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dungeondevil replied to the thread Need to get documents apostilled in La Paz on the Mexico forum on April 16, 2014:
Sapphire742 initially posted:
Does anyone know where I can get a personal document Apostilled/legalized by the Mexican government in the city of La Paz.
dungeondevil replied 27 minutes ago with:
If it was issued in La Paz, then the City Hall or the parish that issued the document. If said document was issued elsewhere, you'll have to get it verified there.
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garcam123 replied to the thread Octopus on the Mexico forum on April 14, 2014:
nelsonokelmgmailcom initially posted:
Does anyone have a good recipe for grilling octopus and octopus steak?
garcam123 replied on April 14, 2014 with:
I'd think that you would have to pound/tenderize it then bread it and fry. It's a chewy, but very mild flavor. I dice it and make it right in a pan of rice then a little hot sauce makes a wonderful 1 pan meal. I also dice it and add onions and red pepper and a couple of green olives with oil and vinegar/lime juice and it makes a wonderful cold ensalada de pulpo.
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RVGRINGO replied to the thread Medical coverage for Ex-pats on the Mexico forum on April 14, 2014:
RGBIII initially posted:
O.K. What if you are over sixty five, and want to sign up for IMSS in Mexico. What are the options then??
RVGRINGO replied on April 14, 2014 with:
You simply make application and pay the fee. There are no options for variable coverages. If you have pre-existing conditions, you may be excluded. There is no age limit.
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RVGRINGO replied to the thread Temp car permit issuance on the Mexico forum on April 14, 2014:
sheilaeflanagan initially posted:
Hey Guys! ON 2.1.14 I entered Mexico on a 180 day visa & 180 temp car permit (US passport & plate). On 4.2.14 I surrendered both to enter Belize. If I wish to return to Mexico on 4.30.14, does any one know if I am able to get a new 180 day temp car permit to accompany my new 180 day visa? I have read that in the past, I should have requested a "double entrada" stamp on my visa and not cancelled my car permit,in that, I would only be issued a 15 day temp car permit upon return. I tried a couple of embassies for answers, but have heard nothing back regarding the temp car permit, just that my visa will reset for 180 days. ANY & ALL insight IS greatly appreciated. Thanks
RVGRINGO replied on April 14, 2014 with:
Since you surrendered both on departure, and have the receipts, you should be able to get fresh ones upon your re-entry to Mexico. I see no problem. Embasies and consulates are SRE (Foreign Affairs) and not customs or immigration, so they seldom have correct details on matters such as these.
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RVGRINGO replied to the thread automobile visa & cancellation on the Mexico forum on April 14, 2014:
carney initially posted:
some years ago, when i was visiting mexico regularly, i failed to cancel not one, but two vehicle permits when leaving mexico, and in later attempts i could not re enter mexico with a vehicle. i tried unsuccessfully to have that fixed/cancelled. my question is that does this problem eventually go away with time, and if so, how long? or short of hiring some sort of mexican lawyer, how do i fix this? thanks for suggestions. this has been harder to solve than one would think..
RVGRINGO replied on April 14, 2014 with:
In both cases, it seems that you expected some sort of nanny at the border to tell you that you needed to go to Banjercito to turn in your auto permits, when that is obvious. After all, it is Banjercito which issued the sticker. So, you screwed up and have to pay the fiddler. If you can re-enter Mexico and present the car and sticker, all will be well. However, if it is too late, the deposit may be forfeit. If you cannot do that, you may not enter Mexico with another foreign vehicle and can be fined heavily, since Mexico assumes that the original vehicle is still in Mexico illetally and probably sold. Bad move!
Quazi replied on April 10, 2014 with:
mmmm interesting. We traveled in Mexico with our permitted auto recently. When we left, crossing the border at Douglas, AZ, there was absolutely no notification that we had to go first to Mexican customs from the Mexico side to cancel our permit. Unaware we crossed to the US, then went to Mexico customs from the US side. There was no way to approach that office with our auto so we parked it and walked there. When we tried to cancel our permit and get our 350 dollar security deposit we were told that the Mexican officials need to photo our VIN and would not walk to where we had parked the car to do that (some territorial regulations?). Consequently to canel our permit we need to go back to Mexico (through customs) and then back to the US (through customs a second time). Since there were long lines everywhere we said (bleep) that and gave up our deposit. On the infuriated walk back to our car I passed a cop who told me that people were constantly caught in that dilema. I have to say how can a great country like Mexico pull such a cheapshot maneuver to rip off people who travel there? Anyway now that I have vented it looks like this bad experience is not over yet. How can I have the permit canceled, so that I can take the car back in to Mexico next year? Does anyone have some input on the situation? thanks you can reach me directly at
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RubyCalle replied to the thread Seeking cooler location in Mexico to retire.......... on the Mexico forum on April 13, 2014:
fringeguy initially posted:
I'm an expat living in Thailand and after 13 years of suffering too high temps, I'm seeking a cooler and high elevation country to relocate to.. My basic requirements are: 1] A cooler [higher elevation?] location. 2] reliable infrastructure. Internet, electricity, clean water, minimal environmental pollution. 3] Expat friendly immigration and officials and locals. 4] Low cost of living. 5] some expat shopping ops 6] quiet, friendly locals or a fringe location away from the main stream. 7] decent affordable medical services 8] low crime rate Is this doable in Mex?? and a few location recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance............ Fringe guy
RubyCalle replied on April 13, 2014 with:
also might check out CIGNA's international policy. Flex Expat or something like that.... very easy to deal with... I call them in Ireland toll free, super helpful and good premium price. You can buy direct no agent needed.
