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OceanHideaway replied to the thread Must learn Spanish on the Ecuador forum on March 30, 2015:
kindheart1956 initially posted:
On another expat blog they have been telling us we all must learn Spanish and be fluent in 5 years. With tests and expulsion from the country if you don't pass. I did hear that it was an April Fools joke as well. So I am asking you if anyone here has heard about this new law or is it a joke?
OceanHideaway replied on March 30, 2015 with:
It Was ***AWESOME*** But watching the gringos of Gringolandia practically eat their young over this was ....priceless... There were the ones who wanted to sue a free online newsletter for not upholding some unwritten moral code of conduct by applying a disclaimer... Then there were the ones who were writing to the President of Ecuador... I liked the ones who were defending the power of their dollar and how they were going to leave en masse... and THEN Ecuador would be sorry! It was like watching a high school class being told the senior trip was cancelled because aliens had attacked Washington DC... From now on I think we should have a sign with an arrow at Migratorio: You must have an intelligence THIS HIGH to emigrate to this country...
windshadow replied on March 30, 2015 with:
Kaddy, What the heck do you mean it was a poor excuse for an april fools day joke? It was great! Your panties are too tight!
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cheshirecat4591 replied to the thread Sailing from Miami to Ecuador. on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on March 30, 2015:
Jim123 initially posted:
Planning to buy a sail boat in Miami and sail to Ecuador. Any advice is welcome. Cost of taking a 30ft sailboat thru the Panama Canal? Harbor fees on the way? Can we stop in Havana? Dock fees in Ecuador, Manta, Guayaquil, Galapagos? Sea condition during the seasons? What to bring? Import duty for Ecuador. Planning to apply for residence will it have an effect on taxes? Safety from banditos? Please mention your personal experiences.
cheshirecat4591 replied on March 30, 2015 with:
well, I know that just recently there were some Ecuadorian fishermen attacked by pirates up near Manta?
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Jim123 replied to the thread shoes, boots on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on March 30, 2015:
Jim123 initially posted:
Are good walking shoes and boots like Merrell and Caterpillar available in size 9, 9 1/2 in Cuenca. If so how does the price compare with getting them in the USA. And how about ordering them on line for delivery in Cuenca. Thank you for any replies.
Jim123 replied on March 30, 2015 with:
Thanks for your answers. I will bring what I have, sandals, New Balance walking shoes and Cater pillar boots. Will not buy anymore o drag along thanks to your advice.
kmoriarty45 replied on March 27, 2015 with:
Haven't seen ( or looked for ) Merrells but Caterpillars are readily available, even in my size 11D. I just bought a pair two weeks ago in the mall at one of the stores that sells sorts clothing, shoes etc. I paid about $20 more than if I purchasedvin the States. Still cheaper than having them shipped. Bought a pair of Rockport dress boots last year for Less than what I would have paid Stateside. Go figure !
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ronwatral replied to the thread Water Supply Issues in Montanita on the Ecuador forum on March 30, 2015:
Tambopaxi initially posted:
EcuaVisa (Canal 8 in Quito) carried a fairly long piece this morning at 09h00 regarding increasingly serious water shortages in Montanita, and growing problems in managing of sewage waste water (aguas servidos/aguas negros) in the same community. There was reference to declaration of a water emergency (implications of the declaration not further explained) for the entire Province of Santa Elena. There was an implicit warning to tourists to stay away from Montanita over the Holy Week holidays. Finally, there'll be another EcuaVisa installment on Montanita water issues tomorrow at 09h00. OH, you might have more info on all of this from your (closer) perspective down there, particularly as regards to declaration of the water emergency for Sta. Elena Province....
