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OceanHideaway replied to the thread How Much Does IT Really Cost To Live In Cuenca on the Ecuador forum on September 02, 2014:
allied325 initially posted:
Hi, I have been reading this exchange in anticipation to learn what it really costs to live in Ecuador. I know rents are all over the place but let's say a two bedroom 2 bath apartment in a safe section of town, Full internet/phone/TV service, Basic groceries such as coffee, milk, eggs, chicken, veggies. Do you need to soak the greens to avoid tapeworm. I have a friend who had to do that when she lived in Guayaquil 30 years ago. Also, if you are not a citizen and are in an auto accident do you automatically go to jail? Cost of clothes, dining out once or twice a week, the cinema, et al. I hate surprsises. If anyone has alreay prepared this budget, I would be very grateful if the shared it with me. Thank you AJ
OceanHideaway replied on September 02, 2014 with:
Actually... You can eat the lettuce that is grown hydroponically... in an aqueous solution of nutrients... andnot in soil which is where the ameobatids reside. Any fruit or vegetablethat may lay on the ground shouldeither be purchased hydroponic - you can purchse it in the major supermarkets that way. And other fruits and veggies shouldbe peeled. But your greatest danger? comes...hands reaching pick and pack and then pick over the stuff at the supermarket. Buy the Fruit and veggie wash available EVERYWHERE... wash everything,then soak for 15minutes...then peel and cook. And if you get a tummy ache, runs,ornaseau...go to your docotr of pharmacist. It is probably an easily cured bacterial infection. Donot "let it go"dehydration is more serious than the bacteria... getan anti diahreal, and get the propermedication. get dehydration drinks (not gatorade or sprotsdrinks, Oralyte, it┬┤s at the pharmacy) and take any illness here seriously. These are new illnessesto your body and need to be treated correctly.
allied325 replied on September 02, 2014 with:
Thank you. That number seems to make more sense than the $600 a month that some of the newsletters are saying, Allie
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satyarising replied to the thread Setel Telecommunications on the Ecuador forum on September 02, 2014:
satyarising initially posted:
Quick question: I have an Ecuadorian checking account that covers bills for cell phone, internet etc. I'm getting charges from "Setel Telecommunications". Does anyone know what service this company provides, or what there common business name is? It might be DirectTV, TVCable, Movistar, or Claro. Or maybe something else. I want to make sure I'm not getting billed for a service I no longer receive. Thanks in advance.
satyarising replied on September 02, 2014 with:
Why don't I ask my bank. Because I am of such limited intelligence it never occurred to me. Sarcasm aside, I asked them, and they couldn't answer me other than it was a telecommunications company. I need to know if it is, for example, a current account with TVCable, or a leftover charge from some cable provider that I no longer receive service from. I even went to their website, and that provided not useful information. So rather than limit my quest to asking a single bank clerk, I thought I would reach out to the collective MASS of knowledgable people here who more often than not includes someone who knows bits of information no one else in my limited circle of contacts in my home town. I think this is the first question I in the past year where I have actually asked for information, and I get a response like "ask the bank". I'm not so lazy that I ask questions on the internet because I don't want to bother to put out any effort on my own. Please, give me the benefit of the doubt. Thank you.
AguaCaliente replied on September 02, 2014 with:
Why don't you ask your bank?
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cintapadamu replied to the thread Living USA/Ecuador 50/50...Possible? on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on September 02, 2014:
withoutego initially posted:
The same question I asked rhetorically years ago on this forum...Is it possible to live half of one's time in Ecuador and the other half in the USA? Not a legal question. It assumes you have jumped thru all the hoops, dotted all the teez and crossed all the eyes. No, this question is about the spirit. How does the spirit manage the wrenching that is wrought by going back and forth? I am doing the research right now. I'm just finishing off four months in Maine, USA. Last year I did six months in the States. That may have been pent up demand...finally getting all the papers....I could finally stay out of Ecuador a while. So if I don't know by now who would? I don't know that either. Must depend on the person and their situation. Lots of folks who offer themselves as examples...wanabeez supposing... or people who've done it - have burned the bridges. They had to. Tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars are offered up to the God of location. As with other Gods, only one at a time may be served. I have no real property. I have a "camp" on the family estate. I collect my inheritance early. Space for me and my moto. Twelve minutes from the shores of Penobscot bay. In Cuenca a little apartment on the fourth floor. My exercise machine a stairmaster) between me and the street. Rent, low. My landlady, a beauty. I keep her sweet with a new pair of sunglasses every fall. That's the way its done. The problem isn't even financial. I make 50% more than the minimum for jubilado residente expats. I enjoy both ends of this existance. Plenty to do in either hemisphere. Without budgeting I have no trouble flying back and forth..once a year. If there is a problem it is emotional. (Sounds like a personal problem!)....One size doesn't fit all. Every person's situation is different. Quite different usually. Obviously a loner. A couple that could do this would be rare. One couple I know does it, that is, comes and goes, but out of sync with one another. Its been said somewhere (by someone) that we can only really "know" maybe a dozen other people. The rest are acquaintances. The dozen may become acquaintances too if they disappear for half the year. Am I trying to distance myself from people...using geography to do it? Am I trying to crowd source my therapy? Are you still awake? sinpreguntaest├║pida
cintapadamu replied on September 02, 2014 with:
Vitamine Bay mean Vitamin B and stay for "Beziehung" (connections). If you have Vitamine B you can get samething cheaper or better .
