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vt120890 replied to the thread Moving: Germany to Cape Town on the South Africa forum:
DrT initially posted:
Does anyone have referrals for international moving co? Any recommendations on nice & safe neighborhoods in Cape Town? Just found out my husband, dog & I are moving to Cape Town, S Africa. I've already read posts but would like up-to-date suggestions. Any advise on moving would help too. Thanks!
vt120890 replied on June 26, 2015 with:
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western replied on July 06, 2014 with:
There is a brand new bus service with it's own dedicated lane running from Bloubergstrand to the City centre every 20mins and it only takes around 40mins. This is the area to be nowadays if you hate traffic jams and don't need to take your car into the City
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PatriciaMcVitty replied to the thread International Movers to Recommend? on the South Africa forum:
PatriciaMcVitty initially posted:
Hi, I'm moving from Cape Town to Toronto and looking for a reputable and cost-effective mover. Can anyone suggest a company? Many thanks for any suggestions!
PatriciaMcVitty replied on June 20, 2015 with:
Thanks Warren. It will be a 20 foot container. Cheers
Taylor0509 replied on June 19, 2015 with:
Hey Patricia, It will all depend what you want to move over to Canada. You can PM me with details. Thanks Warren
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Taylor0509 replied to the thread Moving to westville Durban on the South Africa forum:
GangaS initially posted:
Hi I am moving from India to westville Durban. I am totally new to this country Can anyone give me any view of westville
Taylor0509 replied most recently with:
Hi there GangaS Westville, is one of the many upmarket areas in South Africa. It is very close to one of our biggest shopping malls The Pavilion. It is also very easy to access our CBD area from the Westville area. It is advisable that you get a motor vehicle as there are not a lot of public transport that services the Westville area. Take care and Enjoy South Africa !!!
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LeahAragon posted Americans in Pretoria on the South Africa forum:
Hi! Just moved here and am looking for some women friends to have lunch with once in a while, missing America!
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prf posted Are you looking for a Jimny 4x4? on the South Africa forum:
I am leaving Cape Town and I am selling my nice Suzuki Jimny 1.3. It is a small 4x4, perfect for the city or the country. Excellent condition, new dampers, new battery. 81'000 km
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lumierre posted chinese interlocutors on the South Africa forum:
I am interested in getting to know different stories from chinese people leaving or who were leaving for a while in Africa, how did they found this continent and how did they cope with it, to include their stories in a book about africa. Interested people, speaking a bit of English (discussion language), please contact me.
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fredevery replied to the thread sending personal effects to Cape Town on the South Africa forum:
Patrosoft initially posted:
Hello All, I am sending my personal effects shipment to South Africa (Cape Town) via ocean service. I was wondering when my goods arrive into Cape Town am I able to clear the goods myself or do I need to hire a customs broker to do it? I have heard both ways, so I am confused.... Thanks in advance!
fredevery replied most recently with:
Hi Would you possibly be willing to add 2 boxes to your shipment? I have bought a darkroom photographic enlarger from a UK seller and I am now struggling to get it shipped.
DaveSAfrica replied most recently with:
If you know customs regulations, I assume you can do it yourself. Otherwise I would suggest you need a broker.
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DaveSAfrica replied to the thread Cape Town or Bust! on the South Africa forum:
mmwpe initially posted:
Recently retired American who's lived, worked & gone to school in SA previously. I plan on an extended trip to CT mid Jan mid Apr 2015 to make sure that SA is my destiny, specifically Cape Town. I know Cape Town well - I've ridden the Argus a few times and am planning on doing it again this year. Could use some advice on the following: 1. Real Estate Agent who knows the coastal area from Mouille Point to Hout Bay. Experience in international transactions would be a plus. An attorney might be a value adder. I haven't decided on a flat, condo or house yet but I'm going to want a braai area for sure; 2. Insurance Agent(s) versed in health, auto & property insurance; 3. General Practitioner Physician; 4. Accountant that can keep me out of trouble in both SA &, possibly the US. My concern is that there's an interface between SA / US requirements. I'm not sure what the details are yet; 5. Bank that can comply w/ FATCA, good exchange rate, credit card, etc. I don't want a sales pitch from anybody. I'd rather make a connection w/ 1 or a couple of like-minded folks who've got their list and lessons-learned file. A chat over a few cold ones is my idea. Thanks!
DaveSAfrica replied most recently with:
My wife and I are Americans who retired to Somerset West (40 minutes from the CBD) over 10 years ago and have always rented accommodations. We are extremely happy here. We had no previous connection with people in South Africa, but we have been well integrated in the community. (The U3A is a very strong organization for retired people here; there are 1600 active members in just this part of the city. Annual membership is R50.) You didn't mention needing a retirement visa. If you haven't done so already, I would recommend that you talk with an immigration consultant early in your visit. You must be very careful in your choice; I can recommend a company if we get together. To respond to your questions: 1) I have limited knowledge of real estate people in the area you are considering, but I did sell a flat (not my own) through a very competent agent in Green Point. I would suggest that you consider Somerset West and surrounding area as a possible location which has several advantages (and, of course, disadvantages) over the area you are looking at. 2) I believe you need to approach separate brokers to get info on health insurance and "short term insurance", the other stuff you need. One thing to be aware of is that as foreigners, we pay substantially more than South Africans for the same health coverage -- none-the-less it's a bargain! One needs to be careful in selecting a company for health coverage - it's difficult to change from one organization to another. 3) Selecting a physician is highly dependent on where you ultimately live. 4) I have not had the need for an accountant and have had no problem with SARS or the IRS. H&R Block still does my taxes. 5) Banks are very conservative (good during the 2008 turmoil) but bureaucratic and expensive. I have been with a quite new, upstart bank, Capitec, for 10 years. They have limited foreign services, but are cheap, have a good Internet site, and support real time transactions. My wife and I will be overseas from 13 January until 6 February. If you want to get together after that, just get in touch. (In the meantime, I will be connecting with the Internet regularly.) Best regards, Dave
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