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Expat Health Insurance & Healthcare Guide to Vietnam

Expats share their experiences with healthcare and expat health insurance in Vietnam.

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Expat Health Insurance & Medical Care

Expat Health Insurance and Healthcare in Da Nang, Vietnam


An expat in Da Nang offers a tip about the availability of prescription medicine.

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Expat Health Insurance & Medical Care

5 Health Insurance & Healthcare Tips for Expats in Da Nang


An expat in Da Nang talks about the quality of healthcare and proximity to hospitals in Da Nang. She talks about numerous hospitals in the city, how some expats travel to Bangkok for specialized care and health insurance for expats in Vietnam.

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Having a Baby in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

My wife and I used Franco-Vietnamese Hospital for pre-natal examinations, the cesarean section and infant follow-ups. My wife was provided all the tests, and then some, that were included in the pre-nat package. Everything was explained to us in Vietnamese and English. We had one ob-gyn throughout the process and he performed the c-section, as well.

The c-section began on time and except for our daughter deciding to shift from the head down position to transverse during the procedure, everything went according to the plan. My wife requested additional pain meds. The surgical nurse was quick to push the med directly into the point at the wrist.

I (husband) have had to use FVH for an emergency several years ago. We trust FVH.

My wife and daughter spent 5 days in the hospital. Nursing staff were professional, courteous and friendly. The insurance department was very cooperative.

Having a Baby in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

An expat in Ho Chi Minh City offers candid advice and an honest account of the prenatal care that his wife received while living in Ho Chi Minh City.

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