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Expats' Guide to Epinal

Expats, digital nomads & retirees talk about what it's like living in Epinal.

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Talk with other digital nomads and expats in Epinal on our Epinal forum - meet people, get advice and help others.

Expats Epinal
Culture Shock in Epinal, France

An expat in Epinal, France gets candid about the culture shock she experience when moving to France. She advises newcomers to get out and meet people. She started an English-speaking group in her small town and met lots of locals that way.

Expats Epinal
Living In Epinal, France

An expat shares what it's like to live in the small town of Epinal, France.

12 Tips for Living in Epinal, France, France 12 Tips for Living in Epinal, France, France

An expat talks about life in Epinal, France, a historic city in northeastern France on the Moselle River. Epinal isn't an expat enclave, but has a lot to offer - low cost of living and lots of clubs and cultural activities. Have a pint at Epinal's Irish Pub and you'll get a feel for the local scene.

Expats  Talk about Healthcare Advice in Epinal Expats Talk about Healthcare in Epinal

Expats in Epinal talk about healthcare in Epinal.

Expats Talk about the Moving to Epinal Expats Talk about Moving to Epinal

Expats in Epinal offer advice about Moving to Epinal.

Expats Talk about the Retiring to Epinal Retiring in Epinal

Retirees in Epinal talk about life in Epinal.

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