cintapadamu replied on September 02, 2014 with:
Sinego, if you rent in a Wohngemeinschaft, you have to pay. With the couchsurfing you don't pay. If you can cook and you buy the food in ALDI or LIDEL,, you don't need for all 1.000,00 Euro per month. I think with 600,00 Euro you have a good time. Best regards
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Truxton replied to the thread I own nice condo looking for possible partner on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on September 02, 2014:
shawnnn initially posted:
My wife and I plan to spend up to 6 months per year in Ecuador. I have a beautiful furnished condo in Manta overlooking the beach. I would entertain a possible partner who would also want 6 months per year. In reality we would probably spend a max of 4 months in Manta. Great location and views. Anyone interested please contact me.
Truxton replied on September 02, 2014 with:
Interested. What months are you planning to be there. I am a US citizen. I would be just me for 5-6 months. I am a Software Developer and work remotely about half of the year. Please send : 1) a few inside pictures. 2) costs or bills you expect me to pay 3) Location of condo on Google Maps or address. Best Regards
legacy30000 replied on September 02, 2014 with:
May be interesting to my wife and I. Like the others, please send all details. thanks Joe Brown ps, don't own a dog or cat, just an occasional grandkid
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livefreebstrong replied to the thread Pacific sea life on the Ecuador forum on September 02, 2014:
cacurt initially posted:
There is a lot of news, both in the mainstream press and on the internet, about loss of animals and fish that either live in or depend on the ocean for survival. The news is primarily about the pacific coast from Alaska to Baja California. Much of the blame is on radioactive products released from the recent Japanese reactor problems. Are the seas changing in like manner in EC or is fish catches and so on remaining fairly normal?
livefreebstrong replied on September 02, 2014 with:
Whisperer, I am truely sorry to hear this. I always think of the Indian guy with a tear running down his cheek. It would be nice if people here cared as much as Chief Quimosabi did...(I'm sure he actually didn't notice seeing as how he should have been dead...but you know what I mean). But, you know, the round the world polution problem, is huge. It just hurts too much to dwell on it. Once again, sorry for your bad news.
Whisperer replied on September 02, 2014 with:
LFBS: Your name Livefreebestrong is definite and so true today. We received very bad news this morning - two of my sons school chums are both riddled with cancer, they were in Japan just after Fukashima, she is terminal he is going to lose his entire leg, hopefully to stop the spread. Sea life - Fukashima is still, love fish, oysters etc but do I feel good about eating them, yo no se (I don't know) We as a human race sure do a lot of damage to our beautiful planet.
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rongoulding posted shawnn. R: partner for Manta condo on the Ecuador forum on September 02, 2014:
could you send all pertinent details please. Thanks, Ron.
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nanblake posted Ecuadors pacific coast on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on September 02, 2014:
I am looking for information on coastal towns etc facebook links?
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casadecuenca posted Sanitation and other problems on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on September 02, 2014:
My first experience with Ecuador's lack of plumbing codes was in December of 2011. I spent 3 days in Salinas and there were very heavy rains and there was raw sewage running down streets because the developers who built many highrises put in no infrastructure to deal with it. In reality there are basically no plumbing or electrical codes in the country. I live in 4,000 SF house about 12 years old that was built by an architect. There are no plumbing vents in any of the 4 bathrooms and I have been told by several plumbers that they not used anywhere in the country. Furthermore, the electricians here haven't a clue what a wirenut is, they just twist the wires together and wrap them with tape. I lived in a brand new highrise in Cuenca in 2012 and I had some lights installed and sure enough the electrician hired by the developer used tape and had no clue what a wirenut is.
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tomb215 replied to the thread Rotisserie on the Ecuador forum on September 02, 2014:
tomb215 initially posted:
I would like to find an electric open hearth rotisserie. Is there a store anyone knows of that sells 'Faberware' appliances close to or in Cuenca?
tomb215 replied on September 02, 2014 with:
I have seen several that could be ordered over the internet but I just haven't worked up the courage to try having something sent me. And now that there is news of El Presidente wanting to tack on an additional $42.00 tax foe 4X4 items it pretty much makes it almost impractical to buy things online. Don't know if that extra tariff has started yet but I'd rather not take the chance.
bicwic replied on September 02, 2014 with:
They have some nice ones on Not sure what shipping and taxes will be. My bedding cost an additional $34.00 or so but that`s much lighter and smaller than a little oven. Takes about 10 days to arrive through them.
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number1english posted Having a foreign-bought vehicle in EC on the Ecuador forum on September 02, 2014:
I was wondering what the penalties are for having a foreign vehicle in Ecuador past the date on the Corpaire entry document. Last year, I purchased a 2013 motorbike from a couple of French tourists for a tiny fraction of what I would have paid at a dealership. The Peruvian registration has no expiration date. I've driven through countless checkpoints, and 9 out of 10 times I just show my license and registration with no questions. It seems the local cops have no idea what to do with it and/or just don't care. My question is what could theoretically happen if I were to encounter a checkpoint where they actually decided to press the issue?
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