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RichardArunachala posted Place near the lake to live where we can walk outside? on the Mexico forum on September 20, 2014:
We want to move to Chapala area in a few months. Early morning walks are important to me. Are there parks, forests, lakeside paths? Especially places without many or any people? I'd sure like to live next to such an area?
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elsidmx replied to the thread Quietest area Lakeside on the Mexico forum on September 19, 2014:
JBmadera initially posted:
Hi - for numerous reasons I am moving to the Lake Chapala/Ajijic area of Jalisco. I have an ear condition which makes noise very painful. Any advice as to the quietest neighborhoods Lakeside? Thank you jb
elsidmx replied on September 19, 2014 with:
Mexico is a loud Country. Avoid the towns espcially Chapala and Ajijic. San Antonio Tla. is somewhat quieter. Your best bet is Chapala Haciendas, Brisas de Chapala or one of the more upscale gated communities like Vista del Lago or Chula Chula Vista Norte. There are many other. Avoid even the gated communities directly above Ajijic as the sounds of the village go right up the mountain. When you're looking check the area of interest on a week end when the village sounds will be the strongest to see if they're not to loud for you. Tu amigo,
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dungeondevil replied to the thread Looking for 1/1 apartment rental Chapala/Ajijic SOON! on the Mexico forum on September 18, 2014:
libelula813 initially posted:
Hola all! I have responded to several posts on CL about apartment rentals, but have gotten no responses back... I guess they go quickly? My husband and I are looking for an inexpensive 1/1 apartment, furnished, with utilities including elec and internet included. We are planning a 3-5 month stay beginning Oct. 1-3. We are quiet, don't smoke, etc. Just the two of us, no car or pets. Would love a full kitchen as I do cook a lot. I know this season is getting filled up quickly, but if anyone knows of something available, it would be helpful! Would we be too isolated if we rent a place in Riberas Del Pilar? Has anyone had experience working with accesslakechapala? Thanks for any leads/input!
dungeondevil replied on September 18, 2014 with:
Most folks Book a B&B or small hotel for a week. reconoiter the area, decide what is best for them and find a rental that can be viewed in the price range required. These can be found on the web.
elsidmx replied on September 18, 2014 with:
Why limit yourself to a 1-1 apartment. Not so many of these. Your utilities will likely not vary between a 1 -1 and say a 2 -2. Sometimes a 2 -2 or a 2 - 1 can be less expensive than a 1-1. Utilities would likely not be more for the larger apt. since the climate is so great almost all the time. Will you need off street parking? Do you speak some Spanish now. Many lower priced apts are rented directly by Spanish only speakers ARE STAIRS A PROBLEM FOR YOU . @ND STORY APARTMENTS LIKELY WILL COST LESS ALL ELSE EQUAL. Expect to pay at least $200 USD plus electric and perhaps gas and up. Check out the bulletin boards at Wal Mart, SuperLake. Walk resiential neighborhoods in Chapala looking for small signs in windows that state "se renta". Ask at the small shops in a neighborhood you would consider renting in, The shop owner likely knows of any rentals close by via word of mouth. Good hunting, Tu amigo, Sid Grosvenor Chapala Club
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libelula813 replied to the thread Bringing flat screen and computer tower on the Mexico forum on September 17, 2014:
libelula813 initially posted:
Greetings all! My husband and I would like to bring a 27" flat screen and tower on the plane with us, (as checked baggage) planning to stay for a few months looking to relocate. Does anyone know if we will have difficulties in customs arriving in Mexico City. We may have to pay the airlines for additional luggage but that's ok. What about customs fees? We won't be bringing any other large household items Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
libelula813 replied on September 17, 2014 with:
Many, many thanks to all who gave such great info in response to my query! Truly amazing...We will have to decide whether or not to lug the old things down or not. Now, if we could only get such responses back from the people who post rentals online! We are still looking for a cute inexpensive 1/1 apartment to rent in Chapala/Ajijic but I will open another thread for that!! ;) Again, thanks to all who took the time to give your input...
ches replied on September 13, 2014 with:
Took my (new) 32" flat screen TV to Puerto Vallarta, original box wrapped and checked with luggage. No problem, agent asked how old it was and I said a few months. That was it - no problem. Have a condo in Puerto Vallarta and take household goods each time we go. Have not had any problem. Sometimes they ask what you have in box and other times I was asked to open it and contents were checked. Never had a problem. Hope this helps. Ches
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charlottelady posted REALTOR FOR RENTAL CANCUN AREA on the Mexico forum on September 16, 2014:
Can someone help me with a referral to a Realtor that can help me find a condo in the Cancun area. Email addresses would be helpful. Interested in October 15th start. Also can do some house sitting if someone needs to get away. Very mature retired lady from USA thanks you.
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livethedream commented on the Expat Report Living in Mexico City, Mexico
What activities, clubs and organizations would you recommend to newcomers to help them meet others?
I suggest asking the American Embassy for the names of clubs and organizations in your área. Apart from that, I recommend you buy the english-speaking newspaper, join the local english-speaking churches that are gateways to clubs and organizations. (Continue)
livethedream replied most recently with:
I would like to hear from expats in Puerto Vallarta from Canada and how they have adapted .
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Moving to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?
There are a few neighborhood guides online, including on, with pictures and video of the areas. It's relatively easy to choose where you want to be, because Puerto Vallarta is divided into 5 distinct areas- Marina, Hotel Zone, Centro, Old Town, Mismaloya.

The marina is pricey, surrounded by a golf course and yacht slips, fine dining and art galleries. The hotel zone is a strip of resorts and modern shopping centers. These two areas resemble southern California or Florida. Centro is downtown Puerto Vallarta where the famous malecon boardwalk is located- loud, popular with tourists, fast paced Old Town Puerto Vallarta is slower paced, trendy, more traditional with cobblestone streets, residences, bars/clubs- this is also the popular gay area and has become quite stylish. Mismaloya is farthest south with different areas along the way, marked by "the crescent beaches." This area is lush in tropical jungle and lined with villas and luxury condominiums overlooking private beaches and the ocean. (Continue)

Acusal replied most recently with:
Is there any demand for Acupuncturists? We visit PV about once a year and I would love to live there. I have been a licensed acupuncturist for 14 years and I was wondering if there is a market for me. Any advice would help. Thank you.
A reader replied recently with:
Dear Author, what is your name? I just read your update. thank for all the information. I am thinking of buying a condo in P. V. I want to be near the beach. I am reading a lot about being in old town and also about being on a hill. And in your report you talk of renting,but I am interested in buying. What area would you recommend buying a condo in that has good resale value and is nice to live in? Can you comment on this please. And what is your profile so I can message you privately?
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garcam123 replied to the thread Thinking of moving to Ensenada on the Mexico forum on September 13, 2014:
mdcwilson initially posted:
We currently live in Italy and plan to retire in about 5 years. We want to move close our family in Southern Cal but don't want to pay California prices. Ensenada looked good.
garcam123 replied on September 13, 2014 with:
I'm living in Playas De Tijuana on the border in TJ. It is wonderful here! I've been here about 3 months and I like it very much. I'm 3 blocks from the beach and it's safe and secure.
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