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legacy30000 replied to the thread Esmeraldas Info on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on September 16, 2014:
smilinfred initially posted:
Looking for info on this location. Particularly interested if any residents. Thank you!
legacy30000 replied 42 minutes ago with:
I am interested in looking at Exmeraldas and housing on or near the beach. I am currently in Cotacachi. How cool is cool there? thanks Joe Brown
KStone replied 4 hours ago with:
I have lived in Atacames, Esmeraldas for 4 years and can tell you whateer you want to know. It's lovely here contrary to what you may have heard from folks who have NEVER BEEN HERE. Right now it is cool and beautiful and there are houses available on the beach if that is what you want. Please send private message. THank you. Springtime (Kathleen)
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lindae replied to the thread Charles Schwab on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on September 16, 2014:
umbala initially posted:
Has anyone had experience withCharles Schwab bank account good or bad???
lindae replied 2 hours ago with:
GREAT! We have been in Ecuador 4 years and never had a problem with our Schwab account.
legacy30000 replied 5 hours ago with:
Although I am in Ecuador, I have had a banking account with Schwab for several years. There have been zero problems; they are good to work with and they charge no fees. A word of caution, they are a US bank and in theory can't have clients outside the US. Just don't tell them, have a US address on the account, or have a person living in the US open the account for you. Good luck
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SWIRLZ replied to the thread Real Estate Prices on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on September 16, 2014:
janl162 initially posted:
The real estate prices I can find in Ecuador on the interned seem VERY high compared to rents - The prices are usually higher than here in Kansas, even compared to the most expensive towns. Now, I realize that in a city compact enough for public transportation to be more than an afterthought, we may need to cut the amount of space we have: We have a little used room, a full basement and a garage full of junk. . . So we could fairly easily cut back our space requirements. . . So. . . What do y'all figure a house or apartment of say, 900 square feet or thereabouts in a neighborhood where folk like teachers, college professors, and small business people live really sells for in Cuenca? I use that as a neighborhood description, since I grew up in a house where the house to the south was occupied by an engineering professor, the house to the north by a chemistry professor the house across the street by the owner of a bowling alley and his teacher wife, and my father was a school principal. . . I'm not interested in anything that would be considered "Luxury" in the states.
SWIRLZ replied 5 hours ago with:
Keep in mind.....there are no "disclosures" or "mandatory/required" inspections. There is no MLS to verify "like" pricing or "comparables". There basically are no ENFORCED real estate laws in Ecuador. It truly requires a personal evaluation as to what the property is worth to YOU and the only way to be somewhat safe is to be here and check everything out yourself 200%.
livefreebstrong replied 6 hours ago with:
I too purchased a home over the internet. But I did my homework and I got a very good deal. I still own the home. However, I flew back for a walk through before the final contract was signed.
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seedymartini initially posted:
What if I intend to stay and establish residency? What I am reading is that I need to buy a roundtrip ticket just to be let into Ecuador at all. Is this true? Can someone clarify this for me? Thanks
livefreebstrong replied 6 hours ago with:
seedymartini... winner, winner, chicken dinner.. It's my new favorite saying.
seedymartini replied 12 hours ago with:
Sorry to continue to gush, but you guys are great! Thanks for all of the awesome advice.
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Expat Report Moving to Puerto Cayo, Ecuador by dbublak was published
What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?
