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property in EcuadorThis beautiful river spot is all you need to retire in paradise.Grow all the food you want with the rich black soil of this land.Sleep in paradise with the sound of the river
Silverwater replied to the thread Storage In Ecuador? on the Ecuador forum on January 21, 2015:
southamericanlife initially posted:
Does anyone currently in Ecuador know of a bodega/storage in the areas of Manta, Portoviejo or Guayaquil? I expect I need a secure bodega the size of a 20 foot shipping container. Thanks. SAL
Silverwater replied on January 24, 2015 with:
Im sorry. That should have been CityBox
Silverwater replied on January 24, 2015 with:
There is modern storage facility called VityBox in Guayaquil. It is close to the airpirt and has individual units of various sizes.
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DocStJohn replied to the thread Making Choices on the Ecuador forum on January 21, 2015:
EcuadorHereWeCome initially posted:
My husband and I are thinking about moving to Ecuador. We have narrowed it down to either Quito, Cuenca or Guayaquil (I think). Things we need to consider - I cannot handle humidity and he has COPD. Have we made good choices or should we consider elsewhere? We are planning on a vacation to research area and would like to know what is the best time to arrive? After we answer these questions I will be asking more. Thanks for your input.
DocStJohn replied on January 22, 2015 with:
From my Pulmonary MD to me: Moving from sealevel to 8500ft, (Cuenca), can be fatal for those who have Pulmonary problems such as Congestive Heart, COPD, and other Heart/Lung problems. The strain on the heart due to lack of O2 at the altitude of Cuenca is far greater to those moving from a life at sea level. My specialists choice to me was: stay here in Cuenca for another year and have a great risk of dying or, move to sea level and live a long healthy life. I suggest you check out your idea to move to that great an altitude with someone beside those who have unprofessional but well intentioned advise here on this forum. Check with a specialist and live knowing the truth about your husbands actual gamble with his health. Without adequate O2 take up in the body, other problems may begin to surface. When was his last INR to check for clotting time? Clots cause Strokes which most times are "Good-Bye" tickets. With Good Intentions,..Doc
jcassidymt replied on January 22, 2015 with:
Your situation sounds much like mine. My husband has COPD, we are from Montana, probably around 5000 ft elevation. We have been in San Francisco, CA area for 8 years. The weather here is perfect, it is at sea level. When we return to Montana to visit family, my husband has trouble breathing. I don't know if he would acclimate to the climate or not as we have never stay over 2 weeks, he gets nauseated and has Head aches. So for us I am concerned about altitude and the proximity to health care for him. We would also like to move to Latin America afraid to make the jump. Good luck to you
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kbrid replied to the thread Travel from cotacachi ti Quito airport on the Ecuador forum on January 21, 2015:
Irisdarling initially posted:
What is the best way to get to airport from cotacachi . And does anyone have recommendations for English speaking drivers in the area. Our plans are to be at quito airport at 6 a m on 1/28/15 but want yo see a bit of this area before leaving. Thanks. Hugh and I ris darling
kbrid replied on January 22, 2015 with:
I would try Richard Phone: 0981839006. He speaks enough english and is very reliable
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread Acquiring FBI record from Ecuador on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on January 21, 2015:
Jessica2000 initially posted:
Hi! We are family of 4 from US currently living in Quito. We are applying for permanent residency in Canada and we need to acquire FBI record and submit it to Canadian immigration office in Canada. From what I found out so far we need to get the finger prints taken by a local police office or authorized party and send them to FBI. I called the Canadian embassy but they don't know where or how to do that. Calling police department hasn't really been helpful either and I am starting to get a little desperate... Does anyone have any experience with that in Quito? If you could share your knowledge I would really appreciate it. Thank you! m
OceanHideaway replied on January 22, 2015 with:
That was where I misread as well...they Are US citizens in Ecuador heading to FBI check to Canada is what they needed.. but doing it from Ecuador where they are located now.
eper090643 replied on January 22, 2015 with:
You will probably have to go through the NWMP to get what you need. The FBI in the U.S. will only verify U.S. Citizens. The new FBI requirements are for US citizens. Check with your Citizen Services dept at YOUR Embassy or Consulate.
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread Cosmetic Surgery on the Ecuador forum on January 20, 2015:
ditzy1 initially posted:
I hope to visit Ecuador in the next few months and am interested in getting a mini-face and neck lift as well as having my arm wings removed and am wondering if anyone has any advise. The posts here seem to all be quite old and finding good info online is difficult. How does one rate a surgeon other than by word of mouth.
OceanHideaway replied on January 22, 2015 with:
As in the USA, there are good doctors and bad doctors. It takes more research than a recommendation from strangers on an internet site. It takes meeting and communicating with doctors and with people who have used that doctor to see if it is the person you want cutting into your flesh and reassembling you and that the results will be as promised. That type of communication is hard enough in English for most people. How well do you speak Spanish is an important question. You also may want to read about the the 19 year old beauty pageant queen who died from liposuction cosmetic procedure in Guayaquil-Duran just a couple of weeks ago. She had very minimally invasive surgery and she was very tiny...
ditzy1 replied on January 20, 2015 with:
Thank you for your tip. Will follow up on that.
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nsivers posted Traveler's Debit Card on the Ecuador forum on January 20, 2015:
Hello. I was wondering if anyone knows if and where it's possible to purchase a reloadable traveler's debit card in Quito?
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ChiefKemosabe replied to the thread is it legal to use a copy of Ecuadorian driver's license on the Ecuador forum on January 20, 2015:
Rebe initially posted:
We were given a ticket by a transito cop because we had a copy of a current legal Ecuadorian driver's license and did not have the original with us. The cop also refused to return the "copy" driver's license. We have read and been told that it is legal to use a copy, and actually better because there are cases where cops hold the original and demand a "ransom". Does anyone know if you must carry the original or not? Who do we contact if the cop was not acting in accordance with the law?
ChiefKemosabe replied on January 25, 2015 with:
Not so. Third world is a political term used during the cold war. First world = US and their allies. Second world = Soviet Unions and their allies. Third World = everyone else.
Rebe replied on January 24, 2015 with:
Thanks for all of the feedback. We (gringos in the area) were told by a lawyer that a copy is legal and best to carry. I will contact the lawyer and find out what he says about our incident. Note that we have had this issue before in Libertad but after a bit of an argument, the cop said OK and let us go. He may have wanted a bribe... There was no way to bribe these guys (yes, after 3 years here we understand that system). There were too many and they were all writing tickets as fast as they could for anyone they stopped. I will post the end results after we deal with this next week.
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Hwy101 replied to the thread Crucita on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on January 20, 2015:
wmcelven initially posted:
Looking for a condo or small house on or near beach in the $50-60K range near Crucita. Appreciate any help/
Hwy101 replied on January 22, 2015 with:
Cody, email coming...
cody32 replied on January 22, 2015 with:
Sorry spelled it wrong it is "gmail"
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windshadow replied to the thread Cuenca areas on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on January 20, 2015:
Jim123 initially posted:
Please tell us what areas are desirable to live. Safety, shopping, Up-scale, Old Town, New Town, vicinity to (new) rail system. Thanks for your replies. Please use rough outline like, North side, East, South, West side and perhaps major road intersections that can be looked up in Google earth. Of course coordinates will really do the trick. Thanks a lot.
windshadow replied on January 20, 2015 with:
It might narrow things down a bit if you were to describe what you are looking for. All the areas are perfect for someone.
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