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chadbhull replied to the thread American football fans in Cape Town? on the South Africa forum:
lucidlock initially posted:
Are you ready for some (American) football?! With the season just around the corner, I'm wondering if there are other NFL fans in Cape Town who'd be up for banding together, picking a likely pub or sports bar, and approaching management to show games on several televisions. There must be a way to make this happen. If you're interested, direct message or post here and we'll see about getting a weekly crew together in Cape Town.
chadbhull replied on October 27, 2014 with:
Hi I am a fan living in Cape Town what I would really like to do is get some sort of league going even if its flag football
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western replied to the thread sugest me roaming free sim card during word tour on the South Africa forum:
katefsd initially posted:
Please suggest me i want visit cap town and I need low budet sim card so that i can be in touch with my family and friends.
western replied most recently with:
Very easy as they are for sale in all the major supermarkets for USD 0.20c and then you buy airtime at the tills. Suggest VODACOM as they have the best coverage. DO NOT buy Cell C !
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western replied to the thread Buying car & auto insurance in Cape Town on the South Africa forum:
DrT initially posted:
Hi Everyone, does anyone have suggestions, warnings &/or recommendations about purchasing a car in Cape Town? How about auto insurance? I know that I need a bank acct so you can pay w/ZAR & Visa w/pic. Thx in advance for any helpful tips. :)
western replied most recently with:
Hi.No you don't have to buy the insurance together but it's normally cheaper this way. If your German driving licence has a photo on it then you can use it but I'm not sure about "indefinitely" If you are staying here for more than a year then you can do an "exchange" for a S.A. licence. Now driving from Jo'burg to Cape Town would not be on the top of my list even nowadays let alone your first time in the Country. This is NOT because of crime !! but it's around 1000 miles, the route goes through the Karoo, probably like driving through the Arizona desert ! It is boring with long straight roads reaching to the horizon on occasion and if you are not used to it, you can easily fall asleep at the wheel ! There will also be many long distance trucks that you encounter. If you do this drive then either Beaufort West or Three Sisters are the normal stopping places. I'm sure Lufthansa flies direct to Cape Town Int'l airport.
DrT replied most recently with:
Car guards - good to know. Thanks for telling me how much to tip! :)
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flood2014 replied to the thread What I can do with this offer there? on the South Africa forum:
flood2014 initially posted:
Job offer incl. R400,000 plus 13th month cheque and package incl. Pension and healthcare insurance. Fixed term job, good challange to me. I am single. What i can do with this over there in Johannesburg? Is that good offer, or...? Thanks in advance, greets from Bosnia :-)
flood2014 replied most recently with:
Thanks, Richard :) I hope to get it and to have a nice time there, in THAT S.A! Thank you all sharing all info <3
richard1972 replied most recently with:
This is a decent salary for a single person. If your monthly salary is R33,000 you will take home about R26,000 to live on. For a single person, you can easily rent a nice 2 bedroom place for around R5-7000 a month in a good area. A decent car can cost you another R4-6000 a month depending on the choice of car, food maybe R1500 a month. Fuel will depend on how far you drive to work each day, but work on at least R1500 a month for Joburg. The price is around R14 per litre. Clothing will depend on how you dress. A pair of jeans will cost between R120 (Mr Price) to R700 (Edgars) or more at a top brand shop. Yes you will be quite comfortable as a single person on this package.
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Having a Baby in Johannesburg, South Africa
Describe your experience giving birth there. What type of facility did you go to? What (if any) type of pain management did you use? How long did you stay in the hospital? Was it a positive experience? Etc...
My first baby was born at home in the Netherlands without painkillers and without any complications.

Because of this experience I was very much in favour of a natural birth without medical intevention if possible. Since it is custom to have a hospitial delivery with a gynacologist I initially also choose that route. However after a pre hospital delivery tour I got so shocked of the staggering 90 % cs rates that a ran away from the gynacologist and found a fanatsic midwife.

