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Moving to Austria

Moving to Austria

By Betsy Burlingame

Summary: If you're thinking about moving to Austria, expats there have a lot to share about moving to Austria - deciding where to live, what to bring, housing, banking, healthcare in Austria and more.

Graben Street in Vienna, Austria
Graben Street in Vienna, Austria

If you're planning a move to Austria, expats there offer advice about what they wish they had know before moving to Austria - topics covered include deciding where to live, what to bring, housing, banking, healthcare in Austria and more.

What to Bring When Moving to Austria (and what to leave behind)

When we asked expats living in Austria what they wish they had brought when moving to Austria and what they wish they had left at home, they replied:

"Wish I brought a variety of Ziplock bags and containers. Wish I brought Uncle Dans Ranch Dressing, and also Best Foods Mayo. And my 12 cup Cuisinart coffee maker. I have too long a list. 3 things I should not have brought , I cannot think of even one," said one expat who moved to Graz, Austria.

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Advice for People Moving to Austria

"Prepare to learn this language, and this slang. Go to the district office for help in finding a place, but do this as soon as possible, also look in the paper, or go to virtual vienna site, there is alot of help there," said one expat who moved to Graz, Austria.

"Vienna is not such a friendly place if you come from America - very "provincial and suspicious nature abounds here. If you are staying a long time...+5 years consider to try and integrate, if less than 5 years then move to 18th or 19th districts, expats slums. In the 18th & 19th you have lots of Eng speaking temp families with which you have things in common," mentioned another expat when asked about moving to Austria.

Housing Costs in Austria

"Higher, and the average is about 8 -1200 American Dollars per month WITHOUT the ammenities, and you need to purchase your own kitchen. I am not kidding," said one expat who moved to Graz, Austria.

Finding a Job in Austria

If you're searching for a job in Austria, expats talk about popular industries and how expats find employment.

"construction, machinery, vehicles and parts, food, metals, chemicals, lumber and wood processing, paper, communication, equipment and tourism. Finding work is challenging as you need a work permit to work in Austria. Additionally, the working language is German. So it is vital that one speaks it," said one expat who moved to Vienna, Austria.

"Service, banking and retail as well as some industry, mostly high tech firms such as Siemens. A lot of businesses cater to the lively tourist trade," mentioned another expat when asked about moving to Austria.

Work Permits

"I work for an International Organization in Vienna and I my employer has provided me with a temporary residence permit for Austria," said one expat who moved to Vienna, Austria.

Expat Health Insurance in Austria

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Join our Austria Expat Forum

Visit our Austria Forum and talk with other expats who can offer you insight and tips about living in Austria.

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First Published: May 23, 2019

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