, and Pendisi is? Is it relatively cheap where a person on a $1,000 income per month can live cheap and comfortably? Are they safe? How is the healthcare there? Do they have fast and reliable Internet and cell phone service? How does a person qualify for the Pensionado Visa and what is needed to apply for it? Where are some good places to but a cheap reliable car and what is needed to register & insure it? Thanks!
Jazzmann replied 1 hour ago with:
The point is to live on less than what you have. Every penny that you do not spend on necessities you can save for the proverbial rainy day or invest in enjoying life. OUR REAL MONTHLY EXPENSES Rent - unfurnished (includes water and sewer) $200, Cable TV and Internet $ 60, Vonage (toll free phone to US/ grandkids in South Africa, etc.) $32, Cell data (on sale now) $10, [ $10.00 talk time lasts for months], Gas LNG for cooking & hot water $1.00 (I had to buy the tank), food with local beer and inexpensive wine/spirits about $250, Electric with AC in rooms we are using $100 [with whole house AC 24-7 $150]; Trash twice a week (very reliable) $18 per year; Auto fuel (gas) and maintenance (last 6 months average) $60 per month; Auto insurance - required liability $116 per year; Health care: Initial “new patient” exams with full lab work-ups for two $300, root canal with crown $750 all in, cyst removal - minor surgery in office (2 visits) $40, meds $10, office visit - ear infection $10.00 meds $10.00 That is in the neighborhood of $700.00 per month; plus the car at about $70.00 per month; and health care at about $120 per month. Remember, I advised making provisions for: setting up and contingencies. I also understand that I got an unusually good deal on my rent for particularly for a new home; I worked at it and got lucky. Correct, you really do not need a car. We walked everywhere, or rode our bikes, for the first few months. Taxi rides are a dollar and a quarter or so. Jubilado bus to Panama City is $6.90. Short range busses are everywhere and cost a few dollars. Many of our neighbors do not own a car. However, other than the purchase cost, the monthly cost of taxis and buses is close unless you stay home all the time. Figure two taxi rides a day, out and back, at a dollar and a quarter each and you are at $45.00. (Take the taxi to the bus, take the bus to Pedasi for the day, take the bus back, and take the taxi home again) Add convenience, and the beach is only a ten minute drive away, and we can explore the country on our schedule. By the way the local paper just advertised a new Toyota Hilux at $115.00 per two weeks.
Jazzmann replied 3 hours ago with:
Yes, There are many competent mechanics. The facilities are more primitive than up north, however, they do good work and the prices are very reasonable. For example: wheel off the car, tire off the rim, valve stem replaced, reassembled and back on car, checked other 3 tires - $3.00 all in.
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jscissell replied to the thread Social Security on the Panama forum on March 31, 2015:
thronton initially posted:
If you become an Expat in Panama do you still get your Social Security when you want to take it?
jscissell replied 1 hour ago with:
Yes indeed
lapapuja replied 1 hour ago with:
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mistergee posted Affordable beachside accommodations in pedasi on the Panama forum on March 31, 2015:
Hi all, We were looking for a nice hotel, resort, condo on or next to the beach in pedasi in July. Presently we are in communications with pedasi tours but their prices may be out of our reach. Can anyone recommend other places for about 1000 a week. I done this a number of time in other countries and know that it is always easier to get deal when you are on the ground. I won't have that luxury this time. 2. can anyone recommend a nice tour/circuit of panama for 10 days- the focus is beach. water and relaxing. So we want to stay at each location places for a few days not jump in a car or plane everyday. Off the top of my head I thought panama city, pedasi, boca al toro??? any ideas would be appreciated Thanks for your suggestions.
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kristinrae posted Trip Report - Pearl Islands on the Panama forum on March 31, 2015:
I have asked several questions on this forum and want to contribute back with a trip report of our time on the Pearl Islands. If you are going there or considering it, check out my blog post about our stay.
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jonoyakker replied to the thread Senior Health Care Insurance on the Panama forum on March 31, 2015:
BGATES initially posted:
We are considering moving to around the David area in Panama (within about a 30 minute commute) and would like to learn more about health care insurance, affordable cost, availability etc. Where do we go for the information please? My husband turns 70 this year so we wondered if this is going to be an issue. in trying to obtain coverage. I've not really found anything on line that specifically addresses this at his age. And it could be a deterrent in our decision to look further into a move to Panama. Any advice on where to get answers would be very helpful. Thank you in advance for your help.
jonoyakker replied 5 hours ago with:
If you google David hospital you will probably find info.
panamajames replied 12 hours ago with:
The best thing to do is come to David and visit the Chiriqui Hospital and talk about their health plans. Good to bring with you, someone who can translate Spanish to English for you. It's a rather important subject and missing a few words can be a problem.........
