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7/5/2016 19:08 EST

My husband will not stay in US after 2016 elections so I am looking for a country to relocate in. Only concern is health care - we are on Medicare but are both healthy. Advice welcome..

7/5/2016 21:45 EST

I went to Belize to see if I could live there. It was extremely different, but I liked it and could handle it. I actually ate lots of indigenous fruits and got off all the " meds" I was on. If you live i Corozol say, and break a bone, it can be adequately handled. Basic medical care is ok....If one develops something serious that is a whole different ball of wax. Some people go to Mexico to use the hospital.
A question I keep returning to is this. Is the model we have been living under with regarding soc. security, medicade...... going to radically change? Is the whole American experience getting ready to radically change? I really think it could be looming on the horizon. I don't know, maybe I am wrong but I don't think so.....

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7/5/2016 23:39 EST

I can understand frustration with US politics easily enough. My first question, though, is what caused y'all to zero in on Belize? It might make it easier to offer good advice if we have a handle on what makes it attractive to you.

The other thing worth mentioning is that your US Medicare coverage won't pay for medical care in Belize. In order to take advantage of Medicare benefits, you'll need to return to the US. That may not be a deal breaker, since quality medical care can be found in many places for significantly less cost than would be the case NOB. But it needs be said that Belize assuredly is NOT one of those places. Belizean health care is, on the whole, mostly primitive even by typical developing nation standards.

The nearest thing to a saving grace is that quality health care can be had a few hours away in either Mexico or Guatemala. If you're comfortable with the idea of having to be medevaced for anything more serious than a sprained ankle--and some people are--then Belize may be worth a closer look. In that case you'll probably want to spring for an insurance policy that includes medical evacuation coverage.

I can't tell you whether or not Belize would be a good fit for y'all. If you haven't been there before, this might be a good time to fly down for a week and look at a couple of places. The summer is Belize's low season, so the place won't be as overrun with tourists as it will be during the North American winter. The cost of the trip could well be a drop in the bucket compared to the costs if y'all just pull up stakes and head south with little more than a hope and a prayer.

7/6/2016 08:41 EST

Most people seem to get healthier in Belize. Why? You have to do more physical activity just to live and do your day to day. Better, local foods and you get fresher fruits (some vegetables / other vegetables have to come in such as asparagus, etc.). Tropical Fruits are abundant and cheap. There is plenty of hiking, water, etc. so if you're inclined at all to get outside THAT WILL INCREASE. Also, little preservatives, etc. so OF you eat like a local you will be eating better (and the packaged American crap is extra expensive anyway). Meds are cheap (some things that are $400- $500 in the US can be purchased for $30 - $40 but there is a good chance (depending on what you use) that you will use less over time. Like someone else said, basic medical is OK, but you wouldn't want to get surgery there. I tell people, it's good to be in Belize but I don;t want to get old there if things are not good health wise - if you're good with you annual check-up and staying on your meds, then you;re probably fine. If you need to go to the Dr. once monthly to get some sort of medical thing done, it's probably not for you. All depends on your comfort level

7/6/2016 09:54 EST

Curious as to why the US elections has any bearing on your husband's move. If he's afraid of a "Trump's America", yes, I can see that. But, if y'all will be escaping from Hillary's, well, you may be in for a rude awakening in Belize. I don't think the model Trump voter (xenophobe, isolationist, non-humanitarian) fares well here with the local...
Anecdotes have, some similar subject getting his house under construction burned down, near Hopkins. He never built back.

7/6/2016 10:30 EST

We have been visiting Belize for many years scoping out a retirement location. Plenty of possibilies for us. We like Consejo area of Corozal (Mayan Seaside), Placencia/Maya Beach and San Ignacio in Cayo. Obviously pros and cons of each. We are now going to visit the areas 40 miles North of Merida in Yucatan Mexico, on the gulf. I hear great things about them. Google Earth tells a lot. Merida has 800,000 population so health care is covered there. The retirement process is some different but obviously doable as many expats call it home. That is our next stop. Just more research for the right 'feel' of an area. The communities I am talking about are similar to Hopkins and Placencia in appearance, long and narrow with housing on the water and a few blocks back. Only here they go on for what looks like 40 or 50 miles. Just food for thought.

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7/6/2016 10:56 EST

We also looked into Mexico and took a few trips in Mexico (though we have been visiting since I was a child). Our last one was on the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. If you have time since you're going near and around Merida, check out Isla Holbox. Its a small island very similar to Isla Mujeres (near Cancun side) may have been 15 years ago. There are expats there but also a good ratio of locals. We drove from the airport about 2 hours on the highway and parked our car at the port and took the ferry over. The water is beautiful, you can walk out up to waist high in turquoise water. The food was also fantastic and decently priced. Keep in mind your a couple of hours from Merida though. Not sure what you are looking for but if its a beautiful beach, its worth checking this island out.


7/7/2016 06:48 EST

There are a few Belize ex expats who are happier to have crossed the border to Calderitas, Xcalak or Mahaual. Better health care and 30% less expensive. As for the former if you are in perfect physical, emotional addictional and relational health Belize esp Corozal is doable. But accidents happen and the non basic medical system is atrocious to the point of inhumane. The hospitals are dilapidated and those who can afford it seek medical treatment outside of Belize and the unlucky citizens die untimely deaths..

7/7/2016 08:52 EST

Basic medical care is ok in Belize. Leaving the US to live in Belize won't change that you can return to U.S. for major issues. There are policies that cover medical evacuation if needed

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