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Healthcare in Panama > Nueva Gorgona, Panama

Expat Healthcare & Health Insurance in Nueva Gorgona, Panama

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An expat in Nueva Gorgona, Panama talks about health care services, health insurance, the cost of prescription meds, English-speaking doctors in Panama and more.


Expat Healthcare Advice for Nueva Gorgona

Don't be afraid. Many doctors speak some English and the care is excellent. We never had to wait for service and we're always treated great.

Emergency Medical Care in Nueva Gorgona

The San Fernando Clinic is an emergency clinic about 10 minutes from us. My husband got 14 stitches there once and it was as good an experience as it could be. The whole visit plus follow up was $135. Can't imagine how much it would have been in the US. I went to the emergency room at the San Carlos Social Security hospital once with severe back pain that turned out to be sciatica. I saw a doctor, got X-rays which were given to me on a cd and had two IV pain medicine treatments. All for $31 and no waiting. I was very happy with the service and how I was treated.

Expat Health Insurance

Choosing an expat health insurance provider is an important decision for expats in Panama. Take a minute to get a quote from our trusted expat health insurance partner, CIGNA. Sponsored by CIGNA.

Quality of Healthcare in Surrounding Area

I am right now looking into cataract surgery and will be seeing a specialist in La Chorrera.

Prescription Medicines

We are able to get our prescriptions at any pharmacy without a written prescription. We still get most of our drugs in he US because we have insurance but if we did not have insurance they would be cheaper in Panama.

Expat Health Insurance in Panama

We don't have insurance in Panama because we are in good health and healthcare is so affordable we don't feel the need for insurance. Since it is part of my retirement benefit, we still have insurance in the US however the cataract surgery I am looking into might well be less expensive in Panama without insurance than in the US with copays so I am in the process of comparing this.


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Expatriate Health Insurance

Get a quote for expat health insurance in Panama from our partner, Cigna Global Health.
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8 Important Tips about Healthcare and Health Insurance in Panama

Expats in Panama offer 8 important tips about healthcare and health insurance in Panama. While the quality of healthcare varies, there are world class doctors and facilities throughout Panama. Health insurance is much less expensive in Panama. Doctors visits (with and without insurance) are very affordable. The one negative seems to be that medications can be more expensive that in the U.S. Despite these pros and cons, many expats mentioned that people have healthier lifestyles in Panama - cleaner air, cleaner water, fresh produce and less stress.

Expats in Panama offer 8 important tips about healthcare and health insurance in Panama. While the quality of healthcare varies, there are world class doctors and facilities throughout Panama. Healt...

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