4 Expats Talk about Health Insurance and Healthcare in Canada

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By Betsy Burlingame

Last updated on Nov 27, 2021

Summary: Expats and global nomads in Canada share their experiences with health insurance, healthcare in Canada, local hospitals and specialists, quality of medical care and more.

How are healthcare services Canada?

When we asked expats and global nomads about the quality of medical care in Canada, they replied:

"You cannot get any health care without having permanent residency card which takes over 4 years and retired people are not even considered if you register online, as everyone is told to do. You can pay exorbitant out of pocket fees though. Over $500. Just to have your eye pressure taken by an ophthalmologist. The only health insurance you can get is travel insurance and emergency insurance at high prices. A small bottle of aspirin that costs less than $2. In the US, costs over $10. In Canada including 15 per cent tax. Although you can buy prescription medication while in the US cheaper in Canada through the mail, if you are living in Canada, it is difficult to even find a lot of medications because they say there is a big shortage here," commented one expat living in Halifax, Canada.

What are emergency services like in Canada?

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Allianz Care Expat Health InsuranceExpatriate Health Insurance

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