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kom69 replied to the thread Life in Buraidah on the Saudi Arabia forum:
drbhanu initially posted:
I may be relocating to Buraidah soon. I am a indian, Hindu and vegetarian. Please give me information on the following: 1) How is the cost of living in Buraidah? 2) If I have to rent an apartment (2 bedroom, fully furnished, in a secured place) how much will be the rent 3) Can I find some vegetarian food and which are the popular restaurants? 4) How much does a 2nd hand car cost (5 yrs old)? Thanks....
kom69 replied 5 hours ago with:
I am also indian hindu moving to buraidah. Pl send me a mail at
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chandini replied to the thread Just landed on the Saudi Arabia forum on August 30, 2014:
chandini initially posted:
Hello, I just landed in Riyadh on Wednesday. My sponsor placed me in the Courtyard Marriott DQ area. Today I'll be moved to an apartment on Olaya st, so I am told. Not sure how that is. Just anxious to meet women who came to work here. Are any single expat women living in this area? I am from Texas, USA. Chandini
chandini replied on August 30, 2014 with:
Hi, where is Khobar?
tousson replied on August 29, 2014 with:
I'm from Texas but will be in Khobar later in the year.
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jray posted Urgent Sale Range Rover Evoque 2012 on the Saudi Arabia forum on August 29, 2014:
Selling My 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Pure With Negotiation Well maintain low mileage,Full Options,Gulf Specifications,Accident Free,No Bruises,Very Clean like New.It was bought new and has not been used for long.I want to sell it out,If Interested. Contact me for more information about the 2012 Land Rover Email at
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Nouf replied to the thread Just moved from uk to saudi,jeddah on the Saudi Arabia forum:
Pollyannah initially posted:
Hi I have just moved from the uk to saudi with my husband and 8year old child ,I would like to share my expierience so far for those fellow Brits who are thinking of coming here. My husband came to live in jeddah in feb this year to check everything out before myself and daughter would follow as he knew my expectations and I would be giving up a great career to follow this dream which we have had for the last 10 years to live in a warmer climate ,I have been here for around 7weeks now and I would say it was the right move ,yes I miss my career my friends and my family but technology is a wonderful thing ,I skype and see my mum and dad more than I did in the uk as I was always at work,and as for quality time with my daughter it's brilliant for both of us and friends are only a Facebook away.i read a lot of expat forums and blogs and to be honest it was a little scary, but what en I got here and experienced it my self it was not that bad,women are treated very well ,wearing the abaya is great it takes you a lot less time to get ready I still do my hair and makeup everyday as the same at home but I accessorize more now with a big bag and lovely shoes and jewelry,you can still be yourself it is not a restriction,I don,t mind not being able to drive ,the driving is crazy here anyway I,d rather stick to the passenger side,and going into the family side in restaurants kinda makes you feel special,we also did not find it as hard as expected to get a compound house and a british school for our daughter it's all about going to the compound and school and introducing yourself ,the compound I am on is very quiet I have quite enjoyed the piece ,but there is a gym to use and a pool or just lounge in your garden,it is what you make it! I did not think much of the villa when I arrived but now I have put my touches on it it's very much like home from home ,we bought our daughter a princess bed she had always wanted at home and all the things kids need to keep them occupied bikes ect..and she feels very much settled,in the uk can you go for a swim in the lovely cold pool in the glorious warm sun when you finish school I think not! The food is good here as well from takeaways to restaurant to mall food I,v not had a bad meal yet.on a weekend which is fir sat here we go to beach club which is western and you can wear your swim wear ect it's like being on holiday every weekend,so if you are worried or need any info on life in jeddah just message me and I will do my best to give you the best and right info x
Nouf replied on August 28, 2014 with:
Hi, your are welcome friend, I am Nouf, am a saudian girl, I try to contact with british people here, to improve my english language, could you please help me! my email : thanks
bobj69 replied on February 08, 2014 with:
Hi. I'm happy that you are happy in Jeddah. I live in Jeddah for over 5 years and it is probably the best place to live in KSA. I'm glad you have not had any problems when going out, but there have been problem in Jeddah before and I have to add a word of caution to not get too comfortable and watch where you go. I agree with you about being able to travel outside of KSA. Since I have been here I have traveled to 27 different countries and many more than once. Working here I have been able to pay everything off to where I have no debts back home. That is a good feeling. Take care and enjoy your life in Jeddah. Wish I was back there.
