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International Schools in Belgium

International School Listing in Belgium

International School of Belgium (ISBe)

Kontichsesteenweg 40, Aartselaar, Belgium


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Grade Levels: Pre-School to Grade 12 (18 yrs)
Type of School: Co-Ed

International School of Belgium (ISBe) is part of a global group of schools, universities and institutes, giving students a unique advantage in an interconnected world. It follows an internationally renowned curriculum for children aged 2½ to 18, including IPC, IGCSE and IB Diploma Programmes. Lessons are taught in English, with Dutch and French also offered. Students from a diverse mix of nationalities enjoy an innovative 21st century learning environment, which includes student exchange programmes and residential trips.

International School Listing in Belgium

Montgomery International School Brussels

133 Rue du duc, Brussels, Belgium


More Information

Grade Levels: 1 to 12
Total Enrollment: 200
International Students: 70%
Type of School: Co-Ed

Montgomery International School is located in Brussels, a few hundred meters from the European Institutions and NATO, and less than 50 meters away from one of the city's major metro stations. The school's central location offers the possibility for students to come to school by public transport and for parents to drop off their children before going to work without making long detours. The school also offers a transport service for families who wish to use it. The school welcomes students from 5 to 18 years of age and is accredited for all three International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP - grade 1-5), the Middle Years Programme (MYP - grade 6-10) and the Diploma Programme (DP grade 11-12). Students have the opportunity, from an early age, to choose between an Anglophone and a bilingual French/English programme. Our community of nearly 200 students is made up of over 40 different nationalities. The school is based on many ethical values and we also develop a strong sense of solidarity within our international community, including activities where older students mentor and tutor our younger students. Thanks to its central location, our students have the opportunity to experience the city of Brussels and benefit from modern indoor and outdoor infrastructures for sports, prestigious theaters where students perform every year and all other advantages that an exceptional city like Brussels offers.

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