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Notmyname replied to the thread moving to Ecuador on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on October 24, 2014:
sam86 initially posted:
i plan on coming to Ecuador in January with the intentions of staying. i am 28 year old male from UK, my Spanish is limited but im learning at the moment. im not in panic for find work when i arrive, but to where i would be better suited for as a new arrival to the country. all posts will be welcome. many thanks, sam
Notmyname replied 2 hours ago with:
If you are applying for a pensioners visa you must get a letter from your source of the pensión (social security, retirement office, etc) that has been notarized and received an apostille. That document must be presented to the Ecuador consulate in your Home country and received approval there first.
sam86 replied 3 hours ago with:
I supose your right. But atleast ill get 90 days when arrive so ill have plenty time. I think British embassy in Quito so will go there 1st and go from there. Thank you
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HughAndColette posted MicroBrewery on the Ecuador forum on October 24, 2014:
I am the current owner of Rio Blanco (since April, 2014). I am picking up customers and need taps and chillers. Have been looking all over Ecuador, but can't locate any. Does anyone know of a brewery supply place?
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theresamprice posted Drinking Water in Cuenca on the Ecuador forum on October 24, 2014:
Question on drinking water: In the U.S., most of our public drinking water is contaminated with rat poison, i.e., fluoridated. It's replete with chlorine, particulate matter and a host of other toxic chemicals. I've been using a Reverse Osmosis system for several years. Was wondering if I can find such a thing in Cuenca, or should I buy one in the U.S. and bring it with me? Feedback from those already living there is much appreciated. I plan to be on my way in 36 days! Thanks!!
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SWIRLZ replied to the thread Visiting Ecuador on the Ecuador forum on October 24, 2014:
Ericocean initially posted:
My wife and I will be visiting Ecuador in May of 2015. We will be in Cuenca and Quito. Are there expat meetings or is there a way to meet people expats who live in Cuenca to get the low down on life there? We may come back for a year or so to learn Spanish in 2016. thanks, Eric
SWIRLZ replied 4 hours ago with:
Yes....there are many places in Cuenca where gringos "hang out" and finding/meeting them is easy. (maybe too easy as more and more come). Re-ask this question a month before you come as the days/times/places change often.
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SWIRLZ replied to the thread Gasoline and keyboards on the Ecuador forum on October 24, 2014:
Coopeee initially posted:
Hi all. We just finished a three week trip within Ecuador. I came home without answers to two silly questions. First, what's up with the different grades of gasoline. Usually I saw two grades of gasoline sold. One was $1.48 and the other $2, and deisel was $1.02. Is the difference in gasoline the octane? And is that per gallon or liter? Those of you who drive, what are you using? Also, what's up with the keyboards I used in the hotels and hostels? Where is the @ key? Usually we had to ask and only got the @ after using a combination of keys? I'm sure I will think of more silly questions later :)
SWIRLZ replied 4 hours ago with:
Keyboards are in Spanish. Regular gallon of gas $1.48 and Premium about $2.00. I use regular...the rules of usage are much like the US...the bigger the engine the more you need premium
iguanab1 replied 5 hours ago with:
Coopee, you were in Ecuador, ergo, you were typing on a Spanish keyboard. First lesson to learn: You're not in Kansas anymore, Toto. The metric system isn't used with measurements of volume. It was gallons being pumped. FInally, the only way a question can be silly is if it remains unasked.
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mszrobinson posted shipping/moving co. to move BACK to the U.S.? on the Ecuador forum on October 24, 2014:
Hello all....I'm very sad, but circumstances are calling us back to the states...Does anyone know of a company that handles moving household goods in a container going north...? I am doing my own research but not having much luck so far.... gracias in advance...
