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Expat Finance

Expat tax and finance are all daunting issues for new expats.

Expat Tax & Overseas Tax

Expat tax is one of the most important aspects of managing one's finances after a move abroad. Do not neglect offshore tax issues or wait until the last minute to explore the financial implications of international living. The articles below will help you start your research into expat taxes.

Expat Tax -- Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About FBAR!

With the FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Report) deadline approaching and many expats unaware of whether or not they need to file, take a closer look at the filing requirements and how exactly it is done.

Expat Taxes -- 5 Things About Expat Taxes

Greenback Tax Services helps you explore expat taxes and some of the most important things you don't know about the financial implications of living abroad.

Expat Tax -- Preparing to File your US Expat Tax Return Now = Less Hassle Later!

It's the time of the year most US citizens dread--tax time. US expats around the world shudder even more than US residents due to the complicated and oftentimes confusing process of filing US expat taxes. But it doesn't have to be this way! Preparation is the key.

Expat Finance & Offshore Investment

Expat finance requires proper research while living overseas. Expats are often exposed to offshore investment opportunities not available at home. The articles in this section provides basic overseas finance information to consider while living abroad.

Are You Financially Ready to Live Abroad? -- 7 Financial Tips To Help You Live A Global Lifestyle

Whatever your reasons for wanting to live overseas and enjoy a global lifestyle, one thing you can still count on, is that you will have to manage your finances. Lisa R. Mitchell discusses financial tips for expats.

Managing Currency Risk -- Practical Guide to Building a Globally Diversified, Multi-currency Investment Portfolio

David Kuenzi explains how to properly incorporate currency considerations into a sound, long-term investment strategy is much easier than commonly understood.

Managing Currency Risk -- As an American Abroad, In What Currency Should I Save and Invest?

Kuenzi explains the complex concept of "currency risk" that often clouds investment and financial planning decisions for Americans abroad.

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