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Whittney posted Canadian Female Moving to Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum on April 23, 2014:
Hello, I am a 27 year old female moving from Canada to Riyadh in two weeks. I will be working at the King Abdulaziz Hospital and I am just looking for any last minute information or advice that may be helpful?? I am also interested in meeting new people as I am travelling alone and will not know anyone upon my arrival. Thank you!
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anneosman replied to the thread Seeing a Doctor on the Saudi Arabia forum on April 23, 2014:
carollegg initially posted:
Hi, My husband is in Riyadh and wants to see a GP for a routine matter. He has health insurance through his work. I have called the number and they said you have to go to a hospital to see a Doctor. Just wanted to check that you actually have to go to a hospital rather than a Doctors practice like we have in UK as normally I thought hospitals was for more serious stuff? Any advice greatly appreciated.
anneosman replied on April 23, 2014 with:
My experience of 25 years in Jeddah has been the exact opposite. We have found the physicians well-educated and friendly,interested in our families as a whole and in each of us as a human being rather than merely a machine. They treat the whole patient, rather than merely a set of symptoms. The system of having many physicians working together means that comprehensive records of previous illness and treatments are kept in one computer system, so that the physician can access a patient's entire health care and illness history instantly, knows exaclty what medications patients have, etc. If the patient needs a different specialist, s/he's available immediately under the same roof. I have had surgery here several times, You pick up your prescriptions at the in-house pharmacy, again very conveniently whey a person is ill and needs to go home and rest. If you live in Jeddah, contact me and I can recommend physicians and clinics for some specialties.
Adnor replied on April 23, 2014 with:
Going to a hospital to see a General physician and or specialist for routine care in Saudi Arabia is the norm. Rarely you will see a private practice with just a couple of doctors, instead the normal set up is a hospital outpatient section that acts as a private practice or a smaller clinic setting. Don't expect to have that relationship your'e accustomed to with your primary care doctor. In Saudi Arabia preventative medicine or primary care does not really exist. Most Saudi go to see a doctor when they are really sick and even then, advise and instructions to the patients on how to care for themselves are rarely followed. by the patient. Often they rely on fate! The doctors are either from the same culture coming from various Arabic countries with similar beliefs and or from elsewhere and have grown accustomed to the patients' mind set. Don't be surprised if you have to pull information out of you doctor instead of him' or her being the advocate for your health. Also their bedside manners can leave you yearning for a compassionate doctor. Don't be surprised if a doctor walks in and asks you, 'wut u wunt?" There is also an accepted 'arrogance' displayed by doctors especially those trained in Lebanon . They seem tho believe that if they appear approachable then they may be judged as less than excellent doctors who have earned the right to act like a famous movie star.-even during the medical exam! Unless the doctor is from a Western country and she or he cares to have that patient/doctor relationship. Good luck .
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divijmahajan posted HUmmer 2006 in Excellent condition for Immediate Sale on the Saudi Arabia forum on April 22, 2014:
Car is in Excellent Condition. You must see it to believe it. No day to day issues. Very well maintained throughout. Odometer Reading : 207000 KMs (approximately). Purchased 1.5 years back from the original owner. All tyres replaced are good for atleast next 20000 KMs, including spare(Brand New).
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Rhamy posted Jeddah prep grammar school on the Saudi Arabia forum on April 21, 2014:
Can anybody help me with any contact details for that school? I tried phone numbers and email on their website but no answer or reply. Any reviews about that school?? What about Jeddah British int school ? Is there any way to find places for my three kids without having a British passport?? I ll be moving to Jeddah end of this term in June
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shahidkhan2070 replied to the thread Spare Time (Social Activity) on the Saudi Arabia forum:
kam initially posted:
Hi, I have just recently accepted a job and will be working in Abqaiq. Yes I know it's a small town but it's only 10 mins drive to my work place. I am due to come in May 2014. I'm sure many others have found it hard to resign to seek greater opportunities in Saudi Arabia. Anyway, I'm looking to make friends / contacts with other people. What do people do in their spare time? I'm sure I'll have loads of it. lol lol lol
shahidkhan2070 replied on April 20, 2014 with:
Hello. ... I am Shahid , pakistani working in Dammam. If you need any assistance, pls do call me at 0566239113 I am in Dammam since last 12 years and know all places and rules and regulation. It would be honor for me to assist you in any case. Thanks.
