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prf posted Are you looking for a Jimny 4x4? on the South Africa forum on May 12, 2015:
I am leaving Cape Town and I am selling my nice Suzuki Jimny 1.3. It is a small 4x4, perfect for the city or the country. Excellent condition, new dampers, new battery. 81'000 km
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property in South-AfricaIn the heart of Sandton, 5 minutes walk from Gautrain Station and 10 minute walk from Sandton City Mall.
lumierre posted chinese interlocutors on the South Africa forum:
I am interested in getting to know different stories from chinese people leaving or who were leaving for a while in Africa, how did they found this continent and how did they cope with it, to include their stories in a book about africa. Interested people, speaking a bit of English (discussion language), please contact me.
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fredevery replied to the thread sending personal effects to Cape Town on the South Africa forum:
Patrosoft initially posted:
Hello All, I am sending my personal effects shipment to South Africa (Cape Town) via ocean service. I was wondering when my goods arrive into Cape Town am I able to clear the goods myself or do I need to hire a customs broker to do it? I have heard both ways, so I am confused.... Thanks in advance!
fredevery replied most recently with:
Hi Would you possibly be willing to add 2 boxes to your shipment? I have bought a darkroom photographic enlarger from a UK seller and I am now struggling to get it shipped.
DaveSAfrica replied most recently with:
If you know customs regulations, I assume you can do it yourself. Otherwise I would suggest you need a broker.
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DaveSAfrica replied to the thread Cape Town or Bust! on the South Africa forum:
mmwpe initially posted:
Recently retired American who's lived, worked & gone to school in SA previously. I plan on an extended trip to CT mid Jan mid Apr 2015 to make sure that SA is my destiny, specifically Cape Town. I know Cape Town well - I've ridden the Argus a few times and am planning on doing it again this year. Could use some advice on the following: 1. Real Estate Agent who knows the coastal area from Mouille Point to Hout Bay. Experience in international transactions would be a plus. An attorney might be a value adder. I haven't decided on a flat, condo or house yet but I'm going to want a braai area for sure; 2. Insurance Agent(s) versed in health, auto & property insurance; 3. General Practitioner Physician; 4. Accountant that can keep me out of trouble in both SA &, possibly the US. My concern is that there's an interface between SA / US requirements. I'm not sure what the details are yet; 5. Bank that can comply w/ FATCA, good exchange rate, credit card, etc. I don't want a sales pitch from anybody. I'd rather make a connection w/ 1 or a couple of like-minded folks who've got their list and lessons-learned file. A chat over a few cold ones is my idea. Thanks!
DaveSAfrica replied most recently with:
My wife and I are Americans who retired to Somerset West (40 minutes from the CBD) over 10 years ago and have always rented accommodations. We are extremely happy here. We had no previous connection with people in South Africa, but we have been well integrated in the community. (The U3A is a very strong organization for retired people here; there are 1600 active members in just this part of the city. Annual membership is R50.) You didn't mention needing a retirement visa. If you haven't done so already, I would recommend that you talk with an immigration consultant early in your visit. You must be very careful in your choice; I can recommend a company if we get together. To respond to your questions: 1) I have limited knowledge of real estate people in the area you are considering, but I did sell a flat (not my own) through a very competent agent in Green Point. I would suggest that you consider Somerset West and surrounding area as a possible location which has several advantages (and, of course, disadvantages) over the area you are looking at. 2) I believe you need to approach separate brokers to get info on health insurance and "short term insurance", the other stuff you need. One thing to be aware of is that as foreigners, we pay substantially more than South Africans for the same health coverage -- none-the-less it's a bargain! One needs to be careful in selecting a company for health coverage - it's difficult to change from one organization to another. 3) Selecting a physician is highly dependent on where you ultimately live. 4) I have not had the need for an accountant and have had no problem with SARS or the IRS. H&R Block still does my taxes. 5) Banks are very conservative (good during the 2008 turmoil) but bureaucratic and expensive. I have been with a quite new, upstart bank, Capitec, for 10 years. They have limited foreign services, but are cheap, have a good Internet site, and support real time transactions. My wife and I will be overseas from 13 January until 6 February. If you want to get together after that, just get in touch. (In the meantime, I will be connecting with the Internet regularly.) Best regards, Dave
