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Mar 27, 2013 12:25

Someof thismis factually incorrect report and bordering on racist. Some of the highest IB grades in HCMC, in the last two years, have come out of this school. Not many Western expats but very good academic standards.

Mar 28, 2013 07:10

There is new management in the school, new Primary and Secondary Heads, New Principle. All very experienced. The article above is incorrect, renaissance does not and never has claimed to be a British School. It is an International British School. The big difference being that its quality is endorsed by the IBO , RoundSquare, Cambridge and the forthcoming CIS inspection. British Schools do OFSTED. OFSTED is a tool for monitoring state schools in the UK. OFSTED assessed teachers work under pressure and play safe with lessons. OFSTED in any international school is designed in advance by the requesting school, internationally it is more valueable as a marketing tool. It certainly is not a school improvement device. If a non - British School is doing OFSTED find out what THEY asked OFSTED to look for. Then be sensible enough to watch how well they use the sentence or two found in the "report" they designed and bought. A good earner for the private consultant "OFSTED" people. My (western) children go to Renaissance to learn, not work, with other international students in a creativity rich, family supportive environment. They love it. They love all their teachers. The School was never as bad as the review above paints but it is certainly improving. The competition for IB places exists because students know they will get excellent personalised learning and mentor type guidance from all subject teachers. No school in HCM offers a curriculum lead by creativity and inspiration such as Renaissance. And let me tell you something else, I also teach here. In a medium sized school like Renaissance news travels fast internally. The comment about being taught the wrong curriculum is absolutely slanderous and smacks of sabbotage. I would have rather just have been reading this page out of the curiosity that brought me here but that comment forced this immediate response. The best bet for parents thinking about Renaissance is to come along to one of our many social events and see exactly the warmth of the place and the happy faces of all the children. There are strong parent groups who give their time and patience to all nationalities too and parents are beoming more and more involved in supporting family/school events. Renaissance is on the up and will become one of the top 3 schools in Vietnam, if it is not there already. Any doubters to this should come along like I say, look at the curriculum and ask yourself are the graduates coming out of Renaissance ready for the new age of employability such as demanded by Google. This is a true international school creating renaissance thinkers, givers and dooers.

Mar 28, 2013 11:56

What ridiculous comments from an admittedly bittER reporter. If an individual teacher mistakes a curriculum document then you should not tarnish a k1 -12 whole school with your fury. For a start id be asking why the exam board did not pick that up. Renaissance is where my two , western, childRen go. It is a brilliant school. Based on the creativity and personalised learning focus it is one of the top 3 schools in vietnam. If not top 3 it will be soon enough. New management, most invested into. Teachers who both my children love, and an excellent socially engaged and supportive community.

Aug 31, 2013 06:55

I have been a parent at RENAISSANCE for 5 years and have 3 children in the school, and I can say it has been a great school for my children. They are happy and positive about their days and really love their teachers. RENAISSANCE has a very good reputation amongst the families I have spoken to (especially those of us who have been here since it was opened by Prince Andrew). My son’s recent IGCSE results were great, as was the whole grades, I know many parents are impressed and satisfied, over 100 A’s and A*s when you add them all up. Don’t let comments like the above, which are just lies stop you from thinking about RENAISSANCE, the curriculum is one of its greatest strengths. The EYFS and Primary programs are creative and enjoyable for all learners, my Daughter really loves her IPC units, especially the famous people unit ? She loved dressing up and learning about her idols. As said above the IGCSE results were amazing we couldn’t be happier as parents with those results, did your “new” school get such? I don’t think so! Our son is now starting the IB programme, we couldn’t be happier with how RENAISSANCE has handled the transition. He was nervous and worried about what was coming, but the supportive staff and prep work has helped ease him in. The list of universities that past graduates have attended is fantastic, really puts my mind at ease. What do I like about the school? Location!!! Close to home and work in Phu My Hung, means less travel and more time together, besides who doesn’t love Phu My Hung? We don’t have to worry about issues other schools have faced such as drugs and alcohol and nonsense like that. I know they are in a safe and supportive environment free of dramas, working hard to achieve the best results. If I was to say anything negative it would be that traffic can be bad during pickup and drop off, but where in HCM is Traffic not bad ? The facilities are what make RENAISSANCE shine the most, if you haven’t seen the gymnasium you must! It’s the largest most equipped Gymnasium I have seen in HCMC, even other International schools use it for their sports ? there is an indoor heated swimming pool for sports as well as an infant’s swimming pool for EYFS, a playground and football field, modern canteen (with healthy food I might add not fast food rubbish masked as “sandwiches”) and a theater for productions and assemblies. The theater has comfortable seats and a great stage and lighting system, I loved watching our children’s productions last year especially Hunch Back! I hope my comments reflect my love of my children’s school, it really is the best decision I made, I do not know why people waste their time writing negative lies like above, just crazy!

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