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Expat Report Review of American School Foundation of Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Mexico was published
Review-of-American School Foundation of Guadalajara
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Quite good facilities, though the campus is showing its age. There are white boards in the classrooms and a decent technology program. This is one of the best resourced schools in the city. Many after school sports and activities including a programming class and robotics class. (Continue)
chartea replied to the thread Making New Friends in San Miguel de Allende, MX on the Mexico forum:
chartea initially posted:
Now that I have decided to make this move from the States and settle in San Miguel de Allende, new fears are beginning to surface. What if I can't find friends and acquaintances once I get there? Just the thought of being alone in a new city gives me case to think. I have searched the web, asked questions on how to go about this and short of "go to the local bars and talk to people", I haven't had much luck. So, I can't even give an educated guess or advice on how to go about this or even if there are ways, I wouldn't know. If anyone has any ideas, I would sure appreciate it. I'd feel a lot better knowing I would arrive there with even a basic support system. First ex-pat experience gitters, I guess.
chartea replied most recently with:
Thank you for replying Vlynn. I too am a single woman. I am finding maybe it won't be as difficult as I thought. I have had great responses from very nice people. Nine years is a long time. I wish I would have decided nine years ago. My email is Keep in touch with me, I'd like to take you to lunch. I will be in SMA definitely in March. Thanks again for the valuable info!
Vlynn replied most recently with:
I live in San Miguel and making friends here is so easy... Many many expat groups, Go sit in the Library... take a Spanish class....just sit in the Jardin and people watch... next thing you know you will be having lunch with someone... You don't say if you are a man or a woman does not really matter .. but as a single woman this place is the best for finding friends... Don't worry about it... Really.. I have been here 9 years...
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dungeondevil replied to the thread Financial requirements for resident visa on the Mexico forum:
kentcoguy00 initially posted:
I was just looking over the Mexican Consulate's website and noticed this requirement : "Proof of stable employment via pay stubs from the preceding 6 months with minimum earnings in exceed of $2000 USD after tax deductions". Is that per month or over the 6 month period?
dungeondevil replied most recently with:
I think you totally missed Kitt's problem. These 'pencil pushers,' I'm using nice language, wanted investment statements based on monthly printouts. This is never available as they are issued quartly. These bureaucratic loosers don't understand banking and are misinterpeting the law. I was advise of this by my consulate, prior to gaining entry to Mexico and had All documentation stapped by the consulate. Knowing full well that their are always problems, I hired a lawyer who acted on my behalf. The best investment I could have ever made. On my last visit to pick up my Temporal, the woman at the front desk tried to make an issue about nothing. I quietly informed her that I'd have to ask my lawyer for my money. The document was handed to me immediately.
sparksmex replied most recently with:
Must have just changed after you got your in October. It did drop very recently $1500 now
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traillme posted Vehicle Transportation on the Mexico forum:
Hi, I am looking for recommendations on vehicle transport companies. I would like to ship a vehicle from Guadalajara to Tijuana in October 2015 and immediately ship a vehicle from Hidalgo Del Parral, Chihuahua to Guadalajara. Thanks for your recommendation!
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loretad replied to the thread Yucatan area Dentist on the Mexico forum:
cacurt initially posted:
Planning a holiday in the Yucatan Pen. area. I would like to (need to) have some dental work done during that time. Can anybody recommend a Dentist near Cancun or even over by Merida.
loretad replied most recently with:
I recommend my dentist. His name is Mauricio Gonzalez Reyes. He is in Merida, Calle 4 #119 por 15 y 13, Fracc. Montecristo. His office phone is (999) 287-1200. His receptionist is Claudia. She does not speak English but he does. I think you can PM me if you need further.
loretad replied most recently with:
I recommend my dentist. His name is Mauricio Gonzalez Reyes. He is in Merida, Calle 4 #119 por 15 y 13, Fracc. Montecristo. His office phone is (999) 287-1200. His receptionist is Claudia. She does not speak English but he does. I think you can PM me if you need further.
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CoffeeSnob replied to the thread Lye or Caustic Soda in Mexico on the Mexico forum:
CoffeeSnob initially posted:
Does anyone know if one needs a license to buy Lye in Mexico. Also, we are looking for a source to purchase from. Thanks
CoffeeSnob replied most recently with:
Understood. Thank you.
dungeondevil replied most recently with:
Na, coffee snob, I'd rather hassle people like you. Keeps the brain located in my lower extemity happy.;~))
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property in MexicoA beautiful 2300 sq.ft. beachfront two story home, with three bedrooms, two and a half baths, oceanfront porch and a private rooftop sundeck. There is also a separate guest apartment, or servants quarters on the premises, (with a built in caretaker who will stay on), all situated on a 600 meter lot with lots of coconut palms.
dungeondevil replied to the thread BUYing a car in Mexico on the Mexico forum:
RubyCalle initially posted:
Any reccomendations for making a 'sound' purchase if you know little about cars? Is a dealship better or not necessarily? Is it acceptable to take used cars to other mechanics to 'check' or is that not done? Is it best if I car shop with a man at my side or shouldn't make any difference? I appreciate your feedback and suggestions for making the purchase successfully. Thanks
dungeondevil replied most recently with:
If you get a recmmendation from a person who is Mechanically inclined and "Car Knowledgeable," you could get lucky. But in any Turd world country you may pay a bit more at the dealer for better service but the satisfaction of the work done correctly can be very important. There are way to many electronic items on todays cars to trust a "Hammer & Chisel" back yard black smith. Now if you are driving a 74 VW, don't even consider my comments.
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jbbarker1947 replied to the thread Bringing a car into Mexico... on the Mexico forum:
Gears2014 initially posted:
I want to bring a car into Mexico temporarily, will customs oblige me to import it then if I enter on a permanent resident? It's not a big deal, just trying to figure out how to proceed.
jbbarker1947 replied most recently with:
Jim. Wrong subject for your question. Read all updates at: The rules are dynamic.
Jim123 replied most recently with:
What is needed to get permanent residence in Mexico?
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Marinel1310 replied to the thread Considering Chetumal on the Mexico forum:
jerryjan initially posted:
I am considering a holiday to Chetumal to see if I might want to live there - at least for a while. Is anyone on this forum currently living there? If so, I would really like to ask a few questions - one about receiving meds from the U.S. and Canada - NOT controlled substances. The other question is about expats living there - are there many? Can you meet people easily? Thanks so much!
Marinel1310 replied most recently with:
Hi, we live in Playa del Carmen. However, as published by local newspaper Novedades de Quintana Roo, Chetumal is the second most expensive city in Mexico, after Acapulco. So take this into consideration too. Good luck!
iguanalover replied most recently with:
Chetumal is in a quiet corner and it somewhat isolated. There are many expats in the area for fishing, diving and other ocean based activites. I strongly suggest that you visit and take a good look around. There are lots of places on the yucatan that have more expats and are very beautiful. Meds are generally cheaper in Mexico.
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