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ecuadorjoe replied to the thread Check your Ego on the Ecuador forum on December 22, 2014:
SWIRLZ initially posted:
Having been here over 3 years now and having had to redo both our visas because our passports expired I'd like to made a statement based on several recent episodes i witnessed. If you're coming here....leave your ego at home before you leave. You are not "special" and no one here gives a damn who you are, what you did back home, how old you are or especially that you think you are ENTITLED. Believe it or not...YOU are a GUEST in this country and you really aren't "special" nor "better than" Ecuadorians (or anyone else for that matter. If you can't do this then you should really consider staying home. Expecting anything different will prove futile and in time you will join the idiots who can't understand why they don't speak English, why you need to prove you are single, why your wife has to show old divorce papers while the man doesn't, why they need your blood type and you have to take a test for a drivers license and why all the forms are in Spanish. This is their country and they can have any rule/law they want. No questions asked.
ecuadorjoe replied 52 minutes ago with:
OMG, that is why I changed to tree.... :-)
Lifesgood replied 54 minutes ago with:
156 to be exact! Same as my daughter! Diamond darn it!
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Lifesgood replied to the thread Never Lived Abroad on the Ecuador forum on December 22, 2014:
TangosCowgirl initially posted:
I am just starting to gather my information on a good place to retire. I have never lived anywhere other than the U.S. All my friends tell me how much crime there is and I should be afraid to live anywhere else. I am determined to find my dream of living abroad anyway. At least for awhile. I plan to rent my first 6 months to a year before buying. Can anyone give me some input to the validity of crime being so prevalent?
Lifesgood replied 52 minutes ago with:
Ocean, I have had those converstions occasionally about "Bowl house" myself. Unsolicited I might add. I think you are dead on target with this one.
OceanHideaway replied 14 hours ago with:
Yes well Malcolm, aka etc... really has very little knowledge of a lot of things. That's why I field a few phone calls a month from folks who have given him a try because, well, they thought they might have a different result and guess what didn't so they get their money back (sometimes) and then find my number and call me ... and I put them in touch with Dana. Folks...believe us when we tell you... he really doesn't know what he is talking about. By the way, you can have a personal firearm but it takes a long time to legally acquire one. Yes there are guns available on the black market. I can also tell you that you will be marked as a person with a fire arm and you will probably be robbed or burgled and...they will steal your firearm and all the bullets you have now purchased ... Cause that's how they got the gun to sell to you. That's why they call it the black market. And you probably are not going to report that gun or those bullets stolen either... Before we hear from the "only criminals will have guns" the answer is YES...and that way the cops know to shoot the people who have guns... And they do... and they don't ask them to stop or drop or any of that first... See Gun...Shoot person with Gun... End of story.
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lindae replied to the thread Where to go upon arrival? on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on December 22, 2014:
TangosCowgirl initially posted:
I will be planning a couple week trip to EC in the fall and want to know what I should be prepared for? Where should I stay? How do I get around and know where I am going? Can anyone give me ideas?
lindae replied 1 hour ago with:
DocStJohn I am sorry to disappoint you. Yes, my husband & I are still here in Manta. We have lived here happily for 4 years. My husband does not own a real estate company. He does not own any kind of company here. He started his website: for something to do here. Real estate is not the main focus of his site - information is. Anyone that goes to his site can see for themselves. One of the main questions people have for him when coming here though is about real estate and Al has developed relationships with a number of the Ecuadorean realtors in the area and can help show their rentals & properties for sale also. Thanks for the plug DocStJohn even though it was not entirely accurate. If you live in Manta, we would love to have you join us at one of our expat gatherings sometime:)
lindae replied 2 hours ago with:
I live right on the beach here in Manta - have for 4 years - occasionally there is an odor in the air….now if you live on the side of town where all the tuna factories are, you probably do smell "Tuna not he wind" but there are really no condos or neighborhoods in that area that expats tend to be attracted to.
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property in EcuadorSpectacular farm and land in Cotacachi.
property in EcuadorLocated less than 10 minutes from the Pan-American highway near the entrance of Cotacachi, Ecuador.
property in EcuadorHouse in San Miguel
property in EcuadorLocated in the best commercial area of the city
property in EcuadorLocated in the cozy Quichinche sector, sub-urban area of Otavalo.
property in EcuadorDelightful 2/1 house w/ walled compound on double lot five minute walk to beaches. Fully furnished, lovely garden, five minute taxi ride to great shopping, 20 minutes by taxi to Salinas.
kmarch replied to the thread US Dollar Devaluation on the Ecuador forum:
kmarch initially posted:
I continue to be amazed at how many US expats in Ecuador are so convinced that the dollar will ultimately collapse - but have chosen to live in a dollar based economy. Do they have their assets in another currency that they perceive to be safer? They never mention it. Do the y have all their assets in gold coins? (Talk about devaluation over recent years!). I just don't get it - and I don't consider myself economically disadvantaged! If you have no faith in the overall economy of the US or the world, where do you suggest we park our assets? (Other than gold bars - I tried that at Super-Maxi but the bastards gave me my change in Dollars!!)
kmarch replied 3 hours ago with:
Baloney Detection Kit - FREE - One Day Only!
kmarch replied on December 21, 2014 with:
(That previous post was intended to be two separate web addresses - - here is the second one separated from the first)
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