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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Mexico's lower cost of living, beautiful weather and warm, welcoming culture are a big draw for people looking to live abroad. However, Mexico's ever changing security situation impacts where expats choose to move. Here are 5 of the best places to live in Mexico based upon recent expat reviews. (Continue)
12thman replied on August 04, 2015 16:08 with:
Thank you Betsy for this great article. Does anyone have an update on security concerns in Mexico and areas of Mexico that are unsafe? To the poster above, I think the picture of Merida is the one with the church; the San Cristobal picture was posted twice. Hope that helps.
Precisely replied on March 30, 2015 22:03 with:
Hello, this is a minor point in an article I read twice as I enjoyed it so much. But perhaps important, to those of us who have strong visual memory: is the photo for Merida and for San Cristobal the same? To my eye, it appears to be. Is the photo, indeed, of either town. or another location? I ask, not to nitpick, but because I would love to be exactly in the spot that the photo was taken; it looks so perfect, so much what I am looking for. I realize that this article was originally posted a while back -- thanks for any replies!
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NovaH replied to the thread Kid-friendly, expat-friendly town in Mexico? on the Mexico forum on August 04, 2015:
NovaH initially posted:
I got "stuck" in Acapulco on my way to Puerto Escondido, then it turned out the expats I was to meet up with left PE for Belize. I'm a single mom (widow) with a 9 year old and an 80 lb dog, fixed income, feeling really unwelcome in Acapulco. Entiendo un poco de Espanol (I understand very little spanish) so I want to go to a town where we won't be laughed at when we try to speak Spanish, or perhaps even a place where English is sometimes spoken. My 9 year old needs the opportunity to make some friends around his age. Retirees are nice but we're too young for that to be our only option. Advice?
NovaH replied on August 04, 2015 with:
I appreciate all the help here - and how quickly you all responded! Looks like we're heading to SMA next, then PV if SMA doesn't pan out. Otherwise, we're really excited to plant some roots in such a neat part of the world! Thanks again everybody!
Vlynn replied on August 04, 2015 with:
I live in SMA and there are more and more expat kids here all the time. At age 9 you child will pick up Spanish so fast... it is amazing really. Many parents are bringing young children down so that they do learn Spanish. There is a San Miguel Yahoo group Called the Civil List. Join there and set up play dates before you get to SMA.
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sparksmex replied to the thread Looking for info on Isla Mujeres condo purchase on the Mexico forum on August 04, 2015:
Cajun8ter initially posted:
Next year my wife and I will be visiting Isla to hopefully meet with a Realtor and visit condo options for rental income and a place to stay when we visit Isla. I understand that there are no Realty certifications needed in Mexico. Anyone know of reliable Realtor's or condo options. Our budget is $200,000.
sparksmex replied on August 04, 2015 with:
You are earning money in Mexico and you can't do that without being registered with SAT and paying taxes. Not possible on a Tourist Permit (FMM) but I guess you can take your chances
Cajun8ter replied on August 03, 2015 with:
so if you buy a condo and want to rent it for it to pay for itself, you need a resident Visa? I will only be there a total of maybe 2 weeks per year
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lionlady replied to the thread large colorful snake Yucatan on the Mexico forum on August 03, 2015:
sinola initially posted:
Hello Forum members Driving on the quota from Merida to Cancun I came across an enormous snake sunning himself on the highway. This was 15 years ago but I remember it was very brightly colored could have had red and green or red and yellow...and around 6 feet long. Does anyone have an idea what snake this might have been? gracias
lionlady replied on August 03, 2015 with:
Probably a Milksnake.
Iturbide replied on July 31, 2015 with:
Don. Trump ?