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ksmith169 replied to the thread Young family relocation to KSA / Riyadh? on the Saudi Arabia forum on August 28, 2014:
ksmith169 initially posted:
Hello All, I have a family of 5. Husband (me), Wife and three daughters. Adults both are 40, Daughters are 3,5 and 7. I am thinking of complete family relocation to Riyadh for approximately 5 years. Key goal is to save money and see some of the world. I work in IT and have 20 years experience. Based on job sites I estimate I could double what I currently earn at home in Ireland in KSA. Obviously in KSA it is tax free which is a big benefit. I also see there are 9 millions expats living there now. I have done lots of research on the web. I have read various blogs. Things like Blue Abaya etc. I have also watched documentaries on youtube. So I am aware that KSA is a very traditional Muslim country. I have no problem with this it is after all someone elses country. I have also, when single, worked in the Kingdom of Brunei, which is Muslim but less strict. I think the financial benefits are clear. However my concerns are quality of life for my family and I. The most important thing for my wife and children is some sense of community. This is very strong in Ireland. Obviously the restrictions placed on woman (no driving, no socialising with other males etc) are a concern. Schools are another concern. However from what I have learned during research there are ways around many of these obstacles. For example families living in Western Compounds don't have to follow the restrictions within the compounds and some compounds appear to have a good sense of community. So overall I am wondering is it possible for a family to have a reasonable happy existence in KSA. Is it possible to make friends easily with other expats? Can my wife join a running club and go to it without me? Do other expats move with young families and children? Are there facilities that my children can use? In or out of western compounds? Are the sports clubs like squash? Any information or discussion much appreciated. Kevin.
ksmith169 replied on August 28, 2014 with:
Hi Anne, Wow! Thanks very much for your respones. It sounds like it reallly works for you. I am going to talk to my wife about it. Pretty amazing that you have been there for 25 years. How often do you get home? Have you had your friends / relatives from home visit you? Thanks again for you respones. Kevin.
anneosman replied on August 27, 2014 with:
An Americn, I have lived in Jeddah for 25 years. My own daughter has just finished her master's in the USA and is teaching at a women's university in Riyadh. She loves it there. Saudi cities are new, almost entirely built in the last forty years. The big ciites have excellent private schools, including American and British ones, excellent health care facilities, and vast shopping areas. Whatever it is (other than booze and other social drugs) You can buy it in Saudi, and many things you won't find back home. Your children will have classmates from all over the world, and you and they will forge new friendships that will last for many years. Drawback: women can't drive. However, many (not all-check!) compounds provide bus services. I have taken taxis for 25 years and only once had a problem (the driver didn't really understand my directions, but it worked out well once I had yelled at him). You can hire private drivers, and compounds provide bus trips daily. If you come to Saudi your world view will expand greatly--an incredibly rich experience. Your kids will grow up with two languages, and very likely, three. Mine are expert in English, Arabic, and Urdu, the last learned from classmates. BTW schools usually offer a European second langauage such as French. You can choose between American and British curriculums. I say, do it!
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videlina76 posted Livig ad teaching in Saudi on the Saudi Arabia forum on August 28, 2014:
Hi, everyone! I got a contract for an EFL tutor with Colleges of Excellence in Sakaka. Any info about the area, way of life or employer is highly appreciated. Thanks. Lina
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batchzahir posted best hotel in Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum on August 24, 2014:
I am visiting Riyadh soon and wondering if anyone knows of the best hotel to stay in for a western woman travelling alone? Money is not an issue.
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albegami replied to the thread Small compounds in Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum:
albegami initially posted:
For those who do not want to spend a lot of money for renting in expensive compounds. We have small gated communities near Diplomatic Quarters in Riyadh. Currently having 15 nationalities staying with us. Only for expatriates. No more than 2 children. Single women or single man can be rented.
albegami replied on August 24, 2014 with:
Nawal compound. in front of DQ main entrance. yearly lease for 25000 sr/yr 2 bedrooms
albegami replied on August 24, 2014 with:
Nawal compound. in front of DQ main entrance. yearly lease for 25000 sr/yr 2 bedrooms
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albegami replied to the thread Need tips and advice on the Saudi Arabia forum:
sunny167 initially posted:
Hi everyone! I got my job offer 2 days ago. I just don't know how to describe the feeling. My new hospital will be Kamc, Riyadh.I really need tips in how to survive my life there. How to survive working in 12 hours time. I work in Malaysia, and we only do about 7 hours per shft. I am ready to fly by September.Thanks
albegami replied most recently with:
Saudi is nice. You are coming to work. Sure you will save lots of money. Try to have a cozy place to live. Plenty of foreigners will be working with you. You will make new friends from around the world.
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