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Welcome to Expat Exchange's Philippines Forum. This expat forum is the perfect place for expats living in Philippines and people thinking about moving to Philippines. Since 1997, Expat Exchange has been connecting expats in Philippines.

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no new messages Expats paying U.S. taxes (1) ron916 10/15/2021 6:23 PM
no new messages Balikbayan Privilege (23) twj4241 10/15/2021 6:10 PM
no new messages SRRV available if outside the Philippines? (0) Waiting4home 10/15/2021 12:12 PM
no new messages Philippine Cop and Western Cop Comparison (7) trappedinhell 10/15/2021 6:11 AM
no new messages Thailand Announces a New Visitor Fee. Will Philippines follow? (3) ron916 10/14/2021 9:43 AM
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no new messages SRRV Process Confusion Please Help (21) KeninCebu 10/13/2021 3:50 PM
no new messages SRRV-spouse (3) MrMakati 10/12/2021 6:48 PM
no new messages Quiet condos to rent in Metro Manila (5) tidal 10/11/2021 11:37 AM
no new messages Housing purchase or renting (53) windsurfer 10/11/2021 6:10 AM
no new messages SRRV Police Clearance (1) DukeStamina 10/10/2021 9:46 PM
no new messages Participant Appreciation (0) Earnestndeavor 10/10/2021 2:19 PM
topic is closed: you cannot post new messages Private conversations (6) Peacekeeper007 10/10/2021 12:38 PM
no new messages SRRV (5) MrMakati 10/10/2021 7:58 AM
no new messages Where to live? (46) billsmith 10/9/2021 11:53 AM
no new messages Follow-up (26) Tsmslf 10/8/2021 8:49 AM
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Philippines Forum Philippines Forum
Join our Philippines forum to meet other expats and talk about living in Philippines.

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