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6/7/2017 16:39 EST

I have been reading about certain EU countries that have a visa category known as Long-Term Resident EC. This category allows a residence visa holder in say Portugal to move to say France without the need to apply for a standard French residence permit. I believe at least in some countries it also permits holders to work without a permit.

From Wikipedia: "The status permits the holder some of the rights of free movement afforded to EU/EEA citizens in the participating countries; not all EU countries participate in implementing the Directive. The implementation of the directive is left to the participating countries, with some national variations in the requirements for and benefits of long-term resident status."

In Portugal, the visa is known as "Residente CE de Longa Duração" and in France it is known as "Carte de résident de longue durée – Communauté Européenne" and requires a minimum initial residency of 5 years.

Is this really an EU wide long-term residency permit?

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6/13/2017 06:21 EST

To BigWorld: You quoted the related regulations and have correctly understood that, after 5 years of being a legal, habitual resident of Portugal you can move to another Schengen country and live there for 5 years, or move among other Schengen countries for 5 years. Did you read what happens next?

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6/13/2017 08:50 EST

No, I don't know what happens after 5 years or that there was a limitation on how long a person can live in another EU country after receiving the EC permit. I understood that the EC permit was permanent (automatically renewable every five years) - as long as you do not leave the EU for 12 consecutive months - and grants the recipient the same rights to reside and work as citizens although there also appears to be requirements to maintain sufficient financial resources and health insurance.

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6/30/2017 21:45 EST

Hi BigWorld, I think you will find that the Portuguese regulations on residency permit are the EU standard - after the 5 years you can apply for citizenship if you wish.t (I reckon it is standard across the EU - eg. look at Ireland also). Do not let Theresa May and her Brexit proposals confuse you - this is not part of what we are entitled to right now. Thanks, Rachel.

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7/2/2017 21:05 EST

Hello BigWorld and other respondee, My experience in registering for residency in Portugal was celebratory. I know that in 5 years from the date I can apply for permanent residence to be a full Portuguese citizen. Hurrah! Thanks, Rachel.

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