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XSMEMORIES replied to the thread Retire in Panama on the Panama forum on June 30, 2015:
USMCJS initially posted:
My wife and I are considering retiring in Panama. We have many questions, First, we would like recommendations on best places. We like mild, moderate weather, nice scenery, great medical, friendly people and reasonable real estate prices. Should we rent first ? We have sort of an adjustable income due to investment income, but leaving investments alone, perhaps $5000 a month in income and cash on hand to purchase property up to $300,000. Any ideas on best place. We would prefer a gated area that is very secure, and we would prefer a house to a condo. Is it relatively easy to get a small pet into the country ? We have a lot of questions. Any advice appreciated.
XSMEMORIES replied 11 minutes ago with:
Semper Fi. Hi, the best is to rent for a month in different locations, or something located near where you can do a one nite, stay. If you like plays, theater, opera then the city. I would look at El Valle, Coronado, Santa Clara, Pedasi, for a possible one or two month rental.. I would not recommend Gorgona, Altos de Maria, Bocas del Toro, or Boquette where it's rainy and windy. Hi my name is Sheila of I've lived here for 21 yrs, Daughter of a Marine buried in Corozal, wife of a Marine, buried at sea, HOORAH spoken here.
ClintPty replied 7 hours ago with:
With your income and available funds you will be able to afford a comfortable home and to live well. I would suggest renting first, few months or weeks at a time in your shortlisted areas before making a final decision. Also try renting homes and condos. The climate here causes properties t require a lot of maintenance, depends on whether you are handy or not as local staff are not always that reliable. There is no shortage of scenic areas in Panama. Your decision would need to come down to your needs. To be close to the city, beach, amenities etc. The Coronado area and the towns of El Valle de Anton, Boquete and Pedasi are popular areas with the expat communities worth exploring. Read this post on bringing pets to Panama;
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TomDaphne replied to the thread Anyone Familiar with Uverito Beach Area? on the Panama forum on June 30, 2015:
TomDaphne initially posted:
I am looking at a Beach House for Rent on Uverito Beach. Ad says it is 10 min from Las Tablas. Are any of you familiar with this area? The house is very nice (from the pictures) and it is right across the road from the beach. Is this a good area/bad area? Is this a nice beach? Anyone that can feel me in on what you know would be much appreciated. We are still in FL and planning to arrive in Panama the end of July/first of August. Just trying to nail down a starting point and we can explore out from there. Thank You
TomDaphne replied 25 minutes ago with:
Thank You Again. I truly appreciate all the information and reviews. I feel much more confident in taking a closer look at this place.
Jazzmann replied 2 hours ago with:
Yes, it is quite safe. However, common sense and the usual precautions must be used here as anywhere else. It is close to the public parking area and the restaurants. A small B&B is right on the public parking area and two other lodgings and a restaurant are a short way up the other fork. It is a good place to explore from, and you will love the beach. Just watch the chitras and mosquitos around dusk and you will have to overlook the tipico music on occasion. Although you are close to town and transportation is available, you may find it handier to have your own transportation. We lived in the center of town and got by on taxis and busses for months, but we really didn't start exploring effectively until we got a used car.
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panamajames replied to the thread TRICARE on the Panama forum on June 30, 2015:
latinitalian41 initially posted:
Does Tricare medical insurance cover Military Retired in Panama, and are there some sort of VA hospitals in Panama as well?
