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International Schools in Panama

By Joshua Wood

Summary: Expats with children who explore the possibility of moving to Panama first and foremost want to know what educational options are available there. Here is a great start on exploring the options in Panama City... and beyond.

Expats in Panama - International Schools in Panama

Expats who will live in Panama obviously are highly interested in information about the best schools available for their children. Panama City, Panama's capital and largest city, is often an area that interests these families.

An expat who was moving to Panama City inquired about the options available there:

"We will most probably settle in Clayton (editors note: Clayton is a section of Panama City) so we are thinking of Metropolitan School, Kings' College, Balboa Academy and a bit further down Knightsbridge.

"Do you have any experience with these schools? Recommendations? I would be extremely grateful for that. Is there such a thing as school ratings? I couldn't find anything on the internet. Thank you!"

Here is the advice they received from expats already living in Panama:

One expat wrote that, "The only ranked /rated schools are those that are members of the international baccalaureate program. There are 5 in Panama; 3 of them provide instruction in English. Check out www.ibo.org for more information. Even with these schools you'll want to supplement with extracurricular activities, and perhaps additional language courses. Good luck!

Another shared that "Knightsbridge is across the bridge and can be a rough commute on some days. I would recommend Balboa Academy for children of that age. Middle and high school would benefit more with The Met. (IB) Both are on Clayton and an easy commute. I know quite a few moms and teachers if you have any questions about the schools."

Regarding costs, another expat shared: "Where you choose to enrol your children largely depends on your expendable budget. Most of the international schools have a steep monthly tuition. Not to mention the enrollment 'donation' that can be north of $20k!"

An expat wrote that, "All the schools you mention are fine. It is a question of how long you are planning on staying and where your two boys end up going to study later on. If you plan to return to Europe the IB diploma is the way to go or A-level, otherwise CCA Christian Crossroads Academy in Cardenas is another less expensive option."

Someone else wrote that, Boston School International located in Balboa, next to Balboa theater... has a high academic level and excellent programs such as Franklin Covey's, The Leader in Me, Mindlab and Robotics.

Finally, another expat provided a list of schools:

Schools in Panama City

Balboa Academy: Ciudad del Saber (Clayton)

Boston School (site of the Balboa Club House)

Crossroads Christian Academy in Cardenas

The Episcopal School in El Carmen

St. Mary's School in Panama City

Florida State University-Panama

The International School of Panama (ISP)

King's College (School), Ciudad del Saber (Clayton), Age 3-9 (each year higher grades will be added), British system with UK qualified teachers.

Metropolitan School, Ciudad del Saber (Clayton),

Oxford International School, (OIS) Via Espana

Coronado & Beaches schools

Pacific Coast International School located in Gorgona.

5 Stars Academy in Santa Clara

Coronado International school in Coronado.

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About the Author

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood joined Expat Exchange in 2000. His areas of responsibility include creative aspects of the community, research, sales and business development. Joshua received his Master's Degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University and graduated from Syracuse University with a BA in English Textual Studies.

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First Published: Nov 14, 2017

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