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OceanHideaway replied to the thread All this anger on the Ecuador forum on May 25, 2015:
MikeArington initially posted:
I haven't written much since I've been reading from here. I have some general comments. Personal attacks get you nowhere, when you have a issue with a person's view treat him with respect, you will receive the same most times. If you don't there is no point to continue. Negativity, and anger are usually two things that will kill you. I'll be arriving there soon if I'm treated respectfully I will return it, If not I'll still have a drink, lol. I'm leaving the States because I have seen what its becoming. Now when I get there if you see a heavy set white guy, who looks lost. POINT THAT MAN TO A BAR,LOL Be well everyone
OceanHideaway replied 22 minutes ago with:
Arrived home from a really great night at Casa de Roy's to discover the fridge door open, and 3/4s of the cheesecake ...gone! first thought it was Max ...but later evidence proved it to be Gina who was the culprit! I should have known, that Rotti has some sweet tooth! The good news friends and I had a few slices before we headed out ...and a few slices were still saved... and we all agreed none of us really needed to eat that entire cake.... and the dogs really really liked it ... Bad news, we were going to bring at least half to the picnic tomorrow ...and will be whipping up chili and chips instead ... As for the typical nonsense spewing from nick's post...if we are keeping track monthly of Bad Chrisitan's & vote for May goes to: Rabbi Barry Freundel who just received 6.5 years in prison for filming via hidden camera Jewish women converts "practicing" the ritual mikvah bath ... there were over 200 victims of his crime about 55 were acceptable for testimony. And of course: Ma & Pa Duggar who's cover up of ongoing child abuse and neglect indicates they allowed precocious sexual behavior to run rampant in their family with at least one male child allowing ongoing sexual molestation among siblings and other victimized girl children -- and we still do not know how or what triggered this young adolescent male child to act out in this manner. There is much more to this rabbit hole and it is a dark and deep and vulgarly obscene one that probably goes back generations of accepting unacceptable behavior, family secrecy and silence pacts -- and ongoing sexual molestation... it's going to be ugly if it is allowed to come to light, but my won't be allowed to...and Josh will be tossed under the bus... And not funny at all... And... it does make me ...angry. Susan
Willie replied 1 hour ago with:
Dear Joe , Simply read your posts , nothing more .
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ecuadorjoe replied to the thread Epoxy Resin on the Ecuador forum on May 24, 2015:
KStone initially posted:
I have been looking for Epoxy resin and hardener in Ecuador to use on a wooden boat. Are there any sources here in Ecuador? Otherwise, I have a 28# box with a couple of gallons of the resin and enough hardener for it, that is packaged better than a certified HAZMAT shipper would do, The problem is that although the resin is just a hazard to a marine environment if spilled; and the hardener could harm the eyes if not rinsed out ASAP or the skin if hot washed off within a few days, they are prohibited as freight or checked baggage on aircraft. I have been a boatwright for years and have never had a problem with it, so if anyone is bringing a container from the US, that would work. I brought some in my own container a few years ago with no difficulty. Freight forwarders in the US (at least near Chicago) won't bother with such a small shipment.
ecuadorjoe replied on May 24, 2015 with:
OH They do the same repairs in Salinas, that is why I asked where does he live. Thank you for your help...
OceanHideaway replied on May 24, 2015 with:
My best suggestion is to come out to Anconcito and visit the shipyards where they build and repair the boats that go out to fish these waters -- they also repar the large wood trawlers and if epoxy resin is required for that, then they have it. Anconcito is in the canton of Salinas, one of the more distant parroquias. You can reach us by the #14 bus. From the Terminal Sumpa in Ballenita which is the Provincia Santa Elena Bus Terminal there is no direct bus, a taxi is best and that is $5. Susan
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OceanHideaway posted Memorial Day Party~ Salinas @ LUCCY'S on the Ecuador forum on May 24, 2015:
Luccy's International Restuarant will be hosting the BEST! Memorial Day party in SALINAS... Featuring the return of Everyone's Favorite Bartender...William Taylor! (navy) Monday 25th 5:00pml Hamburger $2.75 Free potatoes salad Bring dish to share Happy hour Beer $1.50 Cuba libre $2.50 Vodka $2.50 Margaritas $3.75 Micheladas $ 2.75 Bring a covered dish to share ...great drink specials.. CELEBRATE THE DAY ...and REMEMBER THOSE WHO SERVED AND GAVE THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE FOR YOUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY USA! start time... 5pm MONDAY... May 25th
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread Pharmacies on the Ecuador forum on May 23, 2015:
ecuadorjoe initially posted:
Are any of the local pharmacies associated with IESS? Another words if I change from private insurance to IESS will the medication like Atorvastatin be free? Negative comments are welcome, because I am paying the salary for 3 guards and their children's schools.
OceanHideaway replied on May 23, 2015 with:
...gosh... I can't recall... ...for would be $20 ...and the cheesecake is almost ready... Anyone for some pear juice???
windshadow replied on May 23, 2015 with:
Susan, did you get your lobotomy there? Was it expensive?
