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A Gringo in Medellin, Colombia

A day by day account of a non-Spanish speaking American man moving to Medellin, Colombia on a retirement visa.

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A Stray Cat's Wandering

A Stray Cat's Wanderings a travel blog for adventurers, cat lovers, retirees, iconoclasts, disaffected youth, eccentrics, and tree-huggers

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Anneliese Delgado

I moved to Bogotá, Colombia by myself to improve my Spanish and to learn more about Colombian culture. Read how I’m trying to figure it all out.

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Barranquilla Living

Barranquilla Living is the ultimate city guide. Providing useful information and great tips for residents, visitors and expats.

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Barranquilla or Bust!

Musings on international relocation and other ludicrous endeavors

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Colombia South America

All the information yoyu need to know about Colombia South America. Information about Bogota, Cartagena, Meddillen, Cali

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Gringo in Paradise Blog

A blog about the adventures and misadventures of an American in South America. Also news from South America in English.

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Richard McColll's Blog

Articles published in the mainstream online press all about Colombia.

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The Stingy Drifter

Travel stories and travelling on the cheap tips for Latin American countries written by a stingy drifter

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Living in Colombia GuideLiving in Colombia Guide

Expats in Colombia discuss the pros and cons of living in Colombia. From the Colombian people to driving to taxes and more. As challenging as it can be, expats in Colombia clearly find that there is a lot to love about a country that is a surprising expat hot spot.

Colombia Forum Colombia Forum
Meet other expats and talk about living in Colombia.

Best Places to Live in Colombia Best Places to Live in Colombia

Here are the 9 best places to live in Colombia according to expats living in Colombia. Expats share why they love living in each city, the climate, cost of living, social activities and more. Don't overlook the comments about heat and humidity in some coastal cities - while these conditions are ideal for some expats, they're oppressive for others.

Healthcare in ColombiaHealthcare in Colombia

Our guide to healthcare in Colombia covers public and private healthcare in Colombia, hospitals, vaccinations, prescription medications and more.

Cost of Living in ColombiaCost of Living in Colombia

Expats offer insight into the cost of living in Colombia.

Moving to ColombiaMoving to Colombia Guide

With its bustling cities, beautiful beaches and friendly Colombians, Colombia is an increasingly popular destination for expats of all ages. Expats in Colombia offer insightful tips for those moving to Colombia.

Real Estate in ColombiaReal Estate in Colombia

Real estate listings in popular cities and towns in Colombia.

Pros Cons of Living in ColombiaPros & Cons of Living in Colombia

Take off your rose-colored glasses and learn what expats have to say about the biggest challenges and the greatest rewards of living in Colombia.

Retiring in ColombiaRetiring in Colombia

Advice for people retiring in Colombia.

Contribute to Colombia Network Contribute
Help other expats and newcomers by answering questions about the challenges and adventures of living in Colombia.

10 Tips for Living in Colombia10 Tips for Living in Colombia

Colombia is an up-and-coming expat destination. With it's low cost of living, and wonderful people, Colombia has a lot to offer.

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