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DocStJohn replied to the thread Warmer climate on the Ecuador forum on August 30, 2015:
luto2home initially posted:
Most of the Videos I have seen from Ecuador seem to be so cold, are there warmer temperatures by the beach with reasonable prices that are moderately safe for expats?
DocStJohn replied 1 hour ago with:
Cuenca and Quito are very much colder than the beach areas are, However no dwelling in the beach areas is both "safe" and "reasonably" priced. SECURITY COSTS...
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withoutego replied to the thread Overnight busses on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on August 30, 2015:
billmiller54 initially posted:
I'll be in Quito for two weeks in Jan working with some street kids through a volunteer agency. The weekend in between is mine and I'm thinking of trying to get to visit Cuenca. Does anyone know if there are overnight bus runs between the cities?
withoutego replied 1 hour ago with:
Speaking of air fares. I just saw a Copa, GYE BOS RT for May of next year....$621. One way, is nine dollars more. I am about to book a $60 fare GYE to CUE for next week. Both these on orbitz which might be why. Maybe when they got you by the pelos cortos its more $. travel should be like the zipless F**K from "Fear of Flying" but sadly it's more like Deliverance. I would take the bus.....but I am old and not having to leave the terminal after the hassle of customs early at 4am is worth something. So.... I take the cowards way out. 40 minutes to Cuenca & I will be back in the barrio with my vecinos by nine. It does feel like home anymore, south of latitud cero. sinego
novato1953 replied 2 hours ago with:
Depends on the dates. For lots of people in Ecuador, the holiday season runs to January 6. Might want to lock it in if you're going the first week of the new year. Otherwise that 12-hour trek in a packed bus may become mandatory.
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luto2home replied to the thread Preparing for Emergency: Cotopaxi Volcano on the Ecuador forum:
OceanHideaway initially posted:
Currently the Presidente is using his regular Saturday Address (Sabatini) to inform the citizens of emergency preparedness for evacuation from the areas around Cotopaxi. This includes what to pack and take with you -- evacuation routes -- how to prepare to evacuate -- how to set up a location to reunite with family members if separated -- what to bring for communication -- how to stay in contact with radio and cell phone and where to get contact information if locations in Quito are closed.
luto2home replied 3 hours ago with:
Are they expecting a emergency in that area?
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread Shipping to Vilcabamba on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on August 30, 2015:
cynthiaf initially posted:
I will be doing quite a bit of traveling before arriving at my final destination---so the thought of several suitcases is already weighing me down. Is anyone able to give me an idea of the cost and time factor in shipping personal (not household) items to Vilcabamba.---And just how reliable is the postal system there?---Am I going to have to worry about maybe never getting them at all? Thanks
OceanHideaway replied 6 hours ago with:
we already do have spell checker -- it's called ...the other posters :) You will never ,make the same mistake twice when they get through with you ...They are very effective (or was that affect... oh damn..)
withoutego replied 7 hours ago with:
Keylime, I didn't say el Maleta, I was refering to the letter, "el" another thing i can't spell. I had used two of them vs the correct single EL. I was being contrite in public for that. Being misunderstood is the usual reward for contrition. Charley is a good guy. A student of many things. Knows old Jazz. Provides fine Cheeseburgers, the culinary pentacle of my native land. A couple of weeks and I will see that beer and raise you one. if you know of a cheap rent let me know. I might have to spend a long time finding the place I really want, but that's the way it works. I want a wood shop with minimum living accommodation attached. God is under strict orders to strike me down if I every move in with a woman again so sawdust everywhere will not be a problem. sinego ps. Susan, Oh Susan !, there you are....hey, could we have a decent spell checker. I know its a poor writer who blames his spell checker but this one chuparz tiempo major.
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread Assistance getting a VISA 9-I FOREIGN PENSION on the Ecuador forum on August 30, 2015:
yasha1023 initially posted:
Does anyone know any companies that assist in getting a VISA 9-I FOREIGN PENSION? If it necessary? How hard is the process?
OceanHideaway replied 5 hours ago with:
Dana Cameron is a nice person... and a very humble person ... she does not spend $1000s on the cover of magazines. And she is the Professor for the Lcda Abgdo programs at the university level. Just to make it clear the "attorney" in Ecuador is a bachelors level degree similar to being a paralegal -- it is not a JD. She charges a fair rate and there are no "complexities" that suddenly spring up requiring air flight to Quito for photographs or extra costs for "greasing the wheels" or expedited services where you send signed documents to someone you don;t know and never meet to notarize in the USA ...or worse notarize with a stamp they have here in Ecuador. Dana is the person that the US Consulate calls on when they have a citizen at their counter imploding and melting down to give them a hand to explain that the rules and laws are different and to hopefully get them set on the right road. Dana is the person called up to the window in Guayaquil when there is an English speaking person who is becoming so upset it's either that or escort them out of the building by the policia nacional. And then Dana has to explain that no -- she has not used her limited 2 visits per day on that fellow -- she still has to see the clerks for her actual clients thank you. Dana is tha daughter of a police officer (who died from injuries in the line of duty), the niece of a decorated WWII hero who spent the later part of the war in forced labor by the Nazis. She was raised by a strong mother and aunts to be a strong independent woman. She has three wonderful, bright and caring children -- her son returned to Detroit where she was raised (and worked as a crime reporter, even while pregnant) -- to be the caregiver for grandma and uncle and the son also holds down a job. I am sure I am leaving much out -- her work at the Hansens Hospital (the leper hospital) and with Padre Simons children. The amazing work her daughters carry in on animal rescue and as first volunteer teachers and now the older daughter as a teacher in her own right. Her clients sing her praises -- her prices are right -- and her services par excellence. Why anyone uses any other facilitator is truly beyond my understanding. Use Dana and take the money you saved from the other ones who charge 3 and 4 times the price and donate it to one of her charities -- or better yet...give her a big tip and a thank you -- because really she has earned it. Those other ones with pretty web sites and questionable "services", maybe not so much.
ecuadorjoe replied 8 hours ago with:
GringoinQuito Sorry Sir, but he did in an earlier post when I tried to help rosydi55 re: how to send money to Ecuador. I answered it is possible to use Western Union and it is possible to send money from the U.S. bank to an Ecuadorian bank account. So he got onto me because Susan suggested ATM etc. I did not know that Susan had already posted due to the delay in this system. Just think it is sad that a person gets scrutinized and bitched at when trying to help someone.
