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An Expat Talks about Moving to Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Submitted by Apocalisanow

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What is the name of the city or town that you are reporting on?

Palma de Mallorca

Name three things that you wish you had brought and three you wish you had left at home.

Wish I brought: quality brazieres, hand sanitizer, large size socks and hosiery

Wish I didn't bring: anything electrical, toiletries, bright colored clothes

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What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?

Make sure you don't end up in a tourist trap area and that where you do end up there is plenty of close by public transport. In Mallorca, stay in Palma or choose a country town where the train passes thru. The bus system is not good.

What type of housing do you live in? Is this typical for most expats in your area?

I currently own. Most ex-pat friends rent small apartments or country rustic houses

How did you choose your neighborhood and find your home or apartment?

At first thru an agency, then thru the newspaper. Very expensive!

Are your housing costs higher or lower than they were in your home country? What is the average cost of housing there?

Average 2 bed unfurnished apt would run you 700€ mo plus first mo, last mo and deposit

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