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Cost of Living in Sydney vs Melbourne

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7/6/2015 14:34 EST

I am moving from Bengaluru to Australia with my wife and two sons (first son is 8 year old and second just a year old). Need advise in choosing the city - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth.

The most important factor for me is cost of living and then the schooling for my son.

Please help.

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7/7/2015 21:32 EST

For cost of living Just be advised that Australia is not a cheap country to live in. Rents are high in the cities.

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9/11/2015 08:00 EST

Hey, i have just read your post. its nice to hear that you are planning to move to Australia. kindly find out few facts about the Australia like which place is best suited for housing with marketplace & other basic facilities. I am suggesting you a site that i trusted & visited a lot to have a complete knowledge of Australia's suburbs.

this site is very helpful with correct data facts. Kindly let me know, if you need any further information about Australia visit.

Regards !

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3/1/2016 06:13 EST

which is preferrable for middle people? sydney or melbourne?

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3/15/2016 07:59 EST

we are in brisbane but im curious how much is it in melbourne?

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3/15/2016 08:23 EST

Hi again Miawilson,

This may help answer your question:

Migration Agent: 0301155

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3/16/2016 06:23 EST

Thanks for this..... I also found it useful for me... It shows different cost of living in australia..

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7/21/2016 07:18 EST

Hi there

Yes Australia is in the top tier of countries in cost of living but there are factors in its favour.
If you have a job which is readily available if you are not choosy, cost of living is not a factor because wages are also comparatively high. If you wish a better lifestyle, you can get a second job easily. In Australia, even a cleaner can be wealthy if he chooses to work because wages are high. For this reason, there is greater opportunity not found in the vast majority of other 'rich' countries.
Other than owning a home, Australia as a whole is reasonable cost wise once you are mortgage free.

You can find more information regarding Emigrating to Australia here:

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8/11/2016 09:59 EST

Thanks for a link!

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