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albegami replied to the thread F/S : 2013 LEXUS LX570 Used Full Option in Perfect Condition, on the Saudi Arabia forum on September 26, 2014:
ameera9900 initially posted:
F/S : 2013 LEXUS LX570 Used Full Option in Perfect Condition, I am willing to sell for $20,000 USD because it is still like new and no history of accidents. Kindly contact me by email if you have any interest in buying my car. My Email: Skype Id: ameera9900 Note:Only serious buyers should contact me. Thanks for your Attention!.
albegami replied on September 26, 2014 with:
I am interested. please call me 0505139080 Negaa or send message via WhatsApp
albegami replied on September 26, 2014 with:
I am interested. please call me 0505139080 Negaa or send message via WhatsApp
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chandini replied to the thread Moving to Riyadh on the Saudi Arabia forum on September 24, 2014:
ysabri initially posted:
Hi, I will be moving to Riyadh in October. Can anyone recommend a compound that would be good and not too pricey? I am a single man so I just need a 1 bedroom. Also, if anyone is in the market to sell a car too. Thanks
chandini replied on September 24, 2014 with:
There are several compunds so it depends on where you work. It is better to live closer to your work because the traffic during rush hours is a huge problem. Also, compunds are more catered to families usually starting with 2-bedroom single family units. As I note from your email, you're single. Because many compounds provide facilities like pools, tennis courts, some have small restaurants etc. the price is usually higher than what you would pay for the same unit. Since you are single, find some apartment near central part of the city (I live alone on Olaya street in an apartment building) where you can just walk out and be in the middle of restaurants and shopping malls. Usually compounds are a bit out of the city (not necessarily). It is hard to make friends in a compound as many of the residents have families and definitely their lifestyle is different than singles. My sister lives in a compound so I kind of know things from her about compound living. So, consider the distance you have to drive to work and choose your place. Hope this helps.
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BeachOp1 replied to the thread Saudi employer threat on the Saudi Arabia forum on September 23, 2014:
mikeAngel0 initially posted:
I left Saudi Arabia on an exit-re entry visa, I resigned with immediate effect while in UAE. My company wants to recover recruitment costs but I am disputing it. They are threatening me with a problem/bad record. How far can they go?
BeachOp1 replied on September 23, 2014 with:
In case your living in the Eastern Province (i.e., Dhahran or Dammam).
barblam1 replied on September 23, 2014 with:
Thank you for the information.
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noraliza replied to the thread Part time job female in Dhahran on the Saudi Arabia forum on September 21, 2014:
noraliza initially posted:
Hi, I'm Liza from Malaysia. I am planning to follow my husband to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia as he receive an offer to work there. I would like to know is it common for women to work in Saudi Arabia? I have working experience as internal auditor and graduate ACCA (accounting professional). Another option is to find a part time job which I can do from home. For example become the data entry typist, financial analyst, database collector and so on. Is there any opportunity such kind of job?
noraliza replied on September 21, 2014 with:
Dear Sameer 1875, Appreciate for your information. Can I get your personal email because I want to ask further about living in Dhahran? I can be contactable at
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Nuja replied to the thread Womens transportation in Saudi Arbia on the Saudi Arabia forum:
barblam1 initially posted:
I am coming to work in Saudi in October and am just concerned about transportation since women cannot drive. I was also told they cannot take cabs without a male family member. Can some of you ladies tell me please how you get around???
Nuja replied on September 16, 2014 with:
Sorry, but I am in rural Sakaka!
DebraKirkwood replied on September 16, 2014 with:
That rule about a single woman not using a taxi is meant for Saudi women. Foreigners working in KSA use taxis for everything. Just a couple of things: get in the back of the cab, never in the front seat, and try to have a regular 1 or 2 drivers that you can rely on and can trust. The comments made about drivers not knowing where u want to go and how to handle it is very true. Also always have a copy of your igama to give if asked. Never hand over the original, as u may not get it back!
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nstep22 posted Singles Life in Riyadh? on the Saudi Arabia forum:
What's it like being a single late twenties caucasian guy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. What do you do for fun? Are there other singles? Especially single girls. I know Saudi girls are off limits unless you want to me buried in the desert, but how about American girls? European girls? Asians? Etc. Also, can you drink beer on the compounds? Can you get beer? I'm laughing as I write this. At this particular point in my life, hot weather, money, beer, and girls are important matters to me. Thanks for your help.
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sanvada posted Searching for tution teacher on the Saudi Arabia forum:
I am searching for a tution teache for my daughter in 10th Grade in Ha'il. Coaching is required in the subjects of Maths, Physics and Chemistry. The pupil is quite bright and needs expert coaching to clear her concepts and improve her problem solving abilities. I can be contacted @ +966-552998132
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AhmedEngElsayed replied to the thread single czech girl in riyadh looking for trip mates on the Saudi Arabia forum:
sweetjane initially posted:
Hi there!I am a czech girl living in Riyadh 2 months now, unfortunately not in a compound. This is a bit awkward to me to contact people like this, but it seems like it`s the only way.I dont have a husband and therefore it is a must to have friends here to be able to actually do anything here.I work only with 2 girls-one is lebanese and one filipina, which explains why i still know nearly as little as when I arrived. I tried my embassy but it seems like there is no real social bounding through them,no tours or anything else organised.If there are any other girls out there or anyone else willing to make friends even with people stuck outside compounds who like to explore the country and have fun, I would really appreciate if you get in touch. I am 27,photographer.Cheers!
AhmedEngElsayed replied most recently with:
Hello, All of us suffer the same in this country, and without making large network of friends we couldn't live in this country. Please feel free to contact me through message.
theredboss replied most recently with:
hi thanks for your msg we can talk regarding your request ,, 0583252080,, regards
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property in Saudi-ArabiaSpacious Floor Villa For Rent with Private Entrance Located at Al Murjan - North Jeddah
sayednuruddin posted 1 BHK Family Flat on the Saudi Arabia forum:
Iam moving to sakakah from riyadh and require family flat, please inform
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