panamajames replied 55 minutes ago with:
It is always good to have and verify some type of insurance or care. My friend in Boquete has had some difficulties and has been in the hospital a few weeks now. The bill is up to $21,000+ and they say until they receive $5000 immediately, she will be moved to the Social Security hospital and out of intensive care in the private expat style hospital. Same doctors, but virtually no nurses and nowhere near the same conditions.............They are taking donations at the regular Tuesday morning Gringo Market in Boquete
jakeddoc replied 8 hours ago with:
To the best of my knowledge--no to both----
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panamajames replied to the thread More on Crime in Boquete on the Panama forum on June 30, 2015:
llseldon initially posted:
From the internet: Burglary and missing victims June 28, 2015 by Lee Zeltzer 2 Comments I am the treasurer of Alto al Crimen (AAC), a local foundation, setup to in an effort to inhibit the growth of crime in Boquete. AAC is neither police nor vigilantes, we run a hotline at 6477 6662. This is the local emergency number, a private service filling a hole in government function. Anyone can call the number for bilingual assistance with crime, medical emergencies and even auto problems. AAC is a free, donation supported service. The website for AAC is at his link. Because of my involvement with AAC, I hear about crimes in Boquete that are never publicly disclosed. Sometimes people report to AAC and not the police. Some report directly to the police and others not at all. Many locals never report anything to anyone, they have no confidence in the police. We have very little crime in Boquete and most crimes are burglary. About one burglary a month is reported to AAC. These are crimes are of opportunity and against property. Crimes against people are rare, perhaps twice per year. White collar crime is common and not usually reported to anyone except the courts. If people listened to the advice propagated by AAC crime would be reduced but it can never be eliminated when there are people who have and people who want. Last week a friend, Richard, was burglarized and I heard about it. I am writing in another attempt to make people aware of how to reduce their risks of become victims. Perhaps we will do a repeat of an annual AAC event at the Tuesday meeting to continue educating people on prevention. Richard has lived in the same house for about eight years on a heavily traveled street from Bajo Boquete to Valle Escondido. He has not had issues with crime until now. The new variable is new construction of a second level on a house across the street from his home. Construction workers and domestic help are often the vector that provides intelligence to thieves anyplace including Panama. Last week during the day when Richard was out for three hours his house was burglarized. They tried to force the front door, failed and accessed through a window in the rear. The construction workers across the road had full time observation of the house and knew when the house was vacant. There is no proof they did anything, the police accepted their word they did not. Do not count of the police in Panama to do much followup on crime. Police here are great if they see a crime in progress, but they lack investigators. The DIJ has the trained investigators and they have no resources. The thieves stole televisions, computers and a car. Two beloved dogs have also went missing, either running away or dog napped. The stolen car was recovered in David, but not the dogs. Things can be replaced, but not beloved dogs. Richard is hoping someone finds his dogs. If you see them anyplace please contact me or the AAC hotline, 6477 6662, the information will be passed on to him. A reward is offered for the recovery of the dogs, they are the priority.
panamajames replied 52 minutes ago with:
Yes, and start using more U's in your words..........
JonCates replied 6 hours ago with:
Perfectly described the Posting I was commenting on What plant r u fm??
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Oldcameraman replied to the thread Moving to Coronado area on the Panama forum on June 30, 2015:
Kick initially posted:
Hello, we are a family with young children moving to the Coronado area this September. We are originally from the UK but are relocating from The Bahamas. We have very little knowledge of the area and would like to know where is the best area to look for a long term rental? Are there any families and activities in the area?
Oldcameraman replied 54 minutes ago with:
Correction for that link: it is
jonoyakker replied 2 hours ago with:
Coronado is only 40 minutes from El Valle with good hiking, waterfalls, zoo, thermal mud baths, and of course Butterfly Haven. Jon
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stevef posted internet company issues on the Panama forum on June 30, 2015:
I wonder if anyone else has had this issue. We have had internet service from Si wireless and after a year we have changed to another company for a much better original contract with si wireless was for 6 months....when I called the other day to cancel they said no problem and that I had to send them an e-mail telling them, which I did. % minutes after I sent the e-mail I got one back from them telling me I had to pay them 2 months penalty for cancelling..I told them my 6 month contract was up and I had used them for a year anyway and they said the print on the back of the contract said it automatically renewed.the contract is in Spanish and I did not read the fine print but I believe it's bull...they have sent another e-mail asking for a credit card ok to collect..I have no intention of paying and am contacting a lawyer but just wondering if anyone has had this issue..especially with Si Wireless....beware of these people
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lecharbon replied to the thread Problems with "friendly nations visa"? on the Panama forum on June 30, 2015:
stgibson initially posted:
Is there anyone else out there having problems with the "friendly nations visa" ? If so, please share. We have been in the process for 3 years now and spent over $18K and don't seem to be getting any closer.
