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kittvincent replied to the thread Bringing Household Inventory on the Mexico forum on July 26, 2014:
SharkBite initially posted:
I'm crossing with my household inventory in a 22' cargo trailer. I have my stamped inspection from the Consulate. Does anyone have advice on whether I should use Downtown Nogales or Mariposa crossing?
kittvincent replied on July 26, 2014 with:
Yes the rules have changed about 2 years ago. FM2 and FM3 are no longer available. Temporary and permanent visas are applied for from your closest Mexican Consulate in your country of origin. Once your paperwork is approved, you can come down with your household items. Once here you take your paperwork to a locale INM (immigration office) to file your paperwork and receive your card. Hope this helps. Kitt Vincent
btBradl replied on July 26, 2014 with:
Get an FM2 from a Mexican attorney which will allow all your personal possessions to enter Mexico by transport if you wish. Rules may have changed however.
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btBradl posted Money Transfer Pesos to Dollars on the Mexico forum on July 26, 2014:
A group of us are trying to find a way to pay a USA credit card in dollars with pesos from Mexico without a big cost? Any ideas?
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JohnPS replied to the thread Mexico, USA and taxation on the Mexico forum:
randylewiskemp initially posted:
Suppose some millionaire from the US, wants to reside in Mexico. From my understand, Mexico taxes on worldwide income. But the US - from my understanding - doesn't want to tax folks twice (i.e. double taxation). So how would this work in general? Would the millionaire pay both US and Mexican taxes, just because he resides in Mexico? Or does the IRS give the person a break, on the US side?
JohnPS replied on July 25, 2014 with:
A U.S. citizen has to report all of his/her worldwide income on Form 1040, regardless of residency status. If some of that income is also taxed in another country, then a credit is allowed on the U.S. tax return. This foreign tax credit is calculated on Form 1116 and it cannot exceed the tax that is paid to the IRS on the same income.
randylewiskemp replied on May 21, 2014 with:
If you go to and put in the search bar "tax treaties A to Z", you find the specifics on each country - including Mexico.
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Oregon2Mexico posted Looking for rental home in La Paz on the Mexico forum on July 25, 2014:
Hi there! We are visiting La Paz in mid-August and then need a rental home by mid-September in La Paz. We plan to rent for a year, and may renew for a second year. We'd like one level, two or three bedrooms and 1.5 to two bathrooms. Would like a quiet area, with garden. Near the beach is ideal. We are bringing our cats and they are very easy going. They are trained well to behave and no problems. Thank you all! Mary and Paul from Oregon
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elsidmx replied to the thread Same Sex Married Couples on the Mexico forum on July 25, 2014:
JohnPS initially posted:
Are California same sex married couples treated as married in Mexico (specifically in Chapala/Ajijic), for purposes of obtaining residency visas (and showing financial responsibility)? Or is this topic still considered taboo and perhaps we shouldn't even mention it at the consulate?
elsidmx replied on July 25, 2014 with:
Yes, You should mention it , because only one of you will need to prove the income required. That partner can then sponsor the other partner without showing additional income. Two for the price of one. Hope this helps, Tu amigo,
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Shellyclark2002 replied to the thread Going to Lake Chapala/Ajijic on the Mexico forum:
conamor initially posted:
We plan to be in the Lake Chapala area for 3 weeks this Aug. & are looking for a centralized B&B or small hotel that we can use as a base to explore the possibility of living in this area permanently. Any suggestions, anyone?
Shellyclark2002 replied on July 24, 2014 with:
I second Adobe Walls. Great place to stay and I loved their upstairs dining.
elsidmx replied on July 24, 2014 with:
Other great choices near the Plaza are Adobe Walls, Casa Blanca and Estrellitas (The Little Stars) All three get rave reviews from my clients. Tu amigo, Sid Grosvenor
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Shellyclark2002 replied to the thread short term rental in san miguel on the Mexico forum on July 24, 2014:
laketoxaway initially posted:
Planning a trip to San Miguel in 2015 and need a short term rental from January through April. Looking for a furnished apartment, condo or small home with a budget of $1300 per month. Being the high season I understand prices are higher and many places are already booked. I have visited most of the websites available as well as craigslist but without much success. I would appreciate any leads or other sources and contacts that you might be able to suggest. Thanks.
Shellyclark2002 replied on July 24, 2014 with:
SMA has an extremely efficient expat forum. It's called SMA Civil List. There is also the SMA Cool list. I was just there and am going back for language school in September. You can email me personally for some suggestions. Hope this helps.
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elsidmx replied to the thread Chapala, MX on the Mexico forum on July 23, 2014:
branchoffice initially posted:
Moving to Chapala, MX are there any good web sites I can look at for USA expatriates ?
elsidmx replied on July 23, 2014 with:
Heather is SOO right. A few very old timers long for the days when it was "we three and no more". I've lived at Lake Chapala for over 10 years and I say, "The More the Merrier!". Check out my blog at Join up. It's free and we do not sell, give away or trade your e mail address. Be sure and check the "Archives" prior posts. About 7 years of answered question there. Tu amigo, Sid
kittvincent replied on July 23, 2014 with:
Although can provide good information, beware of some of the people being less than kind when posting. Some old folks have nothing better to do than complain. Life is too short to spend time and energy on hurtful posts. My opinion. Kitt Vincent
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Oregon2Mexico replied to the thread La Paz forum? on the Mexico forum on July 23, 2014:
Oregon2Mexico initially posted:
Hello Everyone! This is my intro on the forum. My husband and I are planning to move to the La Paz area next summer, for our retirement years. Is there a specific forum for La Paz, Todos Santos and Cabo? I would first like to ask seasoned expats in Baja Sur, if the area is reasonably safe. Then I'd like to know if La Paz is a good choice for expats, as opposed to Cabo or Todos Santos. We will be looking to buy a small home with a garden and perhaps a guest cottage, and would like to begin talking about affordable areas that are close to a nice beach. I will also want to start gathering information on how much it will cost to employ a housekeeper 3 times a week, and a gardener. And will be be advised to ship our furniture and appliances down from Oregon? And how can we transport our four pets? We may plan a short visit in August, and we'd love to meet up with expats for coffee or margaritas. So if you'd like to mentor us, please send a private message and we can make some plans. Also, is there a Newcomers Club in La Paz or Cabo? Thank you all! I look forward to your thoughts! Mary and Paul
Oregon2Mexico replied on July 23, 2014 with:
Thank you for the lead to the yahoo group! ;-)
sparksmex replied on July 23, 2014 with:
Look for a Yahoo Group named lapazgringos
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inky313 replied to the thread Need Apartment For Rent In Mexico on the Mexico forum on July 21, 2014:
globalracks initially posted:
I will be visiting the Puerto Morelos, Mexico area at the end of July for 30-60 days. I'm looking for a clean furnished studio/1 br apartment with hot water, air condition, good high speed internet, a decent kitchen and a terrace with a decent view. It would be great to find an apartment within walking distance of a grocery store. My budget is 2,500 - 4000 pesos per month. Your tips, thoughts & comments are appreciated thank you.
inky313 replied on July 21, 2014 with:
That will be tough to find, the closest thing I can think of of is the Eden Departmentos but pretty sure it is over 6000 month. you might be able to find something in the colonial in that price range but would have to give up the AC, hot water and view.
mm2634 replied on July 16, 2014 with:
I highly recommend IPM I worked for them for years and have an unbelievable resource for finding the safest properties very reasonable. check out the website.... If you have any questions about city, shopping etc they know it all... Good Luck
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