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Melbourne - where to live?

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5/8/2010 10:14 EST

My husband and I will move to Melbourne in the near future with 2 babies (7 months). He will be working in Docklands (Bourke St.). What would be a good area to live? We like to go out for dinner (so would be nice to have good restaurants around), a park nearby would be great as well. It could be a mainly residential area but not far from "life".
Thanks for any suggestions!

5/11/2010 11:21 EST

How close do you want to be to the city? Melbourne is packed, close to 3 million live in the metro suburban area. I personally like Sunbury myself, which is town of approximately 50,000 people (big guestimate) and only a 30 minute drive from Melbourne. The eastern suburbs are also considered better the the western suburbs for various reasons.

If you want to be really close to the city, probably Carlton. Carlton Gardens is a huge park with a playground and other amenities. There's also St. Kilda if you want to be close to the beach. Southbank is really nice and close to the city, but I'm not sure how friendly it is for kids. South Yarra is also very nice, not to far into the city, and a little less expensive then the other suburbs I mentioned.

Keep in mind in Australia, only the downtown are is referred to as the city and is named the "Central Business District. The suburbs I've mentioned are named "inner city suburbs" but are their own neighborhoods in their own right and offer a metropolitan lifestyle. Also, consider looking a lil further out then the inner suburbs. Rent prices drop, you get more for you money (Australia is VERY expensive), and there's tram and train service into the city in every suburb.

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6/14/2010 09:19 EST

Hi there;

I used to work in a bistro not far from South Yarra Railway station...almost near Toorak and not far from Prahran...all these area have lots of restaurant...if that is what u are looking for...that area look nice..... but then it was ages ago....

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