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panamajames replied to the thread A little Help for Upcoming Trip Needed on the Panama forum on March 31, 2015:
pahonex initially posted:
I'll be visiting Panama for a few days and have spent some time searching this forum for information. I found quite a bit, but am looking for some updated information. This is my second trip (non-cruise) trip to Panama so I am a little familiar with how things work (or at least how they did five years ago). I've got a few questions: I've confirmed that my credit card company provides coverage for damage to the rental car provided I do not take the local CDW. What other insurance is currently required, especially for liability? Last time I went with peace of mind and spent a fortune. I'm renting a car at Tocumen International Airport just for convenience. Can anybody provide me with good directions or a map (or a link) on the best way to get from the airport to the Bridge of the Americas? Last time we got hecka lost and only found it because some kind ex pat got in his car and lead us to the right corridor on ramp, only to get hecka lost again in Casco Viejo. I have PCMetro cell service in the states and they have a very cheap international calling plan to Panama. Does anybody have any first had experience with this provider (or their affiliates) in Panama? Lastly, on a priot trip I rented a GPS unit that was basically no better than a paper weight due to the lack of signal and lack of road signs and addreses. Has the GPS ability gotten any better in the last five years? Thanks in advance for any input.
panamajames replied 12 hours ago with:
If you are coming up from Panama City to Boquete, there is a very nice apartment available for 10 days, as some folks had to leave early to get back to the US and it is now vacant but maybe will be taken over again on the 11th or maybe later. Some folks wanted it on the 11th, but they are considering that they do not want to land in Panama City at that time because of the Security issues with 35 Presidents of the world, including Obama, coming to Panama City around that time.
llseldon replied on March 30, 2015 with:
GPS, haw, as the Panamaños say, "you just gotta' know where you're going" Watch out for one way streets, especially unmarked ones, if your driving down a 2-4 lane street & all the cars in ALL LANE are coming your way, you're on an UNA VIA street. Cuidado hombre. PL P.S. remember NO U-TURNS, no talkie on cell phones & driving, no head lights during the day, keep a 5B with you driver's license.
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llseldon replied to the thread Boquete & Chiriquí hotels/B&B info on the Panama forum on March 30, 2015:
llseldon initially posted:
OK people in Boquete & Chiriquí help me update my informacion: Boquete: Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast Manzar Lari & Terry Richmeier Boquete, Panama US & Canada: 952-931-9770 Panama: 507-730-9472 THE HAVEN health spa, health clinic, fitness center and hotel mountainretreat, Boquete, Panama Phone:(011 507) 730 9345 Email: admhaven@gmail.comor Finca Lerida: E-mail to Panama@CentralAmerica.Com e-mail Reservation Form Toll free from the US or Canada at 1-888-535-8832 /1-800-948-3770 Hotel Ladera: Oasis B&B: Hotel Panamonte: Hotel Valle del Rio: Volcan: Bambito Resort: website: Cielito Sur B&B : located between the towns of Cerro Punta andVolcan Chiriquí Province. Hotel Don Tavo, Volcan: Website: I need David info, Gran Nacional Hotel:
llseldon replied on March 30, 2015 with:
"Lou it is Volcan."??? We use to go to a Boy Scout summer camp near the town when I was a kid. PL
lapapuja replied on March 30, 2015 with:
Lou it is Volcan. No time.. just Friday morning. I only get over there about once a year but I am just about due for a trip to the highlands. I don't stay in hotels but with friends so I can't help much on that.
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lapapuja replied to the thread Summit of the Americas in Panama on the Panama forum on March 30, 2015:
llseldon initially posted:
If you are coming to Panama or living in P.C. & don't know (which I doubt), you want to avoid P.C. for a while, the event is April 10 - 11, but the "ramp up" for the convention is in progress & security is reported to be very high. Other blogger on this site report people living around the AtaPa convention center are being asked by the police for their personal data. For more see or or do an internet search, lot of info available now.
lapapuja replied on March 30, 2015 with:
There are paid days off for those who work for the two days. If you don't work then less problems. In Panama City you can walk to anything you need. The interior will not be affected.
llseldon replied on March 30, 2015 with:
I've been able to avoid protest road blocks in PC most times by knowing in advance of the protests except one tine then I was stuck big time.
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bill27 replied to the thread Puerto Ameulles - Paradise by the Sea? on the Panama forum on March 30, 2015:
panamajames initially posted:
Just wanted to let everyone know that the road leading out of Puerto is currently blocked with protestors just on the otherside of the highschool in el Palmir. The protestors are there because many of the neighborhoods here in Puerto have no water and have had no water for more then a month. They have tried to find a solution but have had no success and are therefore shutting down traffic with the hope of a solution.
bill27 replied 4 hours ago with:
I guess we were lucky, as spent a night at Tsunami Inn in Puerto about 6 weeks ago. Loved it!!
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llseldon replied to the thread Help on the Panama forum on March 30, 2015:
StevieBoodram initially posted:
Hi there planning on coming to Panama April 10th. Looking at moving there from Canada. Any guidance on housing to buy while there. Looking for a gated community, pool and beach. Looking in the coronda area. Thoughts. Maybe I can swing by and visit you folks if you have a place you meet regularly and chat. Staying at the RUI in playa Blanca
llseldon replied on March 30, 2015 with:
SOA see: Soludos amigos de Panamá PL
golric replied on March 30, 2015 with:
April 9, 10 & 11th you would want to avoid Panama City due to the "Americas Convention" and lots of street closures as President Obama, Maduro and Castro in the city. If possible go straight to the interior i.e. Coronado, Gorgona, etc
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