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Expat Healthcare & Health Insurance in Coranado, Panama

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An expat in Coronado, Panama offers candid advice about the healthcare system and health insurance options for expats in Coronado. She discusses issues that she and her husband have had with Tricare being accepted, having to pay cash at the hospital for emergency surgery and more.


Expat Healthcare Advice for Coranado

It is not like others want you to believe. It is not up to US standards. The one private hospital wants you to believe they are part of the Johns Hopkins network and they are not. Clinics are often store fronts, crowded and dirty. Equipment is old.

Emergency Medical Care in Coranado

Private hospital is one hour away and forget any ambulance services. We had an emergency (needed surgery) and we almost lost the life of my husband.

Expat Health Insurance

Choosing an expat health insurance provider is an important decision for expats in Panama. Take a minute to get a quote from our trusted expat health insurance partner, CIGNA. Sponsored by CIGNA.

Quality of Healthcare in Surrounding Area

You must go to Panama City an hour away and you must have Cash! No one will take insurance and treat you. Credit cards are not accepted nor are checks. All care even surgery must be paid for before any care is given. They will refuse care and put you on the street regardless of your condition.

Prescription Medicines

No the only pain Meds are Tylenol or OxyContin. Only pain specialists can prescribe. Some cardiac Meds are not available and you must mail order them (if this is part of your prescription plan.)

Expat Health Insurance in Panama

Health insurance is not accepted by providers of care. Have Tricare which is military insurance world wide and is part of the Hopkins network so we thought the private hospital that says they are part of Hopkins would accept it. We were sadly mistaken and had the worst experience of our life. If you compare US costs and Panama cost, yes, it is less expensive. But, it is still expensive if you have to pay for surgery before any care is rendered.


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