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Finally coming to visit

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2/5/2018 15:59 EST

After years of waiting, I will finally be in Israel in the first half of October 2018. Are there any events planned or being planned that I might be able to attend while I am there? October 1 - 23. I'm not a partier, but I'd like the chance to meet some of those who have relocated. I still want to....

2/5/2018 18:06 EST

Hi there,

You mean October of 2018 nine months from now?

Don't you think you are pre-planning a bit too far in advance? LOL

Congrats on coming. Where are you from?

I hope not to be here by then.

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2/5/2018 18:23 EST

I've been planning this for 50 years! Nine months is nothing! I'm from Colorado USA. This trip is for a month - with luck I'll be back for longer one of these days.

2/6/2018 18:29 EST

LOL, well if you have any other questions, LMK.

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