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3 Bed Apartment for rent long term preferred. Fully furnished Apartment, comprising Lounge, Dining room (or bed 3) bathroom with corner bath & shower, 2 double bedrooms, warm air heating, Kitchen with all appliances.
3 Bed Apartment for rent long term preferred. Fully furnished Apartment, comprising Lounge, Dining room (or bed 3) bathroom with corner bath & shower, 2 double bedrooms, warm air heating, Kitchen with all appliances.
cdorsey replied to the thread Holiday Events & Expat Gatherings in Scotland on the Scotland forum:
adminee initially posted:
What are your favorite holiday events in your area of Scotland? Help other expats in search of some holiday cheer by sharing information on events that are open to the public or for expats. If you would like to plan your own gathering to celebrate the holidays with other members of Expat Exchange in your area, we encourage you to plan it here. You could meet up with others at your favorite restaurant, a local coffee shop, a bar -- anywhere that's public!
cdorsey replied most recently with:
Hogmanay is THE big holiday in Scotland. It is a New Years celebration and lasts 2-3 days. Christmas is the big holiday in England; but Hogmanay is it for Scotland. Any local can acquaint you with a visiting ritual known as "First Footing." Do not even try to keep up with the New Years toasts. The people are very friendly and welcoming. We throughly enjoyed Braemar's Highland Gathering. We lived in banchory; which was about 30-35 miles away. The Queen and other Royals are in attendance . for some of the festivities.
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Living in Edinburgh, Scotland
What activities, clubs and organizations would you recommend to newcomers to help them meet others?
There's the American Women's Club, but generally you meet people through work/volunteering or if you're a mom, at the gym or creche (day care). (Continue)
ediswb replied most recently with:
I am seeking an unfurnished 2 bedroom flat and want to move "lock, stock, and barrel" 90% of my belongings-- for both practical and sentimental reasons. Is this foolish fantasy that will prove cost prohibitive? Shipping plus duties to be paid? Will most electronics work with a good adapter? Is there an up to date reference on pet requirements? My car? Thanks for any help and direction.
A reader replied recently with:
Scottish salaries may be 10-15% less than salaries in London, but the cost of living in Scotland is less than London, so it evens out.
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: In 2000, UK introduced the new Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). It is now possible to bring a pet dog or cat (though currently no other pets) into the UK without subjecting it to quarantine. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
Any updates to this information? Bringing two healthy mature cats to Scotland in 2014. Thanks
A reader replied recently with:
I cannot believe this Do humans have to get shots and micro chips? And at a government doctors office? I was looking forward to relocating to Scotland but i can see all the expence we will have and the shipping of our things etc. Now the two cats we have that are 12 years old are going to get it could be two rabies vaccines this is not safe to do to animals because it causes brain problems and tumors.Your vets papers are not enough?And waiting 6 months we would have to do this in 1 1/2 years in order to be ready to live in the UK. This is a dissapointment.
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread Retiring in Scotland on the Scotland forum:
casadecuenca initially posted:
My wife and I spent almost one month in Scotland in 2008 and fell in love with the country. I am now a widower thinking of Scotland as a retirement home. I am 73 in good health with income of about $1500 US. Is it possible to live in Scotland--in the highlands on that income?
OceanHideaway replied most recently with:
Casade Cuenca is currently affianced to a lovely woman here in Ecuador who has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment. He cannot marry as he is still legally married to his wife in Florida, USA who is in an Assisted Living facility on oxygen. He took the couples two dogs and fled to Ecuador 2 years ago. The divorce is not final because he married his second wife under an assumed name -- Malcolm Redding, which he stole from a young Englishman working for him in the 80's. Casade Cuenca's real name is Larry Neal Arnold. He changed his name followwinghis arrest for attmepted kidnapping and arson when he was looking to take his children from his first marriage in Michigan before fleeing bond and dissappearing to Penssylvania where the FBI caufht up with him under the new Malcolm name. He has used three names on this forum -- LuckyDawg, Dunmovin and now CasadeCuenca and has cvlaimed to be a divorcee, single, and widower and his age range has been between 69 and 74 over the past 4 years. You don;t want him in Scotland any more than we wqant him in Ecuador -- but we seem to be stuck with him. If he is now using ExpatExchange to plan his next escape to another foreign land to take advantage of the women in that local, it is probably time to boot him off the site. Please c0ontact the AWCCS and pass along the information so that your membership does not fall for this individuals falsehoods -- he is very good at what he does.
remoore2001 replied most recently with:
Casa is not a widower. He abandoned his sick wife and now is engaged to an Ecuadorian women with cancer
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adminee posted Thanksgiving Celebrations in Scotland on the Scotland forum:
If you know of any Thanksgiving gatherings (at restaurants, clubs, etc.) that other expats could join, please post details here.
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adminee posted Semi-Retired in Scotland? on the Scotland forum:
A journalist working on an article for a popular finance publication is interested in connecting a few Americans over age 60 who have moved abroad after retiring from careers in the States and either found part-time jobs, started businesses or transformed their former careers into remote consulting gigs. We've talked with her about general trends in overseas retirement. She would also like to speak with a few retirees who fit this description. If you are interested, please e-mail me at -- tell me a little about yourself and your job and how the journalist can reach you. Thank you! Betsy Burlingame Expat Exchange
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Milngavie posted Retro -Working In Glasgow 1913 on the Scotland forum:
Hi there our blog has various Scottish topics and employment news and views here is a well researched piece on jobs and industries in 1913's Glasgow!
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Lollygagger posted Passport time allowance? on the Scotland forum:
Hello all. Recently retired from the U.S. (California) and would like to spend some quality vacation time in your country. Can you tell me how long I can spend there utilizing a U.S. passport? I also read about Perth being a good central location for travels throughout the country. Any other sound advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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