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Parent's Review of Heidelberg International School in Heidelberg, Germany

What is the name of your child's school? (Please report on one school per survey.)

Heidelberg International School

In what town or city is this school located?


How would you describe this school? (i.e. American, British, International, Local, etc.)


What grade levels are represented at this school?

early primary to grade 10

How do most children get to school everyday? (bus, train, walk, etc.)

Various modes of transport

How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?

The school has recently moved from a small villa to a new building, (opened in Aug 2008) which has been well designed to support the students. It has all the facilities required to provide for an international eductaion, including a sports hall, science laboratory and library. Many activities are run through the school including various sports and a kids club.

What has this school done to help your child transition from the curriculum in your home country into the curriculum in your new country? Are there programs to prepare your child for repatriation?

The admissions department have been fantastic in helping us to make th transistion from the UK to Germany. We have been supported every step of the way by the both the admissions and the staff at the school. The school runs the IB PYP programme (fully authorised) which is an excellent programme and exceptionaly well taught.

How would you describe the social activities available for parents through this school? Are there parent-teacher organizations?

The parents form an important part of the school. Each class has a parent representative, and the parents often meet for coffee mornings on the school site forming friendships and support for each other. They also run many activities throughout the year.

What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling their child in this school?

The schoool is a great place for your children, as I have previously mentioned they run the IB PYP programme which is excellent. The teachers are all highly qualified from various countries around the world and truly international. From grades 6-10 the school follows the IB MYP and it is in the process of applying to teach the IB Diploma (grade 11 & 12) in Aug 2009.

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