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Anyone have a house built in Ecuador?

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From: United States
8/26/2007 19:15 EST

I am looking to retire in a few short years from the US Navy. I believe when I sell my home here I will be able to buy property and have a 1700-1900 sq ft home built. I have heard that a home can be built for $35/sq ft and requires no heat/ac unit. Is this realistic? I would like to cook, have fireplaces, heat water, etc..using propane or natural gas. Is this readily available and cheap? I was also thinking of running my home off of a generator using te same gas rather than the loacal electric to avoid power outages. Any insight anyone could provide would be appreciated. Thanks!

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From: United States
10/4/2007 18:12 EST

Hi shannon2!
All you have heard about building your own house in Ecuador is true. And even more, the houses there are REAL not the cookie cutter ones like in the USA, cement, brick, cement blocks, adobe, etc... Beautiful!
If you are interested, I know of a wonderful artist / architect who lives in Cuenca and designs award winning houses, and no... It would not break the bank to work with him.
As for using your own generator, I would recommend it only if you are not in a major urban area (there you could have a back up one, but hardly anyone does that, only business). If you are out in the country, yes, definitely.

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12/2/2007 10:11 EST

Could you send the architest's contact info I will be in Cuenca Feb 2008. Reply to gbeckler@comcast.net. Thank you.

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12/8/2007 12:30 EST

One thing I have learned is that its always good to get at least 3 estimates and you should be there when they are building weather you know construction or not. I love living in Ecuador but learned they have Gringo prices here. Also because of the class system many will not give sincere references. Believe me the good out weighs the bad.

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7/13/2009 15:56 EST

Hi Mamakatus,
Your post is almost 2 years old, but I would be interested in having the name and contact info for the architect you mentioned in Cuenca.
Thanks, Carl

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