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BoboInTexas replied to the thread Just got here on the Saudi Arabia forum on November 23, 2014:
JohnS2014 initially posted:
Hi just thought I would say hi in this forum. I am from the UK and arrived in November. Just wondering what people do and if there is any place where expats meet.
BoboInTexas replied 4 hours ago with:
Hi John, I am currently going through negotiations to move there. How has the first three weeks been for you? What would you have liked to know prior to arrival in Riyadh?
JohnS2014 replied on November 22, 2014 with:
I am based in Riyadh. That's a long time here.
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We are looking project document controller in KSA, if some one would interested send cv on mention email Regards, Arun We are looking project document controller in KSA, if some one would interested send cv on mention email Regards, Arun
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats in Jeddah offer advice about living on compounds vs living out, where to meet other expats, international schools, raising kids in Jeddah and much more. (Continue)
A reader commented on the Expat Report Moving to Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia
How did you choose your neighborhood and find your home or apartment?
We were provided with housing, but if you're not, do a lot of research!!! Talk to ex-expats, search message boards, etc etc. But make sure you'll have this all arranged before you leave. The housing / compounds in Kingdom vary extremely from shacks to luxurious villas. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
I need to hire a local driver and a local fixer to asssit in setting up an office Khamis Mushait (near by). I need 10 used trucks Toyota Hilix type no more than 2 years old contact
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siobhanmcniff posted dyslexia and disability tuition on the Saudi Arabia forum on November 17, 2014:
Hi i am moving to Dammam soon and wonder what opprotunities there are for diagnostic assessment of specific learning differences and disability support. Any info about this type of educational support in girls schools will be really appreciated Thanks Mrs Siobhan McNiff
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Brooklynditchburn replied to the thread Horse Riding on the Saudi Arabia forum:
s44rsy initially posted:
I currently live in UAE and it looks like my partner is moving to SA - is it permissable to horse ride as a female in SA and can I take my horse with me from UAE. Any information would be great.
Brooklynditchburn replied on November 16, 2014 with:
Hi, I live in Saudi Arabia in taif , I was wondering if there is anywhere I can get a riding hat from taif or jeddah ? X
alkalali replied on March 13, 2012 with:
Thank you for your response. This is a paid position, it includes housing, for two to three months only. I my self is not aware of further fine details, but feel free if you are interested to send your CV. Many thanks again.
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harry76 replied to the thread Moving to Rabigh on the Saudi Arabia forum on November 13, 2014:
ramanjindia initially posted:
Asalamalaikum!!! One of the large Oil company in Rabigh has offered me a job under SMP contract for a period of 12 months. 1) Do Indian family feel safe, secure in Rabigh 2) Activities to do in Rabigh? 3) Indian schools in Rabigh & quality of education over here? 4) Cost of living for moderate Indian family of 2 kids in SAR. 5) Furnished apartments, CAR rental in Rabigh? 6) Can someone settle down permanently over here? Overall is it a good place to live in terms of security, socializing etc for an Indian family..(non-muslim conservative family). Please help me to make a decision.
harry76 replied on November 13, 2014 with:
Answers - 1) Safety is not an issue - Rabigh is like a village, not much to do for family. Have to watch TV & be happy. All groceries are available. 2) No activities, maybe eat out with family - only 1 or 2 restaurants, not much options. 3) There is a school but only upto 3/4th grade it is ok, education quality is not great but ok. If your kids are older, you might prefer to live in Jeddah as Jeddah has better schools. But Jeddah approximately 2 hrs from Rabigh. 4) Family with 2 kids flat - a decent flat will cost you somewhere between 15K to 20K SAR per year. I saw a good flat today in Rabigh, asking rate was 17,000 per annum + utilities cost SAR 1,200/- (water/electricity) per annum. 5) Furniture rental or buying will cost extra. You can buy or lease a car on installments - the cheapest ones are chinese cars which cost approx. 25K SAR. Japanese cars are more expensive comparatively. Of course, you can always buy used cars which will be cheaper & price is negotiable too. 6) Nobody can settle down permanently in Saudi Arabia - you come, save some money & go back to your home country when you have had enough. You will find other Indian families from Gujarat... social circle you will have to create over time, but there are Indians living in Rabigh. Hope this helps.
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newtodesert1 replied to the thread Moving to Al Hofuf on the Saudi Arabia forum:
janw initially posted:
My husband and I are moving from the U.S. to Al Hofuf. We will be living off compound. Can anyone tell me about recreation for women in Al Hofuf such as gyms, golf, tennis? Thanks.
newtodesert1 replied on November 13, 2014 with:
Recently moved to Al hasa myself, and wondered about gyms for women also. janw, are you still in the area? and how are you liking the place?
sragan replied on October 08, 2013 with:
I like the compound where I live because it is in the agricultural area with a million date palm trees, and I see groups of camels on my way to and from work most days. The women's college where I work is nice, the people are wonderful, and the weather is getting cooler. As a western woman working here without my husband, the only things I do in town are go to the mall, the grocery stores and the bookstores. From what I can tell, this area, even though there is some Shia/Sunni tension, is more relaxed than other places and we don't see Mutawaeen everywhere. Have you been in touch with other expats living in KFU housing?
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Valser posted Aramco company on the Saudi Arabia forum on November 11, 2014:
Hello dear members! I have a question for those who may have the information! How's working for aramco company? Do they always keep what they promise !do they always give u house in their compaund for families as they say in contract! Are in their compaunds kindergarten?ohhh a lot of question i know but i need to know! Thanx a lot!
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auprspctr replied to the thread Jobs in Taif on the Saudi Arabia forum on November 11, 2014:
peaceboy567 initially posted:
i am due to start work with AlSalam in Taif on Typhoons can anyone give me any info on where i will be living and what it's like.
auprspctr replied on November 11, 2014 with:
Taif is more a farming community with a lot of miltary here. I have been in KSA for almost 18 years here for 3. prefer using e-mail
peaceboy567 replied on November 10, 2014 with:
Hi Clay i will coming out shortly to work for Al Salam on typhoon and really just looking for a heads up on the areaand whats it like out there.this is the first time working in saudi so a new experience
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