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Moving Abroad: Best Places to Live Overseas if You Love to Golf

By Joshua Wood, LPC

Summary: Moving abroad often means access to some of the best golf experiences expats will ever have. Here are some of the best countries when it comes to life on the links.

Moving Abroad - Best Places to Live Overseas if You Love to Golf

The United States of America

Surfing in Costa Rica

If you want to live in a country where you can play golf in the sun, by the ocean, in the mountains, in the desert, and other types of environments, you'd be hard pressed to find a country better than the United States of America. The degree of popularity has skyrocketed over the course of the last decade, and there are public, semi-private and private options all over the country.

Expats golfers that may want to explore living in the United States should visit our Expat Network for the United States and read our 10 Tips for Living in the United States.

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Costa Rica

Golf in Costa Rica

Golf is such a natural for Costa Rica. With courses that are quite literally on the ocean AND in the rainforest, it's so easy to concoct a life where you can engage in as many exciting activities as you woud like. Want to devote most of your leisure time to playing golf, and then sprinkle in a little bit of surfing and the occasional fishing trip? No problem!

One expat in Costa Rica suggested that Valle del Sol is popular with expats, which is located in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. One reviewer on Trip Advisor called it "Far and away the best Golf in the central Valley." The Central Valley comprises more than one fifth of the country and is a plateau surrounded by mountains and volcanoes.

Golf is booming in Guanacaste, but is readily available around San Jose, Jaco and elsewhere along the coast.

If you think you may want to live in Costa Rica, visit our Costa Rica Network for Expats, and also read our 10 Tips for Living in Costa Rica.


Golf in Mexico

Expats who want to live in Mexico and play a lot of golf have many options to choose from. Anyone who has enjoyed a vacation in or near Los Cabos, Puerto Vallerta, or Playa del Carmen knows that there is now world-class golf courses available in those tourist hot spots. However, there are hundreds of golf courses available in Mexico, and many of them were placed around properties with the intent to draw foreign money.

An expat doing research on Mazatlan wrote that "Mazatlan (from what we've been researching) seems to make available a lot of what we're looking for: lower living expenses, warmer weather for winter (and easier outdoor activities), golf and fishing for hubby, volunteer work for me."

An expat in Mexico provided a lot of information aboutgolf in Chapala.

Here is a good introduction to golf courses in Mexico on Golf Advisor.

If you think you might want to live in Mexico, viist our Mexico Network for Expats, and read our 10 Tips for Living in Mexico.


Golf in County Kerry, Ireland

As noted on, Golf in Ireland is truly a special experience... one that actor Bill Murray calls "the most beautiful country to play golf in." The site also notes that Ireland "boasts a quarter of the world's natural links courses."

If you think you might want to live in Ireland, explore our Expat Network for Ireland and read our 10 Tips For Living in Ireland.


Golf in Portugal

On Visit Portugal, the site reads that: "Playing golf in Portugal remains in the memories of all those who try it. And why? Excellent courses in stunning settings, a mild climate all year round and the friendly welcome given to golfers."

It also notes that there are "Some Ninety Courses throught the country," and rates the Algarve as the best golfing destination.

Expat golfers that may want to explore Portugal as a destination country should visit our Expat Network for Portugal, and also check out our 10 Tips for Living in Portugal.


Golf in Panama

Expats in Panama who play golf advised others to check out: Santa Maria near Panama City, the Buenaventura which is near Playa Blanco. the "large golf course in Chitre, in the Azuero."

They added that "if you prefer the cooler weather, Boquete offers two golf courses. There is a 9 hole at Valle Escondido and an 18 hole golf course at Lucero."

Another expat added that "Vista Mar has a golf course and many living options from houses to condos. It’s about 5 minutes past Coronado from Panama City."

If you thing moving to Panama might be for you, check out our Panama Expat Network and ask any questions you have about what it means to live there. Also read out article of 10 Tips for Living in Panama.

Expat Golf in Vietnam

Golf in Vietnam

In a thread about golf in Vietnam, one expat wrote:

"I know a golf shop in Hanoi with very reasonable prices. It's located on the 186 Hao Nam str, Dong Da, Hanoi. Pay a visit and judge it yourself."

Another wrote:

"Golf in VN is sparse and expensive. The caddies here are $20-30 per round. Joining fees are anywhere between $1400USD in Nha Trang to $2500 or more in Saigon. Carts are $25. Every club is a little different but it's steeper than the US."

In an interesting article on about golf in Vietnam, the writer notes that "For me, though, the primary pleasure of playing in Vietnam is that in a world that feels increasingly homogenised, Vietnam remains pretty weird."

If you think you may want to move to Vietnam, explore our Expat Network for Vietnam and read our 10 Tips for Living in Vietnam.

Please post information about your experiences golfing abroad in the comments section below and we will add them to this article!

If the country you are interested in moving to isn't in our list above, please visit the Country Forum of your choosing. It's free to join if you're not yet a member!

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First Published: Jul 03, 2018

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