fofo replied on April 16, 2014 with:
well its my pleasure to know i live in dammam .you can visit me or we can met there.we have many good places to visit
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anneosman replied to the thread job offer help- plz on the Saudi Arabia forum on April 19, 2014:
amrezzat initially posted:
Guys, I need your urgent help; I'm Chartered mechanical engineer with 8years of experience in water and wastewater. I'm Egyptian. i have job offer with Baytur Saudi Arabia as Mechanical Design Engineer; total 18000 SAR all inclusive with medical insurance (i think it location is either in Makkah or AL khobar) do you think this is good offer to accept? do you think Baytur saudi is good company? salary is paid monthly ? and proper management and procedures? good location clean accommodation cost 1Bed +1 hall + 1 kitchen, cost how much?, Please answer quickly i have to give acceptance in 1 day Thanks and Regards Amr Ezzat
anneosman replied on April 19, 2014 with:
Makkah is near Jeddah, (and Egypt) which is a plus. Jeddah is much bigger and more cosmopolitan than Khobar, and the area seems to be more politically stable. Also, it's a four hour drive to Madinah, which most of us love. 18000 is good, esp if they're providing housing as well. Make sure you get a good health care deal - you never know. Another thing--this new disease, SARS, is more common in the eastern provinces, but there have been a few cases in the western areas, tool Are they providing housing? If they haven't offered so far, try them to throw in a housing allowance. Every little bit helps!
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tmharral replied to the thread Need advice: moving to KSA soon on the Saudi Arabia forum:
kush initially posted:
Is it practicable for a lady to commute to work between Abha and Bisha in a chauffeur driven car? How much is the driving time and what is the quality of road? Please help
tmharral replied on April 16, 2014 with:
The distance is nearly 200 km over mountainous roads. It could take a couple of hours. To commute by limousine would be quite costly and not advisable alone. --------------------------------------- exactly: this is nice reply: What I wana say is people in this regon are very nice only reason here is their tradition of hijab if you are in hijab they will respect you and protect you. .......better you stay in Besha for this job coz this is too much distance from abha or Khamis.
yargsa replied on March 30, 2010 with:
The distance is nearly 200 km over mountainous roads. It could take a couple of hours. To commute by limousine would be quite costly and not advisable alone.
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Adnor replied to the thread Confused on the Saudi Arabia forum on April 15, 2014:
times101 initially posted:
Hi All, I have just arrived from brit on an IT job in riyadh, my decision was based on to simply try this place! I don't earn massive just around twenty five k (incl allowances) and have a family who's about to join me. Have school going kids (three) and am tying to find decent international schools. Have short listed Al Manarat and Al Rowad international school. But hear some not so good experience from some parents. Am confused if I've made the right decision (I still have time to go back if I wished). What opinion do others have. Thanks in advance.
