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albegami replied to the thread Small compounds in Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum on August 18, 2014:
albegami initially posted:
For those who do not want to spend a lot of money for renting in expensive compounds. We have small gated communities near Diplomatic Quarters in Riyadh. Currently having 15 nationalities staying with us. Only for expatriates. No more than 2 children. Single women or single man can be rented.
albegami replied on August 18, 2014 with:
20000-36000 per year. kids play ground and spaces for socilaization
nakks replied on August 18, 2014 with:
What are the prices and facilities provided
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albegami replied to the thread Need tips and advice on the Saudi Arabia forum:
sunny167 initially posted:
Hi everyone! I got my job offer 2 days ago. I just don't know how to describe the feeling. My new hospital will be Kamc, Riyadh.I really need tips in how to survive my life there. How to survive working in 12 hours time. I work in Malaysia, and we only do about 7 hours per shft. I am ready to fly by September.Thanks
albegami replied on August 15, 2014 with:
Saudi is nice. You are coming to work. Sure you will save lots of money. Try to have a cozy place to live. Plenty of foreigners will be working with you. You will make new friends from around the world.
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albegami replied to the thread single czech girl in riyadh looking for trip mates on the Saudi Arabia forum:
sweetjane initially posted:
Hi there!I am a czech girl living in Riyadh 2 months now, unfortunately not in a compound. This is a bit awkward to me to contact people like this, but it seems like it`s the only way.I dont have a husband and therefore it is a must to have friends here to be able to actually do anything here.I work only with 2 girls-one is lebanese and one filipina, which explains why i still know nearly as little as when I arrived. I tried my embassy but it seems like there is no real social bounding through them,no tours or anything else organised.If there are any other girls out there or anyone else willing to make friends even with people stuck outside compounds who like to explore the country and have fun, I would really appreciate if you get in touch. I am 27,photographer.Cheers!
albegami replied on August 15, 2014 with:
We have small compounds near Diplomatic Quarters. Currently 15 nationalities staying with us. It is small gated community and we make parties some times such kids birthdays and so forth. You are welcomed to have a cozy flat with us.
albegami replied on August 15, 2014 with:
It is not true. We have small compounds in Riyadh and we rent to single ladies from around the world.
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anneosman replied to the thread planning to move in rabigh jeddah on the Saudi Arabia forum on August 14, 2014:
honey20love initially posted:
Hi there.. good day. Is someone can help us to know about the city of rabigh in jeddah? Because my husband had an offer in one of the company there alsmtom.. how is the environment there. And please advice us if its better to live in jeddah place rather than rabigh. And it is advisable to family?please help us to know more about jeddah and rabigh... thank you so much.
anneosman replied on August 14, 2014 with:
I live in Jeddah. Jeddah is a huge, modern city with universities, shopping malls, many hospitals, and many other amenities. Because Jeddah is the port of the holy city of Makkah, people from all over the world visit it. I've never been to Rabigh, though, and I'm not sure how far it is from Jeddah. I've been told it's about a two hour drive, and I do have a friend who commutes daily. Rabigh is a university town, growing very rapidly as the university expands. It is said to be very modern and more liberal than other Saudi ciities, but I'm not sure that it would seem liberal to someone who had come from outside Saudi. For sure, you will find in Rabigh people of every nationality and every social background. Making friends with other expats will not be difficult. English is the language of the university, and most of the city's residents will speak English. I'd go there myself , if my husband and I both found jobs.
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Saudi Arabia Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats living in Riyadh face a number of adjustments. Women have to learn to wear an abaya in public and are not allowed drive. Western compounds often enable expat families to relax and live like they do at home. In this article, expats offer tips for newcomers to Riyadh. (Continue)
anneosman replied to the thread Swimming in Jeddah on the Saudi Arabia forum:
anneosman initially posted:
Where can a woman go swimming in Jeddah? I'm looking for a big, clean pool that has timings for women and possibly children but without men at the same time.
anneosman replied on August 12, 2014 with:
Thanks. I'd like to know, though, the specific places. Gold's Gym is too expensive for me, and the pool is small.
Okrin replied on August 09, 2014 with:
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Brand New Deluxe Apartment for Rent – Al Rawdha Very Amenities location

chicagoseattle replied to the thread Wanted gas BBQ grill in Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum:
dustyXpat initially posted:
Wanted Stainless Steel gas BBQ grill. Must be in excellent condition
chicagoseattle replied on August 11, 2014 with:
I don't have a gas grill though I do have a charcoal grill... would you happen to know someone who might be interested... I am moving back to the states and have a lot of items to sell.. just let me know if you are interested..
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chicagoseattle posted Selling home items and moving back to the States on the Saudi Arabia forum on August 11, 2014:
We are moving back to the States and would like to sell our beautiful home items. We currently reside at the Arizona Compound and have plenty of home items to sell with great prices and practically new . Items include: Igloo Max Cold Cooler 50 Quarts and 47 Liters, Samsung Stainless Steel /Black Microwave with Grill combo with a 10 yr. warranty. Black and Decker Coffee Pot with Auto shut off HP office jet pro 8600 Fax, Copier and Printer, Scanner, Web Honeywell (white and gray in color) 3 Speed Air Conditioner, Magic Counter Top Water Cooler (Gold and Cream in color) with hot and cold choices, Beautiful Greek and Italian like Planters ( mahogany red and silver )with gorgeous green Trees for privacy, Vacuum cleaner / marble floor cleaner attachment, Weber Grill Hot water kettle (white) Live in door plants with beautiful ceramic planters. Tall Green Plant ( non real) All merchandise have original receipts and warranties.. Prices are negotiable. Must sell to move back to states. email me- would like to sell items before Oct.1, 2014 Pictures are available. I don't know how to post them though on this site...though I can send them to you upon request. thank you
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