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CoenVanIwaarden replied to the thread Leaving Ecuador - selling everything on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on October 24, 2014:
CoenVanIwaarden initially posted:
Hello Everyone, We're leaving Ecuador and we're selling most items we had in our home here in Quito. The list includes: Large office desk + side cabin + desk lamp + extension cord = $300 HP scanner/printer + extension cord = $45 Adjustable ergonomic office chair = $200 2 pers. bed + two side cabins + two grey side lamps + 2 pers. matrass Chaide&Chaide Continental de Lujo + king size reversible textile cover + cushion covers + large cabin for clothes = $700 Ivory color square dinner table with 6 chairs = $150 Large black/white TV cabinet + Samsung 32’’ TV + Samsung DVD player + extension cord = $600 Haceb large refrigerator and freezer, only 1 year old = $500 Graco foldable baby bed + Fisher Price baby seat + plastic bathtub = $ 100 Children’s table + three chairs + car seat + play mat + TrippTrapp® adjustable chair for children = $ 220 If you’re not familiar with the Tripp Trapp® chair see more here: Children’s bed with foldable security rack and cabinet with drawers. Can be converted to a regular bed. Includes children matrass and 1 pers. Chaide & Chaide matrass. = $300 We have a similar bed with a brown lower part, orange rack, and white cabins, with only a children’s matrass. Is of less quality. Goes for $ 120 Everything we own for the kitchen various electrical items (toaster, blender etc.), pots & pans and a lot more (open doc. Below to see pictures) = $225. The water dispenser includes two water tanks (refillable for $2.75 per tank). Vacuum cleaner + drying frame + cabins for dirty laundry & to hang clothes + dustbins + iron & ironing board + 2 shelves + cabinet on wheels = $170 Large black drawer + standing lamp = $ 170 LG washing machine 14 KG = $ 300 Kitchen and oven with grill = $ 100 Chaide & Chaide Continental de Lujo 1 pers. (new) = $ 125 Hair trimmer = $ 20 Electric heater = $45 Gas tank = $45 (refillable for $3) We have 3 – all 3 go for $120 You can find photosof all items here: (I can't get the hyperlink to work. You can select the link, right click, 'open link in new tab' to vizualize). If you're interested, you can write me at or call 0984425981. Kind regards, Coen van Iwaarden
CoenVanIwaarden replied 5 hours ago with:
Dear Dumluk, As to the reason, we've lived for over 10 years in Latin America (6 years Argentina, 3 years Colombia, 1,5 years Ecuador). We now have two young children and we feel it would be good for them to be closer to their home country (family, language, culture, etc.). Kind regards, Coen
SWIRLZ replied 6 hours ago with:
Three years.....personal observation. Talking to people. As I stated....guesstimates.
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Hwy101 replied to the thread Cost of Airfare Doubled on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on October 24, 2014:
juliestander initially posted:
Hi, I made a visit to Ecuador in March and paid $600. RT from San Francisco. I started checking prices this summer for another trip and found it had doubled. Does anyone know why? Thanks, Julie
Hwy101 replied 12 hours ago with:
That's why I take Southwest to LAX and go from there.
juliestander replied on October 17, 2014 with:
Just checked RT San Francisco to Guayaquil on Tame. $790!
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lauraazelie initially posted:
Hi, So, I am coming to Ecuador with 2 other people from October 1-27. We will first be in Cuenca, then head to Vilcabamba around the 14th. We are looking for property to create a selfsustaining community. Right now we are also looking for people with certain skill sets that want to belong to a community. Here they are: Detailed Computer/electronic/mechanically inclined inventor: Living Food Chef person – who is crazy great with anything that has to do with food. Building/designing/landscaping/gardening type person If you fit any of these descriptions and are interested in what I have presented here, contact me back on this forum or at We would like to scheduele a meeting with you when we are in Ecuador. Thanks -Laura
iguanab1 replied 10 hours ago with:
The Amish and Mennonites establish intentional communities based on religion, as I previously stated. Not all communities are cooperative and communal. However, Tdrinker, there are and have been many successful communal communities. A good example is Greenbriar in Austin, Texas. Austin also has had cooperative housing communities for ages. Another bastion for cooperative awareness is Madison, WI. However, it's important to remember that intentional and cooperative are not one in the same. I prefer the idea of cooperative because it allows for equal ownership and responsibility - but to each her/his own.
Tdrinker replied on October 23, 2014 with:
Amish and Mennonites are not community property communes they are religions. There are many instances of communal property and association but all have failed.Its very difficult to maintain those feelings over time and especially through generations. Co-operatives are a different species and have survived and prospered for many years. Good luck with your project
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scottiestogether replied to the thread property after dying on the Ecuador forum on October 23, 2014:
scottiestogether initially posted:
Dying in Ecuador 50% of the property goes to the children and you must get their permission to sell .from children is this correct even if you are no longer in contact with them and they are overseas.
scottiestogether replied on October 23, 2014 with:
what happens if you do not know where your son is
boatmax replied on October 23, 2014 with:
YES, I do have a will written and registered in Ecuador, by a large law firm in Quito. The name of the firm is Reyes and Reyes. The attorney is Pablo Moncayo, who is also bilingual.
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