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927135498 posted 10 Fun Facts About Russia on the Russia forum on July 25, 2015:
From the blog by Jennifer Dombrowski: "For every frustrating moment we had, it was replaced by 3 amazing moments that would make us wonder what exactly we’d been frustrated over in the first place."
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927135498 replied to the thread Don't buy the U.S. propaganda on the Russia forum:
MichaelTryn initially posted:
I just wanted to post, even though you all have your smart phones and know. CNN and a lot of the western media keeps bashing Russia, "no one believes this" except the dopes and uneducated! We Russia fans watch RT near Chicago, and Germany & France are in Russias cornet, the warlords in the U.S. military keep puring gas on the fire.
927135498 replied on July 19, 2015 with:
On the question of who funds RT I can only ask, "who funds NPR?" Who funds Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. The first of which is wholly funded by the US government but rarely falls in lock step with the allowed narrative of the day. Radio Free Europe (also called Radio Liberty) was paid for 100% out of CIA funds, is pure propaganda, was designed to be so from the start, and continues to do so in other parts of Europe to this day as far as I have been able to find. I ask you, who are the "good" people? Which is the "bad" nation? And the question of who controls the media is really moot. We get one message here. The Daily Show's Jon Stewart has made sport of this on numerous occasions by playing video clips from different news shows on all the major channels using the exact same phrase, shown in rapid succession. It tells the true story of the media here: that there is one "hot" phrase of the day and all the networks fall in line and repeat it over and over. So, do we have a "free" media? Or is it controlled by forces inside or outside the government? I don't know and frankly I don't care. It's all the same.
927135498 replied on July 19, 2015 with:
The HuffPo article you linked to does not support your claim. Quite the contrary. Quote: Pacing the Washington studio, Martin continued: "Just because I work here, for RT, doesn't mean I don't have editorial independence and I can't stress enough how strongly I am against any military intervention in sovereign nations' affairs. "What Russia did is wrong." And she uttered those words 10 months before she left RT. Unlike Dan Rather who was ousted in 2 weeks, give or take. Then, in May of 2014 she refused a direct order from the RT bosses to do a report on the ground in Crimea... and she did not get fired or demoted. I'd say that RT has treated her pretty well despite her outspoken views and her refusing to go to Crimea as her bosses wanted. She has not released any statement on why she left RT so your post is pure speculation at this point. Time will tell as they say. My guess is that she became an instant celebrity by criticizing Russia's actions in Eastern Ukraine and now she wants to land a big salary job at one of the top networks, either in the US or EU. She may have left RT to get out of the crosshairs of the lunatic fringe here. She has been the target of death threats and threats of rape in connection with her criticism of 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle: Your youtube link leaves me even more confused as to how you believe it corroborates your view. She spoke her opinion and quit on air. It happens. Here's one for example: Guess what. TV hosts sometimes quit and sometimes we don't know the reason and sometimes we do. Speculation and innuendo prove nothing. I say let's wait for the truth to reveal itself. If she lands a well paid gig at another network then I'm a better guesser than you. And, instead, if she never works in the media again then I may see more validity to your point of view. Time will tell.
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927135498 replied to the thread How to emigrate from US to Russia on the Russia forum:
927135498 initially posted:
Please feel free to either post a comment or PM me. I have a million questions but no answers. I need the straight dope from someone who has already done it. The word from the man (or woman) on the street as they say here. My plan is to move to Russia by the end of the year but I don't have a clue where to start, what forms I need. Do I need a police clearance as is required by some other countries? Is there a required amount of money I would need to deposit in a bank in Russia? How long can I stay, can I extend my initial visa after my arrival or will I have to hop over the border every 30 days or ____ fill in the blank? Can I ever become a legal resident? Can I buy property? See? So many questions that only a person who has actually made the move from Un-Amerika to Russia.
927135498 replied most recently with:
Should have started with this but here's a little about me. I am male, name is Tom, age is in the low 50's, do not feel that Un-merica is my home and haven't for decades now, like to work in my garden, and love long walks, hiking, biking, swimming, want to learn these sports (skiing, jetski, water skiing, snorkling, and maybe paragliding if I can conquer my fear of heights, possibly scuba diving I'm where the water is warm). :))) Oh, and I'd like to learn to play guitar and the piano one day. I've researched moving to and living in the following countries: +Canada, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela, Philippines, Thailand (only Chiang Mai), and have basically written them all off my list for various reasons. Still under consideration are, in order of least favorite to most: Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, Ukraine, and Russia. Note: Small to medium size towns are my preference but not so far out in the wild as to make it a hassle to go on vacation or conduct important business like banking and keeping my status legal, or do the occasional shopping excursion. I am on SSD, and would have at least $1200 per month for living expenses, possibly more if the House doesn't cut my benefits as they are trying to do now. Hopefully that gives the group here a little insight into who I am. Paka (????)
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Can you be my Russian language tutor? If you are a native Russian. I prefer (I learn better from) a female instructor. You can be any age 18 to 99. My plan is to move to Russia before the end of this year and every time I try to learn Russian on my own it just doesn't stick. That's why a tutor seems like what I need. Perhaps you could also help me learn about the culture, things not to say and not to do, and how to tell a taxi driver where I need to go. It doesn't matter really. Any help you can give me would be good.
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anneegros initially posted:
Hello we are moving this summer to Moscow and we have a 10 year old heading for grade 5. Since we are not sure if we have a seat available at the AAS, can you share your experience at those two schools - International School of Moscow - -Atlantic International School -School 1 Metro. Dubrovka Thank you
babazoo replied most recently with:
This thread is about Atlantic International school. What's BIS got to do with it?
Magdalina replied most recently with:
Our son has been enjoying BIS and the atmosphere that all of the teachers have been able to create. So we want to take the opportunity to give all of BIS teachers our respect for your work in the school and with him
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Wiliams commented on the Expat Report Review of International School of Moscow in Moscow, Russia
Review-of-International School of Moscow
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Modern, spacious, clean - where specialist facilities are not available, good use is made of local private and municipal amenities.

