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noraliza posted Part time job female in Dhahran on the Saudi Arabia forum on September 19, 2014:
Hi, I'm Liza from Malaysia. I am planning to follow my husband to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia as he receive an offer to work there. I would like to know is it common for women to work in Saudi Arabia? I have working experience as internal auditor and graduate ACCA (accounting professional). Another option is to find a part time job which I can do from home. For example become the data entry typist, financial analyst, database collector and so on. Is there any opportunity such kind of job?
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ameera9900 posted F/S : 2013 LEXUS LX570 Used Full Option in Perfect Condition, on the Saudi Arabia forum on September 18, 2014:
F/S : 2013 LEXUS LX570 Used Full Option in Perfect Condition, I am willing to sell for $20,000 USD because it is still like new and no history of accidents. Kindly contact me by email if you have any interest in buying my car. My Email: Skype Id: ameera9900 Note:Only serious buyers should contact me. Thanks for your Attention!.
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Nuja replied to the thread Womens transportation in Saudi Arbia on the Saudi Arabia forum on September 16, 2014:
barblam1 initially posted:
I am coming to work in Saudi in October and am just concerned about transportation since women cannot drive. I was also told they cannot take cabs without a male family member. Can some of you ladies tell me please how you get around???
Nuja replied on September 16, 2014 with:
Sorry, but I am in rural Sakaka!
DebraKirkwood replied on September 16, 2014 with:
That rule about a single woman not using a taxi is meant for Saudi women. Foreigners working in KSA use taxis for everything. Just a couple of things: get in the back of the cab, never in the front seat, and try to have a regular 1 or 2 drivers that you can rely on and can trust. The comments made about drivers not knowing where u want to go and how to handle it is very true. Also always have a copy of your igama to give if asked. Never hand over the original, as u may not get it back!
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nstep22 posted Singles Life in Riyadh? on the Saudi Arabia forum on September 15, 2014:
What's it like being a single late twenties caucasian guy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. What do you do for fun? Are there other singles? Especially single girls. I know Saudi girls are off limits unless you want to me buried in the desert, but how about American girls? European girls? Asians? Etc. Also, can you drink beer on the compounds? Can you get beer? I'm laughing as I write this. At this particular point in my life, hot weather, money, beer, and girls are important matters to me. Thanks for your help.
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sanvada posted Searching for tution teacher on the Saudi Arabia forum on September 10, 2014:
I am searching for a tution teache for my daughter in 10th Grade in Ha'il. Coaching is required in the subjects of Maths, Physics and Chemistry. The pupil is quite bright and needs expert coaching to clear her concepts and improve her problem solving abilities. I can be contacted @ +966-552998132
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AhmedEngElsayed replied to the thread single czech girl in riyadh looking for trip mates on the Saudi Arabia forum:
sweetjane initially posted:
Hi there!I am a czech girl living in Riyadh 2 months now, unfortunately not in a compound. This is a bit awkward to me to contact people like this, but it seems like it`s the only way.I dont have a husband and therefore it is a must to have friends here to be able to actually do anything here.I work only with 2 girls-one is lebanese and one filipina, which explains why i still know nearly as little as when I arrived. I tried my embassy but it seems like there is no real social bounding through them,no tours or anything else organised.If there are any other girls out there or anyone else willing to make friends even with people stuck outside compounds who like to explore the country and have fun, I would really appreciate if you get in touch. I am 27,photographer.Cheers!
