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India: Expat Blogs & Websites

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American Expats In India

Just under one year in Gurgaon. Work, school, daily life, travel. It's an adventure. We're here to learn and answer your questions.

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American in Delhi

After a Year as an Ex-pat in Calcutta (Kolkata), we move to Gurgaon (near Delhi).

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I am Eli. 1/4 of a Greek - Norwegian family now living in India. Follow my everyday adventures in bustling Mumbai.

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Mr. Currybadgers Corner

I'm an expat from the US, I ended up in Mumbai 9 months ago, now I'm in Sydney Australia.

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Style Wanderers

A lifestyle blog by two girls living in India

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The Wiggling Blog

Experiences and thoughts from a Belgian expat in India.

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Living in India GuideLiving in India Guide

Expats in India advise finding an apartment building or home with a backup generator, hiring a driver and adapting to Indian food.

India Forum India Forum
Meet other expats and talk about living in India.

Healthcare in IndiaHealthcare in India

An overview of healthcare in India - the quality of hospitals, prescription medicine in India, vaccinations, finding an English-speaking doctor in India and more.

Cost of Living in IndiaCost of Living in India

Expats offer insight into the cost of living in India.

Moving to IndiaMoving to India Guide

Moving to India? We've compiled a laundry list of advice from expats living in India about what to bring, apartments, expat life and more. It's must-read guide for anyone researching how to move to India.

Real Estate in IndiaReal Estate in India

Real estate listings in popular cities and towns in India.

Pros Cons of Living in IndiaPros & Cons of Living in India

Take off your rose-colored glasses and learn what expats have to say about the biggest challenges and the greatest rewards of living in India.

Retiring in IndiaRetiring in India

Advice for people retiring in India.

Contribute to India Network Contribute
Help other expats and newcomers by answering questions about the challenges and adventures of living in India.

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