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bamalamadingdong replied to the thread ? Compensation In Saudi Arabia on the Saudi Arabia forum on April 24, 2015:
bamalamadingdong initially posted:
Hello, I am looking at a position in Saudi Arabia. Its position working with the Saudi Military. I am a former U.S. Military. What are the salary expectations over there that I need to shoot for. I have been told everything else is paid for they just need to know what salary I am looking for. Are these jobs paid more when working with the Saudi military Thanks for your help
bamalamadingdong replied on April 24, 2015 with:
Thanks for the reply. I have been told to ask for $25,000US per month. I have been told they will pay all other expenses just want to know what salary I expect. He just sent me some of the job description as follows.........Military expert with strong experience in military supply, maintenance and transportation related processes, Preference for the US military background experience, Gulf experience is a plus, Consulting Experience not less than 12 years, Very good Knowledge of ERP systems, Preference for Oracle ERP, Have experience in business transformation programs planning and execution.
etaylor74 replied on April 24, 2015 with:
Greetings, I would depend on what position that you're suppose to fill. Some are paid more than others, obviously. Which company is making you an offer? What position you they offering you? I'm prior USAF and am currently an Instructor for the RSAF.
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etaylor74 replied to the thread AMERICANS working in Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum:
ttocs2200 initially posted:
I am considering to move to Riyadh or Jeddah for work with a company based in Doha. I am an American and would appreciate hearing the pros and cons from expats currently living and working there.
etaylor74 replied on April 24, 2015 with:
Bobo, With the exception of alcohol and pork, you can get almost anything in Riyadh. I'd recommend packing just clothing items. If there's a certain item that you can't live without, for me it's a Keurig, ask. We can let you know if it's available in the Kingdom. FYI...Keurig coffeemakers aren't sold in and the coffee pods are like finding the gold at the end of the rainbow. But, shot me an email and I'd be happy to answer any specific questions.
Roseat replied on April 22, 2015 with:
I can help by giving you a list of the historical intersteing places there ??
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EleanorPojer posted Moving to Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum on April 23, 2015:
Hello, I will be moving to Riyadh next month to join my husband. We will be moving to Arizona Compound. Do most of the foreigners leave for the summer time? Bringing dogs in May? Is it to hot to bring them? Tennis Leagues? Any other information you would like to share, would be very much appreciated
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Roseat replied to the thread Just got an offer in Jubail, would love your input. on the Saudi Arabia forum on April 22, 2015:
noru initially posted:
Hello Lovely People! I just got an offer to work as a Contractor Comissioning Engineer for the Sadara Project in Jubail. It is a 1 year contract. They are offering what i consider a good salary, tax free. Room and board, and it is with this last things I would love your input. I've been told I would be provided with room in a compound, so far not really sure which one, but I have read about something called Al Jude 2 (from which I haven't really found much info other than the name), I am intreagued as how the life in a compound is regarding the following: 1) Well, the rooms of course. 2) The internet connection. This is a biggy for me, as I spent much of my free time online and would need a more than decent connection. Also, how are the restriction laws in KSA? (streaming, downloading, social media etc) 3) The gym and/or sports facilities. Is there one, how good is it. 4) I am an avid longboarder, do you know of anyone like me or have seen anyone skating? Are there any restrictions? 5) And very important as well, when it comes to the food... if its included in my package... how does it work? a per diam or they have a restaurant? Also, I've been told it is easy to go to Bahrain or Qatar on the off days, has anyone done this? Any thoughts? I understand its quite a long post, but i have been reading and could not find any specific answers to my questions. I would really really appreciate any input. Thanks a lot!
Roseat replied on April 22, 2015 with:
Hi..I just would like you to feel relax...jubail is one of the top modern & clean cities in Saudi, I'm'll like it??
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yargsa replied to the thread Salwa garden village riyadh any info please on the Saudi Arabia forum on April 22, 2015:
Nicwhit initially posted:
Hi, we're ( me, my husband and 8 year old daughter) moving to salwa garden village. we don't have a date yet only been told September 15 at the earliest. I'd just really like to hear from anyone who lives or has lived here. I don't seem to be getting much info from BAE or maybe husband just isn't relaying the information! Ive googled a lot! And have made contact with the school via email. We told our daughter this week and she understandably has lots of questions. I'd really love to hear from anyone. Even if not this compound just want to hear about your (good or helpful only please) experiences, I'm also getting mixed information on exactly what I'll need to wear of the compound? Thank you
yargsa replied on April 22, 2015 with:
Hi, have not been to Salwa but have lived part-time on Sara ( the equivalent BAe compound in Dhahran). Life on compound is pretty much like life in a suburb at home (up to a point). You may wear what you would usually wear at home while within the confines of the compound. Once you go outside you must wear an Abaya. It is not necessary to wear a head scarf in most circumstances but wise to carry one. Most women wear it around the neck. I find it useful sometimes as shelter from the hot sun. Your daughter is not obliged to wear anything other than nornal clothing until puberty. You will make friends with other families especially if you are involved with the school. It will be quite a culture shock for you at the beginning but it will not take too long to learn the ropes.
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Expat Report Culture Shock in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was published
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
Hang in there and go with the flow. Eventually it becomes your new norm and a new life can be built. (Continue)
abunaseer posted Moving to Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum on April 15, 2015:
I am a Network Engineer looking for work in Riyadh Saudia.
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Ashkenn replied to the thread Horse Riding on the Saudi Arabia forum:
s44rsy initially posted:
I currently live in UAE and it looks like my partner is moving to SA - is it permissable to horse ride as a female in SA and can I take my horse with me from UAE. Any information would be great.
Ashkenn replied most recently with:
Are there any day or two rides in the desert for female visitors?
Mary123 replied most recently with:
Hi Brooklyn Whereabouts in taif r u ? I live in taif too. Iam new here
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JohnS2014 replied to the thread Small compounds in Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum:
albegami initially posted:
For those who do not want to spend a lot of money for renting in expensive compounds. We have small gated communities near Diplomatic Quarters in Riyadh. Currently having 15 nationalities staying with us. Only for expatriates. No more than 2 children. Single women or single man can be rented.
JohnS2014 replied most recently with:
Is this for the Sahara?
Cambayrac54 replied most recently with:
I would like to visit the compound with a view to renting. How do I arrange to do so?
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