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joaquinx replied to the thread Playa del Carmen on the Mexico forum on November 24, 2014:
anitamaria initially posted:
I would like to know if there are lots of hurricanes at the city of Carmen.
joaquinx replied 2 hours ago with:
Not many. Are you looking to host a hurricane party or to avoid them?
Cozumeldeb replied 7 hours ago with:
I would suggest you google National Hurricane Center, and get all the stats..In 2005 Hurricane Wilma hit our entire area beginning with Cozumel, hit Playa and then Cancun, causing a lot of damage in the entire area..nothing major since that time..Hurricane season June or July 1st running through Nov 1st..Big difference between FL and Yucatan hurricanes is the quality of construction..Everything in Yucatan is concrete/ little gets totally destroyed..
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livethedream replied to the thread What are the MUST SEE & DO in Puerto Vallarta on the Mexico forum on November 24, 2014:
wafa initially posted:
Coming for the first time to Puerto Vallarta as tourists for 2 weeks February 2015. Am looking for suggestions as to what are the "must see" and "must do" for this area. We're older and retired so not into night clubs. More into tucked away extraordinary places, culture, museums etc. Also interested in any tips or hints as to what is the best way to get around Puerto Vallarta too. Anything appreciated!
livethedream replied 8 hours ago with:
We spent a week in PV in September for our first visit there. We are I our late 60s' and have visited many places in Mexico. Loved it. PV was nice, take the regular blue bus 75cents instead of $10 taxi to centre and the Prima Plus, nicer ride to Bucerias about 30 minutes away andl enjoy a fishing town on a lake. Really Mexican and good seafood. We are interested in Aijjic, 4hours from PV but a great view of the country and a really low cost place to live, eat and explore. Stay overnight and really see the area. Beautful. Go on the internet and look at the area. In PV look into tours, there are lush interior waterfall tours. Have
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RVGRINGO replied to the thread Shuttle from Chapala to Costco? on the Mexico forum on November 24, 2014:
RichardArunachala initially posted:
Are there shuttles from Chapala/Ajijic to Guadalajara for things like shopping at Costco? Alternatively, what does it cost to get a car and driver for a day trip to Guadalajara?
RVGRINGO replied 9 hours ago with:
Bus service between Chapala and Guadalajara is frequent and very cheap. In Guadalajara, you could use a taxi from the bus station to your shopping destination. The total, one way would be about the equivalent of $10 USD. That said, there is little need for such trips on a regular basis, as there is sufficient shopping along the north shore of Lake Chapala, from Chapala to Ajijic, with bus service every few minutes, as well as local taxis.
RichardArunachala replied on November 21, 2014 with:
What about the cost of a 2 passenger car with a driver that does not speak English? This should, I think, be less costly than a van with bilingual driver.
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RVGRINGO replied to the thread Polution in Lake Chapala on the Mexico forum on November 24, 2014:
RichardArunachala initially posted:
Talking to someone here in India that also is thinking about moving to Mexico, they say that they will not consider the Lake area because the lake is too poluted. What is the real story? I read a similar comment here in this group. Thanks.
RVGRINGO replied 9 hours ago with:
We lived at Chapala for the last 13 years and children swim in the lake. There is even a Polar Bear groupe which takes a dip in the winter, which is really too warm for such a group, but they are geheraly geriatric expats. The lake has a silty bottom, so it appears murky close to shore, as a result of wave action. However, clear water is found in the middle and local water experts will drink it 30 minutes after adding 2 drops of bleach per litre. The lake is actually cleaner, bacteriologically and chemically, than many popular beaches in the USA, etc.
RichardArunachala replied on November 23, 2014 with:
From what I read it was worse, but now getting better. Since about 2008 many sanitation plants have been built in places that polluted with sewage. This has improved the quality of the lake water to where it is OK to swim in it. Is this right?
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elsidmx replied to the thread Long term visas for USA retirees on the Mexico forum on November 24, 2014:
RichardArunachala initially posted:
I have read that things have changed. What is a good source now for exactly what must be done. We must apply before we come, I have read.
elsidmx replied 11 hours ago with:
The actual application of the new law varies a bit from Mexican Consulate to Mexican Consulate. You need not appear at the once closest to you. Start there, but if things do not go well you can try another one. The Dallas Mexican Consulate Website has an English Section explaining the process. I've not found other Mexican Consulates withe rules in English. Here at Lake Chapala we have a number of excellent immigration specialists, but the initial process must be started in a Mexican Consulate somewhere. Tu Amigo, Sid
joaquinx replied 12 hours ago with:
You have to apply at your nearest Mexican Consulate for resident visas/permits. See
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HGQ2112 posted Maya Riviera - Mexico [Article] on the Mexico forum on November 24, 2014:
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wmeyers posted Melaque on the Mexico forum on November 23, 2014:
My wife and I will be staying in Melaque for the month of Feb. Does anyone know of a place to rent and cook cheap. Don't have a lot of money. Thanks
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iguanalover replied to the thread Aguascalientes - rental wanted on the Mexico forum on November 22, 2014:
allen_moretsky initially posted:
My small family of 3 will be driving from FL to Aguascalientes. I've been to the Progreso border crossing before. I'm wondering if that's the best way to come in? I'd like to find a 2 month rental or rental sharing situation in Calvillo if anyone knows of a situation. I'd like to stop someplace for the night on the way from the border to Aguascalientes. Any suggestions of a hotel/motel along the way? Thanks, Allen
iguanalover replied on November 22, 2014 with:
I ditto what Cozumeldeb said. My Mexican relatives that live in that area won't go there.
allen_moretsky replied on November 22, 2014 with:
Hi, Thanks for the note. The US watch list is hard to fathom. We spend time in Mindanao, Philippines which is also a no-go according to the US. Very safe there, at least the part where we stay. I lived there for years. We have friends in Aguascalientes, so that should make things safer.
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iguanalover replied to the thread Tequisquiapan, Mexico on the Mexico forum on November 22, 2014:
cpa1021 initially posted:
We are going to visit Tequisquiapan for about a week or so over Christmas. Is it safe? We are flying into Queretaro from the US. What is the best method to get to Tequisquiapan from the airport in Queretaro?
iguanalover replied on November 22, 2014 with: will give you information about the buses. It doesn't give the stops, but a taxi driver will know. This is a very popular tourist town and extremely popular with Mexicans, especially on week-ends and holidays. Be careful of crowds and pickpockets. We saw some circulating around the last time we were there on a week-end.
numbr39 replied on November 21, 2014 with:
There are busses that will take you into Tequis from Queretaro. Its a very short trip and definitely worth it! I have friends that live/work in Tequis and they've always shown me a good time.
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Greg7976 posted on the Mexico forum on November 21, 2014:
Hi, my wife and I just moved into Merida and are staying in chichi Suarez. I have a website / blog which you my find interesting....well not too much yet I am just getting it up off the ground. If you have recipes to share or infomation, great. There is also a page for things for sale that others might be able to use if you are leaving, or just wanting to recycle. If there are any issues with the site please advise me. Thanks and have a great day
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