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Expat Health Insurance and Healthcare in Halifax, Canada


An expat in Halifax, Canada explains that expats must be permanent residence before they are eligible for health card. If you are paying out of pocket, the fees are extremely high. She also discusses prescriptions, health care for retired expats, the quality of local healthcare and more.

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Having a Baby in St. John's. Newfoundland., Canada

I had to have a C-sect, as my little one didn't want to turn. I went to the only hospital in town, Health Sciences. The Maternity ward has it's own 'emergency' room, so you can get help straight away if you need it, which is a great relief to know. For a town of only 200,000, it's a giant step ahead of other places! The nurses were wonderful, the facilities brilliant! My OB is the most wonderful, caring & beautiful man! Dr Bartellis! I was in hospital for 4 nights. I had an Epidural & Spinal Block. No problems!

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