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Coffeecup replied to the thread 3 computers at land crossing? on the Mexico forum on July 07, 2015:
Coffeecup initially posted:
My family is flying to Mexico and I will be driving. I will be crossing from the US into Tecate possibly. I will have one laptop and two desktop computers, one is 4 years old the other a year old. Will I get taxed by the Mexican customs? Is there a way to document to verify one desktop is my wife's?
Coffeecup replied 6 hours ago with:
Thanks geaaronson, great info.
geaaronson replied on July 04, 2015 with:
I came into Cancun last August by plane and they didn't notice I had a chromebook and a regular laptop. And yes, I had the receipt for the chromebook just in case. The reason they don't want you to bring in more than one should be obvious as there are people who supplement their incomes by bringing electronic goods into MX and undercutting sales here. (I live in MX) If you are coming in by car, it's entirely possible they may not check you out thoroughly.In 2007, I filled my little Ford Contour and crosses at Matamoros and was shocked the customs officer looked in the car two seconds and waved me on. You might consider putting the desktop in boxes of other items that you are bringing in. If you're bringing in a cuisinart, squeeze the desktop underneath and put them in a cuisinart box.Do that for enough items even those not with the computers and should they discover your trick you can always say you combined a lot of items in each box to save space. As for the duty that you will pay, get an old advertisement with the price of the item, gleaned from online, EBAY or whatever, and have that readily handy should all efforts fail and there is a serious question as to the items worth.
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dungeondevil replied to the thread Internet in Chapala/Ajijic on the Mexico forum on July 06, 2015:
kentcoguy00 initially posted:
What are the internet speeds like in these areas? I will be relocating in the fall and I use my internet a lot.
dungeondevil replied on July 06, 2015 with:
But not all of "The Lake" District is serviced by Megacable. I wish they did!
joaquinx replied on July 06, 2015 with:
Megacable offers speeds up to 20mB
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tsblackmore posted hiking in Ajijic on the Mexico forum on July 05, 2015:
I've just moved to Ajijic and I'm interested in exploring the many hiking trails in the mountains just outside my door. I don't want to hike alone since I don't know the trails. Is there anyone who hikes regularly that wouldn't mind having someone join you?
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JohnathanR replied to the thread US Dollars in Mexico on the Mexico forum on July 04, 2015:
JohnathanR initially posted:
We are Americans living in Argentina and, in a few weeks, we are going to be vacationing in Mexico with some friends from the US. I'd like to have our friends bring us some US Dollars that we can take back to Argentina where it is the preferred currency. I'm trying to find a way to safely handle the US Dollars while in Mexico. Obviously if we get cash it means we either have to carry it with us or leave it in the condo we rented. I'm hoping that someone will suggest a better way to do this. For example, if our friends bring us traveller's checks can we get US Dollars at a bank in Mexico? If not a bank, how much would a money changer in Mexico charge us? Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated. JR
JohnathanR replied on July 04, 2015 with:
Thanks for the good info.
NOK2mex replied on July 04, 2015 with:
I can get US dollars at this Puerto Vallarta HSBC branch ATM. I have not used many others but the ones that I have used did not offer the US currency option. I have never used the option and do not know what rate you would get. Different banks have different banks have different limits. The Scotia bank limited to 3K. But I was able to use it more than one time and get 3K each time. Of course this triples the bank charges. HSBC allows 7K pesos at a time. I always use my credit union debit card. I have two accounts at my credit union, so if I need more than 7K I do the draw against each account and can get 14K. This is two transactions so it doubles the fees. On a 7K withdrawal on 7/1/15 the HSBC draw was $450.17, the Master card cross border fee was $3.00, The ATM fee was $1.50, and the currency conversion fee was $0.90. The total of fees was $6.00 US dollars. Total fees were 1.3%. The rate that I got for the whole transaction gave me 15.3 pesos to the US dollar. I can live with that (-:
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afgypsy replied to the thread diabedies medicine on the Mexico forum on July 03, 2015:
afgypsy initially posted:
can anyone help me ..I want to know if insulin is sold over the counter (with prescription), and is it cheaper than in the US. I want to move to Mexico, and will have to purchase my insulin without insurance. thanks for any help or advice you may offer.
afgypsy replied on July 03, 2015 with:
thanks for the info and advice folks. I should have mentioned that I have type 2,and I prefer insulin marketed as Levemir FlexTouch. It comes in a pen injector. If anyone knows the availability of this product in Mexico I would appreciate a reply. Thanks.
dungeondevil replied on June 30, 2015 with:
Why not tell us if you are type 1 or 2? Just add a side line the disease is spelled diabetes. Try using a spell checker.
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joaquinx replied to the thread Length of stay in Mexico on the Mexico forum on July 01, 2015:
mariezenack initially posted:
Is it possible to get a life-time visa in Mexico? I see that it is possible in at least one other countries. It is called a retirement visa. ??
joaquinx replied on July 02, 2015 with:
JohnPS is correct, the RP has no expiration date.
JohnPS replied on July 01, 2015 with:
Isn't the Residente Permanente a lifetime visa?
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mariezenack posted Cremation in San Miguel de Allende? on the Mexico forum on July 01, 2015:
Can we arrange to be cremated if we move to San Miguel de Allende? How is death handled there?
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pmartini2 posted San Luis Potosi on the Mexico forum on June 29, 2015:
Does anybody have experience living in San Luis Potosí or surrounds? Cost of living there now would also be helpful
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RVGRINGO replied to the thread DIRECT TV IN MEXICO on the Mexico forum on June 29, 2015:
bigfootbill initially posted:
Can I use my Direct TV & Satelite dish anywhere in Mexico ? I am sure someone has tried this.
RVGRINGO replied on June 29, 2015 with:
You would need a much larger dish to have any hope of reception from DishTV-USA. The footprint is limited, so “anywhere“ is definitely an impossibility. Dish TV-Latin America discontinued service to Mexico many years ago. Most people use cable, or one of the Mexican satellite servers.
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JohnPS replied to the thread Foreign vehicle with lien on the Mexico forum on June 28, 2015:
CoffeeSnob initially posted:
Do the Mexican border officials care if you have a lien on your car when you drive into Mexico? Can this be a problem?
JohnPS replied on June 28, 2015 with:
A couple of years ago, we used to go to Ensenada frequently, and we were never stopped at the border going into Mexico. So no car permit required - at least as far as Ensenada. (Sorry, I don't know about Sonora.) I think you can go all the way to Cabo, but if you take the ferry to Mazatlán then you'll need the vehicle permit. Note that U.S. collision and comprehensive insurance is only good for about 80 miles south of the border, which barely got us to Ensenada. Beyond that, you need Mexico insurance. You always need Mexico liability insurance, or you could end up in jail if you're involved in an accident (regardless of who is at fault).
CoffeeSnob replied on June 28, 2015 with:
Thanks for that reply in info. Do I understand correctly that you do not pay the deposit if going into Sonora or Baja states?
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