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withoutego replied to the thread Dead Horse... Investor's Visa? on the Ecuador forum on July 23, 2014:
BrandonBP initially posted:
Hey all! I know that the investor visa questions are frequent here, but I've been following this board for a while and am still confused. Every time someone asks how to get an investor visa, the answer is normally to put $25 grand in a bank which can then not be touched or to buy some real estate. However, I actually want to invest in a business and earn a living in Ecuador. If I were to put at least $25,000 into a hostel/finca/shop/etc, is there a way to show evidence of this investment to obtain residency? Or is the only way to buy property or put cash in the bank? In other words, could I buy a commercial lot worth at least $25k to actually use as my business for the purposes of a visa? On the other hand, if I just wanted to lease a commercial building, could I show that I had purchased at least $25k worth of equipment such as appliances, cash registers, furniture, etc? If this has been discussed, then I apologize, but I always read the threads asking about visas and am still very confused about the investor visa requirements. I'm trying to determine if I'll need to have an additional $25,000 to park in a bank, or if my actual business investment can count towards the $25k I need. Thanks much!
withoutego replied 56 minutes ago with:
What Lional said, I have heard this lament from many expat investment visa folks....Its not what you paid. Do diligence on the front end for this visa route. sininversion
iguanab1 replied 3 hours ago with:
Brandon, I second your opinion regarding Ecuador. It is paradise to me as well. By the way, in which part of the Gulf are you working? I have several relatives who have worked there, too. It's very hard job - but a great one! Good luck and never let go of your dream! It took me until I was 62 years old to make the move - and I know now that I should have made the jump years earlier!
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withoutego replied to the thread comments blocked on the Ecuador forum on July 23, 2014:
tomb215 initially posted:
Is there a way to move, or remove, the side bar real estate ads and most commented block so they do not block the trailing edge of comments posted?
withoutego replied 1 hour ago with:
same problem windows 7 chrome Version 35.0.1916.153 m what I did on the 4x4 post was to copy and paste so I could read the clipped left side. sinego
jaymo replied 2 hours ago with:
It's not happening on every topic, but I have found a couple of topics where this is happening. One is the thread started by OceanHideaway about the 4x4 tax ruling. Her post is partially obscured, the post below (same thread) is not. I came across one other topic randomly in the first four pages. It would seem to be an issue for the site admins, maybe a line or two of code--or most likely a missed bracket in the HTML code somewhere. Since it's not happening everywhere (at least on the two browsers I checked on two different computers with different OS) it would be hard to replicate. Tomb215, is this happening to you on every separate thread? Some info for the admins would be helpful: what browser(s) are you using? What operating system are you using? Does the problem persist after you clear your cache? (If you don't know what that is, don't worry about it.) Jay
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withoutego replied to the thread Visas on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on July 23, 2014:
bufordness initially posted:
I have just moved to Ecuador and am working on my Resident Visa. I came in just using my passport. I did not go to an Ecuadorian Consulate to get a visa. How long can I stay by just coming here? Some say 30 days some say 90 days. I have been here since July 8th and came once in October 2013. When do I have to have my 9-1 completed in order to not have to get an extension?
