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Moving with 15 year old to flämisch Part

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2/21/2017 15:57 EST


I would need some advice. My husband has taken a new work in Oostende. I am still living with our daughter which is 15 years old in Germany. But after the summer holidays I would like to join my husband. I saw that the German school or any international schools are all in Brussels, which is to far to commute. I couldn't ' t find any French lycées in the dutch Part of belgium. I Don ' t Know how my daughter at her age could enter in a Dutch speaking school system. Does anyone has experience how it works out to move with a teenager that age and learn a brand new language. I am afraid that she would have a very hard time at school. How long does it take to learn Dutch and be able to do the bac ? I would be very great flu for any advice .... Thanks

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3/7/2017 11:21 EST

German and Flemish are related. Socially, your daughter won't have a problem. However, academic language is much harder to pick up. It will not be impossible but it will require a lot of dedication to learning the language and finding some tutors. Some countries offer homeschooling programs. Maybe you should find out if Germany offers online homeschooling courses.There are academies in Belgium that offer music and art courses for young people where she could meet kids her age.
Good luck!

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3/22/2017 06:14 EST

Hello! I am not sure about the process because I myself am an american living in Brugge. I am here doing charity work, but also I am an English tutor. If your child would like any english tutoring I could most certainly help. As well my wife is a student of dutch and could help teach you child. Brugge is very close to you and we have transportation. Any inquiry contact me at

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3/25/2017 17:28 EST

Flemish people are known to be very welcoming to foreign people, especially families.
Your daughter can be admitted into a Flemish school, but the principal (the head) of the school decides in which year group and which stream she can enter, based on prior knowledge. Therefore, it is important that you check out a few schools, as every school decides how to best approach the integration of a 15 year old, new student.
In Belgium, the BAC does not exist:
students who pass their term exams, will automatically obtain a diploma that gives them access to a European university. Belgian universities require a pass grade, other universities (in Germany, France, Austria) may require a higher average result over all subjects.
My daughter had to learn German from scratch, at the age of 15, and became fluent in it after only 12 months - she is now studying in Cambridge, partly because this experience was proof of her academic ability and perseverance.
The international schools in Brussels are expensive, and may not have space for a 15 year old. There are no French schools in the Flemish region (by law), but your daughter will have compulsory French lessons in school. Wednesday afternoons are free, and your daughter will be able to follow art, music, dance, sport lessons.
I hope this information helps!
Wishing you all the best!

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