Within the school day: Music, sport, choir, drama, dance

After school activities (free if within the premises): Drama, Art, Bowling, Swimming, Football, Martial arts, origami (dpendent on teachers' skills)

The school excels in music and drama. The quality of the class assemblies are second to none and teachers clearly work in partnership to produce them. Children are encouraged to create and deliver their own work. (Continue)

Wiliams replied most recently with:
Our daughter is now in Year 9. When anyone asks her what are her favorite things about studying at BIS, she can never really pick out what they are because the simple fact is, she loves her school, she loves all of the subjects she studies at school. BISM is the school that can help develop our daughter into become a diverse, adaptable, caring, independent and well balanced individual.
Guliveris replied recently with:
What we have appreciated most at BIS #1 is the warm and friendly atmosphere, the friendly pupils and teachers and the open relationship between teachers and pupils and parents. Its a pleasure to join the school with a positive way of doing.
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russiandude posted Russian lessons via skype on the Russia forum:
Russian lessons via skype Native Russian speaker. Private Russian lessons with a native teacher. Want to learn new words, phrases, colloquial and modern Russian? Want to learn Russian slangs, Russian grammar, and Russian pronunciation? Want to get rid of an accent? Want to build up your current knowledge or start from scratch? Develop your grammar, enrich your vocabulary, become fluent, and learn how to use Russian in authentic situations Feel free to contact me at: email: skype: xxjj989xx
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bobrey replied to the thread I am so tired of the US on the Russia forum:
jgmurray initially posted:
this place is terrible for me. my family is all slime and I am always being harrassed by someone or some elctronic junk. I would like to live in Russa and never speak english again
bobrey replied most recently with:
Have you ever been to Russia? I lived there for 12 years. I loved the people and the culture but their leadership is a train wreck. If you dont speak very good russian forget any job but engilsh teacher. Other jobs are also getting crushed even for people with great credentials. It seems every month more and more lifers are hitting the exit. Lets not forget Americans are fairly hated there at the moment.
pax4pax replied most recently with:
Each place has its own good and bad, and each of us determines what is tiring and what is refreshing. May you get your wishes.
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Expat Report Review of Anglo American School of Moscow in Moscow, Russia was published
Review-of-Anglo American School of Moscow
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
The extra curricular activities here are not good at all as mentioned in other reviews. The teachers are not excited to run them and they end up being little more than babysitting. There is a lot of bullying and trash talking by kids that goes on in them and the teachers do nothing. If you complain to administration, you are labelled as a "complainer". The physical premises are good but that is not enough for the money spent on tuition. The teachers' kids seem preferred at every turn and you grow tired of seeing them front and center of every concert, play and picture display. (Continue)
Blog Life in Russia posted on the Russia Network
It's all about Russia, it's people, it's culture, it's history, from the far east and everything in between.

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