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arriving in 2018 saying hello

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12/7/2017 11:04 EST

Hi folk,
This is Maria, myself and my hubby moving to Belize. My husband is an experienced pharamcist, me a housewife.

First of all saying hello. Not sure what to expect. Never visited Belize before. I am Spanish and he is Philippines; have 3 children - grownups. Lived in different countries. Only we both coming first, children will join a year later. I am reading various forums. After careful reading - Decided not to bring any vehicle, expensive electronics except one laptop, one camera and 2 smartphones. So our bags contain only clothes and documents only. For now, this is the plan. But have so many questions. Will only ask a few now to save you guys from long list.

1. What documents are required normally? besides passports, IDs, etc. Any medical reports required to enter / get extensions?

2. My husband is vegan, but eats eggs. Is it possible to get fresh vegetables, fruits in Coyo area?

3. Both of us drive, have licenses in Canda and Philippines. But can we manage without any vehicle in Belize for at least 1 year?

4. Is it possible to manage life with bicycles? I really love that option. But want to know how safe it is and what are the distances for basic marketing/ shopping? I may have no problem up to 4 km daily without any complaint. My hubby may cry, but it is his choice to come to Belize!

5. How about milk? is it packaged like in Canada? or in powder form? We love our morning coffee though.

6. What about plain yogurt? is it locally made? any names of products will be of help to me.

Thanks a lot for your patience, but I am really looking for some responses.

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12/7/2017 12:57 EST

With little chance of ever getting a job , how are you going to support yourselves.?

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12/7/2017 15:00 EST

my hubby got 1 year job contract, but asked for additional time up to next year April. But the salary is not high, he just wants to relax a bit from busy life from Calgary. Clearly we want to manage ourselves with minimal budgets

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12/7/2017 20:57 EST

First, check if you need visas (depends on your passport nationality). US/Canadian/UK passport holders do not. I don't know about other countries specifically. You get a tourist visa on entering country, which is up to 30 days. Renewable in country. If your husband is working, he should have a work permit, which his employer should have applied for.

Yes, there are fresh fruits and vegetables. Not the same and less variety as you would get in a Canadian superstore.

Can you manage without a vehicle? Many people do. Depends on how far from a town you live. Lots of bike riding (although San Ignacio does have some steep hills!)

Milk is fresh or long-life cartons - your choice. There are also a few places that provide unpasteurized milk. Yogurt is made locally. Western Dairies is the 'big' provider, however there are small producers who (in my opinion) produce a better product, especially for yogurt. Depends on where you live as to what's available. Have a look at a webpage for 'Shoots Alive' for some different and interesting products available. They are based in Cayo.

A lot will become clear when you get here, but good for you for starting to ask. Also have a look at the facebook pages for Cayo if that's where you'll be living.

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12/9/2017 20:39 EST

Yes, I think I will be knowing many things after reaching there. But thanks for the info. Good

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