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10/21/2012 15:00 EST

hello i am looking for some help i have purchased property out side of corozal town will be building soon my problem how do i make the move.....i will not be taking much just me, my cats, and personal belongings i do not want to drive through mexico (we all know the reason for that) i would like a ship/boat from galveston/houston to either cancun or belize port in belize city i think) but as yet can not find any one who can do that for me any body have anu ideas???? i must travel with cats truck and belongings wil not go seperatly hope some body has some ideas thanks helen allison

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10/22/2012 11:47 EST

We made some calls and the following shipping companies ship from Houston:

Eurocaribe Shipping Services

Seaboard Marine

Belize Ship Handlers

We recommend the following Shipping Company from the U.S. to Belize through Florida:

Hyde Shipping Corporation
10025 N.W. 116th Way, Suite 2
Medley, Florida 33178

(305) 913-4933

When the container arrives in Belize, you will need a customs broker in Belize to clear the container. We would recommend the following broker in Belize:

Milin Gomez


Hope this helps.
Santiago Gomez

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