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Western food market in New Delhi

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9/23/2009 01:05 EST

I will be moving to New Delhi with my family very soon. We will be living in New Delhi for more than a year. I am afraid but we find Indian food extremely spicy. So I am interested in knowing if there are any supermarkets which sell American or European food products. Does any body have any information. Please help !!!

9/23/2009 06:55 EST

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9/26/2009 21:24 EST

I understand your concern - we lived in India with three kids who mostly wouldn't eat Indian food. I don't know the specific stores in New Delhi, but all large Indian cities have markets that sell international groceries, and the grocery sections in department stores now offer some western groceries and many Indian-produced products that are similar to western groceries. In New Delhi, you will also be able to find many restaurants that offer pizza, pasta, fast food, etc. They won't be exactly like what you're used to at home, but they will provide an alternative to spicy Indian food. You'll also find some common Indian foods that aren't too spicy that you and your kids may develop a taste for - rice & dal, breads, masala dosa, lassi, etc.

We found we shifted our diet over to more fresh foods and less packaged foods. Fruits and vegetables are plentiful and inexpensive, especially compared to international groceries! We hired a cook/housekeeper who did most of our marketing and cooked Indian dishes with very mild seasonings and simple American food for our kids. She had worked for another expat family, and was quite creative about finding food that even our pickiest eater would enjoy, such as crepes and fruit milk shakes.

We did find that we needed to bring a few items that we never found in India: a salad spinner, pie dish, muffin tins, American measuring spoons & cups (for American recipes), and a coffee-making system that didn't need electricity (e.g., french press or filter cone), for the many mornings when the power was out.

9/27/2009 01:38 EST

Thank you so much for your advise. Like you suggested, I will try to find and cook dishes which are mild for my little ones. It is certainly going to be a huge eating shock for them. I will keep you updated on how we do. I have one more question for you. Do they sell beef or pork in Delhi and. My family love their beef and pork. Thank you

9/27/2009 09:35 EST

Well, I guess I would say that this would be a good year to broaden your children's tastes to include chicken and vegetarian options! I heard once that it's possible, but not easy, to find beef or pork in New Delhi, in markets serving the Christian population. Even if you are able to find it, you will likely not find it in the forms you are used to. If meat is a big part of your diet, you should specifically look for a Christian cook who is comfortable cooking meat.

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