Adnor replied on April 15, 2014 with:
Hi Confused, hope I can be of help. After living here with my kids and teaching at various schools I have some information for you to help you decide on schooling. First of all, will your company give you any educational allowance for your kids? The schools you've mentioned are around 25,000 SR per year. ( could be a bit more or a bit less). Manarat has a very strong Islamic study component in their curriculum. Manarat also has the British and the American curriculum beyond 8th grade, what you would call in the U.K year 9. That is another thing you must be aware of, that they use 'year' and 'grade' interchangeably and that could present real challenges to both parents and students if they are placed in the wrong grade. Rawad school is similar to Manarat on every level. As all private international schools in Riyadh do, both schools mentioned have issues with teachers, especially in the boys' section which suffers the most as it is no longer allowed for a female teacher to teach boys beyond 1st or 2nd grade. Male teachers don't get paid very well at such schools and consequently they are not motivated to teach, often, very often, there are always teachers quitting during the school year, at best they stay and if they are bitter and angry with the school administration and the ministry of education, which is often the case, the kids really get the short end of the stick. expect your kids' homework to come home without any feedback or corrections. You'll see check marks just for the teacher to prove to admin that they are 'checking' the kids' work. Don't get me wrong, the curriculums are excellent, but finding and retaining proper teachers is the biggest challenge for these schools that have parallel curriculums to the main British International School and the American International school as well as the main French International school. Whereas these 3 schools mentioned hire the vast majority of their teachers from their perspective countries with very good salaries, benefits, and housing, the other schools hire locally whereby the salaries are a fraction of those compared to the 3 main schools. Also, the majority of the teachers in the private 'parallel' school may have a university degree in their area of specialty, they are often not trained or certified teachers and that is another big problem with this system. If you get education allowance from your company, you should have your kids go to the British International school as that would be the most familiar system for them. The majority of their students are from Muslim backgrounds coming from the U.K. It is expensive though. Best of luck.
kikker replied on April 14, 2014 with:
Summer months are super hot and probably not the best introduction to Riyadh, especially as it is Ramadan and all social activities (for expats) are at a standstill. Everything starts coming to life again in September when school starts. Although we don't have any children here I have heard good things about both the British School and the Multinational School. The Multinational School follow the Australian curriculum, so is also English speaking. There is also an American International School, but I think that one is rather expensive. Lots to do in Riyadh once you find your feet. Best thing to do is join as many clubs and associations as possible the first year and then pick and choose after that. For the women endless shopping and coffee mornings, Corona for the British women, American Community of Riyadh - who welcome all Western nationalities. Maison de Francais organise many cultural events. Hash is you like walking, Riyadh Rovers if you adventurous and like to do further afield and enjoy off-road trips. RGBB for the men as well as Rotary, Round Table etc. etc.
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kikker replied to the thread Medical test for Iqama on the Saudi Arabia forum on April 15, 2014:
zakisap initially posted:
Medical tests are performed with authorized lab before visa stamping on passport in home country. If a person has fatty liver with cholesterol, triglycerides and Gamma GT a little high? Whether that person will be considered fit or unfit? please reply.
kikker replied on April 15, 2014 with:
I don't think that there is a huge problem with accepting people with diabetes. We have a number of severely overweight friends in Saudi who had no problem getting the Iqama and medical approval even though they are diabetic. I think it is more a case of people whose diabetes is not under control or life threatening.
anneosman replied on April 15, 2014 with:
Deborah is absoultely correct on this, and when she mentions obesity, she's referring to severe, advanced, incompaciating-type obesity. I know someone who weighed over 300 lbs and it was never even mentioned as an issue.. What they want is a professional person who dresses well and knows how to deal with the students -- both to teach effectively and to maintain order in the classroom. The medical tests which really concern them are for STDs.
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c3katieb replied to the thread Where to live when working in Rabigh on the Saudi Arabia forum on April 15, 2014:
Kamari initially posted:
Hi I've just moved to work as an engineer in Saudi Aramco, Rabigh. I stayed in a terrible "hotel" for 2 nights and ran toJeddah. I don't start work for another few days. I'm supposed to get accommodation on the Aramco compound but it's not ready yet. I was thinking of commuting from KAEC or Jeddah. Is this feasible short term, 1-3 months? Could I rent an apartment short term? Any advice would be welcome!
c3katieb replied on April 15, 2014 with:
Commuting from KAEC is very feasible, as it's only 40 km to Rabigh, which is much shorter than traveling from Jeddah. There is a very nice (new) hotel in KAEC, if your company will pay for it. I'm not sure about short term apartments, although I've heard they just finished one of the marina apartment buildings, so that may be an option. KAEC is very nice and clean, with an international school, a Panda grocery store, restaurants, hotel, pharmacy, medical center, bike paths...etc., all on the Red Sea. They have just broken ground on the Sports Center and the golf course. If you're married, women in KAEC are not required to cover up. Good luck!!
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