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livefreebstrong replied to the thread E-cig/vaping//ballroom dancing//cars-stickshift vs automatics on the Ecuador forum on August 29, 2014:
alvintx initially posted:
Hello all I have a few questions on Ecuador. Q1) Me and my wife quit smoking some time ago. Now we VAPE. Is it possible to get vaping things (e.g. ejuice, tanks, coils, etc) in Ecuador, either locally or through mail order? It is important for us because we don't want to go back to smoking. Can they be purchased loaclly in Salinas or La Libertad or Cuenca? Here near Houston we order our stuff from Hong Kong (cheaper than local prices) ... the liquids me mix ourselves from supplies ordered through wizardlabs dot com Q2) Me and my wife like ballroom dancing. Any channce of that near Salinas or Cuenca? We are students of the SSQQ dannce studios of Houston, Texas. Q3) I don't mind driving stick shift cars/SUVs but my wife likes automatics. What is available in Ecuador? We know driving in Ecuador is different, but we are used to crazy driving (me from India, she from Russia). We enjoy it very much. Are automatics available in Ecuador? Are thsu preferred? Thanks in advance for your comments and insights! :-) :-) :-)
livefreebstrong replied 1 hour ago with:
alvintx.. If they have it Cuenca, they will have it in Guayaquil which is an hour and half from Salinas. Just in case it isn't in Salinas.....The Vape equipment.
alvintx replied 4 hours ago with:
It is good to know that vaping stuff is available in Cuenca. But what if I decide to live in Salinas? Is it available there? Can I buy online in Ecuador and have stuff shipped to where I decide to live? On a similar note can I buy stuff in USA and have it shipped to Ecuador? Me and my wife smoked too much. Vaping has saved our lives ... haven't smoked in a very long time. Sorry for the many newbie questions. I have an opportunity coming up towards the end of the year where I can travel to other countries to check them out. I am seriously thinking of visiting Cuenca, Salinas and (just north of) Pattaya, Thailand.
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lional replied to the thread Living USA/Ecuador 50/50...Possible? on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on August 29, 2014:
withoutego initially posted:
The same question I asked rhetorically years ago on this forum...Is it possible to live half of one's time in Ecuador and the other half in the USA? Not a legal question. It assumes you have jumped thru all the hoops, dotted all the teez and crossed all the eyes. No, this question is about the spirit. How does the spirit manage the wrenching that is wrought by going back and forth? I am doing the research right now. I'm just finishing off four months in Maine, USA. Last year I did six months in the States. That may have been pent up demand...finally getting all the papers....I could finally stay out of Ecuador a while. So if I don't know by now who would? I don't know that either. Must depend on the person and their situation. Lots of folks who offer themselves as examples...wanabeez supposing... or people who've done it - have burned the bridges. They had to. Tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars are offered up to the God of location. As with other Gods, only one at a time may be served. I have no real property. I have a "camp" on the family estate. I collect my inheritance early. Space for me and my moto. Twelve minutes from the shores of Penobscot bay. In Cuenca a little apartment on the fourth floor. My exercise machine a stairmaster) between me and the street. Rent, low. My landlady, a beauty. I keep her sweet with a new pair of sunglasses every fall. That's the way its done. The problem isn't even financial. I make 50% more than the minimum for jubilado residente expats. I enjoy both ends of this existance. Plenty to do in either hemisphere. Without budgeting I have no trouble flying back and forth..once a year. If there is a problem it is emotional. (Sounds like a personal problem!)....One size doesn't fit all. Every person's situation is different. Quite different usually. Obviously a loner. A couple that could do this would be rare. One couple I know does it, that is, comes and goes, but out of sync with one another. Its been said somewhere (by someone) that we can only really "know" maybe a dozen other people. The rest are acquaintances. The dozen may become acquaintances too if they disappear for half the year. Am I trying to distance myself from people...using geography to do it? Am I trying to crowd source my therapy? Are you still awake? sinpreguntaestúpida
lional replied 2 hours ago with:
For residency you have to follow the 90 day rule - nor more than 90 days a year during the first 2 years of residency. After that no more than 18 months during 5 years. You can only be gone as much as you want if you get a Ecuadorian Passport. You have to be a resident for a minimum of 3 years to begin the process and it take about 10 months or so for the process. It does involve speaking Spanish, knowing some of the history of the country and leaning some of the import things, like the national anthem.