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dforney posted visiting Cuenca 9/3 - 9/8 on the Ecuador forum on August 30, 2015:
Hello, My husband and I will be visiting Cuenca Sept 3 thru Sept 8. Would appreciate advice on the best way to get around and see the sights. Thanks, Debbie
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livefreebstrong replied to the thread Woman Living and Traveling Alone on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on August 30, 2015:
cynthiaf initially posted:
As Much as I have attempted to do some research on this subject, I thought it best to ask some of you other expats out there for advice on a woman living and traveling alone in Ecuador. I certainly won't be going anywhere too far off the beaten path. My final destination will be Vilcabamba, but I will be arriving in Quito, most likely flying to Guayaquil, and checking out some of the costal towns, before leaving for Loja and either bussing it or taking a Taxi to Vilca. I am wanting to do a bus ride to Guayaquil but something tells me no matter how scenic the route---, It may not be wise. (?) In my reading I have come across the suggestion that women living alone remain much safer when living close to the center of town.---Is this really neccessary? Lastly, I feel almost idiotic about asking this question but I Have tons of jewelry which I love to wear on occasion. My good things I will definetly leave at home, but will a few silver necklaces or bracelets make me a target for theft or is it just wallets and bags I need to worry about? I have done a lot of traveling in the third world alone but I have never been alone in South America.---I could use a little feedback.--Thanks
livefreebstrong replied 7 hours ago with:
WhildT Hwy 101 --Did Not Know That Thanks for the info!
Hwy101 replied 13 hours ago with:
If you can get the bags on the Driver's side of the Bus, that stays locked Terminal to Terminal. (might have to Tip the Driver)
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wypeck replied to the thread gaining Ecuadoran citizenship for child over 18 on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on August 29, 2015:
wypeck initially posted:
I understand how as a foreign retiree my wife and I can gain citizenship in Ecuador. Our 17-year old is interested in moving with us and going to college there. I also understand that he could gain citizenship with a permanent residency if he proved income sufficient to support himself. Does anyone know if he could gain citizenship from his parents once we became citizens. i.e would the 3 years of self-support still be necessary?
wypeck replied on August 29, 2015 with:
He's a U.S. citizen, born in the U.S.
ecuadorjoe replied on August 29, 2015 with:
I think the answer to this question is simple. If you live in U.S. pick up the phone and call the nearest Ecuadorian consulate or embassy they will give you the answer..
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread Expats living on the beach on the Ecuador forum on August 29, 2015:
rosydi55 initially posted:
Are there many expat community's on the beach areas? We really want to live on the beach, but also want to live in a safe area. Any suggestions??
OceanHideaway replied on August 29, 2015 with: on Facebook ...Rafael looks -- the same in person...the crowd was huge the experience memorable and the take away message is the coast needs to be ready to welcome evacuees from the mountains... start preparing beds and ceviches! The pups are doing great... The party of 24 kids are here from Guayaquil for an over-night -- looks like Bonfire weather -- and the beer is in the freezer should start up in about 2 hours ...but ...I'll probably be asleep by then... yeah manic...that would be the manic person...snoring in the back bedroom while the 20-somethings party all night :) And that's my life ... living on the beach... yours may vary :)
OceanHideaway replied on August 29, 2015 with:
I can dig it -- I've been up since 5:30 am checking on the pups born last night -- 3 little wrigglers -- active and suckling, mama fluffy Laiza is doing very well and is eating an drinking. They are a reasonable size for a little bichon. Had my morning breakfast -- encebollado (tuna soup with onions and yucca and a large coke light) and if my eyes stay open long enough to change into fresh jeans and a sweater I am heading up the hill to hear the second half of the president's Sabatini ... It is chilly on the coast -- high 60's low 70's ...cloudy and a tad damp with the breeze ... Play nice or I'll tell on you to Rafael... ;)
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ecuadorjoe replied to the thread Receiving cash gifts from the US on the Ecuador forum on August 29, 2015:
rosydi55 initially posted:
I read somewhere that you are not able to receive money in the mail from the US. We are moving there, and instead of gifts, I would expect my family to send me monetary gifts instead. Is this possible?
ecuadorjoe replied on August 29, 2015 with:
Sorry cccmedia, I might be slightly mentally disabled that's why I did not mention every possibility. I only mentioned a few that you do not agree with...If you want I will do them all. So you can sleep and not worry. I did not see you post anything?????
cccmedia replied on August 29, 2015 with:
C'mon, E-Joe, keep it simple for the OP. Ocean's last-mentioned method is the easiest and the best. They just deposit $$ into your U.S. account. No fancy fees, no red tape. No endorsement is necessary at U.S. banks, just your account number and the exact name of account. Of course, if you need to access big bucks ASAP, use one of the other, fancy methods. cccmedia in Quito
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