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1/24/2017 05:52 EST

Looking to relocate from Philippines to Vietnam. Anybody know anything about the golf there? How much and availability.

1/24/2017 08:21 EST

Golf in VN is sparse and expensive. The caddies here are $20-30 per round. Joining fees are anywhere between $1400USD in Nha Trang to $2500 or more in Saigon. Carts are $25. Every club is a little different but it's steeper than the US.
Palos Verdes in Davao is much more reasonable. $900 for 2 yrs carts are $15, caddies $6.
I've not heard of legal separation in PH. No divorce, but annulment is common and expensive. If you are leaving why bother. You will be hard pressed to recoup any assets.
Cambodia same. Google it.

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5/24/2017 22:16 EST

I know a golf shop in Hanoi with very reasonable prices. It's located on the 186 Hao Nam str, Dong Da, Hanoi. Pay a visit and judge it yourself.

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