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8/5/2016 06:37 EST

Hi, I am writing this for a friend of mine Veronica. She is based Mumbai, India. She has 13 years of experience working as Maid/ Nanny /Housekeeper with expats based in Mumbai. She has worked with a German family for 7 years, a Candian family for 3 years and a British family for 3 years. She can work part time or full time(staying in your house). She is very honest and hard working. You can contact her on +91-7385844640. She speaks good English.

8/22/2016 23:33 EST


There might be a possibility that we will be moving to Mumbai in the next couple of months. I would be looking for a full time maid probably live in but flexible. i have kept Veronica's number & will give her a call once my husband is fixed on the new job location. Thank you

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