ronwatral replied on March 30, 2015 with:
OCEAN! We saw that south of Manta as well...from the luxury condo complex we were in. I posted it much earlier. That sh#t has got to stop. :>)))))
OceanHideaway replied on March 30, 2015 with:
There is a water shortage due to drought conditions in the northern part of the Santa Elena Peninisula of which Montanita is a part Sewage being let out into the ocean has been a scourge of that community for a number of years now is an old problem Often you will see stories like this in areas that do not want tourism leaving the area during big weeks as they prefer to have the dollars remain in the town -- so you need to weigh the reasons for these messages... As for water shortages in hotels etc, most of the hotels are served by cisterns and water is brought in by truck, so there will be little value placed on the shortages... Drinking water is always bottled The sewage problem -- is always an issue
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ronwatral replied to the thread warm valley in Ecuador on the Ecuador forum on March 30, 2015:
sandynelson initially posted:
can any one tell me of a valley outside of Quito or Cuenca that is warm ( high 70's to low 80's)? we are from FL & i have fibromyalgia ( can handle cold well. we are coming down in a few months to check out beach locations & would like to check out a valley also. hope everyone has a blessed Easter.
ronwatral replied on March 30, 2015 with:
This man speaks the truth. The last time we were there in EC in the mountains, Carol almost blackedout. When moving frm CT to Col Springs, BIG change...not in just baking but personally...tired all the time...dizzy...hammered after two drinks...sore joints. He's right...take it slow. Can't speak to the mud baths though. Sounds good but not for me. The word as a "gringo"...adjust.
kmoriarty45 replied on March 30, 2015 with:
For my money, the best kept secret in Ecuador is Catamayo. It is a lush valley region about 35 minutes bus ride from Loja and is actually where the airport for Loja is located. Warmer, prettier, and more laid back then her big sister, Loja. The canton of Catamayo ranges from 500 meters to about 1700 meters above sea level ( 1640 ft. to 5577 ft. ). Warm but comfortable with good breezes ans fresh air. People are very friendly and laid back. All the big city amenities are only a short bus ride away.
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icemeister replied to the thread Electricity Cost/Providers on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on March 30, 2015:
dumluk initially posted:
I have been googling this subject for too long now trying to get accurate updated information on the cost of elect in Ecuador......I can find it on just about every other country, but I can find specific info on Ecuador for some reason.......For example, Union Fenosa is the provider here in Panama, and they were charging 14.5 a kwh for the first 300 kwh's and 2 months they jacked it up to 23.5 c per kwh for the first 300 kwh........which puts it up there among the highest in the world.......I know that Fenosa was moving into Ecuador a few years ago, but are they now in fact the main elect provider? Or are they just investing in individual projects? They have a very bad track record in latin america btw.........Correa is not doing the pueblo any favors by climbing into bed with Fenosa........So numbers please.........not just how much u spend a month, but cost per kwh porfavor............
icemeister replied on March 30, 2015 with:
In Ecuador, CONELEC controls and regulates electricity. Here's a rate chart which covers the various electric producers:
Tambopaxi replied on March 30, 2015 with:
For Quito in my sector (Benalcazar) it's 7.98cents/kWh for consumption under 300 kWh...
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bicwic posted Ocean front PRIVATE condo exchange for a motor home in the USA on the Ecuador forum on March 30, 2015:
Looking to visit the USA this time next year. We will exchange our very private, turnkey, ocean front condo with one of the best views and most private beaches in Ecuador for a travel trailer (sp?) anywhere in the USA. This place is beautiful, one bedroom, with an awesome view. Unlike most of coastal Ecuador, it is very quiet. We are looking to revisit the USA in April or May of next year. We want to travel and do not care what the home base house looks like or where it is. Email or message me with questions.
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I tried and it wouldn't go through....
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nancyromero posted drug availability on the Ecuador forum on March 30, 2015:
I need to purchase a hormone patch used for menopause. does anyone know where
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windshadow replied to the thread New residency requirement. You must learn to speak Spanish to become a resident on the Ecuador forum on March 30, 2015:
windshadow initially posted: Great idea! Sounds like the government is saying "Get in or get out!"
windshadow replied on March 30, 2015 with:
Ecuadorjhoe, I think this is hilarious! I have laughed my ass off over and over again. I really liked the one I heard that a lot of gringos will be learning the spanish word, "adios". That is funny! Wish it were true in a way! So, if you don't mind indulging me for a minute JAJAAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA OR FOR ENGLISH READERS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
LasCrucesLobo replied on March 30, 2015 with:
April Fools!
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