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aqsa posted wants to rent out your room? on the South Africa forum:
Hello Guys If you are you are renting out a room, you might want to check out PlaceMatch Asia. I found it to be very useful in finding good tenants and it was Free. Hope that helps :) Cheers,Aqsa
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aqsa posted Are you looking for Apartment? on the South Africa forum:
Hello Guys , If you are looking for a apartment, have you tried PlaceMatch Asia? I found it to be very useful in finding my room and it was Free. All the best! Cheers,Aqsa Rao
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: The reviews of expat life in South Africa are mixed. Some expats feel that crime is a big problem and causing an expat exodus. Others debate that the crime rates match those of other big cities in the world. (Continue)
western replied most recently with:
Personally I think things have got worse in SA since this report was written. It used to be a first World country with an excellent infrastucture, however the present Govt has been shown to be corrupt and no money has been spent on maintaining the infrastructure. As a result power cuts are frequent and water wastage through old pipes are common. Prices are rising around 10-15% each year and armed robberies are frequent in the popular shopping malls. My wife and I missed one by just 20mins last month (November 2014).
western replied recently with:
Regarding crime (6). I have worked and lived in Cape Town for over 30 years and have not had even one personal incident related to crime. I went to the UK 3 years ago and was accosted twice in the space of 1 month !
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western replied to the thread Moving to JHB on the South Africa forum:
Matt80s initially posted:
What are good/safe areas in Johannesburg Also is a package of 1.2 million competitive. thanks Matt
western replied most recently with:
Best area and one of the safest (and probably most expensive) is Sandton. R1.2m per annum is competitive and should afford you a good lifestyle. The most important aspect of this "package" must be the medical aid (insurance) that goes with it.
western replied most recently with:
Best area and one of the safest (and probably most expensive) is Sandton. R1.2m per annum is competitive and should afford you a good lifestyle. The most important aspect of this "package" must be the medical aid (insurance) that goes with it.
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DaveSAfrica replied to the thread Ask a South African on the South Africa forum:
Erick7 initially posted:
I am amazed to read the advice of some members on this forum regarding cost of living and crime in South Africa. I am South African and I wouldn’t dare to advice someone about the cost of living in South Africa or any other country without proper knowledge of that country. Living in the country for a few months or a couple of years does not make me an expert adviser on living in a place that I don’t know fully and completely. As an experience State Agent in Johannesburg, I must point out that Sandton is not the only safe place to live in Johannesburg, in fact is one of the most expensive areas to live. To the north of Johannesburg you will have many suburbs that are suitable for a middle class, that you could afford and to live in comfortably, more that than most people are use to live in their own country. I have traveled plenty and I can safely say that South Africa will offer a very comfortable and safe standard of living that you won’t find in many other count tries. Yes we do have crime like in many other countries, for that reason you will have to take care and be careful not to adventure to dubious places, without proper advice. South African are friendly people and will assist you and advise you properly. Banking is South Africa is expensive, however very modern and efficient. We live in a country with a blessed weather and with plenty space. We have modern and varied Shopping Mall everywhere as well as supermarket and the staff is very amiable and friendly. The public transport is scarce and therefore you will need a car. We do have a first world infrastructure. I am currently in Brazil for personal reason and here the cost of living is nearly 5 times more expensive than in South Africa. The crime is horrendous especially in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The variety and the quality of product are very poor, but still an amazing and great country with fantastic people and so is South Africa. However my experience in Brazil does not make me an expert in the country, because everybody has a different perception and reality of country and I respect that, therefore my opinion is personal according to my experience and what I expect of the country.
DaveSAfrica replied most recently with:
As an expat from the US who has lived here for 10 years, I would like to agree with much of what Erick7 indicates in his post. My wife and I fee that living in this country is a privilege. I can't comment on the cost of living Joburg, but the costs in Cape Town are quite moderate, of course, depending on your style of life.
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