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Expat Guide to Living in France

Whether you're already living in France or preparing to move to France, our Expat Guide to Living in France offers articles and reports submitted by expats about expat life in France. For answers to specific questions, visit our France Forum to talk with expats in France.

Moving to France: 8 Things to Know Before You Move to France

Expats all over the world dream of someday making France their next destination. As with other countries, there is a lot of planning involved, and a lot of decisions to be made. Find important advice about finding a place to live, expat banking services in France and much more.

Leaving the US? The 17 Best Places to Live Overseas

We try not to get political, but we can help you find a great place to live overseas if the U.S. election results have you thinking about moving overseas. Here's a list of 17 of the best places to live overseas based upon expats' advice and recommendations.

5 Healthcare & Health Insurance Tips for Expats in France

Expats in France share tips about applying for the Carte Vitale, obtaining private health insurance in France, having a baby in France and more.

Fed Up with Trump vs Clinton? 10 Best Countries to Live Overseas If You're Thinking About Leaving the United States

If you're so fed up with the US presidential election that you're actually thinking about moving to another country, we have compiled a list of 10 countries to consider. For each country, we cover why expats like living there and touch on topics like taxes, lifestyle, government, healthcare and more.

Culture Shock in Epinal, France

An expat in Epinal, France gets candid about the culture shock she experience when moving to France. She advises newcomers to get out and meet people. She started an English-speaking group in her small town and met lots of locals that way.

Culture Shock in Signes, France

An expat in Signes, France describes the problems involved with settling into family life in another country. It's a great reminder that expat life can be complicated, and it's difficult in places where we wouldn't expect.

Living in Epinal, France

An expat shares what it's like to live in the small town of Epinal, France.

Living in Lyon, France

A Polish expat in Lyon, France talks about expat life in this beautiful, historic city. She appreciates how locals love their city, their food -- and truly enjoy life. She also appreciates how family oriented it is in Lyon!

Retirement in Aude and Herault Departments, France

A couple from the UK who retired in France enjoy the cultural activities of nearby Carcassonne and Narbonne, being close to the coast and the beautiful vineyards that surround them. They confess to be having a tougher learning French than if they were younger, but know they will persevere.

More Culture Shock Reports for France

Culture shock is part of the settling in process. Knowing the different phases of culture shock and how other expats in France handle it can be very comforting. Below are some of the responses from expats in France:
Submit a Culture Shock Report

More Moving to France Reports

What should you take with you when you move to France? What should you leave behind? What type of housing and neighborhoods are typical for expats in France? Below are some of the responses from expats in France:
Submit a Moving Overseas Report

Reviews of Schools in France

Reviews and school profiles from expat parents and even a few school administrators in France. Great place to find insight into school facilities, teachers and curriculum. Below are some of the reviews from expats in France:
Submit an International School Review

Dream vs. Reality of Living in France Reports

Most expats have have "dreams" (and fears) about the expatriate experience before they moved to France. If you are already living in France, share how those "dreams" have been fulfilled, and how they have not. Below are some of the reports from expats in France:
Submit a Dream vs. Reality Report

Retiring in France Reports

Retiring abroad can be a great option for retirees seeking their dream lifestyle at an affordable price. Help other retirees, who are thinking about retiring in France, by filling out our Overseas Retirement report. Below are some of the reports from expats in France:
Submit a Retire Abroad Report

Having a Baby in France Reports

How did expats choose their doctors, midwives, hospitals? What is childbirth like in France? Below are some of the reports from expats in France:
Submit a Having a Baby Abroad Report

Working in France Reports

What's it like to find a job in France? How difficult was it to obtain a work permit? What types are jobs are typical for expats in France? Below are some of the reports from expats in France:
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Additional Articles
7 Reasons Alsace is Such a Special Part of France

Expats in Alsace, France enjoy a unique French experience. Given the varied cultural influences and unique setting, it's a must see even if you are only traveling around the country.

5 Tips For Living in Nice, France

Expats in Nice live in a part of country that attracts a lot of tourists. If you can manage the crowds and find some way to enjoy all of the culture Nice has to offer, it might be the perfect place for you.

Top 10 Parks in Lyon France

Expats in Lyon, France have a large number of parks to explore and enjoy. Aga Marchewka provides a concise list of the top 10 parks in Lyon and all that they have to offer.

How to Explore France on a Budget

Expats in France love to explore all of the wonderful destinations throughout the country, but it's expensive. Lyon-based blogger Aga Marchewka offers some great tips on how to soften the blow as you enjoy the sites and sounds of France!

8 Free Things to Do in Lyon, France

Aga Marchewka offers great advice on delving into the French culture in Lyon, France. Find out what you can do in the third biggest city in France... for free!

5 Amazing Places to Ski in France

Skiing in the French Alps is breathtaking not only for the beautiful and varied terrain, but also the incredibly affordable cost when compared to ski resorts in the United States. Ski passes are available that grant access to multiple resorts that don't require any transportation from one to the next other than the two boards on your feet. Of course, if you want to splurge and spend more, luxury options abound!

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