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Cosmetic surgery

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4/12/2012 22:41 EST

A friend of mine is interested in visiting me in Cuenca, and is looking into the possibilities of having cosmetic surgery done while she's here. Does anyone have any personal experience/advice/suggestions, particularly with regard to identifying English speaking cosmetic surgeons with good reputations?

Please feel free to pm me through the site if you don't feel comfortable posting openly in this thread.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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4/13/2012 03:10 EST


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4/13/2012 15:06 EST

Good and valid question! Some of us are still a little concerned about out our looks...nothing wrong with that !...Ladies please step up if you have an answer!

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4/13/2012 15:43 EST


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4/14/2012 17:27 EST

A few of our lovely ladies in Salinas have done some rejuvenation (and yes they look fabulous) -- Drop me a line and I'll hook you up with some who have had facial rejuventaion and also a good Ecuadorean friend of mine Teresa who has had lipo and a breast lift/augmentation and very please with the results. She is always telling me I need to get started on myself but ... maybe when I have the B&B running a bit more on it;s own I can take that advice.

And yes these ladies had their procedures performed in Guayaquil in the Kennedy Norte Medical Center area. very 21st century.

Ain't nothing wrong with looking as good as you feel!

My email is:


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4/18/2012 00:04 EST

THANKS Susan...e-mailing you!

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4/18/2012 00:14 EST


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4/20/2012 12:18 EST

Hi Deborah ~

Got your emails -- and just followed up on my contacts. They should be writing to you directly and if not I'll forward the mail

BTW -- one of the quickest and most reasonably costing rejuvenations is your smile! Dr. Paola is who I reccomend for folks looking for tooth whitening and crowns -- and she has the gentlest hands (and yes I am a dental wimp!). The cost is reasonable and the results almost immediate (a few extra days and the total whiteness is obvious) -- and her follow up is phenomenal!

her office is in la Libertad which is right next to Salinas, about a $2 taxi rie from the Malecon.


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4/28/2012 04:10 EST

I've been sort of collecting information and prices on things down here -- for work done here in Salinas and in Guayaquil. All of the pricedures I quote have been had by at least one if not more people I personally know so here goes:

Teeth whitening: $120
LASIK eye surgery both eyes: $870
Body sculpting procedure including tummy tuck, liposuction adn breast implant: $2700 including anesthesia and one night stay over at the hospital before release

Dr. Paola here in La Libertad who does the teeth whitiening (and corwns) speaks some english but usually I accompnay the patient or her husband Eduardo (he of the Salvador Dali mustache) speaks English well and I've sat in the "chair" while he assisted his wife -- nice couple who do great follow up. Dr. Paola came out to the Ocean Hideaway to see my friend/guest who had the proicedure to be sure she wasn't suffering from over sensitivity which is possible following this procedure. In fact they suggest using Sensodyne toothpaste for a week following. My friend had no issues with sensitivity but said it was difficult to not have coffee for three days -- since any dark liquid would be re-absorbed into the newly whitened teeth. My friend is still smiling (this was done in December) and planning the replacement of two crowns for her next trip here.

Lasik was recently performed on a young man I am friends with (mid 20's) who is studying to be a marine biologist and does a lot of diving so contacts were becoming an issue. He had no trouble with the procedure and had clear vision the next day (His surgeon performs all surgeries on a Friday and continues telephone contact follow up for a number of days as different people recover in different time frames. This requires at least two trips in Guayaquil first to see if you are a good candidate for surgery and second if you wear contacts, to check that your eyes are properly "moist" and oxygenated -- therefore no contacts at least three days prior to the surgery.

Last but surely not least: my favorite Ecuadorian Barbie (and for a mother of 2 she is a knock out -- but also works at it with good eating habits and daily work outs with spinning and pilates) tolkd me today of this special package being offered by her plastic surgeon. She has already had two procedures ~ liposuction of the waist line and breast lift/augmentation. She wants a mini tummy tuck but I think she doesn't need it. Her doctor does offer payment plans but at a price of under $3K, seems like it would be worth paying in cash. Then spend a week here recuperating by the Ocean until you go bac for your check up and all clear. And of course we have Dr, Jose Rendon just up the street if you needed to see someone immediately.

And that's the cosmetic surgery info from the coast!

Susan (a little personal tailoring...hmmm I have the "gut" but do I have the "guts?)

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