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property in EcuadorBeautiful property in warm weather. The property is conformed by 2 independent houses on a large lot with lots of green space. Fine finishes located in the city center next to the beautiful shores of Santa Barbara river.
property in EcuadorCute 1 bdrm apartment with private patio to enjoy. All you have to do is open the front gate walk across the road and your on a beautiful 4km beach.
property in EcuadorFor sale in Cuenca Ecuador beautiful property with classic finishes. Marble floors, wooden doors and windows with a large land of 21527 sq ft and 4800 sq ft building. Located in an exclusive area of BaƱos city.
New one bedroom fully furnished ocean view apartment with all modern amenities. Large TV with DTV, WiFi and, electricity are all included. Situated on a 1/2 acre fenced lot across from the beach. Pool and palapa on property. Security provided by 2 big dogs.
A reader commented on the Expat Report Living in Salinas, Ecuador
What activities, clubs and organizations would you recommend to newcomers to help them meet others?
Hang around the "cevicherias" where most tourists end up sooner or later. Also the Coldwell Banker Salinas office, where expats are welcomed by the manager, a charming lady who speaks English, Italian and Spanish, and is always ready to give good advice on different subjects. (Continue)
Nachi replied most recently with:
I am new here and I've been reading a lot about Salinas and all about renting over there. Since I'm gonna be moving by myself what you guys will suggest for me to do that it will be not too expensive, renting an apartment or a house because if not like in here in the states that you can even rent a room until you find something that you really like. I heard about rents from $1000 to $2,000 but that its really a lot for a single person. Any suggestion on where I can find something a little cheaper? thank you very much for your cooperation.
LuboNov replied recently with:
My wife and I spent one month in Salinas. Only nice was the accommodation in a rented condo on he Malecom.If you sit for a dinner in an open restaurant, you are constantly approached by begging children .One or two blogs from the Malecon , there are slams. Only renowned Spanish hotel is a joke. Local supermarket second block is of the worst quality.To shop for food, yo have to hire a taxi a drive to the better supermarket 20 minutes or 30 minutes to closest town to the market. Would not recommended to my worst enemy. Lubomir Novotny,Toronto
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property in EcuadorBeautiful architecture wood frame with view of mountains and old colonial town of Guapulo. Large Victorian windows. Fire place, big studio and library. Large gardens, very private and secure. Include appliances. Very near to shopping, banks and businesses.
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Susan Schlesinger, our Ecuador Forum moderator and the Manager of the Ocean Hideaway, gives her primer for newcomers and visitors to Ecuador. (Continue)
Anciana replied most recently with:
Very, very sensible advice, Susan... though, I am afraid, it won't be headed by those who tend to define themselves by their property, primarily real estate property - and most expats I met sadly seem to belong to that category. Who cares what part of the world, as long as it is as close as possible to their "dream home"? Sad. I have been a voluntary nomad for about half of my life, when I decided to turn a personal tragedy (my spouse died young) into an opportunity to explore the world. I opted for shorter or longer overseas assignments in my professional carrier and later in my so called encore (=retirement) one, just the locations of the countries changed: southern USA instead of northern USA, southern Europe instead of Northern Europe, underdeveloped Central America instead of overdeveloped Far East. Changing countries when employed by an international company was easy: everything was arranged for you: travel, lodging, car, health insurance etc. etc. In retirement all of it changed, so I learned that - having an incurable (but manageable) health condition, before I even pick a country to try on, I needed to check health care quality and affordability of a really good health insurance first. Second, since I want my money to last, and have retirement income from three different countries, I choose to check pertinent double taxation treaties, then climate (I LOVE tropics and warm weather is good for my health - cold or rainy climate and high altitude aren't) I discovered that the "dream home" crowd, people who never lived in another country, tend to assume that the whole world functions like their home country. Property tours' organizers won't tell them otherwise - it is not in their interest. Do people like to be deceived? Or at least distracted with non-essentials?
sbetts1000 replied recently with:
Nice article. In all the Ecuadorian forums, I have never seen the coast called the 'worlds biggest air conditioner'. That's huge if it's true for Salinas. I am looking for a B&B on the beach for between 4-500/month. I will be in Salinas Jan 16-Mar 9, first trip. At first AC was a huge priority, but if it is not needed, that's great. I do need reliable wifi and to be in a safe environment. I'd sure appreciate any ideas or recommendations. Thx. Steve Betts
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Sueetta commented on the Expat Report Moving to Cuenca, Ecuador
What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?
Good idea to take a exploratory trip first, get an idea of the area and where you might want to live. Check out available apartments and rent cost. Many expats arrive here with a container full of stuff that they cannot live without which is an added expense considering you can have furniture made here at very reasonable costs. And then many of them move back to their country just after 6 months selling all their stuff here. (Continue)
Sueetta replied most recently with:
Brought a really good space heater instead of an electric blanket since they have been found unhealthy to sleep under. Supplements are the only thing difficult to find here as we do in the US....things like cinnamon capsules, acidophilus, Fenugreek. Basics are available here. No canning jars are sold in Ecuador, apparently, so importing some of those with reusable rings as like making my own applesauce and apple butter. Also for storing salad greens to keep them fresh longer in the fridge. Very glad I brought my small appliances and tech equipment. Buy a printer here so can get toner easily and HP printer toner cartridges as from US have different magnetic strips on them. Bring sweat shirts and pants to wear at home for comfort during rainy season, too. Light jackets and rain gear needed too.
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