randylewiskemp replied on April 13, 2014 with:
Bupa is the medical insurance service that the author I mentioned recommends. Sorry about posting twice. I got a website software error on my first post and thought it did not go through.
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joaquinx replied to the thread Monthly Living Expenses on the Mexico forum on April 13, 2014:
Michaelz1952 initially posted:
We have decided on Mexico and have 4 years to decide where in Mexico. If we purchased a home in cash, can we enjoy a comfortable life on our social security which is about 1800.00 total per month. We need to be within 5 - 10 minutes of the ocean. Thanks.
joaquinx replied on April 13, 2014 with:
You'll need either a temporary or a permanent resident permit to live in Mexico year around. The nearest Mexican consulate can give you this information or Rolly's site ->
Progresobarb replied on April 12, 2014 with:
I would seriously look into the area around Merida & Progreso. Very affordable and wonderful people. We have just returned from our condo in that area and lived very comfortably on about the same amount. We don't have public transport where our condo is located so our biggest bill was a car rental ($25 per day with all insurance). We love the area and the people - both locals and ex-pats! Check out the area - it's wonderful!
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Michaelz1952 replied to the thread ReMAX Cozumel on the Mexico forum on April 12, 2014:
Michaelz1952 initially posted:
Has anyone had any experience with ReMax in Cozumel? Are there reliable real estate brokers on the Yucatan Penninsula? If so, I would appreciate a recommendation>
Michaelz1952 replied on April 12, 2014 with:
Thanks, I will contact them.
Cozumeldeb replied on April 12, 2014 with:
I would recommend Century 21 Mayan Investment, here is contact information: Javier Villalobos Century 21 Mayan Investments Tel. 987 869 5135 Carretera costera sur Km 6.5, Zona Hotelera Sur Straight shooter, perfect english and a lawyer to boot.
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ypremeaux posted Dating in Merida on the Mexico forum on April 09, 2014:
If you are looking for a straight guy, is not going to happen as they are not here. The men are either married, raging alcoholics or gay. Merida is a wonder town and I love it but have to have no expectations as to dating. If there happens to be a straight man, he is interested in a lovely young Mexican woman. I have lived here for five years and I dont have a girlfriend dating anyone. Have tried POF Merida and do get responsed but are from kids and dont care to be anyone's mother. If coming to Merida, enjoy what the city has to offer which is like no where else in the world, is quite outstanding.
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Glitterik replied to the thread INSECTS/BUGS on the Mexico forum on April 09, 2014:
nelsonokelmgmailcom initially posted:
I have lived two places in PV and since we are surrounded by jungle, insects come as no surprise. They seem to be everywhere but there are more in the kitchen. Haven't seen any roaches but there are small ants and something I call "dots". They appear to be a dot. They are round, not long like ant. They are about as large around as the width of a line on lined paper. VERY small and they move fast. Does anybody know what they are called? They do not appear to be attracted to grease. We always use cutting boards on the granite counters so there is not spilled food there. I have tried several sprays but am concerned about toxicity to humans and our cat. The sprays seem to help for a short time. Any suggestions on precautions, control/eradication?
Glitterik replied on April 09, 2014 with:
Absolutely true about boric acid. It's a natural substance, and roaches cannot become immune. It's safe around pets and my last application has lasted 6 years.
Sandee replied on April 06, 2014 with:
Boric acid is found in orange juice. It is completely harmless to humans. You can buy it in any drugstore in America. I had a roach problem and was told to use it. I made small dough balls with flour, sugar, water and the boric powder. I placed them under the kitchen counter and in the bathroom and the roaches were gone after several days. Apparently the roaches take it to the nest and it kills the little ones. If you just spray the surface it won't do anything to kill the nest and they will keep reappearing as the eggs hatch.
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