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chandini replied to the thread Moving to Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum:
chandini initially posted:
Hello, I will be arriving in Riyadh during the last week of August on a Fulbright scholarship. I currently live in Denton Texas and am a teaching faculty at a medical school. Although I am married I will be coming alone to live there for about a year. I will be teaching and conducting research in health at Alfaisal university. They will be providing me accommodation and transportation as their contribution towards my scholarship. They said they will look for an apartment. Any insights and advice you all can give me because I will be alone there. Thank you in advance. S
chandini replied on July 28, 2014 with:
Hi Maxie, Did you find an apartment? My university is still looking so I've no idea where I'll be living.
MaxGTI replied on July 17, 2014 with:
Hi Chandini Many thanks for your response. If your university is paying for your accomodation, I'd be inclined to consider a compound. As you're probably aware by now, compounds have all of the facilities you might need such as a gym, shopping, swimming pools and have been told by friends it's much like living on a holiday resort! I think I may have to swallow the bitter pill of paying for one of these types of accomodation at least for my first year. I am on a 2 year rolling contract. Maybe later on I can move into town and live amongst the locals. I have recently been made aware that 'semi-compounds' exist (perhaps the more seasoned members of this forum can advise). This is like a compound but Saudis and expats live together and enjoy all of the facilities a compound normally offers. Kind regards Maxie
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dustyXpat posted Wanted gas BBQ grill in Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum on July 24, 2014:
Wanted Stainless Steel gas BBQ grill. Must be in excellent condition
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kikker replied to the thread Residence visa on the Saudi Arabia forum:
carollegg initially posted:
My husbands firm applied for a residence visa for me and the children and for some reason they have rejected my 17 year old son. This means none of us can go and live in Riyadh. We recently visited for 2 weeks. Has anyone any idea why they might have rejected him. He is studying A levels and given a place at BIS.
kikker replied on July 24, 2014 with:
Have you reapplied for the residence visa for your son. Sometimes there is no specific reason for their refusal and one just needs to reapply. I am presuming there is an HR department working on this issue with you.
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kikker replied to the thread Pet Travel IN and OUT of Saudi on the Saudi Arabia forum:
c3katieb initially posted:
My husband currently lives near Jeddah, and I will be joining him with our small dog in the next month or so. After I get the pet permit and health certificate to get my dog into Saudi, am I then able to leave Saudi with my dog for vacations and get back into the country without getting another pet permit every time? Is this permit difficult to get once we're in Saudi? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
kikker replied on July 24, 2014 with:
The paperwork was done by the Advanced Pet Clinic in Riyadh. Tel. No. +9661263 7144. They can help you with the certificates and licenses We primarily did the transport ourselves. I know there is an agent in Riyadh, however, as I am not in the country at the moment I can't find out who that would be for you. I will return to Riyadh in September. Are you transporting into or out of Saudi? Where are you travelling from or to. As we travelled between Riyadh and Geneva with our pets we chose to fly with Saudia. Their care was excellent. Our dogs travelled in the same plane as us in the hold of the aircraft.
onin replied on July 21, 2014 with:
Hi Kikker, may i ask what is the name of your local vet who transported your 2 dogs? Thanks
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radupreez replied to the thread Expats in Al Wajh and Umluj on the Saudi Arabia forum:
marsaez initially posted:
Dear Expats, I am working for a new project in Al Wajh and Umluj I would very pleased to meet expatriates who live in these cities to know more about life there Thanks in advance!
radupreez replied on July 23, 2014 with:
Where are you from? please join the Wintec/Mandragon teacher Facebook page:
adt1980 replied on July 19, 2014 with:
I'll be working there next month too. Wintec Montac Hope you are OK?
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tousson posted driver costs question on the Saudi Arabia forum on July 22, 2014:
Team: We are relocating to Saudi for Aramco and was wondering how much, estimated, would a driver cost to drive us (Mom/Daughter) from Al Rakah to Bahrain on a weekly basis one/two consistent day per week? Any ideas are helpful. Many Thanks!
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Honey1155 replied to the thread Single Woman Moving to KSA? on the Saudi Arabia forum:
karenSueJoy initially posted:
I'm a single middle aged Californian considering a job in KSA. I have eyes wide open, lived in Tunisia. But I'd like to hear from Americans or other expats on the challenges I will face. I don't know where I will live yet, i.e., in a compound, etc., and I have been reading some of the messages here so I have ideas on the restrictions on freedoms... But I'm still listening and reading...would anyone like to comment?
Honey1155 replied on July 20, 2014 with:
Dear you will get well respect from here....
leecollins replied on July 12, 2014 with:
If you are going to be in the Eastern Province (Al Khobar) then you will find a more tolerant attitude because Aramco is in the area and western military were there during the Gulf war. Jeddah, while a thriving metropolis, has many Asian tourists and is not as Western. Depends on what you are seeking in accepting a job in Saudi.
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Piratebhoy posted Saudi Souvenirs... on the Saudi Arabia forum on July 20, 2014:
Hi Its been 13 years since I left the Magic Kingdom. When I came home I came with a few local souvenirs and some fun ones. Namely, Happiness is and Exit Only Visa T shirt with a Camel heading to the Airport and the words Ma asalama on the front.. Also a Hard Rock Cafe T shirt that I purchased at the Tamimi. Sadly these items have seen the end of the road and I was wondering if there are ways to acquire these again. or something similar. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and If you are in the Kingdom all the best.
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MaxGTI replied to the thread Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum:
lelhajj initially posted:
New in riyadh. Are there any women clubs here. How do women socialize? Thank you
MaxGTI replied on July 17, 2014 with:
Hi lelhajj What age group would you consider yourself in? Rather than restrict it to a single-sex club, why not look at Expat clubs instead? Maxie
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MaxGTI replied to the thread Moving to Riyadh August 2014 on the Saudi Arabia forum:
Dee75Dee initially posted:
Hi there, Like many others who have posted on this forum, I am moving to Riyadh in August of this year. I am South African but have lived in London for almost 20 years. Single female- late 30's - and will be taking up a teaching post. Very excited but clearly don't know a soul there. My interests are scuba diving and horse riding. Does anyone know of clubs that exist for these sports. I have been told that I should be living on Al-Hamra compound - anyone living there it would be great to hear from you. I am really sociable and enjoy meeting new people. Thanks for your time. Dee
MaxGTI replied on July 17, 2014 with:
Hi Dee I'm also moving to Riyadh from London, UK. Still researching my around the various compounds so cannot answer your questions. However, feel free to let me know how you are going about your visa, whether you've had to take any jabs and how you got any educational certificates attested. Please reply back here or on Cheers! Maxie
carollegg replied on May 07, 2014 with:
Hi I am moving to Riyadh August aswell to join my husband with our 3 children and Labrador ! Just wondered are their plenty of opportunities to mix with people. My children are older 17, 15 and 8? We are on Eid compound.
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