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JohnS2014 replied to the thread Small compounds in Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum:
albegami initially posted:
For those who do not want to spend a lot of money for renting in expensive compounds. We have small gated communities near Diplomatic Quarters in Riyadh. Currently having 15 nationalities staying with us. Only for expatriates. No more than 2 children. Single women or single man can be rented.
JohnS2014 replied 6 hours ago with:
sorry I have not check what has bee happening in this site. For the Sahara you are better trying to get to the office around 7 pm at night. Someone is there at the time. I f you get a place let me know. 5,000 a month for a single or 6,000 for a two bedroom. That is wjht the office have told me. hope this helps.
umentola replied on June 28, 2015 with:
I will be arriving in Riyadh last week of July, looking for a one bedroom with potential move in Sept. What would you recommend.
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RanaHoldInn replied to the thread social life in Jeddah? on the Saudi Arabia forum:
hayden8 initially posted:
Can anyone out there send me or let me know contacts for social events out in Jeddah. nothing much is really advertised so I am looking for a little nightlife on weekends if it exists.
RanaHoldInn replied on June 30, 2015 with:
i am awaiting for know about Social Life in Jeddah if any know please share this information
ZEIDMAHMAD replied on May 15, 2015 with:
I would like so much to meet you I have no friends outside the work circle if you like to. Called 0581332112
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RanaHoldInn posted Things to do in Riaydh on the Saudi Arabia forum on June 30, 2015:
Can any one help me about the Things to do in Riaydh
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englishteacherjack22 replied to the thread Teaching English with AETG on the Saudi Arabia forum:
JaymeMK initially posted:
Hi! I'm interested in taking a position teaching English through World Education Group and AETG in Riyadh. Does anyone have any experience with them, particularly Western females? Thanks!
englishteacherjack22 replied on June 28, 2015 with:
English Today Recruitment ARABIAN EDUCATION GROUP EXCELLENT! I just finished my probation with AEATG through English Today Recruitment. They are excellent. I would gladly recommend all teachers these only 2 companies. 1. Arabian Education Group 2. English Today Recruitment Please don’t believe in those negative comments. JACK
symas replied on December 09, 2013 with:
100% right, same thing i heard from people i know was working there, all of that happened when son of prince Faisal dismiss a partnership with "Ahmed Al Tawil" -rumor- says because of money but honestly i dont know Anyway Good luck man
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zafar posted Issue with exit re entry visa request on the Saudi Arabia forum on June 27, 2015:
I am getting below mentioned error on moi site whenever i attempted to issue exit re-entry for my wife "Problem in Data,Please visit passport office" I am in urgent need. Kindly help asap. Thanks
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mkarodia posted South african muslims in Jeddah on the Saudi Arabia forum on June 22, 2015:
As salaamu alaikum I am planning to move to Jeddah soon and would lile to get in touch with South African muslims living in Jedfah
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Arnobi replied to the thread Help Moving to Jeddah on the Saudi Arabia forum:
margen initially posted:
Help! I am British and have accepted a lecturing job in Jeddah. I am divorced with two children. I'm finding it difficult to get confirmation if this will be a problem with visas; will I be able to get a visa for me and my two kids? will I have to travel ahead without them? Any help would be very much appreciated.
Arnobi replied most recently with:
There are a couple of possible hangups. Usually the employee comes first and then the children are given visas a month or more later. Secondly, you will probably have to have written and possibly ceritified permission from the childrens' father. I'd give it a try,though. The colleges are desparate for teachers. The explotion expansion of the tertiary educational system is proceeeding almost whether or not the teachers are available. Go for it. Haggle. Tell them you can't come without your kids--you have no one at home to care for them. If they want you enough, they CAN arrange it, although it will be a big hassle for them, and it may cause yet another delay. However, they DO need the people in the classroom.! That's the bottom line. An American, I've lived in Jeddah for decades. If you need a friend when you arrive, email me. My husband and I will be glad to help.
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Expat Report Culture Shock in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia was published
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
Talk to anyone you can about what to actually expect. 90% of what you need to know will come from them. If someone hasn't been there, let them tell you their opinion, but give it limited importance. Unless you have been there, you just don't know. (Continue)
srikantharitha replied to the thread Need info about TAACA Energy resources development company on the Saudi Arabia forum:
johny13466 initially posted:
I have been given an offer by TAACA Energy resources development company in Khobar. I am a Indian christian Engineer with 30 years of experience including in UAE. Would like to know whether it will be good working with this company before I move into Saudi Arabia. After reading on life and work in Saudi Arabia,one finds oneself at cross roads especially with respect to the severe restrictions.
srikantharitha replied most recently with:
Potential for contract termination & change the salary terms.
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Honey1155 replied to the thread Bridge players in Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum:
ErnstG initially posted:
Are there bridge players in Riyadh that one can join?
Honey1155 replied most recently with:
Dear, what is the bridge players ???
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