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3/28/2016 09:04 EST

thinking of moving my wife and self to Ecuador. She is younger than myself and I do not want to stay in the US and work to pay for medical insurance. Love the idea of living in Ecuador. This means I need to know all about medical costs. thank you for any information on this concern.

3/28/2016 13:26 EST

I have been here five years....here being Ecuador.

Re: insurance, medical.....keep in mind that very often the price of the procedure here is a quarter to a fifth of what it is in the USA. Which is to say, it's the deductible.

The first month I was in Ecuador, five years back, I had a echo cardiogram done. Walked into the clinic, the test was with Siemens equipment (on a short list of the best). I am watching the image of my heart pumping. The clinician is pointing out the measurements the computer is making. No hurry. Between my Spanish and his English we communicate. The cost was $70. In the states $450 would be the average for this.

The full (panel?) of tests for various body fluids, $110 last time I did that.

Visit to a cardiologist, $50 including an ekg.

Test for parasites, $20, meds for Amoeba (a year back) $40. Bad water in Vilcabamba.....gringo land lord swore it was fine.

A big part of the reason people in the USA put up with criminal capitalist medicine is fear. Here it isn't socialist medicine, its not subsidized, it just lacks the organized crime at the top. They simply couldn't afford it here.

Watch those bastards testify before the US congress explaining why their meds cost much more in the USA than in Canada or the rest of the world.

The truth is simple but they will be damn'd if they will utter the words....."because in the US they can extract the $$$! from patients, and the government (the people) They pay well for the privilege of doing so when they buy congress critters.

Medicine should be structured by doctors, not capitalists. Public health the goal, not profit.

I will put the soap box away now.

Come down and investigate, its different here.


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3/28/2016 14:53 EST

Keep in mind that if your paying out of pocket a catastrophic illness will still probably bankrupt you. If your waiting for gov't treatment for cancer or something similar, there is a good chance you'll die waiting.

3/29/2016 08:16 EST

Thank you this gives me confidence that medical help will not cost an arm and a leg. 1 year from today we are planning a 1 month vacation. Thank you again

3/29/2016 10:24 EST


While you are visiting Ecuador, if you ask, you will hear dozens of stories about expat's medical experience down here. Many do have insurance, the insurance here is cheaper than it would be in the states. The details I don't know but people seem to be happy with it.

In Vilcabamba, where I live, in the valley of longevity, at the northern entrance to the town is a sign. It says in Spanish, "Rather than putting more years into your life, put more life into your years"


3/29/2016 11:03 EST

Once you're a full time resident you can apply for Ecuador's insurance for around $70 per month. Doctor visits, dental, medications are very cheap so if you're in good health you could just pay as needed.

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