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Viff posted Dentist! SMA on the Mexico forum on May 29, 2015:
Does anyone know of a CHEAP English speaking Dentist in SMA!!! PLEASE!! I have ask ed many english speaking friends (multiple times!) And still have not gotten a response! :( Thank You! Viff
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conamor replied to the thread Baja Mexico move for health on the Mexico forum on May 29, 2015:
dbduca initially posted:
My husband and I are wanting to travel to Baja, Mexico, specifically around Rosarito or Ensenada because it is one of the one areas near the U.S. with the steadiest barometric pressure. This will be for a six month stay. We have been considering Cuenca, Ecuador and Santiago, Chile (another place where the BP is steady). My husband is very concerned about crime. We have traveled significantly and are careful in that regard, but can anyone tell us what we can expect that close to the U.S. Mexican border? Thank you!
conamor replied on May 29, 2015 with:
I was the one who sent you the info. on Cuenca, EC. I was wondering about the barometric pressure & how it affects your health. Why does the Dr. recommend living in a place where there is a fairly steady B.P.? What health advantages does that have?
BajaK38 replied on May 29, 2015 with:
My wife and I have lived in a condo just south of Rosarito for 6 years. We were part timers for 5 years before that. We and others in our complex have always felt safe and we have had no problems. Just like the USA or any country, there are some areas that you should stay away from, Rosarito is not one of those area. A 6 month rental is a very good idea. Be sure to pick an area or condo where there are people in residence. We are in a condo complex with a fair amount of full time residents. You will want to have a "community" to move into unless you want more of a local experience. When you are here, you can be involved with as much of the local culture and people as you choose. Some advantages of Rosarito: close to border and US conveniences if you need them, including medical. (Start the Sentri application asap if you head this way); San Diego weather, usually cool if you are close to the ocean; easy for family or visitors to get to you; there are other North Americans and Canadians here. PM me if you have questions or are looking for more info. Baja Times and Baja Review are on line if you want to read about some local info. Good luck
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shandra replied to the thread Canning supplies on the Mexico forum on May 28, 2015:
NOK2mex initially posted:
I live in Puerto Vallarta and the mango trees near my house are heavy with fruit. I would have thought that the Mexican people would can food but have had difficulty finding finding jars and supplies. I have tried all of the major supper markets and they do not have canning stuff. I have found one kitchen store in town that carries canning jars but nothing else like funnels and tools. Does anyone know of stores in PV that carry canning stuff? Help
shandra replied on May 28, 2015 with:
Here are some sites that sale the jars and lids for canning in Mexico: Also merccardolibre which reminds me of Amazon has a lot of Ball canning materials:[A:ball-jars] I have successfully made the most wonderful dill pickles and preserves using refrigerator recipes found with a google search. My favorite easy dill pickle recipe can be found on the Homesick Texan site an easy strawberry jam recipe (I have done this with mangos too) on the la Cocina de leslie site (it is in English). Perhaps the benefit of having such an abundance of great produce is that we don't have to worry about the stock pile as much as before but great to know how to extend the bounty past its season.
joaquinx replied on May 27, 2015 with:
@mex1953 pickles. . . you are correct, which is why I make my own pickles. Much, much better.
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barquentine replied to the thread Looking to Live in Puerto Vallarta on the Mexico forum on May 28, 2015:
solano10 initially posted:
Can someone provide information regarding a nice and clean furnished rental in the Marina or downtown (centro) area. I would like to be near stores if possible, since we will not have a car. Initially I will be renting for 2 months, until we figure out which section we like the most. I heard about a local handbook called "Mano a Mano" which can only be picked up locally and heard realtors can't be trusted. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Frank
barquentine replied on May 28, 2015 with:
Suenos del Mar is a 2 bed rental nicely furnished, 1 block from beach, 2 blocks from Buddha bar and town centre. I believe it's about $110 per night. We stayed there three times and it was great.
solano10 replied on May 27, 2015 with:
Thanks for that info, I'll keep that in mind. Do you have a website for that realtor? Any idea what a 2 bedroom fully furnished would run me in town or by the beach, since the marina is further away from town. Thanks again
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sparksmex replied to the thread Sayulita Rental on the Mexico forum on May 28, 2015:
dbcrgal initially posted:
Will be in Sayulita 6/17 to 7/4. Looking for affordable rental for that time. and Airbnb do not tell me enough. Single woman, need safe place, unable to walk the hills a lot, and don't want to be in town where noise is issue at night. Can anyone suggest something? Thanks much.
