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Medicare (& tight Budget)

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1/22/2011 21:57 EST

While in the U.S. Medicare is of 'some' Help with medications & things; but, from what I can tell so far, would not cover anything out of Country... So, should I just not worried about it [ie: discontinue paying the monthly premium], saving to pay for medical in Ecuador out-of-pocket.

Or, continue to pay the Premium on the off-chance that I might have to come back to the U.S. for something (to be done)...

(I have seen references to a company trying to provider some kind of coverage in Ecuador; but, haven't seen much about them...)

Thanks for Input!

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1/23/2011 08:58 EST

We are dealing with the same dilemma, my husband is conservator for his handicapped brother. We are working with his doctor now to switch his medications to ones that are more readily availble in Ecuador. Once we move we will discontinue the supplemental insurance but keep the Medicare basic for one year and then decide what to do.


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