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property in MexicoThe home includes air conditioning, ceiling fans, custom designed closets with extended storage space, solid granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and imported marble floors throughout the house, even extending to the terrace outside.
sparksmex replied to the thread camping in Ensenada on the Mexico forum on August 02, 2015:
waynegrill initially posted:
planning on doing long term camping near Ensenada and unclear on a few items. I understand I don't need a visitors visa if I stay in the "tourist corridor"? and must I pay duty on my pop up camper and all items in it? It has a Ref, micro tv and laptop
sparksmex replied on August 02, 2015 with:
Tons of people vacation in Baja in RV's and none of them pay duty. Tourist permit only costs about $25 and you are good for 180 days
waynegrill replied on August 01, 2015 with:
Thank You had been reading stories here about having to have receipts for every electronic or pay 37% duty as determined by current price.Also said I could only bring in $30 of goods by land and $300 by air thanks for clearing this up.Do wonder how they know if I am in country 72 hrs? when I went through TJ last time no one noted day or time
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NOK2mex replied to the thread Immigration to Mexico on the Mexico forum on August 01, 2015:
Redy2Retire initially posted:
Hello All – My wife and I would like to retire in Lake Chapala in the coming year. I am in need of some information which, hopefully, one or more of you can shed some light on based on your experience. Apologies upfront for the lengthy post, but it may save some back and forth Q&A’s. My question(s) are regarding the assets / monthly income requirements for legal immigration from the U.S. to Mexico, obtaining Residente Temporal, or, Residente Permanente status. With this snapshot of our financial picture (my monthly retirement income: $1875 USD; spouse’s monthly retirement income: $1460 USD; approximately $118,000 USD in IRA savings; and, home sale profit ), my questions are: 1) Residente Permanente – from my research, I believe I may qualify (between monthly income and savings), but what is then the financial requirement for a dependent family member (i.e., my wife)? 2) Residente Temporal – a] what would be the financial requirement for a dependent family member (i.e., my wife)? b] what happens at the end of 4 years? Can we simply ‘renew’ for another 4 years? Or, at the end of 4 years, can we apply for Residente Permanente status without having to meet an increased monthly financial requirement? c] what would be the monthly financial requirement for another dependent family member in addition to my wife (i.e. parent)? 3) Process – can my wife and I simultaneously begin the (above) immigration application process at a Mexican consulate here in the U.S., or, do I first need to complete the process and her follow once my application is approved? Thank you in advance to all knowledgeable who may reply. I look forward to your insights. Bruce
NOK2mex replied on August 01, 2015 with:
Cozumeldeb replied on August 01, 2015 with:
I 2nd everything they said..The Consultant is the only place you can start from..Not too say that is efficient, but it is the law now..the entire cycle is as inefficient as it can be but the only way to achieve your residency goal. Patience is the key word.
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Is it tough to find a job? Are there any health risks to be concerned about? What advice do you have for families with small children looking to move to Mexico? Author Julie Doherty Meade answers these and other questions. (Continue)
gman1361 replied most recently with:
Great Article, I'm really interested in retiring and living in Mexico, I just need to convince my wife it's safe and very friendly, would like to read more on Expats living and working in Mexico. Thank You
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losciale1 posted durango to Mazatlan autopista on the Mexico forum on July 30, 2015:
Latest on road conditions and repairs.
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MexicoToday replied to the thread Crossing the border with my alsatian on the Mexico forum on July 30, 2015:
brooksie53 initially posted:
Please share your experience with me of entering Mexico with your large dog. (Of all the anxieties I have regarding our journey, crossing the border with our big guy is the greatest by far...:) We will cross at Laredo, over night in Matehuala, then home to Lake Chapala. Excited but nervous.... Thanks in advance to those who share.
MexicoToday replied on July 30, 2015 with:
You should ask your vet in USA (Canada?) to provide a post-dated health certificate so that it is dated within 3 days of when you will enter Mexico. IN years of crossing, we have never been asked...but then who knows. To return to USA, you get a health certificate letter from Vet in Chapala. Again...we have never been asked but ...who knows.
oahudave replied on July 30, 2015 with:
Just crossed at Tijuana on Saturday, July 25 with my 2 dogs on the way to Rosarito. I had a health certificate for each one from my vet issued within 5 days of crossing, which I had read you needed. We drove right through, nobody asked for anything. I was told yesterday, however, that to get back into the U.S., the border guards will most likely need to see the health certificates.
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