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What would it take to be an Art Teacher in Canada

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9/22/2017 09:55 EST

Hello, Robert again. I wanted to ask if anyone knew what it was like being an art teacher in Canada, and if it was the right career path for me to decide on. I personally feel I have a lot of charisma, and I have grown used to socializing. I also feel that I have a good announcing voice and do know quite a bit about the art industry, as well as being able to lead and properly direct people. I also do have some ways I would go about teaching potential students as well, and I can also give constructive criticism on my and other people's artwork.

Though I don't believe I know much about the two degrees that are required for me to apply to this career. The "Baccalaureate Degree" and "Licenciatura Degree". Can anyone inform me more on these degrees, and how I should go about attaining them?

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9/23/2017 15:23 EST

A baccalaureate is simply an undergraduate degree. You probably call it a bachelor's degree where you are.

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9/25/2017 15:07 EST

Oh I see. From what it seems I would qualify as a good teacher by getting my associates and bachelors. I'll see what else can be done, thank!

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10/16/2017 12:10 EST

Unfortunately, there seem to be very few teaching jobs available in Ontario, Canada.

Many newly trained Canadian teachers are getting jobs in other countries, such as the UK, on five year contracts.

A safer way, might be to apply first, and then move, once you have been offered a teaching job, rather than moving to Canada first and then trying to get a teaching job.

Good luck!

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10/17/2017 08:47 EST

I would also advice to apply for a job at first and then to move to a new place. One of my friends did exactly this way.

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10/19/2017 13:44 EST

Hey, a little update on my current search. Thank you both for the insight on how I could get into the teaching field.
But I sadly have to present the news that I...honestly don't know what field I could use to become eligible for a VISA.

Essentially, the kind of job I am looking for is one that hopefully isn't too time consuming and at least somewhat flexible. I ask this as I am trying to maintain my art career along with finding a proper job, and hope to continue my art career once I finally break into the field.

However, I just need a job that isn't super demanding as of right now, and is willing to negotiate in case something is to come up or if I was to move somewhere else in Canada,

As of current, I am looking into the copy-writing field as well, but don't really know how to exactly...look into it. So I have managed to get myself pretty tangled in terms of finding things out.

Any way I could better research work fields, or how I should start getting into those fields?

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10/19/2017 14:22 EST

A NO BRAINER JOB where you can work flexable hours and do something else is SECURITY.
PAYS about C$15hr and you control how many hours you work.
Only need to take a week long class in the state where you are (not transferrable) then take the exam and pay for the license.
You might also work in a grocery store too, pays decent, at least as much as security, always looking for people.
LOOK on craigslist Canada or state work websites.

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