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monell posted SS and SSI on the Ecuador forum on November 23, 2014:
I am 3 and drawing SS. My granddaighter whom I raise is on SSI Does SSI continue in Equador?
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lional replied to the thread Touring Quito and Cuenca on the Ecuador forum on November 23, 2014:
iamrich initially posted:
My wife and I will be coming to Ecuador for our first time at the end of March/beginning of April and will be spending about 5 days in Quito and 5 days in Cuenca (including the surrounding area). We would love to find a way to meet with some individuals with an interest in promoting Ecuador to my wife and I who are in our 60's (no zip lines or parasailing into an active volcano). We are bird watchers, nature lovers, photographers that love beautiful scenery and we love to eat. If we could find someone with like interests that we could cover their expenses and would be willing to give a personal view of these cities would be ideal. We would even be interested in some land day tour packages to show us the highlights of the country. We usually do not like these since there is alway an ulterior motive where they take you to places that are touristy and the tour operator gets a kickback. We much prefer seeing the real people. Please provide some suggestions.
lional replied 1 hour ago with:
And in addition to the bird watching (which is spectacular), you will be officially in the Amazon Jungle.
AmyF replied 1 hour ago with:
When you are in Quito an excellent day trip (2 hours away) is to go to Mindo (the best birdwatching and nature!).
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casadecuenca replied to the thread TRICARE FOR LIFE on the Ecuador forum:
TONSKIP initially posted:
I just received my first Social Security check today, (DON'T all cheer at once) and now officially come under TRICARE FOR LIVE rather than TRICARE PRIME. My question: I know that TRICARE FOR LIFE works in EC, but HOW!!!!!!! Sure would appreciate any input from other military retirees on this subject. THANKS, Skip
casadecuenca replied 9 hours ago with:
As a follow up, the VA puts a copy of the prescription in every shipment and that is all customs wants to see. When I lived in Florida, we purchased prescription drugs from an online pharmacy; Planet Drugs Direct, who ship all over the world and they put the prescription in the package as well.
casadecuenca replied 9 hours ago with:
Susan, that is absolutely untrue, there are no extra charges for Category E Medical needs. We have received 3 shipments from the VA in as many weeks using TransExpress with only the shipping charges, which for prescriptions are usually only $11.00. Furthermore, you do NOT need any documents from an Ecuadorian doctor, a prescription from a doctor where you formerly lived or the VA is all that is needed. We just went through that with customs in Guayaquil and they don't require a second opinion on your medical needs.
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ChiefKemosabe replied to the thread Metal working tools and supplies? on the Ecuador forum on November 22, 2014:
fzrdiva initially posted:
My husband has been welding some sculptures for his hobby and has to decide whether to start from scratch or bring some of his tools. We will be staring out in Cuenca unless another city grabs hold of us. Have you seen tig welders, drill presses, compressors, argon gas supply, and stores that sell stainless steel rods? If so, what kinds of pricing have you noticed? What about any metal recycling places? Thanks a bunch! We really appreciate your help!
ChiefKemosabe replied on November 22, 2014 with:
Metal working / welding seems to be the National Pastime for many Ecuadorians.
boatmax replied on November 21, 2014 with:
I know a metal sculptured in Tonsupa. He does the most fantastic sculptures that I have ever seen. They are of polished stainless steel with cloister colors, and he ships.most to the US to be sold there for.big bucks, through a dealer. His wife is the.manager of all 30 employees at Playa Almendro Resort, and her name is Pauline. So yes all need is available.
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fzrdiva replied to the thread Has anyone actually shipped a car to Ecuador from US? on the Ecuador forum on November 22, 2014:
fzrdiva initially posted:
We are planning our move for March/April of 2015 and need to get some nitty gritty info from people who have done this before. So any personal experiences would be greatly appreciated. If you shipped a car, was it more hassle than it was worth? What was the value of the vehicle and the fees for importing it? What company did you use? Thanks a bunch!
fzrdiva replied on November 22, 2014 with:
Thank you, very helpful information.
iguanab1 replied on November 22, 2014 with:
fzrdiva, I can only speak to my experiences from having worked abroad in other countries, but US income tax is not placed on foreign income unless it is over $97,600. Anything above this is taxable. Also, all income abroad must be filed with the IRS even if it isn't taxable.
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schatzebar replied to the thread Visas on the Ecuador forum on November 22, 2014:
schatzebar initially posted:
We got our investor's visas on 06 March 2013. Did not get our cedulas until 16 March 2013. When can we legally leave Ecuador in order to fulfill our visa requirement for the first two years? Is it the date of the visa or the date of the cedula? Thanks.
schatzebar replied on November 22, 2014 with:
I put the wrong date for the cedula in my last post. Date of cedula is 16 March. Thanks.
schatzebar replied on November 22, 2014 with:
Thanks Ocean Hideaway for your response. I understand the time out of country. Just need to confirm that we can LEAVE Ecuador after 06 March 2015 (which is the date on our visas) and don't have to wait until 06 March 2015 (date on cedula). Trying to make it to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day and if we have to wait until 06 March 2015, we will miss St. Paddy's Day!!! Thanks, all!
