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ecuadorjoe replied to the thread ANTIDEPRESSANTS IN ECUADOR on the Ecuador forum on April 18, 2015:
cynthiaf initially posted:
Is it possible to obtain antidepressants in Ecuador? I am specifically interested in knowing about Effexor, zyprexa and ritilan. The generic names are Velafaxine,Olanzapine and Methylphenidate. Are Benzos really that hard to obtain? Xanax is ok but I prefer the Valium family like Cerax or Oxazapam. I'll be in the Loja providence so I'll be close to Peru and wouldn't mind a monthly trip or maybe someone has info on having meds shipped from Canada. Thanks
ecuadorjoe replied 5 minutes ago with:
OH, I guess you are referring to me. All I can say is that you are brilliant, making cocktails of uppers and downers. Did you ever have to take an expat gringo to the American Embassy because he overdosed on the nice cocktail? His name began with letter M. So doctor OH be careful what you are saying about the controlled substances. Of course I am insensitive and stupid should have left the man to die. Gracias...
ecuadorjoe replied 20 minutes ago with:
ronw Only if you have taken a cocktail of uppers and downers this morning. Once you recover if you recover you can tell me if what applies to you? :-)
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread Available Medications in Ecuador on the Ecuador forum:
avfc24 initially posted:
Trying to find out if the following meds are available and what the prices are Tacrolimus 1mg. Ursudiol 300mg Omeprazole 20 mg Glimepiride 4 mg Lisinopril 5 mg Any assistance would be appreciated
OceanHideaway replied on April 17, 2015 with:
Your ignorance of the medications this poster was asking about, is only outdistanced by your insensitivity... Medications that work in tandem or in a group better than singularly are referred to as a formulary or the slang term is a "cocktail" In addition a person with an anxiety disorder will often have a back up medication for a sudden attacks allowing them to get to a place where they can be safe. Anxiety attacks and panic attacks can be triggered from something as minor as say a -- nasty insensitive and ignorant response on an internet forum to an honest question exposing a personal vulnerability. You never know just what sort of grunting troglodyte will read and how they may respond ... and how that will make you feel. Then again you may have a big bird in your corner ...tweet tweet
windshadow replied on April 17, 2015 with:
Be careful what you say to this screamer! Big bird will run to her rescue even if she is possibly running a drug business on the side. Wouldn't need any of them thar oxycontin now would you. Good luck on that! They are 25 cents a piece here. 27 cents in loja!
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WVolpe3 replied to the thread Moving to Quito on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on April 17, 2015:
WVolpe3 initially posted:
I will moving to Quito soon. Can somebody tell where in Quito I may want to live or stay away from?
WVolpe3 replied on April 17, 2015 with:
Very useful and direct. Thanks.
WVolpe3 replied on April 17, 2015 with:
I have lived all over the world and another country is zero problem especially after a stint running the project office in the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia and living in Ukraine. Quito is the capital, my wife is a city girl, and the largest cities usually have the better medical system and schools.
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GringoinQuito posted Ecuador 1949 on the Ecuador forum on April 17, 2015:
I came across a series of 10 videos on You Tube called " Ecuador 1949". These were collected by the University of Pennsylvania. Interesting to see that although much has changed in Ecuador in 65 years, a lot of things still remain the same in the countryside. I recommend watching these.
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread Moving Info on the Ecuador forum on April 17, 2015:
scottstacks initially posted:
Hello I am in Quito right now and will be taking the long road to Cuenca and am looking for more info on the moving process, and all the paperwork for ID, drivers licence , health care etc.. I have been down here several times and am getting serious about retirement . Thanks Scott
OceanHideaway replied on April 17, 2015 with:
Susan will also... ...make you chicken soup and give you a cookie ;) and speak about herself in the third person (yes she will!)
windshadow replied on April 17, 2015 with:
Just ask Susan the moderator. There is no better resource on the planet than her. She definitely knows it all when it comes to Ecuador. Definitely you will want to use her friend in Guayaquil that is a facilitator, cheap..... but probably a grand or so more than you can do it for, why Cuenca? The drivers license agency is not giving out tests to gringos for the time being. Health care is provided by private hospitals, public hospitals, doctors, shaman, and about anything else you can imagine. Susan will also diagnose your problems, especially mental. She has some experiences in that. She can give you legal advice too. Be careful not to piss her off or she will censor the heck out of everything you write.
