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Abingdon, Spain

1 Bedroom / 1 Bath


Price: 1,100 EUR per Month

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The Historical Penthouse Because you're at the top but with classic touches Will I like it here? Yes. This is a beautiful 5th floor property with access to a terrace in the heart of Madrid. Really? Tell me more... You will love that you get the charm of Madrid with the modern amenities you need. The bedroom is perfect for relaxing, and you have a great living/dining area. We think the apartment is perfect for couples and professional who want to live in a modern property in the center. Give me 1 more reason to live here... - We actually can't decide. We love the location and the terrace. But you need to know this... We haven't visited this place ... yet. We send Homecheckers to visit every apartment on Spotahome, so come back soon for a guided tour plus 360° and HD photos.

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