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Roseat replied to the thread Moving to Hofuf-AlHassa on the Saudi Arabia forum on July 30, 2015:
Topgun initially posted:
I've been transferred to Al-Hassa, I was wondering if anyone can help me out in giving some information about the housing in Al-Hassa/Hofuf. I've heard Al-Sadoon compound is decently priced. I'm unable to find their contact details. Please help!
Roseat replied 7 hours ago with:
Hello, check this compound : Nada compound Address: AL AHSA P.O.BOX: 1065 Phone: 00966-566-981122 Email:
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Sworfiga replied to the thread Iqama on the Saudi Arabia forum on July 30, 2015:
parrothead initially posted:
Can anyone tell me if it is a requirement by the Labor Laws to make it mandatory to open a bank account here in Saudi if you are already the holder of an Iqama, and have been for several years? And if the answer is yes, could you inform me of which articles states that? Thanks
Sworfiga replied 7 hours ago with:
Your message doesn't make sense, at least, not in English. So you have an iqama. What's the question?
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Sarahngeoff replied to the thread Small compounds in Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum:
albegami initially posted:
For those who do not want to spend a lot of money for renting in expensive compounds. We have small gated communities near Diplomatic Quarters in Riyadh. Currently having 15 nationalities staying with us. Only for expatriates. No more than 2 children. Single women or single man can be rented.
Sarahngeoff replied on July 19, 2015 with:
Where is this compound please and how much?
JohnS2014 replied on July 03, 2015 with:
sorry I have not check what has bee happening in this site. For the Sahara you are better trying to get to the office around 7 pm at night. Someone is there at the time. I f you get a place let me know. 5,000 a month for a single or 6,000 for a two bedroom. That is wjht the office have told me. hope this helps.
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Sarahngeoff replied to the thread Mothers in Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum:
DrFarah initially posted:
Hello, I have recently moved to Riyadh with my 6 month old son to join my husband. I am looking to make new friends and connect with other mothers here in Riyadh.
Sarahngeoff replied on July 19, 2015 with:
Hi, I have also recently moved and will be living in Riyadh soon, we are in Hail with hubby at the moment. I'd love to meet up. Where are you from? I'm from the UK. Sarah
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Sarahngeoff posted Room to let in a western compound?? on the Saudi Arabia forum on July 19, 2015:
Hi, We have just arrived from the UK and still awaiting our permanent visa so we don't want to sign in to a contract for a compound until we have this. However my daughter starts school at BISR in September and we are looking for someone who may have children who have a spare room in their compound that we could possibly rent for a few weeks until we get our visa. Hotels around the school area are so expensive, and we both would like to be within the safety of a compound. If anyone can help, please message me. Many thanks
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Sworfiga replied to the thread Can make umra with passport , iqama under process on the Saudi Arabia forum:
alviji initially posted:
I am indian , having job visa with company reached here damam on 1 st ramadan Still iqama in process Can i perform umra on passport ? My company is not allowing , with a fear that if police catch i will be in jail , is it so?
Sworfiga replied most recently with:
Did you take a copy of your passport before you surrendered it like I advised in my blog? If the answer is no, then no, there's no chance you can make a journey to Mecca!