sparksmex replied on May 28, 2015 with:
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sparksmex replied to the thread Mexican Taxes on the Mexico forum on May 28, 2015:
daponchers initially posted:
I am currently in Mexico working on a temp resident visa. My wife is a dual US/MX citizen and has an opportunity to work as a contractor for her former company in the U.S. She would be working remotely from Mexico City but getting paid by a U.S. company in USD in our U.S. Bank account. For those that work remotely here in Mexico are there tax liabilities for the income she receives? She is in Mexico under her MX passport but doesn't have an ife or rfc. Any insight into tax liability if you we living in Mexico but working for an overseas company and getting paid in your overseas acct?
sparksmex replied on May 28, 2015 with:
Forget taxes in Mexico ..... she's employed in the US
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dbduca replied to the thread Northwestern Mexico safety on the Mexico forum:
Gears2014 initially posted:
Does anyone have first hand knowledge of current safety issues travelling down the Baja from Tijuana or Tecate? I'm planning a trip down the Baja to SUR via car.
dbduca replied on May 27, 2015 with:
Teflonman, do you live near this area? My husband and I want to travel to this are for 6 months to see if the climate helps my health. My husband is concerned with crime - can you give us your opinion? Thank you!
Teflonman replied on April 29, 2015 with:
The farm worker were protesting in San Quintin about two months ago and I've read the teachers were protesting in La Paz recently. These protests have been known to shut down the roads
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dbduca replied to the thread ensenada on the Mexico forum:
lauriehoward initially posted:
Could really use info and feedback from people who live in Ensenada; I'm looking to move there . . . but could use some help re: neighborhoods, and really everything.
dbduca replied on May 27, 2015 with:
Considering the same town since it is so close to an area where the barometric pressure is steady - as I have an inner ear disease that exacerbates when huge fluctuations occur. Please let me know if you find out anything interesting and I will do the same! Thank you!
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barquentine replied to the thread Choosing school for kids on the Mexico forum on May 27, 2015:
CSimao initially posted:
I will soon move to Mexico - Monterrey - with the family. The kids don't speak english so choosing an international school is not our first option. I am considering bilingual schools than and would like advice on Colegios Madison - they follow Montessuri system which I am keen of but don't know if it works well in Mexico. Does anyone know? Thank you.
barquentine replied on May 27, 2015 with:
Don't speak English? They do speak Spanish? Bear in mind the bilingual schools teach MAINLY in ENGLISH. I should know, I taught secondary in such schools for 8 years. The only subjects taught in Spanish are Mexican history, Spanish language, and 'values' (ethics). And religion, if it isn't a secular school. The Madison ... well, it's average I guess. San Patricio would be a better choice for a bilingual secular school.
sparksmex replied on May 26, 2015 with:
Kids don't speak English or Spanish? Montessori in Mexico is more or less in name only. Partly due to training and partly due to money for learning material
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barquentine replied to the thread Area to live in Monterrey on the Mexico forum on May 27, 2015:
CSimao initially posted:
I am about to move to Monterrey with the family (3 small kids) and would like to have advice on which areas are safe and pleasant to live in: contact with expats community, shops around, facilities and close to international schools. Thank you.
barquentine replied on May 27, 2015 with:
Monterrey is growing very quickly but here are the basics: The top area is San Pedro (Del Valle) followed by Valle Oriente, Del Paseo, Contry. This is the south side of the city: generally greener, more parks, more residential, less industrial. The north side (San Nicolas, Apodaca, Escobedo) is industrial, dry, more polluted, less safe. For schools, the top secular school is probably the ASFM (and very expensive), then the AIM, also consider San Patricio (branches in Cumbres and Del Paseo) is excellent and a reasonable price. There's no problem with shopping in Monterrey, we have HEB, Walmart, Soriana, and you can find imports such as vegetarian bacon at Aladinos. Welcome to Monterrey, the city offers a LOT, including some great tourist spots. Don't forget to register with the IMSS (health) system, which offers world class treatment.
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