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ecuadorjoe replied to the thread Ecuador ExPat Crash Course on the Ecuador forum on May 23, 2015:
Jimmers initially posted:
Does anyone have experience or comments of this Ecuador Crash Course Tour? Any replies would be appreciated. Jim
ecuadorjoe replied on May 23, 2015 with:
KM45 Thank you Sir....
kmoriarty45 replied on May 23, 2015 with:
Sounds about right for your area. I'd check the papers and ask around to get a comparison but that sounds like what they're getting here.
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Lizzie4 posted Fishing in Coastal Ecuador on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on May 23, 2015:
Hi! I would love to learn more about fishing in coastal Ecuador, especially in the Onzole River. I am very interested in knowing what tackle and bait the locals use, as well as fishing techniques and the like :) Thanks so much! I look forward to learning more!
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pelks replied to the thread Tourist buying a vehicle on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on May 23, 2015:
pelks initially posted:
I am an American that will be traveling to SA this summer. I want my freedom to roam where I wish to and renting a vehicle is something I do not want to do. Is it legal in Ecuador for a tourist to purchase a used vehicle? If so...How long does it take to get the FINAL documents in hand? I also would like to know...if I decide to keep the car would there be any problems with exporting it out to the USA? NOT concerned about the USA aspect of it because I am aware of the requirements there. Mainly looking at the Ecuador side of things. Any help would be great. Thxs, Dan
pelks replied on May 23, 2015 with:
Well.....With not being as stupid as I once thought I have another good question for you. What did your buddy do with the car he bought when he went back home? Parked it on the street and walked away or did he give it to you because you are a stand up guy?
livefreebstrong replied on May 21, 2015 with:
Pelks, I like your math. But I be your wife probably reduced the percentage to more like a 1/4 stupid. Or maybe not at all because you married her. Nice to see a good sense of humor on your part too! Look, you've been so amiable, I'm taken my price down to half should change your mind. Forum is still free however.
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KStone replied to the thread Repost due to no response on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on May 23, 2015:
BarbaraJo initially posted:
I originally posted the following April 29th, and haven't received any response. (Feeling a bit neglected!) "Good morning! I will be moving to Quito in August to teach at a school in Cumbaya. The school will help me find an apartment, but I'd like to be prepared for the search. Can anyone recommend an English speaking realtor who can help me secure a 1-2 bedroom apartment near/or with easy access to the school? Also - do y'all have weekly/monthly meet ups? Thanks from Texas, BJ"
KStone replied on May 22, 2015 with:
Dear BJ. I have just rented a really nice, secure 2 bedroom apartment with build in wood closets in a very great location in Tumbaco which is the next town down from Cumbaya. Cumbaya is extremely expensive. I spend most of my time in our home at the beach in Atacames but decided I wanted my own place when I go to Quito area for concerts, etc. Tumbaco is not as upscale but only 10 minutes by bus to Cumbaya and a lot less expensive. If you would like to rent a room by the week or month until you get settled, please e-mail me at I plan to be in the apt. in August as that is holiday time at the beach but the rest of the time, I am only there about one week per month. You will really enjoy Cumbaya and Tumbaco. Good luck Katheen
ecuadorjoe replied on May 20, 2015 with:
Hello Barbara Jo, I would suggest you stay away from Real estate agents I would look on As well I can help you with a contact I used this young Ecuadorian's services. He lives in Quito, born in New York Ecuadorian parents. He charges $ 10.0- hour
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread Language Schools esp Chinese and English on the Ecuador forum on May 22, 2015:
HomeExchanger initially posted:
I'm fluent in English, Spanish and French. I have good conversational Chinese. My wife is fluent in English, Dutch and Chinese. For Quito, Cuenca and elsewhere in Ecuador does anyone know: 1) pay at schools that teach English 2) are there any Chinese schools? 3) any call for French instruction? 4) level of difficulty for an expat get a work visa to teach at a language school? Thanks!
OceanHideaway replied on May 22, 2015 with:
If you have a Masters Degree -- head in on an extended tourist visa and prepared to apply for your residency visa as a Professional visa using your degrees. Chat with Dana Cameron -- Prof Cameron (Dana) has been teaching at the University level of over a decade and started working on visas to help at the Universities where she was employed and then as a side business to help raise her kids who are now in their late teens and 20's. and she is reasonable and does a great job. Good luck.
HomeExchanger replied on May 22, 2015 with:
This is great info, thanks both to you and KM. Wife and I both have Master's Degrees but not in education. Do the language schools that require a Masters need it to be in education? I have teaching credential and she worked in China and Taiwan as English teacher for 2 years in college (where she majored in Chinese). My thought is to maybe do a preschool program. This is how both our kids learned Chinese.
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medutch replied to the thread Health Care Coverage on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on May 22, 2015:
newton1122 initially posted:
I am doing my research now for a possible move to EC. I had a quad bypass about 6 yrs ago and am on about 9 different meds. Can someone tell me about getting health ins coverage in EC? My other choice is Costa Rica but the price of living there is going up daily.
medutch replied on May 22, 2015 with:
Hey newton1122, I agree with some points made by LADDIE and OC. Moving to Ecuador may be a good move for you, but it would be best if you went to a naturopathic doctor before committing to the move. I'm not a fan of allopathic medicine - too many biases to contend with - but you have some serious issues to consider. You will get an " "unbiased" opinion from a good naturopathic doctor instead of the other.
sischauf replied on May 22, 2015 with:
Susan, you are always a voice of reason. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.
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