Be open minded, flexible and leave over exaggerated expectations in your mother country. You are moving into a foreign country for a reason - don't bring your bad with you! (Continue)
livefreebstrong replied to the thread Latest Shipping Info on the Ecuador forum on September 15, 2014:
LadyMoon initially posted:
My move to Cuenca is coming up--very excited. BTW thank all of you for the info over this past year...and for the laughter! What are your suggestions for my shipping more than my two huge suitcases? I am willing to pay the excess baggage charges if I can ship more luggage. I have read many posts (here and elsewhere) but know how quickly things change. What's up today? Just trying to cover my bases to avoid unexpected problems/costs.
livefreebstrong replied on September 15, 2014 with:
Ladymoon...sorry, you did not say you had a bad said you had trouble lifting heavy things. Whoops. There are baggage embargo periods on airlines during holiday seasons so yes, check to make sure what's being allowed when you arrange your flight. Remember you can book biz one way and coach for a return to save money. Or use miles for a biz seat in one direction...if you have any sitting around. There are days when a lower amount of miles are required for biz. Just to add to what tomb215 suggested.
tomb215 replied on September 15, 2014 with:
When we came to Cuenca this past April we carried five suitcases each. We each got the first three free with our upgraded ticket and had to pay extra for the remaining two each. It wasn't cheap but we found it beat other shipping methods. Call the airline your thinking of using because they are all different and their plans change often.
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JedEcuador replied to the thread Ecuador Citizenship on investors visa. on the Ecuador forum on September 15, 2014:
ZaraKhan initially posted:
Hello everyone, I just have a question? On the investors visa where we depsit 25k into an Ecuadorian bank and get resedency. If we decided to live there longer, are we eligible to become a Citizen of Ecuador few years down the line?
JedEcuador replied on September 15, 2014 with:
With an investor's visa you are a permanent resident. If you want you can become a citizen after several years.
SWIRLZ replied on September 14, 2014 with:
Yes.....after three years of residency you are eligible to apply for citizenship. (I have been told...(scary) that you can start the application process after two years and then actually receive citizenship formally after the third year.
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JedEcuador replied to the thread Advice for long term stay in Quito on the Ecuador forum on September 15, 2014:
expatparrot initially posted:
I will be spending 6 months in Quito beginning in November. Please advise what to bring and expect. Also, I am interested in information concerning long term stays in a bed and breakfast or a studio apartment. I appreciate all advice. Thanks.
JedEcuador replied on September 15, 2014 with:
Actually I am recommending Juan Flores who is the facilitator. I am Ed who helps him with translations.
jaymo replied on September 13, 2014 with:
Hwy101: It sure looks that way, don't it? I know that there's no rule against doing that here, at least as far as I can tell. One of my favorite sites on the Entire Internet (a big place, indeed) is MetaFilter ( Fastest way to get yourself banned on that site is to self-link or self-promote. There's an area/tab on that site where people can refer to their own work, but it's clearly out of the way of the normal foot traffic.
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withoutego replied to the thread Expats Left Frustrated as Banks Cut Services Abroad on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on September 15, 2014:
RussellO initially posted:
Americans living abroad are being cut off by banks and brokerages as financial institutions seek to steer clear of a U.S. crackdown on money laundering and tax evasion. How is this effecting you?
withoutego replied on September 15, 2014 with:
I think this was prompted by a story in the WSJ a few days ago. Didn't have anything new in it. Described the effect on a US expat in Berlin when a German bank dumped him rather than comply with Washington's regulations. I don't have any problem but then I don't have much money. sinego
RussellO replied on September 15, 2014 with:
thank you
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SWIRLZ replied to the thread Length of stay in Ecuador on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on September 15, 2014:
TeresaH initially posted:
If I read this right we can only stay in Ecuador for 3 months. Is that correct? We were hoping to come to Ecuador for at least 1 year. We are retired.
SWIRLZ replied on September 15, 2014 with:
You are saying the same thing I did except you are correct...the days don't roll over. It's a 90 day visa....thus 90 days per 365 day period.
lional replied on September 15, 2014 with:
That would seem correct but is not. In Ecuador the 90 period begins when you enter the country (day 1 of the 90 day tourist Visa) and ends 89 days later, if you remain in the country or 364 days later if you have not used up all of your 90 Visa days. If, during that 1 year period you leave and reenter Ecuador several times, your 90 days stop and start with each exit and reentry. At the end of the year any days left are lost and you can begin a new 90 day period.
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