withoutego replied 2 hours ago with:
Yes, the stark contrast of the two cultures. There is a meanness here that isn't comfortable. I think the gringos in Ecuador are better for being removed from this culture. Its a great shame, the USA had such potential...human nature got in the way. As for the law vs practice on staying out of Ecuador after obtaining a residence visa.... What I was told by the Migracion official at the airport is different from what the letter of the law says. But, I will avoid advising anyone on this....I would say, when you are in Ecuador, ask everyone for their actual experience. Then decide what YOU will do. Gringos are heavily conditioned to expect a literal and even application of the written law. The rest of the world is a lot looser. I plan to travel a lot. Ecuador is a base. The USA is interesting and sometimes convenient....but I have decided to live elsewhere. y por que no? sinego
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livefreebstrong replied to the thread salinas,ecuador on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on August 29, 2014:
nanblake initially posted:
i would like to know the availability of fresh fish. Tuna is big industry. can you find fresh? grouper? red snapper? swordfish? Thx
livefreebstrong replied 3 hours ago with: a nutshell, My personal nut shell... There are a couple of links I included with videos of Ecuador Beaches. Yes, there are some very nice beaches in Ecuador. Some are crowded, some are secluded. Some have stronger currents and higher waves, some are more protected for a calmer swimming experience. In the hot season, the ocean can reflect beautiful colors, looking turquoise, deep blue, sky blue, and sometimes, it even resembles the Caribbean. Lots of sea birds of different types depending on the season. As I glance over my shoulder at this moment, it looks like San Diego in the winter. Blue gray. Still not bad in my book because this is also an indication that it is whale season and now different shells will appear on the beach and the waves will generally be calmer. Housing by the beach is indeed higher. Dealing with realtors would mean many of the prices are fixed and although you can ask the realtor to ask the landlord to lower the won't have direct access to the landlord yourself. So. It would probably be good, to spend a few days at a B&B, hostel, or whatever and ask if anyone knows of any housing. People will probably hate me for this...but, you can also go building by building asking the doorman, or guards if they know of any units to rent. You must know Spanish for this or arrange for a trustworthy (someone not connected to a realtor) guide who speaks enough English to communicate with you. Salinas is a nice place to start because it's easy to get around, is safe, and there are a lot of Expats. Depending on your treasure chest, desires, and knowledge, you can begin to look for places further up the coast..(sometimes more costly if it's a gated community) or more inland, where housing is cheaper. If it's in La Libertad, you really need to be on top of security issues. Restaurants...well, there are some nice ones that are Expat owned but they are few. Most in the area have typical food (seafood) with some Italian thrown in. One somewhat disappointing Mexican restaurant although there may be something else out there...I haven't looked lately. It would be nice to see more variety, that's for sure. For the locally owned and operated restaurants... many fall into the same category of boring and it's hard to say if one is better than the other. There are few exceptions of course. And there are couple that are quite popular with the locals because they have a good almuerzo menu. I say boring because I live here. A tourist would love the experience. Water...I don't know what you mean. There is plenty of tap water where I live. Do we drink it? No. Beachy people use filters or bottled. You will probably need to explain why you're asking... Why don't you open a really nice seafood, Italian, Mexican, restaurant so I can eat there? A lot.