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HomeSweetEcuador replied to the thread Living in Manta? on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on November 22, 2014:
thebackdoctor initially posted:
I have seen very little mentioned about Manta and would like to get some opinions. I have done some research and it sounds like a good place to settle. I would like to here from anyone who actually lives there and even those that have put in some time on vacation or exploration. Don't be afraid to mention the negatives, that's something I want to know about. Also, I already know coming and seeing for myself is the best thing so we can skip over that. Thanks in advance.
HomeSweetEcuador replied on November 22, 2014 with:
My husband and I have lived in Manta for two years. We like it here and plan to stay. We love the weather and the people are great. We also have a great expat community. Negatives: it can be noisy, there aren't a lot of cultural events, I think it may be a little more expensive to live here. Anyway if you come for a visit, let us know. We would love to meet you.
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread US senior, low income, high hopes for Ecuador life on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum:
frantegus initially posted:
I'd like to exchange ideas/plans with another over-educated, under-financed "retiree." My aim is to locate an inexpensive rental in a village/small town--I'm looking for quiet, clean air, clean water. All else negotiable. Can't spend a fortune on travel to find this, so any information on likely spots would be so helpful. My Spanish is rusty but can be revived. Mountain setting first choice, but love the ocean, too.
OceanHideaway replied on November 22, 2014 with:
Yeah I came here 6 years + with 2 big suitcases, an over the shoulder bag and a big crate with a boxer named Poochie. Landed here in Anconcito. Poochie left me for Olam Haba on Sept 30 of last year. It's been a heck of a ride so far... I live near Salinas.
jkjoking13 replied on November 21, 2014 with:
We (2 adults, 1 sm dog) moved to Salinas 15 months ago with 5 suitcases, knowing if we didn't like it we could try somewhere else or go back to US. We live on SS only. It's worked out very well for us and we currently have no desire to move back. Be sure to have money avail to go back for emergency or something. We will be moving to Cuenca soon with plans to stay at least a year. Then, who knows? Manta, Oton, Ballenita?? Need to be flexible, free spirited and the fewer permanent ties to US the better (my opinion only). With wifi and skype communication is easy. Life is easier, slower and relaxed or if you want join a bunch of groups and be busy all the time. Noise? Don't look for too much quiet because EC is not quiet in the populated areas. Good luck with your choice.
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Tambopaxi replied to the thread cashierschecks on the Ecuador forum on November 22, 2014:
tomb215 initially posted:
In order to start the renewal process for a passport while living in Cuenca, when the folks from the U.S. Consulate General's office in Guayaquil visit here, I have to get a cashiers check [and only a cashiers check] for the the renewal fee. This cannot be drawn from anywhere except a bank and I'm finding they are only issued from a bank you have an account with. We have our savings with a Cooperativa. Does anyone know of a bank in Cuenca where you can walk in with cash,and buy a cashiers check? If there is no such thing in Ecuador then I suppose I will have to make, hopefully only two more trips to Guayaqui, to complete the process there.
Tambopaxi replied on November 22, 2014 with:
I re-newed my passport this past June in Quito with the Consulate here (and physically at the Consulate) and I paid for the new passport in cash ($140.00). I assume you need a cashier's check because you're trying to do it with a GYE Consulate team in Cuenca? Also, keep in mind as someone else said (I think it was SWIRLZ) that you'll need to transfer your resident visa to your new passport, which is almost like getting a new visa...
OceanHideaway replied on November 22, 2014 with:
You should have no problem requesting a Cashiers Check from your Cooperativo. A Cooperativo is a form of financial institution which can provide a financial instrument of this sort required. Be sure to have: All the funds you need either in your hand or available in your account. Proof that you are the holder of your account and have access to it ...They will need to see the account number to access it on their computer. A statement should be fine. Your Passport (so they can copy all information exactly as it appears) The exact amount to the penny! for the amount necessary The exact wording to whom to make the check PAY TO THE ORDER OF: That should be all you need! Check back and let us know how it goes for you!
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread Poisonous Snakes and Wild Dogs and Dengue Fever on the Ecuador forum on November 22, 2014:
ActionMgt initially posted:
My husband and I would love to move to Ecuador in the next few years but have some reservations because we have two small Chihuahuas. Does anybody know of an area that we can live in Ecuador that doesn't have poisonous snakes, wild dogs, or the possibility of catching Dengue Fever? I currently live in Florida and know that certain conditions depend on just where you live and was wondering if there was anyplace in Ecuador that wasn't TOO COLD and DAMP that we could live without worry about these predators or diseases? Thanks everybody! appreciate your help!
OceanHideaway replied on November 22, 2014 with:
Snakes not a big thing. My concern was the chi kids... I know that a large aggressive or even overly attentive dog can be a scarey and damaging and possible fatal situation on a small boned delicate breed. ANd they are fur children. I can be over protective...'s a phobia of mine. I've seen it happen and I work with the large breeds in rescue. You work with the dogs, you're gonna to get bit... it's the price you pay.
casadecuenca replied on November 21, 2014 with:
You can get Dengue fever any where on the coast. A friend living in Guayaquil got It several years ago
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