withoutego replied 1 hour ago with:
I believe it is 90 days in a 365 day contiguous period, with just the stamp in the passport, tourist status. It would seem that the clock (toward 90 days) started in October 2013. The clock stopped when you left, started again on July 8 this year. So you ate up some of your 90 days last year. The Extension beyond 90 days (for a fee) seems to be easy. And, I believe, if you start a process toward a residence visa, that process will include the extension needed to resolve the process for the visa sought, ie, you get residence or you don't. But I might be wrong. Ask at a government visa office. You are in the right country to get the answers. sinego
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remoore2001 replied to the thread Equador Immigration Questions on the Ecuador forum on July 23, 2014:
DXBDINO28 initially posted:
Hello fellow members I am thinking of immigrating to Ecuador with my parents. I would like some information from expats . Please refer a good Immigration Lawyer (Snglish Speaking ) ? Has anyone migrated to Ecuador via Investor Visa? Is Ecuador safe ? Hows the crime rate? Thanks
remoore2001 replied 1 hour ago with:
I've been to night games at old yankee stadium and have rode the subway there from various stops. Walking out to dinner is not how you tell what the area is like in any large city. It's when you take a wrong turn in the actual neighborhoods and walk out without a problem, and I mean the bad areas. Probably why you thought Compton was all right. If you stay on the main roads and visit businesses everything will be ok, but go to the hood and see the gangs things change quickly. It's the same in Guayaquil, go to the wrong neighborhood and your "walk in the park" things turn dicey quickly. All Susan is trying to say is don't take Guayaquil lightly. It can turn dangerous quickly. Stay out of dangerous areas and your chances of having a good trip is much better, but: be careful in the other areas of the city too
jaymo replied 3 hours ago with:
I never said the South Bronx was gentrified. I said it can be manageable at times. My frame of reference is riding the subways through there to attend a conference at Fordham less than a month ago. I stayed with A friend who's a professor there who lives near 163rd & Morris. We regularly walked together at night to eat or go to a neighborhood bar. Cute? Why thank you. I'm not often told that.
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ecuadorjoe replied to the thread Via help on the Ecuador forum on July 23, 2014:
1happykamper initially posted:
I am moving to EC and have a few important questions. I am a dual citizen of UK and USA. I currently live in Mexico. It would APPEAR that i can arrive in EC on a 90 day tourist visa and then begin the Pension Resident Visa AFTER i arrive in EC. OR: I can begin the immigration process via the EC Embassy in Mexico City. if the above statements are true.. what is the better way of moving to EC? A loooong shot here -does anyone know of an attorney in Mexico (I live in San Miguel e Allende) who can help with this immigration process? I need a police background check from MX and the UK - how on earther to I begin this process? Last question.. it seems I may need to present my UK birth certificate.. and have "apostilled" bless it somehow. I am concerned that this may have to be done in the UK????!!! Cheers in advance!!
ecuadorjoe replied 2 hours ago with:
O.K. my friend, I got my visa last November, no birth certificate was needed. I can give you the whole thing if you can wait a few weeks. I live in Quito so please email me what your questions are, I will go to the immigration tell you what you need for free. Do you speak Spanish? If not I know and I used a person who can translate perfectly for $15.00 per hour. Good luck.....
laurenceoliver replied 3 hours ago with:
Thanks for your info, jay.. Just some more bureaucratic nightmares..LOL larry oliver.
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jaymo replied to the thread Must-See Places in Guayaquil? on the Ecuador forum on July 23, 2014:
jaymo initially posted:
We just got word that my wife has been invited to teach a photography workshop at the technical university in Guayaquil around October-November. We're being put up by the hosts in an apartment in Guayaquil. My question is this: what are the must see sights during the day in Guayaquil? She'll be busy all day and our hosts have our time planned at night. My Spanish is rusty but I get along OK. My interests run toward art, parks, and music, and away from shopping. Any tips?
jaymo replied 3 hours ago with:
I'm looking forward to this visit in either October or Nov. I think I'll be going to the school in the mornings with the two women, but in any case, she 'll be done by mid afternoon and we'll see what's on after that. Our host couple: she is native QuiteƱo, moved to Paris and worked as a designer for Le Monde. He's an architect, and when he retired they moved to Guayaquil and she headed graphic design for a section of El Telegrafo, where she still consults, but is a prof. of graphic design at ITAE. We have another friend who is native to Guayas, but who studied architecture in Miami. He's been back in EC for about ten years, and commutes once a week to Loja for an advanced degree. Between these two families, I think our nights will be well guided.
BrandonBP replied on July 22, 2014 with:
I hear that the police station in Guayaquil gets lots of visitors.