nanblake replied 6 hours ago with:
livefreebstrong. are the beaches nice? hows the water supply? rents by beaches? restaurants? Thx
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MovingOut posted Bus Companies & Route Info on the Ecuador forum on August 29, 2014:
I have been digging to find info on bus routes and have found it difficult to get the info. Following is a bunch of info I have gathered. There is no guarantee that it is current or valid which is a warning about anything on the WEB in EC. Please add/correct anything you know of that will be of help to all. National Bus Companies Online Bus info for Cities & Multiple Companies Below, click Transportes link to get info on many buses Quito QUITUMBE Terminal list of companies w/ destinations a 30 page PDF file (2010),d.eXY Flota Imbabura Destinations: Guayaquil, Cuenca, Manta, Quito, Tulcán, Ibarra Transportes Panamericana Destinations: all of the important cities. Routes from the province of El Carchi down to Loja, also the coastal region Trans Esmeraldas Destinations: Esmeraldas, Atacames, El Coca, Lago Agrio, Manta, Quito & many more. Transportes Ecuador Destination: Guayaquil – Quito – Guayaquil and vice versa Transportes Occidental – poor quality seating Destinations: Machala, Guayaquil, Guaquillas, Pasaje, Quito, Santa Rosa, Esmeraldas AeroTaxi to Santo Domingo, Esmeraldas, Atacames Costnita goes thru Sua - Esmeraldas to Muisne & Chamangua Pacifica goes thru Sua Cia. River Tabiazo – open bus & closed REINA from Esmeraldas to Portoviejo passes through Atacames. Also Guayaquil – Chone, Manta – Esmeraldas, Guayaquil – Bahía, Manta – Quito, Jipijapa – Quito
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nanblake replied to the thread map of ecuadors pacific coast on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on August 29, 2014:
nanblake initially posted:
I cannot find a web site//map of the pacific coast.any links would be appreciated & recommendations for towns on coast to live in. Thx.
nanblake replied 4 hours ago with:
cn anyone compare living in Salinas vs living in Guayaquil? beaches, rents, food...thx
nanblake replied 5 hours ago with:
what is living in Guayaquil like for expats? beaches, food? Thx
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nanblake posted salinas vs guayaquil on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on August 29, 2014:
can anyone compare living there?
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property in Ecuador120 hectares 1.5 km from beach (5 minutes from Manglaralto or Montanita). Close to the action in the surf and the nightlife but private and quiet. Beautiful views from the hills. Old horse farm with many stalls.
alvintx replied to the thread Salinas? La Libertad? someplace not very humid? on the Ecuador forum on August 28, 2014:
alvintx initially posted:
Hello all. I am thinking of early retirement in Ecuador. Me and my wife enjoy the sea. We would like to visit some coastal cities in Ecuador towards the end of this year on exploratory trip. I live near Houston, Texas so I am used to warm weather. However I don't like the humidity. I would like my target location to be warm, sunny and not humid. It should have decent shopping and decent emergency medical care (heart attacks, strokes, accidents, etc.) We are willing to consider Cuenca (and forgo the sea) if the coast is too humid. In fact I was considering coastal areas of Thailand and Malaysia but have read its humid there as well. Costa Blanca coast of Spain would be ideal but getting residency visa is tough. Q1) Would Salinas or La Libertad suit my needs for weather? Q2) What's the difference between the two towns? Why would one choose one over another given they are so close? Q3) How important is it to have your own car in this area? Would a small scooter be enough? Looking forward to your comments. Thanks!
alvintx replied on August 28, 2014 with:
Thank you everyone who replied and commented. Your comments are very helpful. I do have other questions but I will post them in different threads since they do not concern weather.
bicwic replied on August 27, 2014 with:
For living, in my opinion, Salinas or the small communities between the Malecon and the mall are the best for coastal living with easy access to shopping, restaurants, etc... La Libertad does not offer much if you want beachfront living and is very commercial along the ocean. The weather is not particularly humid and gets nice breezes off the ocean during part of the year. You will probably want an a/c in your bedroom but you won`t need it all year long. There are some very nice communities north of Salinas if you want something a little more private and quiet.
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sherij replied to the thread Dealing with food allergies in Cuenca on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on August 28, 2014:
sherij initially posted:
Hello, We will arrive next week for our first visit. Unfortunately at this time we severely lack Spanish. Due to many food allergies including gluten it is complicated to find food in grocery stores due to not being able to read the ingredients. Does anyone know if there are many products such as yogurt for example that are in English. Also are any restaurants that may be familiar with gluten free that you know of. For example a grill that cooks pancake, bread items etc won't work for me unless it's stainless steel and can be cleaned. Thanks for any help you can provide.
sherij replied on August 28, 2014 with:
Thanks for the tips. I will take a look at the select wisely website and definitely be trying the Pan de Yuca!
PashkaCapn replied on August 27, 2014 with:
"Pan de Yuca" is a south American roll made with gluten-free yuca flour. You can find the rolls in Supermaxi. They are delicious in the mornings with coffee, but they won't work for a sandwich ;-)
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