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Sep 28, 2020 Update

We Asked: What is currently happening with regard to the Coronavirus outbreak in your area? Please provide as much detail as possible. He replied...

It's actually very difficult to get any information that feels even remotely reliable. I can tell you that a large portion of the people I see are masked up but having been to other areas of the city, I have to believe that a large portion of those areas have absolutely no regard for safety. I don't know if they don't believe in it or what but there is blatant disregard everywhere you look. Kind of like everywhere. From news outlets, it seems there are dips then surges in the infection rate so although I believe the hospitals are now far better able to treat the infected, it's probably good to err on the side of caution in Brazil.

How People are Coping

We Asked: How are people handling the situation in your area? He replied...

Still staying inside most of the time and when we go out, we're masked up and avoiding enclosed areas if possible.

Government Response

We Asked: Describe how the government of the country about which you are reporting is handling this situation. He replied...

It's Brazil. They are handling very poorly.

Supplies and Shortages

We Asked: Is there a shortage of supplies in your location? He replied...

No shortages to speak of.

Travel Restrictions and Related COVID-19 Testing

We Asked: Are non-citizens allowed to travel to your country? Describe travel restrictions, COVID-19 testing requirements and any details about traveling into your country. He replied...

There is limited travel being allowed. It's probably not a great idea to travel here unless you're coming back from someplace else to be with family.

Health Insurance Requirements

We Asked: Is health insurance required when traveling into the country? Is it required when applying for residency? Is this a new requirement since COVID-19? Describe the health insurance requirement. He replied...

I don't know if health insurance is required in any case. I've been here since December 2019.

COVID-19 Testing

We Asked: How easy or difficult is it to get a COVID-19 test locally? Where can you get tested? Do you need to have symptoms or a prescription from a doctor? Describe the process. He replied...

Fairly ease but you have to pay and nobody is certain if the tests have any value at all. None of the free tests are trustworthy.

Public Healthcare & Public Hospitals

We Asked: Are you enrolled in the public healthcare system where you live? Do you feel that the public hospitals are handling or preparing for the Coronavirus outbreak effectively? He replied...

I have private insurance. My brother in law is getting cancer treatment at a public facility and it's pretty much the wild, wild west. In general here, people care strictly at the personal level. It is not possible to get the public at large to take precautions. Kind of like my home country, the US.

Private Health Insurance & Private Hospitals

We Asked: Do you have private health insurance? If you have private insurance, does this give you access to private hospitals? Are private hospitals or clinics better prepared, less prepared, or the same? Please explain. He replied...

Yes I have private health insurance. A mid tier plan so pretty good. I have been told by my doctor (we met in his office) to stay away from hospitals unless I really, really need to go. According to him, still a very strong vector for infection.

Hospital of Choice for Coronavirus Treatment

We Asked: Would you choose a public or private hospital if you needed treatment for Coronavirus? Why? If there is a specific hospital that you would go to in the event of severe illness? Which hospital and why? He replied...

Either. The risk of being in a hospital is high according to my doctor. Your mileage may vary.

Residency & Visa

We Asked: Are new residency applications being processed? Have there been any changes or extensions made in terms of residency and other visa renewals? He replied...

I think the government has ground to a halt for things that don't involve embezzlement and graft. Everything else is being pushed into the future. We can't get our new car registered, for example.

Future Outlook

We Asked: Are you considering returning to your home country due to the Coronavirus? Would this be a temporary move or a permanent repatriation? Please explain. He replied...

Not at all. These things happen historically much more often than people think.

Other Thoughts

We Asked: Do you have any other thoughts you would like to share? He replied...

The growth in ecommerce is absolutely astounding. I can now purchase things and receive them the next day that I used to not be able to get at all.

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