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ianmorris posted Recently Arrived from Uk on the South Africa forum on April 16, 2014:
Hi all My name is Ian and I have recently arrived from Reading in the UK. I am currently living in Umhlanga and would love to meet up with any Uk expats.Ant advise on where Brits meet up would be greatly appreciated. Regards Ian
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Hi there, I'm wondering whether anyone has experience with Swan Nursery & Prep School? I am considering enrolling my son in the school and would appreciate any comments and/or advice people may have to offer. We are not in Johannesburg yet and won't have a chance to see the school in person until we arrive - and we need to arrange our son's study permit prior to that. I'm finding it difficult to get a sense of the schools from websites only. Thanks! Kerry
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We are a Market Research Firm, And We're looking for pictures of Fresh stop and pictures of Food Lovers Market, both in South Africa. We would like to have 5 pictures of every department, the front of the store, and checkout area to a total of 200 photos. You can do it using your Mobile phone camera but make sure that the pictures are clear and neat; it can be done in an hour. We will pay $50 USD through PayPal for both sets of store pictures, due February 24th. Would you be willing to complete this gig? Thanks,
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jog5000 replied to the thread Moving in February/March 2014 - advice please on the South Africa forum:
kolya888 initially posted:
Hello everyone, I'm new here. I am a UK resident with a British and a Greek passport, and have been aiming to leave the UK for good for some time now. It has come to that time due to work options changing/decreasing here in London, as well as wanting a better way of life. I visited SA in 1995 for 2 months as my father is married to a SA woman, and I have a few friends there, so it is an attractive and from what I remember, beautiful country to move to. But, I know about Affirmative Action, as well as understanding that to move to ANY country from new is not instant and made too easy. The issues I'd like some advice on are to do with a long enough work/residency permit to facilitate an eventual move for good for me, permitting obviously that I still love the country. I am planning on going the last week of February/first week of March 2014, with approximately £7500 in cash. It has been suggested I actually go NOW as the work opportunities wain in the new-year period!! I am with quite a lot of eductaion and skills, I'm a very young and fit 43 year old male, single, no kids. My education includes a degree in Architecture (12 years experience), Masters degree in Audio production (a lot of varied experience in the field), many other skills and qualifications including 3 years as an Autistic Support worker, but I actually want to go to SA and see what pother options I might have, rather than aim for one particular job or do what I have done in the UK in SA. Is this not the best approach or is it a good one in peoples eyes? I have noticed the new "quota work permit" includes 1000 archiectural technicians, which I could aim for, but I don't want to be tied into this as I have become less and less interested in that field as time goes on. I might be able to apply for an "exceptional skills" permit but I have not investigated that fully yet. Should I not be picky, or go there with this work in mind and see what happens? I have a very good friend who owns a cafe in Hermanus whom I worked with in cafes here in London years ago, she said she may be able to help out, but I don't want to rely on her, as helpful as I know she might be. I also have other options (offer of helping out/employment in a game reserve in northern SA - I want to go with new opportunities and an open mind). If anyone has any ideas please, I would appreciate comments that are honest. I understand I should be making my application very soon for a work/other permit, hence my questions. Kindest, K
jog5000 replied most recently with:
I'm pretty sure that for the lines of work that you are in, Joburg would be where you need to go... Hermanus is a great place, however, if you arent in the hospitality industry, you wont make any living there... Cape Town is also very tourist orientated, however, there are some very decent firms who have their head offices there, involving marketing/advertising. You could also look into the film industry which is growing very strongly in Cape Town. I would have also suggested that you leave the UK a bit earlier, as companies seem to do their recruitment November/December/January time... Not sure I helped any... Good luck!
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CAT54 posted Shipping my dog from ATL, USA to CPT on the South Africa forum:
Hi All! I'm in the process of shipping my dog to SA. I've decided to coordinate directly with the airlines, but I'm very concerned about the strict testing required and that I won't have all of my i's dotted and t's crossed. For that reason, I'm wondering if anyone has shipped a dog to SA without using a company to coordinate. His crate meets shipping criteria, i.e., 3 sided ventilation and metal hardware, etc. He's ISO microchipped. He's UTD on vaccinations, etc. He'll have 6mos. of heartworm meds with him. I know the 5 tests required (4 really, since one isn't present in the states)... and I know the tests must be USDA stamped. Is there anything else I should be aware of? And how do I go about getting his SA Import Permit? Thanks for any help you can offer!
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property in South-AfricaFully furnished, newly tastefully redecorated, in sought after enclosed grounds, with parking, 24 hr security
keerun016 posted Job Visa...Cost of leaving on the South Africa forum:
Hi... Iam kiran and would like to know on the Work Visa in SouthAfrica and How about the cost of leaving there...Could any one please guide me on the same.... Waiting for your responses.... Thanks Kiran
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IntergateImmigration replied to the thread Getting our dog to Cape Town on the South Africa forum:
jennatroy initially posted:
We are moving to Cape Town and we would like to ship our dog directly from Boston (USA) to Cape Town. A friend will pick up the dog at the airport. We've been quoted 5000 US. Has anybody had any experience with this? Thank you.
IntergateImmigration replied most recently with:
That is far too expensive, Try They helped with my dog from Europe to Cape Town.
jmish replied most recently with:
Save Mega Bucks. Contact SAA directly at 718.917.6258 You do NOT need to use a pet shipper. Flights are from JFK and IAD Are you aware: Need import permit; need microchip; need 4 blood tests Shipping charges are based on dims of shipping kennel..... Jerry Action Pet Express
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bspik replied to the thread Info on STATOIL TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO LIMITED on the South Africa forum:
arthurhogan initially posted:
I have received an initial job offer from STATOIL TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO LIMITED. Could anyone provide me with additional information on the organization other than the information found on their website.
bspik replied most recently with:
This is a scam I received 2 job offers and have checked into this and there is a big scam going on now involving Statoil job offers. I have sent you a personal message on this topic. Good Luck and if you need some job hunting advice feel free to contact me on the subject. Happy New Year, Brad
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