My son was born with a water birth at 10 o'clock waterbirth in the morning and I checked myself the same day out of the hospital. The midwife was fabulous but I was not too impressed with the hospital service. (Continue)

A reader replied most recently with:
Somewhat exaggerated in my opinion and it depends whether you go to a State or private hospital.
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western replied to the thread lady staying in Johannesburg on the South Africa forum:
flood2014 initially posted:
is there enough secured for a middle-aged woman to work and live there?
western replied most recently with:
Sorry but by "secured" do you mean safe enough? It's the same as any city in the World, there are good and bad parts so would need more details to advise you.
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: The reviews of expat life in South Africa are mixed. Some expats feel that crime is a big problem and causing an expat exodus. Others debate that the crime rates match those of other big cities in the world. (Continue)
western replied most recently with:
Regarding crime (6). I have worked and lived in Cape Town for over 30 years and have not had even one personal incident related to crime. I went to the UK 3 years ago and was accosted twice in the space of 1 month !
Ramy replied recently with:
We live in Johannesburg, and found the Guide at extremely helpful for settling down. Contains detailed information, contact info and advice that is not available on the internet. It may seem a bit expensive, but is so helpful, is worth every cent (and there is a money back guarantee). I recommend you buy it, and you will have peace of mind and know what to do.
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nomazwe8 replied to the thread American Architect moving to Johannesburg on the South Africa forum:
eva2016 initially posted:
Hello, I will be moving to Johannesburg in 2016. I am an American citizen currently working towards my architecture license and working at a firm in NYC. I plan to move to South Africa shortly after finishing my licensing here. Does anyone know an American architect (or someone in a similar field) working in SA that I could talk to? I'm wondering how to go about looking for career opportunities. My multiple attempts at contacting SA architecture firms and the SA Institute of Architects have not received any responses. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!!
nomazwe8 replied most recently with:
Thanks for choosing Johannesburg and in the event you need housing and interested please let me know. I am a South African American and currently working in Atlanta. So if you need to visit SA before you actually move there, I dont mind helping and show you around. Used to be a New Yorker myself so Im sure you embrace diverty. Don't be swayed to thinking Cape Town is the only place you can live especially if you are white. Welcome to Gauteng!
DaveSAfrica replied most recently with:
Hello - I have contact with several architects in Cape Town. If you send me your email address, I'l try to put you in touch. My address:
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western replied to the thread Moving: Germany to Cape Town on the South Africa forum:
DrT initially posted:
Does anyone have referrals for international moving co? Any recommendations on nice & safe neighborhoods in Cape Town? Just found out my husband, dog & I are moving to Cape Town, S Africa. I've already read posts but would like up-to-date suggestions. Any advise on moving would help too. Thanks!
western replied most recently with:
There is a brand new bus service with it's own dedicated lane running from Bloubergstrand to the City centre every 20mins and it only takes around 40mins. This is the area to be nowadays if you hate traffic jams and don't need to take your car into the City
richard1972 replied most recently with:
Welcome to South Africa! Cape Town is a fantastic city to live in, I lived there for a few years. There are many good suburbs and the choice will depend on what you want to be near to - school, work, church, shopping malls, etc. Also depends on your budget, as some suburbs are very expensive. The Atlantic seaboard (Camps Bay etc) is very expensive and the main selling point is sea views. The southern suburbs such as Rondebosch, Claremont, Constantia (behind the mountain) are also popular and quite expensive. The northern suburbs are the most spread out and range from lower middle class areas like Parow and Bellville to very upmarket areas like Panorama, Plattekloof and Durbanville. Bloubergstrand and Milnerton to the north of Cape Town are also nice areas. Panorama has some of the best views in the suburbs, overlooking all of Cape Town and Table Mountain. Traffic is an important consideration. If you need to be in the city everyday, I would avoid the outlying areas because of traffic congestion. It normally takes 30 minutes to get from Durbanville or Bellville area to Cape Town via the N1, but in peak hours it takes an hour and a half because of congestion. I would not want to be further east than Panorama if I have to drive in to the city everyday. Same with suburbs like Hout Bay or Llandudno to the south - great if you work there, but not great to live there and work in the city.
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