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2/7/2013 17:15 EST

Where does one get the necessary forms and do the NBI clearance needed by the Philippine Retirement Authority for the SRRV Visa - living in Asia for the past 15 years, retired and want to relocate to the Philippines - Also are the particular forms for the medical exam since both the Medical form and NBI Clearance form need Philippine Embassy approval - would a visit to the PRA in Makati get me the necessary paperwork and process started? - appreciate the help

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2/7/2013 23:44 EST

Hi, If you go to the PRA office in Makati you can get your NBI clearance done on site with the fingerfrints etc taken there - saves lots of time and easy. Thats how it worked for me when i got my SRRV. Smile

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2/8/2013 08:04 EST

Just assisted a client today at the PRA and discovered so many changes since we moved back here in 2010.

I will post updates and changes this weekend. Meantime, if you have been here for more than 30 days, you will be assisted by a liason from PRA to the main NBI office. BUt if you were able to put together all your documents early enough, you don't need NBI.

For medical, they provide complimentary medical check up as soon as you pay your initial fees in dollars.

Take note: The deposit of $10,000 if you have a pension, $50,000 without pension, is in dollars.

The retiree will be required to deposit to a DBP account under PRA . DBP will issue you a certificate that they have received the payment. This structure is really questionable to me and don't necessarily approve of the way they are processing the retiree's money. FIrst of all, the account is under PRA's account, what happens if PRA folds up?In the original plan, our deposit is with an accredited bank under our name but had endorsement to PRA so we cannot move the money without the proper process that we had to go through if we were pulling out. At least it is still under our name.

Looking back, I remember being a Property Manager and all the deposits, payments of the tenants were issued to my company and has proper accounting system for each tenant, property owner, etc.

The good side about that is when one of the tenants tried to file a lawsuit for a ridiculous reason wanting to get money from me, he couldn't get anything. Because it was considered a trust account, that bad irritating tenant didn't get a single dime.

I hope that PRA who is very much looking into this website will realize what they are doing. Imagine transferring the money first before you even submit your application?

More info to follow...

Plan well. Invest well. Insure well. Live well..

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2/8/2013 10:59 EST

Thank you appreciate the input and look foreword to this weekend's updates.

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2/12/2013 23:01 EST

Pinaymentor-Please reply to me on my private email-As I am a 65 year old retired English teacher and have been here since July 2012.I got my tourist visa and 1st 38 day extension in Shanghai before I entered the Philippines.Its really a hassle going to immigration every 2 months but fortunately I do live near an immigration office so am able to go.I am thinking about the SRRV that is renewable yearly with 1400usd 1 time fee and 30 usd a month maintenance fee(Dont quite understand that) and 10K deposit in BPI.It will be a bit of a strain on me to do the 10K but it is do-able.My concern is that I cant touch the Deposit money and if I should die here in Philippines I am concerned that my beneficiary will get the 10K.Not trying to be rude here but I must say I know there is a lot of corruption here in the government and pretty much everywhere and my Pinay GF and other Pinoy friends have told me the same.Its very sad,unfair and unjust the way the Philippines "Government" is taking advantage of foreigners by overcharging,double and triple charging for immigration fees because they know we have to pay them and dont have a choice as we dont want to or cant afford to live un the USA.Instead of making unpleasant for us they should make things more acceptable and pleasing a easier to live here.Foreigners are fueling this country with all the money we spend here.I read online that Philippines economy is picking up,getting better and this is because of the revenue generated by foreigners-not the people of the Philippines.If the Philippines government isnt careful foreigners are going to get tired and fed up with whats going on and leave and go to other countries such as Thailand and China.I would leave but I live in a city here that is cool year around and I cant live in hot or cold weather anymore.Please reply to me about the SRRV.Thanks for your time....JIMMYLEW

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2/22/2013 12:16 EST

JimmyLew ,I have been here in the Philippines for 18 months now and have to agree with you as immigration finds more ways to rip you off. I am waiting on my fiance to get her annulment to get married and apply for a permanent resident visa. But she ended up with a crooked lawer and it has been seven years since she filed for her annulment . we are now starting over going through different channels to get her anulled. But you are right , the taxis , vendors , immigration and alot of other Filipinos , rip you off and then want more foreigners to come to their country.

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