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3/30/2012 04:13 EST

Oh I forgot to ask about the process, difficulty, and fees associated with bringing a pet into Belize. We have a little Yorkie and need to find out what she will need. Thanks so much!

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3/30/2012 06:23 EST

I myself moved to Belize with 10 animals- you will need a permit for your Yorkie from Baja- and a clear bill of health from your Vet before you arrive, within 10 days of traveling to Belize. When you arrive Belize, and show your permit, they will take a look over of your baby- and then you are free to go- no quarantine-
As to ALL you other questions, if you are lookign at Ambergris Caye, I feel you are well served to speak to a Woman named Ann who lives there with her Husband ( and are Expats) who is a Relocation specialist, her email is

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4/1/2012 12:30 EST

Just another quick response on pets. My husband and I also moved our little Schipperke when we moved to Belize. She was 13 at the time. The process of getting through in Belize was pretty easy, as long as you filled out the paperwork ahead of time, and had the proper veterinarian physical exam results when you came.

The thing we found the most difficult was finding an airline to guarantee boarding our little darling. Although only 17 lbs, she was too tall to fit in the cabin with us. At 13, we were very concerned about the stress and the possibility that she would be overheated during flight transitions.

Few airlines will fly your dog in the special baggage compartment now. We flew Continental. But they only would allow us to fly her in the storage space below the plane during the cooler months of the year. So we flew her down in late November.


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4/2/2012 02:32 EST

Thank you so much for the information. My 4 pound Yorkie will/can be brought on the plane as a carry on thank goodness. I would panic like crazy if she had to ride alone. I am glad to see it is fairly non-torture to bring her with us as we would never come without her.

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