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2/6/2010 11:39 EST

My husband & I are considering an early retirement in Belize. We are concerned about health care & insurance. Does anyone have any advise on this topic or any advise on moving to Belize

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2/7/2010 09:40 EST

well you have options here in Belize. There are health care facilities situated all over the country and we are bordered by Mexico and Guatemala. Many Belizeans are bi-lingual in Spanish and English and therefore can go to Quintano Roo (Chetumal) Mexico or Guatemala City hospitals if they don't like the service they receive in Belize. However, Belize City does have some very good health care facilities. They have two very good private hospitals that offer excellent care and services and the doctors are professional - Medical Associates and Belize Health Care Partners Ltd. (on a down note, the public hospital sucks!). They have good eye care facilities too, dental, etc. Anything you need and want can be found... its just that you need to know where to look... which is the difficulty for foreigners.
As for insurance. There are many insurance companies - RFG or Sagicore. Sagicore might be best suited for foreigners as the coverage is international and relatively affordable (cheaper than in the States)l. What Belize doesn't have much of is nursing homes for the elderly. Its the culture that the elderly stay home with relatives and are cared for by their family, not put away in institutions.

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