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French Riviera House Hunting - FRH

French Riviera House Hunting - FRH

We are property search agents in the French Riviera, and we will help you in finding your dream place here, whether buying or renting, assisting you through every step of the process.
We are property search agents in the French Riviera, and we will help you in finding your dream place here, whether buying or renting, assisting you through every step of the process.

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28 rue Gioffredo
Alpes Maritimes


With our property knowledge and very extensive experience of the French Riviera property market, and our ability to understand the cultural and practical differences between our clients countries and the French Riviera, we are the best possible negotiator to help foreign clients to safely, efficiently and effectively purchase the right property on the right place in the French Riviera.

We can source off-market thanks to the close ties we have with estate agencies, local intermediaries such as lawyers, private bankers, investment managers and direct sellers.

We are different from French usual real estate agents

Here, a real estate agent only sells the properties from his own limited database while the buyers' agent has access to almost all the properties for sale on the French Riviera.

Furthermore, a real estate agent works for the seller, while we are fully dedicated to buyers and we only have their interests at heart.

We are fully dedicated to the buyer, we search for the buyer, we select for the buyer, we negotiate for the buyer and we close the deal with the buyer. In a few words, we act as real estate personal shoppers.

The five steps of our advice and support service

1 - Together by phone, video call, email, or face-to-face, we draw up your wish list making sure all your requirements are covered, but also ensuring that they match the reality of the real estate market on the French Riviera.

2 – We search for properties corresponding to your criteria and short-list the properties we visit. Then we send complete visit reports to you including a virtual visit and aerial views.

3 – You choose the properties you want to visit from the list and we accompany you on property viewings. FRH can arrange, not just the viewings, but also your stay.

4 – We negotiate with the seller to ensure we obtain the best possible price and terms.

5 – We continue to give assistance throughout the buying process, maintaining regular contact between you, the vendor and other interested parties (surveyors, solicitors) up until the sale is completed.


If you are not from France, renting an apartment or house on the French Riviera is not easy. Many good places are not listed online, agencies are not cooperative and providing proof of income outside France is generally not accepted.

But there are solutions!

We work very close together with a few companies that specialise in exactly this. They act as a guarantor, co-sign your lease and provide all the guarantees the landlord needs. You can provide documents in any language and proof of income from any country.

Sometimes we need to convince the real estate agencies because they have never heard about it and "no" is just an easy and comfortable thing to say for the French – you will get used to it.

We will help you prepare all the documents and do a pre-check to make sure that your file will be accepted.

This will also help determine what your maximum rent capacity is and important to know before we start searching places to live.

We will deal with the agencies, guarantee companies, all administrative issues and will find your new home!


Whether buying or renting, our objective is to find the best place for you, making sure that there are no hidden problems, taking care of every single step of the acquisition or renting process and making sure your new home makes you happy!

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