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Satellite internet service provider in Penonome

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8/12/2019 14:42 EST

We have a home in an area that does not have internet cable service. Does anyone know of a satellite provider that also provides internet?

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8/12/2019 21:44 EST

I use Antensa y Systemas out of Panama City. There customer service is excellent. the internet speed is slow and very expensive. It is affected somewhat by the weather. however, you can get internet for basic functions like banking, email, online shopping surfing the web and so forth. It is an alternative to having no internet service at all.

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8/14/2019 06:28 EST

HI JAzzman

Do you have cellphone service? - if you do and your phone also has internet - you can link it to a laptop (depending on the population denisty they may have rolled out a tower for celluilar comms.)

Insofar as Satellite connections go - we've used this is jungles etc - but only for short bursts - sending and recieving. As stated in another post here - it's expensive - the other issue is heavy rain which can efect the quality of the service.

BE careful when signing a contract and insist on a 30 day trial before committing to a ONE YEAR contract. Test it first to see if it meets you expecations / cost / benefit.

good luck

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8/14/2019 12:48 EST

we Access Wi-Fi on our cell phones through the Wi-Fi router connected to the satellite dish. We also have an internet phone service connected via wire to the router. The slow upload speed makes conversations difficult occasionally. the cell phone reception in the area of our house on the beach is poor so we bought a cell phone booster on Amazon now it is good. When I get the antenna a little higher it will be great. Curiously, there is cell reception up and down the beach from us. If you plan to own beachfront for under 1/2 million dollars you are going to have some issues with internet.

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8/14/2019 16:52 EST

What cell phone booster did you buy? I would be really interested in how many bars of improvement you got.

Ironically I was just shopping today for one but I wanted to make sure it would work in Panama as these things are very country specific.

According to my info the GSM (ie 3G) signals in Panama are 850Mhz and 1900Mhz.

The faster LTE signals are 700Mhz Band B. Only Panama and Australia use this specific frequency.

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