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Sworfiga posted Looking at jobs and contracts in Saudi Arabia on the Saudi Arabia forum:
I’m going to give some warning advice to teachers considering contracts in Saudi based on some of the blogs from teachers. Do as much research as you can on-line. Use your contacts to talk to people who live and work in Saudi (teachers and non-teachers) so you can get first hand information. If you can’t do this, talk to people who live in other Gulf countries just to get a feel. Expect culture shock. Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam. It’s going to be strict and pose many personal restrictions – whether male or female. Expect to have problems and be disappointed. Then you can only be pleasantly surprised. No employer signs a contract BEFORE you travel! What they do is ask you to sign an ‘offer’. In law, this is just like an ‘offer to treat’ in English law. It is NOT a contract so either party can withdraw from the offer without explanation. My best advice is to sign ALL offers and then refute then decide later. My key advice is to ACCEPT ALL OFFERS AND TAKE YOUR TIME TO DECIDE WHICH EMPLOYER IS THE BEST. Until you arrive in Saudi and sign the contract, you are under obliged to no-one! If employers want you to wait until you get there to sign a contract, then they have to accept that candidates can withdraw because UNTIL you sign that contract, neither party has any obligation to the other. The employer will start processing your visa and this is when you get to know how organised they are and whether they know what they’re doing. Regarding passports when you get to Saudi and all countries in the Gulf: You HOLD a British passport, you do not OWN it. It belongs to Her Majesty. You are ADVISED not to relinquish possession, but in all Gulf countries, the ‘fixit’ man will take your passport to obtain your residency. He does not need it for long. If the employer takes your passport, be sure to retain a copy (this is common sense and you should leave a copy with your friends and family). If they take your passport on arrival, they’re confiscating it so you can’t leave. If they’re a proper company, they should only take it when they need it. If you are on a contract where they provide a 3 month work visa (no residency ‘iqama’) then you can refuse to give them your passport until they need it. Otherwise, they are confiscating it so you can’t abscond. What this means in reality is that you have low status and therefore, no rights. All managers (mudeer) in all Gulf countries keep their passports. They are not asked to surrender them and if they are, they can refuse until the passport is actually needed. That’s because they have status in the eyes of their employer. Regarding what to do if you have a serious or persistent problem: my advice is to go straight to the horse’s mouth and don’t move until it’s resolved. Regarding what to do if you’re unsure about the key things that worry you is ask before you go. You will begin to sift the recruiters who know their stuff and those who don’t. Ask for photos of accommodation and say it’s a condition of your contract. Add that if they don’t reply and send you a ticket, they are deemed to agree to this condition. With regard to experiences, I wish more teachers would blog about their experiences. Here are mine. When you experience things like this, it’s best to withdraw – in your mind, if not on paper. - Justin Hacket - the visa fixer working for KSU is American and doesn’t know that France isn’t in the UK (didn’t bode well). I had to tell him in four different languages before he understood. - KSU recruitment team didn’t understand that a CELTA is issued by Cambridge University – also not a good sign. - Recruitment agent – Motivea: provided contradictory information about female accomodation and don’t like questions. Primetime Solutions – interviewed me without reading my CV – exceptionally unprofessional. Asked a grammar test question which was so easy, a child would have know the answer. Despite withdrawing my candidacy in writing, they continued to communicate with me indicating that their internal communication is poor. My final advice is: be wary, take your time to make a decision.
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Sworfiga posted Update on AETG on the Saudi Arabia forum:
Update on AETG I have seen a letter of offer from this company. The email is written in green (not professional) and it arrived within days of interview. It is signed by SATEM AMIN BECK. There are problems with the offer not least of all the number of months you have to work in order to obtain your end of service benefit. This is law in Saudi Arabia and it appears that AETG are banking (literally) on your ignorance. My advice, ask them to do a long figure hand calculation of a one year and a two year contract. Make sure you understand it and then notify them that this is a condition of the contract. Otherwise, steer clear.
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Yazeed replied to the thread Olayah Housing on the Saudi Arabia forum:
BertvL initially posted:
I just arrived in Riyadh, looking for clean and well kept housing in the Olayah area. My imagination is to have an apartment (may be 1 BR), with decent kitchen en preferably contemporary furnishing. Clean please. If you can offer any help, or refer me to effective real estate agents, I would be grateful
Yazeed replied most recently with:
I might be able to help contact me at
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Yazeed replied to the thread Things to do in Riaydh on the Saudi Arabia forum:
RanaHoldInn initially posted:
Can any one help me about the Things to do in Riaydh
Yazeed replied most recently with:
Well , actually it depends on your interests. Generally, Riyadh has too many malls that are so beautiful you can spend the whole day in the mall shopping, eating , and even working out ( walking ) . Malls have also kids entertainment. I would recommend Hayat mall and Riyadh gallery. Also, the towers in Olya area especially the kingdom tower and Faisalailh tower . Very beautiful and worth to visit they also have malls and very nice restaurant and hotels . Plus, there are a lot of fun lands" not a real land " like al hokeier land and other fun lands . If you interested in camping or going to the desert you will love Riyadh . You can go ride motorcycles , camels , and horses and enjoy the desert " I wouldn't recommend in the summer time due to the heat . Also , you should visit Riyadh zoo I heard it's good enough . I posted some links that might show you something good . finally welcome to Riyadh and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.
hourani replied most recently with:
And if you find something interesting, don't forget to share, good luck anyway
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