AhmedEngElsayed replied on September 10, 2014 with:
Hello, All of us suffer the same in this country, and without making large network of friends we couldn't live in this country. Please feel free to contact me through message.
theredboss replied on September 10, 2014 with:
hi thanks for your msg we can talk regarding your request ,, 0583252080,, regards
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property in Saudi-ArabiaSpacious Floor Villa For Rent with Private Entrance Located at Al Murjan - North Jeddah
sayednuruddin posted 1 BHK Family Flat on the Saudi Arabia forum on September 09, 2014:
Iam moving to sakakah from riyadh and require family flat, please inform
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats living in Riyadh face a number of adjustments. Women have to learn to wear an abaya in public and are not allowed drive. Western compounds often enable expat families to relax and live like they do at home. In this article, expats offer tips for newcomers to Riyadh. (Continue)
inbetween replied most recently with:
I lived tin Riyadh for two years with my family. All you said is true. I did wear an abaya in public, and many times, head covers if I was going to an Arab public place. I did teach English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, French, beginners's Russian and even Arabic as a Second Language, so I had a wide circle of friends ( locals included). I was invited to many Arab homes and had Saudi friends and their families going to my house. I am not a Muslim, but I respected the culture and learned about it. I guess having studied the language and being interested in their way of life really helped. My kids went to the British School , so they also had many friends: British, a few Americans, a lot of expatriates, like us...and quite a few Saudi friends. I met princes and princesses, through my fun ( and lucrative) work and was invited to Saudi weddings and even to the Princesses' Club! My open mind and respect to cultural differences helped; also being a Brazilian national did too. I brought a lot of clothes to my kids and other personal items from the US and Brazil. Despite some of the differences in taste, I could find almost everything there - including toiletries. Again, it was a matter of adjusting my taste. And the food was good. Although I love pork , i was able to substitute it for lamb, regular meat and fish and take advantage of the wonderful spices. Shopping for everything was a delightful experience , always, and going to their "souks" for whatever, was just great. Our compound was big and offered just about every commodity we needed. We even had a daily bus to take us wherever we wanted to go, taxis were plenty and i never had any problems, whether I was alone or with my kids. By the way, Saudis love kids. My experience was very positive, probably because and I had lived in many cultures before ...and since. The desert is beautiful when you get to know it - many different colors, ancient caves and oasis; so are the mountains around Mecca on your way to the Red Sea...and camel milk is not so bad...(my kids liked it)...And if you want to have a real beer/wine now and then, cross the bridge and go to Bahrain. .. My advice to go to Riyadh or anyplace else? Learn some of the language and the cultural differences; be respectful of their religion and religious holidays; get to know the people, their food, the good the country has to offer ( I even found Xmas. decorations..). However FOLLOW THE RULES! For the women: see the abaya as a coat that you wear over your clothes and you will be fine (advice from a Saudi friend...)
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peaches345 replied to the thread Arriving from Ireland on the Saudi Arabia forum:
Delta initially posted:
Hi all, I have just been offered a job in Riyadh. I am coming from N.Ireland so would love to hear from expat from Ireland. What is your experience..I've read so much and getting mixed seems a little scary! how is it? Love to hear from all ex pats..
peaches345 replied most recently with:
Saudi Arabia is safe, but if you are at PNU, you will be very busy and work extremely hard. However, the ladies enjoy doing things in the evenings, unless they are worn out, which can often be the case. This is because we are teaching around 400 students per week for 21 periods. There are no plans to add any more teachers this year, so we are just trying the best we can.
peaches345 replied most recently with:
Hi Delta, Congratulations on your appointment. Expect to work VERY, VERY HARD! PNU teachers are teaching 6-7 classes right now with an average of about 50 students per class. This means 18-21 periods each week. Many classes have around 70 students. You will have a minimum of 300 students each week. Some teachers have closer to 400. There are 4 different preps that you may have to do, including 2 writing courses. The writing courses also have large enrollment. It was the same last year as well. This year they have added Reading & Writing Portfolios, Weekly Attendance & Assessment Reports and a larger speaking component where you will oversee presentations. All this for around 300-400 students. You should know that you can be required to teach up to 29 periods per week without overtime pay because PNU counts one class hour as 50 minutes and not as one hour. A class period is 50 minutes. This means each 3 hour course counts as only 2.5 hours, not 3. This is because 50+50+50 = 150 minutes = 2.5 hours. On the up side, the teachers are generally nice and work well together. The academic administration try to be supportive. However, teachers are bound by the constraints that come from the structure and extremely large classes.
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