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8/4/2015 08:24 EST

I was wondering if anyone can help me as I am looking for information around the Gyor area. Any info is much appreciated. Eg getting around, living there and what the countryside is like.

8/5/2015 10:06 EST

Hello Purbeck. I have lived in the Gyor area since 2008 and enjoy it very much. The city is more like a town, and the pace is slower than Budapest, which is why I like it. I teach at the university and enjoy all the people I have come in contact with. Housing is very reasonable, shopping is similar to most US places, just not the sprawl you are used to. You can get around by bike and bus everywhere as well. Like most Hungarian towns the transition to countryside is abrupt, and there are outlying villages that are just that. Very little suburbia

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8/5/2015 16:10 EST

Thanks for that, I was thinking more of living more out in the countryside a few miles out. Gyor does look lovely but I am looking for something in about a 10 mile radius.

8/5/2015 16:52 EST

Thanks for that.. It was mainly about the area around Gyor as I am looking for a place within about a 20 mile radius of Gyor.

8/22/2015 07:29 EST

There are a number of places like that. Since it is more town and country where there are definite separations between city and villages, many such places are possible. Convenience would dictate where exactly. If you are working on one side of town, its nice to be on that side of town, although Gyor is small enough to commute across without difficulty. You can get a pretty good idea just by looking at the surrounding areas on a map: on Szgetkoz (the island made by Duna-MosoniDuna split) there are a lot of nice areas. Same with the areas south of town around Pannonhalma and out on Hwys 81, 82, 83. Gyor has a bit of a rush hour around 8:00 due mostly to school times, but otherwise it's an easy commute.

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