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread safe, inexpensive hotel in salinas on the Ecuador forum on April 17, 2015:
medutch initially posted:
Retiring to Ecuador, arriving about 2nd week in May. Would like to find a safe, inexpensive hotel to stay for a few weeks while I looking for a rental property. Also, would like to find reputable real estate broker/s who have listings for long-term rentals. Can anyone offer some suggestions. Thanks, Dutch
OceanHideaway replied on April 17, 2015 with:
Wait I was wrong... the coast is saturated with chem trails and flouride/floride and the water, the rain, the tap water, pool water and ocean won;t be able to get away from it... And all aluminum foil automatically degrades to aluminium ...with an extra i and then to old fashioned tin foil and that won;t keep at the x-rays they use to read your mind and turn you into a libtard save yourself or yurself... and stay away...
remoore2001 replied on April 17, 2015 with:
Joe, don't pick on Kindheart, He/she is very sensitive and doesn't post much because of the bad people that might criticize.
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remoore2001 replied to the thread to the mountains! on the Ecuador forum on April 16, 2015:
medutch initially posted:
I'd like to thank everyone for their advice and input on my going to start out in a coastal town. From the info gleaned, in part from this site, and giving a bit of introspective thought to this retiring to EC, I've decided that I will start out in the Andes, north of Quito as I originally planned. Again, from this site, an 8k elevation is something I've never experienced, so I'll just have to see if I can make this adjustment. If successful, I will "vacation" at the beach once or twice during the year; however, I am not going to limit myself in "watching the grass grow". Thanks again for all the valuable advice!
remoore2001 replied on April 16, 2015 with:
Dutch, read your other thread where I warn you about Cotacachi
OceanHideaway replied on April 16, 2015 with:
...Just FYI the codigo organico de Ecuador something completely different than the (US of/for A) Organic Law of 1871 and 1874 ... Have fun!
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GringoinQuito replied to the thread Movers on the Ecuador forum on April 16, 2015:
WVolpe3 initially posted:
Hello, I will be moving from Texas to Quito. Anybody have mover recommendations?
GringoinQuito replied on April 16, 2015 with:
Ja,ja,ja, Charlene! You nailed him!
OceanHideaway replied on April 15, 2015 with:
Basically the affects on you effects... oh and when you do decide I would recommend Sandra Baquero Sandra Baquero Customs & Transport SANESTAR SHIPPING SERVICES ... e-mail:
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ronwatral replied to the thread The Coast on the Ecuador forum on April 16, 2015:
kickinmule initially posted:
Hi All, I've been planning a trip top Ecuador and my initial window is from May 20- Jun2. Originally I thought cotacachi but I'm a little afraid of poor weather during that time frame. So, I'm now considering flying into Guayaquil and going from there. Best choice for a safe clean beach town??? Thanks
ronwatral replied on April 16, 2015 with:
KICK Ron ....Salinas...Manta (not my choice) Playas! You really need to go visit for two or three weeks. It all depends upon what you are looking for. NO city is TOTALY safe..well of course if you're considering Detroit or problem.
kmoriarty45 replied on April 16, 2015 with:
Oy ! What about Machala ? The Baltimore, Maryland of Ecuador and the Banana Capitol of the World ! Not exactly picturesque butbnice people and mas tranquilo.
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread Weather or not ? on the Ecuador forum on April 16, 2015:
kmoriarty45 initially posted:
Has anyone else noticed that, while Gringos and Europeans have a shared obsession with the weather, aside from reports on flooding and volcano eruptions, the local news stations give scant coverage to weather forecasting ? Also, in polling my friends and neighbors, they evinced little or no concern about what tomorrow's weather might be, as long as they're not flooded out or the bridge to Ponce isn't washed out.
OceanHideaway replied on April 16, 2015 with:
....I think he was being...ROMANTIC!!!! kmoriarty45 replied on April 16, 2015 with:
iamrich, Have had a lot of Really Enjoyable vacation days when the weather was nasty ! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink....
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