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withoutego replied to the thread w/c on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on July 23, 2014:
remoore2001 initially posted:
Congrats to Alemania, hell of a game
withoutego replied 7 hours ago with:
Germans love the beach! chus, sinego
cintapadamu replied 8 hours ago with:
Hello, I wish I stay last months in Ecuador, but it is dificult to sell my house here :-((( If I'm in Ecuador I can visit Cuenca. My new home I like to get in Manta. I hope it is a better place for me. Best regards Sabine
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sisterdel replied to the thread Relocating on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on July 23, 2014:
Lookingforchange initially posted:
We are looking Into relocating to Cuence, Ecuador. We do not know much other than the intense research we have been doing online. Our plan is to stay for at least one year b4 purchasing property. Does anyone know how easy or difficult the process is for obtaining a visa for one year. We are a young family with 4 children
sisterdel replied 7 hours ago with:
Can House Hunters (HGTV) be watched from EC? I have been unable to see what you guys are talking about.
withoutego replied 7 hours ago with:
Susan, With respect I must say that I don't understand what you and others are saying when you (and they) criticize various media for the presentation to wannabee expats, RE: the life in Ecuador. I am not at all defending the warm and fuzzy presentations. But it's just the same old selling of something we see everywhere. Anyone who buys the tooth paste because it will lead to romance...well, that's the impression THEY got from the advertisement, has a handicap. They are gullible and trained consumers. But is that the fault of the talking head in the video? "We are having a wonderful time here....YOU will have a wonderful time here" OK, I see this and say, they may or may not like the place. But, they can in no way know that I will have a wonderful time in Ecuador. Unless someone is telling a LIE, as sometimes happens, then I can't fault them. It is not a lie that one CAN live in Cuenca for $600 a month. I know expats that do. I spend a little more than that but not much. It doesn't become a lie because any given expat can't do without some expense. Let the buyer beware contains both human nature and common sense. Let the "buyer" of information do the same. As in, "I don't buy what you're saying" If I buy an idea because I want to believe it. The seller is taking advantage of my desire, my hope. Are they at fault, or am I? We might take pity on the gullible and warn them off but its decades late to bring them up to speed on reality. Boil down all the posts and threads on this forum and the biggest item left is HOPE and FEAR. Two four letter words. Both are unreality. Fear of crime in a place you've never been. Hope for a better life in a country you have no knowledge of. Knowledge and experience (life's accumulated knowledge) overcome both. The folks who started this thread seem to be clear about needing to be in Cuneca (or Salinas) to truly know the move will work for them. I have known many expat mothers on their own, with kids in Cuenca. It is a mixed bag. One child happy the other not, nothing unusual in that, anywhere. Try living in Ecuador, then you will know. Trade any rose colored glasses for shades with UV protection. sinego
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withoutego replied to the thread Flights to Ecuador on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on July 23, 2014:
sherij initially posted:
Hello all, can anyone please offer which airlines they fine the best deals on from the states to Ecuador? Can easily fly out of any US city so that doesn't need consideration. Thanks
withoutego replied 7 hours ago with:
Anyone have a suggestion for bringing down the cost of a three leg trip next year? It would be Cuenca,Berlin,Boston,Cuenca. Three months between legs. My target is $1500 or less.. sindinero
bentparrot replied on July 21, 2014 with:
@ FassetEM. Drive a one-way rental to Miami and take a flight that stops in Panama City or San Salvador. No leg is much over three hours. See COPA, Avianca, or TACA for details. Or, again drive to Miami and, assuming they allow pets, take one of the cruise ships that stops in Manta several times a year.
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iguanab1 replied to the thread Customs and Rugs on the Ecuador forum on July 22, 2014:
iguanab1 initially posted:
I am preparing to move to my new home in Ecuador, but have run into a question regarding bringing my Oriental rugs. A friends recently wrote and told me that she thought I would be unable to bring my rugs. Can anyone speak to this? Thanks ahead of time for any light anyone could share on this subject!
iguanab1 replied on July 22, 2014 with:
Yes, I've been in communication with her. Ive told her the sizes of the rugs and how many, and I'm waiting for her reply. She did okay my camel bags! And now I'm hoping for positive feedback on the rugs! I'm so happy that you recommended her. I'm very grateful!
OceanHideaway replied on July 22, 2014 with:
Yes, this would be Sandra. Do check with her, as she would know exactly how to declare that the rugs are in fact for personal HOME use and not antiques for resale.
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