lecharbon replied 6 hours ago with:
Who did you use? Send me a private note.
lorric5447 replied on June 29, 2015 with:
Wow....after 3 years where are you at in the process? We have our temp cedulas and are just awaiting the took maybe 3 months to get to this point, and much of that was due to us being delayed by business to meet up with our Panama lawyer. Can refer you to Mayra Lamboglia in PC, she is excellent and honest!
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Jazzmann replied to the thread Burglary in Boquete on the Panama forum on June 30, 2015:
panamajames initially posted:
This note was posted locally, and should be spread far and wide. PJ....................................................... To all our friends in Boquete, and to everyone in Panama. On Wednesday, June 24, while Dee was in California, and I was away from our house, between the hours of 10AM and 1PM, our house on the road leading into Valle Escondido was burglarized. The burglars pried open a back window, ransacked our home, searched in every drawer and cabinet, stole computers, money, TVs, wine and our blue Toyota Prado. Worst of all, our two little dogs, Sami and Luci are also missing. We don’t know if they simply ran away or were taken by the burglars. If they were taken, we are prepared to offer a substantial reward for their safe return. We are asking all our friends in Boquete to be on the lookout for our beloved dogs and to pass on any information you might have regarding this crime. We have set up an anonymous phone number to call and leave information - 6807 4309. Both dogs have collar tags with my phone # 6677 7748. While the stolen items can be replaced, the dogs cannot. Any help in finding them will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to all of you in our wonderful Boquete community who might help us new resolve this most unfortunate turn of events. Rich Lipner and Dee Harris
Jazzmann replied 3 hours ago with:
Well said.
llseldon replied 8 hours ago with:
People in Boquete: Let's us know if the couple get their dogs back or more info on the subject.
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WMBGamboa replied to the thread any luggage problems at Tocumen? on the Panama forum on June 30, 2015:
tlc1234 initially posted:
I saw a story recently on luggage that's stolen at the baggage claims area before passengers are able to get to their luggage - people just walk up to the carousel and roll out your luggage like it was their own. This can be particularly problematic if travelers have to go through immigration before getting to their bags, so their luggage has already been circling the carousel for a while. Has anyone experienced any of these problems with Tocumen? Or do they pick up luggage before immigration there (I couldn't remember)? Any special words of wisdom from the savvy travelers, other than the usual to carry valuables in your carryon, etc.
WMBGamboa replied 6 hours ago with:
We've been entering & leaving Panamá for the last thirty years without encountering any luggage problems.
kimbattlincoln replied on June 29, 2015 with:
Happens in US too. Maybe get a fluorescent colored bag???
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SovereignLady replied to the thread Recommendations where to stay in Bocas Del Toro on the Panama forum:
TomDaphne initially posted:
We will be arriving in Bocas Del Toro around mid-July. Can anyone recommend reasonable accommodations for a month or more while we get acquainted with the town and area. I would be interested in hearing about any personal experiences. Thanks in Advance.
SovereignLady replied 17 hours ago with:
I like El LImbo hotel in Bocas del Toro. it is a great location close to everything.
travlur replied on June 25, 2015 with:
My husband and I stayed at Lula's B&B in Bocas town in November. The B&B is nice and clean and on the edge of town, so it was mostly quiet. It was still a super convenient 5 minute walk into town and the owners served great breakfasts and were great hosts. They can be found on AirBnB or just do a Google search. Cheers!
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