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aqsa posted looking for room? on the Russia forum:
hello guys, if you are looking for room have you tried placematch singapore.i found it useful in finding my place cheers Aqsa Rao
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aqsa posted wants to rent out your house? on the Russia forum:
if you are planning to rent out your house have you tried placematch asia .i found it useful in finding my place. cheers Aqsa Rao
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MRaustria replied to the thread Summer Activities for Children in Russia on the Russia forum:
adminee initially posted:
With summer break fast approaching, moms and dads often begin to worry, "What will I do with the kids all summer?" How do kids in your part of Russia spend the summer? What activities, camps, excursions would you recommend to other parents? Please post your suggestions and contact information for specific camps/activities. This information will be extremely helpful for other parents - especially those parents who are just moving to Russia this summer.
MRaustria replied most recently with:
hello adminee! I have found a good site where lots of activities are displayed! I think you can find there the information you need hope i could help greets
WhiteWinter replied most recently with:
There are quite a few ideas listed at the Children in website, which also has a calendar with information on some summer camps and other organised programmes for children over the long summer holidays: Our child went to a couple of the summer programmes and really they all seem to be quite good. It's best to choose one convenient to where you live really, although the traffic isn't usually as bad over the summer with everyone on holiday and at their dachas. We also organised meet ups at local parks with friends when the weather was good as a lot of them have good playgrounds and areas to run around. When we had visitors staying we'd take them to the estates and other museums that also have good playareas or outdoor areas for running around. A lot of these places are listed on the website. Most Russians send their children to their dachas. Some send them to summer camps abroad to improve their English (or other language). A lot of the expats go on home leave for a few weeks too so it's generally fairly quiet in Moscow during June-August, getting suddenly very busy with terrible traffic again at the start of the new school year in September.
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Russian Federation Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State
willpon posted Self Storage in Moscow on the Russia forum:
Hi, My name’s Will and I am Brit living in Moscow. I would like to recommend a self-storage facility I have recently used to store furniture called ‘Samosklad’: . If you are moving to a Moscow apartment and don’t have enough space then it could be really useful. The facility is in the North Moscow about 2km from the Metro station Petrovsko-Rasumovskaya, they are well priced and have storage spaces from 1m squared to 60m squared. There is security around the clock so it is very safe. You can store whatever you like (as long as its not flammable or illegal!); it might be useful for furniture, stock or perhaps seasonal clothes. Their average price is about 1000 rub. per 1m squared per month. The number is +7 (495) 545-32-46. If you don’t speak Russian it is not a problem as some of the staff speak English and are very helpful. Will
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Expat Report Review of Anglo American School in Moscow, Russia by Roseberry75 was published
Review-of-Anglo American School
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
The physical space of the school is good. The extra curricular activities at the school for the elementary students are awful. They are run by teachers who are not typically qualified to run that particular after school activity. They are an utter waste of time. In middle school and high school they have sport teams and drama but little else after school. If parents want to organize a group, they are made to pay for facility use. (Continue)
I'm looking for a sub-letter who would be able to sub-let for two months in Moscow, Russia. My apartment is near 1905 goda metro and very modern. I can send pictures if interested. Rent per month is 40,000 rubles, but I may be able to negotiate the cost if need be.
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Swimming lessons in English in Moscow. All levels. Most of our children are expats living in Moscow. Registration open for Learn To Swim, Technique Improvement and more classes. REGISTER NOW at +79663595477
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Albuquerque posted EXPORT FROM BRAZIL TO RUSSIA on the Russia forum:
I'm a Brazilian Citizen and working as import/export analyst, and want to connect with a Russian Citizen to start a business by export from Brazil Goods and Food to Russian Confederation. My starting point would be to represent a Russian Company here in Brazil and managing all the product they want to import in Russian or sells by myself products made in Brazil to Russians business. Just contact me at anytime if you are interested, so we can make a business.
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