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8/17/2017 14:49 EST

I signed on to this Forum a week ago because I am looking to open a business in Belize. I thought it would be helpful and nice to get to know some people first. Unfortunately, people are very ugly and disrespectful on this site. If you don't like Belize, why are you there? If you don't like it and are not there, why are you on this Forum? This world has turned so ugly that shouldn't we be here to help and encourage each other not be so mean?

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8/17/2017 16:11 EST

I agree totally,

There are a couple of malcontents who just want to rubbish everything to do with Belize, who are publishing false information.

It seems some o f them are still ranting about Belize years after they have left.

Im glad they are gone, people like these give gringos a bad name online and in Belize.

Belize is really great, but you need a little imagination, tenacity and a sense of adventure to make it here.

Not everyone has that,

Come check it out, you might love it,


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8/17/2017 20:30 EST

Hi chipman
I think people try to be helpful. It is just different views.
But to answer your questions: I came to Belize to find out myself, rented a house, moved with a suitcase, bought a car and began to explore the country.
I could not fall in love with it and will finish my year to apply for the permanent residency permit. I saw in other Caribbean countries that legislation can change quickly and I just want to have it - independent if I will need it in the future or not.
Regarding the business: Belize is tough. There are all kinds of businesses for sale. You will have the usuall Caribbean issues with permits, bureaucracy or the saisonality of tourism. I personally would rather choose a part of the world with mass tourism like in Mexico or a destination which attracts high net worth individuals like St Martin or Barbados.

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8/17/2017 21:31 EST

Fair comment,

You didnt like Belize. Many dont.

And many who dont fully research the country before coming leave after a couple of years.

Others miss family or have to go back for health reasons.

Others miss malls and the the bustle of big city living.

I dont advise anyone to sell up everything and invest it all in a Belize Business.

I'd suggest anyone do what you did.

Come here, rent a house, stay for 3 - 6 months and see if you like it.

You definitely cant expect to walk into a plum job straight off,

If your a bar tender you make low local wages and tips, but expat bartenders (unless its the owner) are rare in Cayo (unless its a hippy on the way through).
Belize is a small economy and good western level wages are not very numerous unless you plan ahead or have a real trade-able skill or qualification.

Much more money can be be made in Playa or Cancun, if you have the money, Spanish language ability and tenacity to compete there.

Goodnight all


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8/19/2017 12:34 EST

Many think a great place to vacation is a great place to live. If everyone painted a rosy picture you would not get all the input needed to make an informed decision. If you come to Belize and fine "The Terrible Two" wrong then to you they are rude and wrong. We changed our minds and now heading to The Yucatan mostly because BobbyVVV and the Good Dr. got me to thinking deeper than I had in the past. Sort it out for yourself but I am happy they were honest in their feeling even if I did not want to hear it.

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8/19/2017 13:42 EST

Thx Mr. hrlee. Ive always tried my best to tell it as it is, ive no axe to grind, we loved the country and its people. You are so right about loving a place as a holiday destination and thinking it must be a great place to live. In many cases it just doesnt work that way. I think two other major things people dont take into account is age and money. What you love in your 40's and 50's is not what your wanting to do in your 60's and 70's , and people who have $ 4 to $6k disposable income to spend monthly will live very differently than a couple trying to get by on $2k throw health into the equation and the variables increase as does whether your going to enjoy a new and very different lifestyle. I still believe the best way , no matter where you want to live in this world , long term stays under varying weather conditions so you can assess the overall situation for yourself is the only way to go. Good luck to all venture to new shores

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8/20/2017 01:34 EST

Another point not often considered, what do your family think about the grandparents selling up and spending all their savings in a 3rd world country. Will they ever bring the grand children to visit. What will be their inheritance in the future if all the savings are sunk into a house in the jungle in central America. We are lucky our adult kids loved Belize for years as we did and they are happy to think eventually our piece of the Jewel will be theirs.
I admit this is not the most prevalent case, I have met a few dissapointed grannies and Grandpas who haven't seen their grandchildren ever come to Belize and cant really afford to visit the US more often than once a year.

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9/30/2017 12:08 EST

I agree totally,

There are a few trolls who seem intent on making Belize seem like a terrible place, and most of them dont even live in Belize!
They are just sad characters,
I and my friends think Belie is great, for all her faults

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9/30/2017 23:08 EST

Right? I totally agree.

No two people have the same experience, Nor are they looking for the same thing. No sense in arguing about it.

Keyboard warriors who would never talk to each other like that in person.

I think I'll just stick to Foder's and Lonely Planet.

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10/2/2017 19:03 EST

The idea that someone on a tourist based site would know anything about being an expat is silly

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10/3/2017 09:51 EST

Keep the faith brothers and sisters the jewel is all that we make of it. For some the jewel lost its luster and for others the jewel beat them. Many come to the jewel to live a dream only to find that life, lives here too. The realities can be harsh even cruel, yet those who love the jewel see her bright future just beyond its glittering reef. Those the jewel has beat down, spurn her like a lost lover. You cannot choose to love, it just happens. You cannot choose to love the jewel. But when it happens, she will be with you forever.

There are still a few out there who love. Whatsup CM!

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10/3/2017 10:32 EST

phanetone- I like your attitude. Well said!! ????

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10/3/2017 11:43 EST

Phantone draws an interesting parallel between Belize relocation, and the existential despair associated with lost and regained romantic love combined with quasi religious allegory.
And just when I thought retirement ought to be a relatively uncomplicated and stress free period associated more with lounge chairs, Modelo, tamales and Sams Club.
Must take a special tipo de pendejo to succeed in BZE.

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10/4/2017 01:10 EST

"tipo de pendejo" translates to "kind of a$$hole"

Real nice Doctor, very professional.

Maybe it takes an open minded retiree, wishing to get away from all those NA amenities and enjoy a simpler life. Not for everyone, for certain.

Especially "self perceived" intellectuals who speak there extremely derogatory comments about those they disagree with in a foreign language.

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10/4/2017 06:14 EST

Wrong as usual-
"Pendejo is equivalent to the English expression dumb-ass, which literally means, "as dumb as a donkey". Pendejo is probably the least offensive" of the various Spanish profanity words beginning in "p"

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10/4/2017 13:31 EST

So you admit to purposely being offensive towards other posters on this thread, who don't see the world through your glasses, no matter the degree of the offensiveness. Why not just use English, as that is the language of this website, so there is no confusion as to what you say and what you mean (which is often mean!)?

I stand by my earlier comments.

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